Deutscher Wachtelhund Hunting Dogs and Puppies for sale

The Wachtelhund is bred in Germany for finding game in rough conditions like mountains, ice and snow. They make excellent bird dogs and are mostly flushers but will work fur game. They excel at water work, retrieving, and trailing game; they are aggressive in the field, but they are also a great family dog and enjoy people. They do best living in the home in a family setting. Wachtelhunds are still owned and sold almost exclusively to foresters and professional hunters in Germany. Prior to the German revolution in the 1600s, Royalty and Lords owned all the game and were the only ones that could afford kennels and dog handlers. After the revolution the German commoner could hunt, but could not afford to maintain a kennel of specialist dogs. So the Germans developed versatile hunting dogs. Today the Wachtelhund is the only dog remaining in the Stober category. In Germany, they are used for hunting feathered game, including waterfowl, and furred game from hare, fox, and wild boar. They are not pack hunters but one-on-one hunters and will hold a wounded boar at bay, if necessary. In Germany there are many hunt and health tests required before breeding. In the United States it is important to buy from hunting stock and to request results of Hip testing on Sire and Dam.