About Gun Dog Breeders.com

Located in scenic Central Utah in the heart of the Southwest. GunDogBreeders.com is your online source for hunting dog breeders and trainers specializing in the pointing and hunting breeds. Being novices at hunting and training bird dogs we became frustrated in our search for quality dog breeders and trainers. After spending countless hours emailing, searching online and calling dog trainers across the country we were pleased to find that nearly every State has something to offer (as well as many in Canada).

We decided to compile the data that we had collected and share the contacts that we had made with others in this online format. Our hopes are simply that we can save others the time and energy of finding hunting dog breeders and puppies for sale. We are continually adding more breeders to the directory and many of them offer additional services like dog training, boarding, guided hunts, gun dog supplies and more.

Many people are needlessly shipping puppies cross country when there are equal or better dogs available locally. We hope to make it easy for potential puppy buyers to find quality hunting dogs in their own local area. We believe that the best possible buying experience only happens when you can meet the breeder face-to-face and visit the kennels in person.

If we have not listed one of your favorite gun dog breeders, shooting preserves or hunting dog trainers feel free to email us and we will be happy to add them to our gun dog directory. Without the help of others we just couldn't keep up with this project. After all, we gotta save some time for hunting and working with our dogs.