Clumber Spaniel Hunting Dogs and Puppies for sale

As with many ancient breeds, tracing the Clumber's ancestry is a combination of research and guesswork. Its distinctive, massive head may be attributed to the early Alpine Spaniel, as well as its lemon and white coloring. The name "Clumber" undoubtedly came from the Duke of Newcastle's estate at Clumber Park. The Clumber Spaniel is believed to be one of the earliest spaniels developed for special uses. Another theory claims that the breed was developed by crossing large spaniels with St. Hubert's hounds or Bassets. In 1859, Clumbers were first shown in England where they have enjoyed considerable popularity in the U.K. In 1844, Lieutenant Venables introduced the Clumber Spaniel to North America. The first Clumber Spaniel listed in the AKC registry, recorded for the date of 1878 was Bustler, an orange and white dog owned by Benjamin Smith of Nova Scotia. Interest in the breed throughout the years have maintained the breed's numbers. Although it is seen more in the show ring, there are still a few remaining with the hunting instincts.