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Submitted by: Bryan Kesler on Jun 19, 2014
I was fortunate enough to receive a French Brittany pup this spring as Sky produced only one - a female, orange and white. I named her Lydya and brought her home on 6/13/14. Visited Peterson Kennels a few weeks prior to that and saw what a terrific set up they had. Saw Lucie's litter at that time too and Lydya was only 2 weeks old. She has settled into her new home perfectly. We began the slow training process and she is so smart it takes little repetition. She retrieved immediately - a good sign to start.

Steve and Laurel, I can't say enough about the love, compassion and care shown toward each and every pup they raise. This show through their adult dogs. I am certain this pup from Peterson Kennels will prove to be one of the best hunting dogs and pet I have ever owned. Thanks Steve and Laurel.
Submitted by: Leonard Nanzer on Jun 06, 2014
Laurel &Steve run a first class kennel. The puppies are clicker trained and leave home wth a blanket that has the kennel smell on it and a new toy and sample food for the trip to new home. The pup (Jasmine) that I was allowed to pick at 12 weeks is doing great. She is pointing Robins in the front yard and is doing great on her yard work. Father Sam and mother Lucie are great dogs, Lucie raised 11 puppies in this litter. Jasmine is a joy to work with and has the making of a great bird dog. I cannot say enough on great Laurel and Steve were to work with on getting this pup. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks again Laurel and Steve. Leonard Nanzer
Submitted by: Jim Gowell on Jul 07, 2013
In my experience,(50 years more or less),I have never been associated with finer Gundog Breeders.The puppy I acquired from them on 6/2/13 was totally socialized. She has a quiet, sweet demeanor while showing symptoms of a very promising gun dog. I just can't say enough about the technique the Petersons use for bringing along puppies. My hats off to them.
Submitted by: Robert on Apr 20, 2012
Steve & Laurel (who run and own Peterson Kennels) are truly one of a kind people and breeders! They are the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. Compared to other big name breeders you will NOT find another breeder who’s prices are inexpensive for such GREAT hunting dogs and family pets!!! Their Dogs Sam (male), Sky (female), Lucie (female) and Brooke (female/retired) are they 4 most well behaved, mild mannered and friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet! Just spend a Sunday afternoon with Steve, Laurel and the crew of 4 dogs……… and you’ll realize how the pups have the potential of being great hunters and your best friend! Now for the hunting review………Sam is a phenomenal bird dog! Its like he has a 6th sense for where the birds are and is trained so well that his points and flushes will create lots of great opportunities for getting a bird. But don’t get me wrong the females are great as well but Sam is one of the best dogs I’ve ever hunted with!...... Steve has trained all of them very well!!!...... As for the hunting drive that will be passed on to the pups, like any other great breeder the females hunt every fall for grouse, woodcock and/or pheasant to ensure that the drive will be passed on to the pups. The hunting bloodlines in all dogs come from a variety of great bloodlines (just look up their bloodlines at click on the dogs link and all the dogs pedigrees are shown). Also what is unique is Steve’s breeding philosophy, which ensures that there is no severe inbreeding amongst the dogs, which prevents any kind of degenerate disease from developing (which they have never had a pup develop any degenerate disease). From birth to the time the pups leave with their new owners Steve & Laurel raise the pups in a very warm and loving environment to ensure that they become great family pets and hunters! If your looking for a great upland game hunting dog that also will make a great addition to your family, I would recommend over and over again, Peterson Kennels! Steve & Laurel, the dogs you breed and puppies you sell make great family pets and phenomenal bird dogs!!!
Submitted by: Phil Rogers on Oct 07, 2011
Taking time to commend the Petersons for their dogs and great service is so easy for me. This is my second pup from them and I have complete respect for their professionalism and blood lines. Both of the females I purchased are superior hunting and house dogs. The last one, just 13 weeks old, has been pointing and bringing me birds for 3 weeks now. As a breeder I can tell you there are few as honest and forthcoming as Steve and Laurel.
Thanks Again I’m Proud to be considered a Friend
Submitted by: Kevin and Kim on Sep 21, 2011
Hi Laurel and Steve

I had sent you some photos of boomer a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have gotten them. He has grown to be a good size.. but he is all legs.. Laurel he still gives kisses by keeping his mouth closed and pressing his mouth up to yours.. I hope he never gives that up.. Any one I show just gets a kick out of it...

He has become quite the character.. When we go off to work he is here with my daughter, he will go to our bedroom sit in the window and give us a bark bye. Then when we return he hears the car, and dose the same thing but it’s a bark hello..... He is a very smart guy,, boomer and I took a puppy kindergarten . That I think really helped us bond. I don’t think even when Kevin does start hunting with him he will still be my dog also..

When we picked up boomer remember me telling you we were looking for a female..
Well no luck... kind a depressing, cause I really believe boomer needs a playmate also..
we will keep looking. If possible is there a chance of getting a female from you that isn't related to boomer.. I would rather get

one from you then anyone, cause I know I am getting the best..

The vet says he is a very healthy puppy , he just got his last shots.. The last one was for lime, did you know they have those,now I don’t have to worry so much when Kevin takes him out in the woods.
Submitted by: Carl on Sep 01, 2011
We would recommend Peterson Kennels for any one that is looking to get a French Brittany. You can tell that the Peterson just love their dogs and puppies. They spend a great deal of time with their puppies and it shows. The pups have a great start in their lives. Thanks you for letting us purchase one of your puppies.
Submitted by: Kathy on Aug 14, 2010
Just wanted you to know that Teddy continues to be an amazing member of our family! She and Scout are inseparable--hilarious, even--and our vets in Chicago and Minocqua think Ted is one of the healthiest, most attractive dogs they've seen. Have attached some photos. Clearly, we believe we received one of your best puppies!
Submitted by: Rich G on May 03, 2010
It amazing how many compliments we get about him. People have nothing but good to say about him and are amazed how well behaved he is. We can not thank you enough for this bundle of joy. We have said numerous times that if something were to happen to him or our other dog (Michelle's lap dog) we know exactly where we would go to get another one. Bandit has really become attached to me lately. I can not go anywhere and he wants to go with. It's great! ! ! I will try and send updates every now and then. I figure you would like to know how he is doing and also to see his pictures. Talk to you soon. Have a nice summer.

Submitted by: J Galen on Apr 27, 2010
Peterson Kennels is a professional French Brittany breeder who treats customers courteously and professionally.

The care for their pups is shown by weekly emails with digital picture updates, early training by exposing the pups to live pigeons, and providing care packages to help the pups’ transition to a new home.

Our female pup, Nicolet, shows intelligence, inquisitiveness, gentleness (after bursts of energy) and a strong desire to please. She has already exhibited instincts to point and readily takes to outdoor activities.

We’re happy with our pup and thankful to Peterson Kennels.

The Galens, Chicago.
Submitted by: Donald and Donna Potter on Apr 25, 2010
Peterson Kennels will be highly recommended by us. We received weekly updates on our pup with pictures. Made us feel like we were right there. Laurel and Steve, the breeders, would always respond back to us with any questions we would have in a timely manner. We were always welcomed in their home to visit the pups. We could always see the love and caring they had for their pets. They gave our pup a great place to start his life before we could take him home. You could not ask for better breeders then Laurel and Steve of Peterson Kennels.
Submitted by: Dennis & Sandie Strong on Apr 25, 2010
Our Abbey was born Feb 10, 2010 from Sam and Brooke. We are lucky to live close by and visited the Petersons and the dogs often from the time the pups were born until they were ready to go to their new homes. The pups are raised in their home with lots of love and attention. We've received many compliments already on Abbey's beautiful tri-coloring and calm manner. She's been a sweetheart and is so smart! We'll continue her training and look forward toward hunting with her in the future. I would recommend Peterson Kennels and the French Brittany breed to anyone who wants a loving companion for their family who also loves to hunt!
Submitted by: Kathy & Mick on Apr 24, 2010
We've had Teddy for two weeks and she is a fantastic dog--lovely temperment, excellent with our kids and our other French Brittany, and just a delight to have around. Laurel and Steve are wonderful, knowledgeable breeders who clearly love their dogs. Their communication throughout the entire process was outstanding, and we particularly enjoyed their weekly emails filled with stories and photos of the puppies. We highly recommend Peterson Kennels!
Submitted by: David & Melissa Sawin on Sep 06, 2009
We got our boy, Zorro, from the Petersons in March 2009. What a great dog! The Petersons were wonderful to deal with throughout the whole process. They sent frequent communications on the pregnancy and litter as well as photographs which helped bridge the distance (5 hour drive). We have 2 other female Brittney's and a cat, also 3 children in the house. Zorro has adapted well to all the humans and animals in our household. He is a smart, quick to learn, eager to please family dog. He loves to curl up in a lap as much as he loves to go hunting. He did very well at 2 weeks of hunting school and is already poised to surpass both our other dogs in hunting ability. The trainer commented that Zorro has great instincts and drive, he also loved his spunk and said our dog had the most beautiful markings he had ever seen. Zorro is exceptionally fast and has a great nose. The Petersons will be our breeder of choice for our next dog and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Dan and Ellen on Jul 04, 2009
We have been a fan and owner of french brittanies for 12 years. After we lost our beloved, Beau, we went on a search to find a suitable breeder to purchase another French Brittany. After several inquires, we found the Petersons. They were great from the beginning, sending us information on their dogs and keeping us updated on litters. When the pups were born, Laurel sent regular updates and pictures of the puppies. When we picked up Berenger at 8 weeks, we were delighted at what a healthy, beautiful dog he was. 'Bear' has been part of our family for 3 years now. He has grown into a wonderful family pet and a great hunting dog. From the very beginning he demonstrated an excellent nose and is a close worker. He is smart and affectionate as well as one good looking dog. It was great to find a breeder who was just as interested in ensuring their pups went to good homes as we were to find a quality breeder.
Submitted by: Gregory Getka on Jun 30, 2009
I recently obtained Danny, a tri-colored male,(born 03/27/09)from the Petersons. Danny has the best of the brittany traits. He's determined, courageous, intelligent and agile, not to mentioned beautifully colored. Laurel & Steve are owed much credit for their love, affection and promotion of this breed. Danny is now 3 months and is a capable swimmer, making retrieves in the water. He impresses me more every day and my children just love this spunky little dog. I recommend Peterson Kennels without reservation.
Submitted by: Tom Fix on Jun 28, 2009
We were looking for the right breed that was primarily an outstanding family dog that was also a good hunter when we discovered the French Brittany. We contacted Steve and Laurel who invited my family (wife and young kids) over to meet the adult dogs they own. It was a fantastic experience! The dogs were extremely friendly and we fell in love with them immediately. We purchased our female tri Lucy who was born six months after our first encounter. Steve and Laurel are wonderful people who raise the pups with an incredible amount of attention and love. We were also fortunate enough to be able to visit the pups as often as we wanted which the kids really enjoyed. Lucy is one year old now and has an incredible personality and temperment, an outstanding family dog who can hunt with the best of them!
Submitted by: The Marander Family on Jun 27, 2009
We purchased Spencer, our first French Brittany, from the Petersons 4 years ago. We were unfamiliar with the breed but the Petersons were amazing answering all our questions and our countless emails. We had such a wonderful time getting Spencer from them. We were well informed and updated with pictures from the day he was whelped until the day he came home and even after. He is a beautiful dog with a great temperament. We continually get comments on him everywhere we bring him. Having such a great dog and getting him from such great people, we decided to get another male from a repeat breeding. Reily is now 2 years old and every bit the marvel that Spencer is. They are both eager to please and easy to train. I can't imagine ever having a different breed or getting them from any other breeder. The Petersons obviously put a lot of care into breeding their dogs and placing the pups. Getting Spencer and Reily from the Petersons was a spectacular experience and I highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Patty Lamovec on Jun 25, 2009
My husband and I purchased Gage from the Peterson's in March of 2007. We were very impressed with both Steve and Laurel. Until we were able to take Gage home the Peterson's sent us weekly updates and pictures. Anytime we had a question they were more than willing to answer them. The care that they give to their puppies is wonderful! Words can't say how happy we are with Gage. I would highly recommed Peterson Kennels to anyone.
Submitted by: Jacklyn Durk on Jun 24, 2009
We purchased a male pup from the Petersons in April 2007.Throughout the entire process the Petersons were very informative,friendly and helpful.
Our Luke is outstanding both in the home and in the field.He's intelligent,gorgeous and very affectionate.
I would recommend Peterson Kennels to anyone looking for a french brittany.You can be sure of an excellent breeding program,a clean,nurturing environment and an awesome addition to your family.
Submitted by: Neal and Beth Zirbel on Jun 23, 2009
We have gotten both of our French Brittanys from the Petersons. The first one, Toby, was from Maggie and Jake. The second one, Reggie, was from Maggie and Sam. They have both been absolutely fabulous dogs, both in the field and as part of our family.

As others have said, we visited the Peterson's kennel several times before taking the puppies home. We also received weekly pictures after the puppies were born, which was very special to us. I can't say enough about the loving environment these puppies are raised in. They are treated like children.

The Peterson's are also very knowledgable about these dogs and willing to answer any and all of your questions.

We will definitely be purchasing our future dogs from the Petersons. Wonderful people, wonderful kennel! Thanks for the wonderful additions to our family!
Submitted by: Tom Becker on Jun 22, 2009
Our Brit was born Mar 27 2009. From the time she was born to the time she was put on the plane for Massachusetts Laurel and Steve kept me informed weekly on Scout's progress. She arrived in excellent condition after a long flight. She adopted to our family real fast. i think that is because of the way the Petersons treat them in their own home. I have had her to my vet twice for the physicals and shots and my vet says she is perfict in every way. She has been with us for almost 4 weeks and is 95% house broken. I have never had a dog get house broken so fast. As she gets older their will be obedience training and a lot of pheasent hunting. She will do just fine. Thank You Peterson Kennels.
Lisa and Tom
Submitted by: Courtney Watkins on Jun 22, 2009
My family is more then happy with our little guy Adam that we got from the Peterson Kennels. Adam is such a joy. I would send anyone who wants a pup to them! Thanks once again for Adam.
Submitted by: Dean Voskuil on Jun 22, 2009
I got my first French Brittany way back in 1981 and have had seven since that time. My experience with the Peterson's was by far the best among all the breeders I have dealt with. They really care about the pups and socialize them the best that I have seen. Will, the puppy that I got from them in March, is now almost 5 months old. The obvious reason I by a gun dog is to hunt them as much as possible(I'm retired). Will thus far has everything that I look for in a gun dog--proper breeding, which produces a well socialized, biddable and intense dog on birds. I recommend the Peterson's for your French Brittany hunting dog needs.
Submitted by: Cassandra Creekman on Jun 22, 2009
We have two dogs from Peterson Kennels, a male age 4 and a female age 1, and could not be happier. Beginning when they were born, the Petersons sent us periodic pictures of the puppies with email updates, so we felt engaged in the process even though we live across the country. We could see that they were loved even before they entered our home. Our older dog has spent time in rural Wisconsin, lived in Manhattan, and now lives in the suburbs in NC and has adjusted wonderfully to all changes, with no fear issues and a fantastic temperment. Both dogs are great with other dogs and patient with children. Everyone who meets them love them! Thank you, Peterson Kennels!
Submitted by: Rich on Jun 22, 2009
We purchased our pup from the Peterson's in March of 2009. They are very great to work with. We received weekly updates once the pups were born along with pictures every week. It made picking alot easier. When I went to make my choice of pups, they were very helpful in making sure I got the exact pup I wanted. Everything from size to color, to temperment. Our pup, Bandit, has been very easy to train. He is set to go to bird and gun class soon and I can't wait to see how well he does in that. I will definitely be coming back to the Petersons when I am ready to get another pup. Great people to deal with!!!
Submitted by: India Sillampa on Jun 22, 2009
I purchased a black tricolor female from the Petersons in September of 2008 and could not be happier. The Petersons are very professional in every way in their raising, advertising, and management of their kennel. I was sent photos of the litter every week from birth on, along with a description of the puppies' developmental and social progress. They have a very fair selection process, ask a very reasonable price for their pups and give their pups a wonderful loving start from day one. I am probably unusual in that I don't have any experience hunting and mainly wanted a pet, but I can tell that Zoe would definitely be easy to train because she comes to a solid point on every bird we see on our walks. She has a wonderful disposition, is absolutely gorgeous, and everyone who sees her falls in love with her sweet loveable nature. I would highly recommend the Peterson Kennels to anyone who wanted a great experience buying a French Brittany for either hunting or just for a fabulous companion dog.
Submitted by: Eugene J. Wrabel, Jr. on Jun 21, 2009
We acquired our Josephine out of Maggie and Sam in September, 2008. Prior to picking up our pup we had the wonderful experience of weekly photos of the entire litter and our own puppy from the moment of whelp. Clearly the Petersons love their dogs, and the careful handling is reflected in the beautiful temperament of our Josie. She has been well-adjusted and sweet from the first moment with us. Josie LOVES TO HUNT. Gene put her on pheasants when she was 6 months old, and she proved to be an avid pointer. She has never shown any sign of shyness about gunfire. She finds the birds and holds her point perfectly.

We cannot say enough good about the Petersons' breeding program, and we would recommend, and have already done, their pups to any serious bird hunter who wishes to have a satisfying personal relationship with his dog.
Submitted by: Matt Payette on Jun 21, 2009
We purchased our tri-color male (Blaze) in March 2007. Being our first dog I had an enormous amount of questions that Steve and Laural answered spot on. We took three trips to see them and their dogs before we actually took our pup home and were treated like family. Can't say enough about the Petersons!!
As for Blaze he hunts better than I ever imagined and is wonderful with the kids. Had him pointing birds within 8 months and has just been getting better since. We wouldn't hesitate to by another pup from the Petersons.
Submitted by: Eric Woodruff on Apr 05, 2009
Our experience with the Petersons and their puppies has been great. Along with keeping us informed throughout the process it is obvious that they take wonderful care of the puppies. Our boy Zeke (Bodhi's brother) came home with us two weeks ago and has proven to be a sweet addition to the family. He is healthy, well mannered and was well socialized - we couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Laurel Stewart on Mar 31, 2009
I highly recommend the Peterson Kennel if you are interested in adopting a French Brittany. Throughout the whole process they kept me informed of how everything was coming along. after the puppies were born i received an update and pictures. My family and I finally picked up our boy puppy, Bodhi, a few days ago and couldn't be more happy with him. He is healthy, beautiful and confident.
Submitted by: eileen eglin on Oct 30, 2008
I purchased Willie Mae, my female tricolor, from the Petersons in April of 2007. She is a spectacularly good-looking dog, extremely affectionate, eager to please and well balanced. I am sure the solid and kind treatment in her first 8 weeks by the Petersons is responsible for her steady temperament. I would not hesitate to recommend the Petersons without any reservations. They have excellent dogs and they are fine, professional kennel owners.
Submitted by: Steve & Donna Hoelz on Oct 28, 2008
Hi Steve and Laurel:

Steve and I just wanted to send you an update on Casey (from Brooke and Jake).

This is just a wonderful puppy. We have been so happy with her personality; she is energetic, loving and very responsive. She is also turning out to be a phenomenal hunting dog. We were just in North Dakota for a week and really didn't expect her to do much except have fun, find a few birds and maybe point once in awhile. She exceeded all expectations.

The first night we got there, Steve took her in the field for an hour. She was a little tentative and overwhelmed but they happened to come upon some birds and Steve shot a pheasant. After that there was no stopping her.

The next morning....her first morning hunting...she pointed three pheasants, Steve shot them and she retrieved every one of them. In the first 1-1/2 hours of hunting! She was just unbelievable..especially when you think she's only 5-1/2 months old and the only thing we really 'taught' her before we went was to 'come' when we called.

We wouldn't hesitate to buy another French Brittany...we just love this puppy! We would recommend your dogs to, almost everyone who sees her tells us what a beautiful dog she is.
Submitted by: Larry Miller on Sep 23, 2008
I purchased a beautiful tri-color male and he is just the greatest guy in the world. I bred him to my black and white female and the litter was the most beautiful litter overall I have ever seen. Two puppies were liver, orange and white. I would have kept them all if it were practical. Jacques pointed quail at six months old and has great hunting range and pattern. I would recommend Peterson Kennel over the bigger kennels any day.
Submitted by: Tim Rippie on Feb 02, 2008
The Peterson's are top notch in every aspect. I purchased my second French Brittany from them and could not be any more satisfied. They are very willing to talk about their dogs and their abilities whenever you want. My pup Bretta has exceeded all of my expectations for a dog only 1 year old (whelped 1/24/07). I do alot of bird hunting and this pup has made training easy. Steve puts alot of time chasing grouse with his dogs and it shows.
Submitted by: Kendra Hanson on Nov 06, 2007
We recently purchased an older pup from the Peterson's. Very nice folks and they have an excellent set up for their dogs. They are loving people who really pay special attention to who they are placing their pups with. We enjoyed our visit to their kennel with our French Brittany Cooper who they have a litter mate of. The dog Allie we got from them is a wonderful little girl who we are adoring greatly. I highly recommend purchasing a Brittany from them.

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