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We specialize in producing Epagneul Bretons "French Brittany" from the finest bloodlines in Europe,�producing exceptional family companion sporting dogs with strict practices on health, conformation, and temperament.

All reproducers are hip certified free of dysplasia.

Please visit our website for information on our breeding stock, their pedigrees, avaliable puppies, trained dogs, and upcomming litters

Please do not message us through this site, our email steve@eb-broughton.com is the fastest way for a response.

Thank you for the inquiry,

Steve and Cristin Broughton

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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Steve and Cristin Broughton
Clearwater, Minnesota 55302
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Dan Miller on Jan 26, 2020
Hi Steve and Cristin,
Happy new year! I thought I'd send you a note and some photos of Orange de Broughton "Odin" (Lois x Ioko). What a joy it has been to see Odin grow and learn this past year. The photo with the ruffed grouse was a trip to the Superior National Forest and the pheasant we bagged was in Murray County in southwest MN. The third photo is on some public land south of the cities before Thanksgiving - no birds that day. We got out hunting a lot this fall and his tenacity in the grass and in the woods was so exciting to watch. Walking up behind his first point I witnessed was a highlight - too bad I missed a beauty.

I think I have to join a hunt and gun club to let him do what I've learned he loves to do so much - using his wonderful nose to find birds! He has adjusted well to our city home and we get a lot of interested folks ask us about him when we're on walks around the neighborhood and lakes. He doesn't mind the water - swam across a creek twice for 2 different birds he bumped this fall.

I keep telling my wife if I had more time it would be hard not to get him a playmate. As I've heard others talk about the French Brittany - tenacious in the field and woods and a great cuddler on the couch in the home with you. He loves to be with us whenever possible - certainly pack-oriented - which we enjoy as well.

Thanks again for bringing such joy to me and our family this past year. We had two family members pass away in 2019 and Odin was the perfect addition during what was a difficult year.
Hope everything is well with you all and the dogs. The photos of your pups on facebook are hard to resist!

Good luck with your breeding this year.
Dan Miller
Submitted by: Nick on Jun 12, 2019
Hey Steve. Just wanted to give you an update on Sadie, Ioko and Tequila's pup. She is doing great! Just had her at the vet today for her vaccines follow up. Vet thought she was looking great. Almost 10 pounds! She's taking to our older dog, a golden retriever, wonderfully. And she's been very smart and attentive so far. Sits and waits politely for her food each more. Comes to a whistle. Keeps a clean kennel through the night, and doesn't go to the bathroom in the house as long as we're attentive! We're just going to start working on more formal training this next week. She had her first point over the weekend, on a pheasant wing tied to a fishing pole in tall grass. I can't tell you how happy we are with her! She's been the perfect addition to our household. She also is showing no fear to anything or anyone. Loves other people and dogs. I've attached a few pictures of her. Some from our 35 mile, 4 day hike that she did with us two weeks ago. So far, she loves the outdoors as much, or more than we do! Thanks again.
Submitted by: Jess on Jun 12, 2019
Steve and Cristin are fantastic dog breeders! They truly are passionate about what they do! We couldn't be happier with our little lady who is proving to be a loving and precocious pup!
Submitted by: Steve Miscikowski on Apr 18, 2019
I bought Inga from you and Cristin back in 2015. She has had close to 2,000 birds shot over her. She is everything I had hoped for and more.
Submitted by: Ellen James on Apr 18, 2019
Hi Steve,

Just to let you know that the puppy is doing really well. Settling in quickly - friendly, relaxed and energetic. We love him!
Submitted by: Dennis on Mar 20, 2019
Our puppy is doing great. Getting adjusted really well and she is smart. One thing you didn’t tell us is that your dogs have the ability to climb! lol. Here’s a couple photos to prove it! The kids named her Maisy.
Submitted by: Andy on Mar 20, 2019
Luka is doing great, 24 lbs and I think almost 18 inches at the shoulder already. We are amazed at how fast he’s grown, housebreaking has been easy, usually all my errors. Not sure if you got the email I sent recently with a couple pictures of him, he’s got lots of little pigmentation spots in the white, and the white spots on his rump have sadly faded, one side is nearly gone. Glad we have him!
Submitted by: Krista on Mar 20, 2019
We're having a great time with Copper! He loved the little bit of snow in the yard this morning! Hes getting so much bigger already! He's doing really well at night and fairly well with potty training.
Submitted by: Sandy on Mar 20, 2019
Hi there. I thought you might enjoy seeing these. She is doing great. Walks well on a lead and off. Calm, expect for those puppy moments. She hasn’t gotten the potty training down despite the crate and me at home with her....but I know it will come.

Beautiful puppy.
Submitted by: The Meyers on Dec 27, 2016

Holly has been doing really well in all aspects! Thank you for being such a devout breeder of these amazing dogs!

The Meyer Family
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