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About Kellers French Brittanys

Kellers French Brittanys�is a small�kennel that hunt our dogs Epagneul Bretons on gamble quail, mearns quail, scaley quail and pheasant in Arizona. We also hunt them on liberated Chucker, Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant!

All of our dogs come from championship bloodlines, and are proven producers of excellant hunting and companion dogs.

Our dogs are socialized from birth until they arrive to there new family, and make awesome companions and awesome close hunting pointing dogs.

Our�email is

Phone number: 602-818-6600

Call or email us for upcoming litter schedules...

Happy Hunting!!!

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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 13 years.
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Submitted by: Nate Reisner on Dec 29, 2022
Frank is my second dog from Matt but 4th in my family. My first dog Freddie earned a NAVHDA UT prize 2 title and AKC Master hunter title along with other local pointings dog club titles. He is now 11 years old and still a demon in the field. This year alone he has over 20 covey finds.

I tell you this about my old dog because my new dog Frank,1.5 years old, is even better. At 9 months old he earned a NAVHDA prize one NA title. I have not trialed him in any events yet but he is going to be special. On his second quail hunt he pointed a few singles and two coveys that was at 9 months old after that it was on! He has always retrieved to hand and even like water retrieves. In his first hunting season he pointed over 15 coveys of quail and countless singles and retrieves. This year he has had over 20 pointed coveys in 4 hunts. Last weekend he pointed 14 coveys of merns quail in a a day and a half. He has also retrieved 15 ducks this season as well! I can’t wait to start trialing him his year he is going to upset some pointer and setter folks!!
Submitted by: Brian Jessen on Dec 12, 2022
Coming from retrievers in my past, I was at a time in my life where I could spend the time with a hunting dog again. I am a big chukar hunter and wanted to go pointing dog. long story short, I came upon the French Brittany and did my research. Matt's dogs came as a recommendation and, we were able to get a puppy from Mack and Zollie and could not be more happy. Her name is Brava and she is just 10mo old. she is great in the house and has been on 3 chukar hunts and pointed birds and retrieved a few with no real instruction. She is super smart and just a joy to be around. Her nose is amazing, her recall is solid and with a bit more exposure to birds I have no doubt she is going to be everything I was looking for. Matt knows how to breed good dogs. she has a great Pedigree and is just a beautiful dog! I will post a yearly review of her hunting season's.
Submitted by: Mark K. on Feb 07, 2022
Annie is our second Keller French Brittany and she is dynamite. She hunted at seven months this year with our older French Brittany, Josie. With only basic pup training, she pointed birds like a veteran dog. Annie has a great nose and prey drive and naturally backs and quarters in the field. Best of all, she is a great house dog with a sweet temperament. If you want a dog that is great in the field and in the house, call Matt.
Submitted by: Roman on Aug 11, 2021
There are dogs and then there are DOGS. People often talk about that dog of a lifetime. I have a Keller dog and personally spend time with three other Keller dogs on a regular basis. They are all dogs of a lifetime.

Matt runs his Kennel in the most professional manner. From clean boots before you can enter the kennel for the safety of the dogs to taking the time to talk with you, Matt sets you up for success in a way that truly sets Matt’s kennel apart from the rest. It does not matter if you’re new to dogs or very experienced and looking for your next hunting dog or your next family dog or both. Matt’s dogs will fill that role.

My personal dog from Matt has all of the qualities you would want in a hunting dog and a family dog. As a puppy he showed a strong natural point, natural retrieve and a willingness and eagerness to learn and please. Even as a puppy Matt’s bloodlines truly work to please you. This attitude the dogs possess along with their strong inherited natural hunting abilities makes them a true joy to work with.

My dog was hunting, retrieving from land and water and delivering to hand as well as passing the NAVHDA natural ability all before his first birthday. All of these things happened by simply nurturing this dogs want to hunt and please.

I was able to get my dog on wild birds the last few weeks of his first season. He literally hit the ground running with his nose to the ground and located multiple gambles quail coveys each time we went out. He hunts close ranging out to about 40 yards and regularly checks in. He has naturally checked in since he was a puppy. He has trained and hunted with his litter mate who is owned by my brother in law. Both dogs would naturally back each other from the beginning.
As an example of how strong the desire to hunt is in Matt’s dogs my dog had never seen let alone alone smelled a bobwhite, chukar or pheasant until his NAVHDA natural ability test. He immediately searched for, found and pointed bobwhites and chukar like he had been chasing them for years. His first time smelling a pheasant was the same day when he was expected to track a released pheasant through the grass. He put his nose to the ground and again tracked that bird down like an old pro. And talk about soft mouthed. Just this morning I went to let him in the house and he was waiting at the back door with a baby dove in his mouth. He had been at the door for about 10 minutes. That dove was so perfect it looked like it’s parents were brooding it in my dogs mouth. It had every feather in place and was unharmed and put back in the nest.

At home he has manners and a true off switch. He is more than happy to curl up and sleep with my babies and other dogs. He is quiet in the house and respects “the rules”. But put that dog in the field and that off switch turns to all business.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of a hunting dog and family dog there is no need to look any further than a Keller dog. I mean who doesn’t want a well mannered dog that is eager to please and NATURALLY points, retrieves to hand, backs other dogs, whoas, checks in and has a mouth soft enough to retrieve a butterfly unharmed.

Keller dogs are once in a lifetime dogs every time. I will definitely get another dog in the future from Matt.

Matt thank you for all of the guidance you have provided me backed by your many years of training hundreds of once in a lifetime dogs.

Submitted by: Kristina and Peter on Dec 14, 2020
Matt was wonderful to work with! He is always happy to jump on the phone and answer any questions you may have. We have had our Remi for a few months now - and she’s a super, sweet pup. We wanted to find a great family dog that would become best friends with young kids ... and that’s what we got. Remi is so patent with our toddler. They love exploring the world together, and we look forward to watching her grow up with our kids. Since Remi is our first French Brittany, Matt was great answering all the questions we had about the breed and about Remi. He is very passionate about his dogs and very knowledgeable as well. We were upfront that we wanted a family dog since we weren’t planning on hunting, and Matt reassured us that our puppy would be exactly what we were looking for. Remi loves us and always wants to be close. She is also a beautiful liver tri roan color, so we got so lucky. We couldn’t have picked a better puppy. Thank you, Matt! Highly recommend Matt and his dogs to anyone who is looking for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Dennis Elenbaas on Nov 25, 2020
Starting year 6 with my Keller FB. Truly great dogs, hardest hunters you will ever be around. I hunt mine 3-4 months a year in the rugged country on north central Montana. She hunts ducks, geese, pheasants, grouse, and huns every day. Could not praise Matt enough for the high quality of dogs he provides. Thanks Matt
Submitted by: John Breitzman on Sep 25, 2020
We have known Matt for years. Cayane was our first dog and my first hunting dog. I didn't have enough money to get a professional trainer but Matt's bloodlines are so good I read a book about training and was able to teach her basic commands and she has been a great dog in the field. She is a Devil in the field hunting on average 5 hours at a time. Cayane is now 9 years old and still has the drive. I would highly recommend Matt's bloodlines and puppies to anyone.
Submitted by: Margie Anderson on Aug 18, 2020
We got O'Rosie de Sainte Keller in 2018 and she is a hunting MACHINE. We took her to Desert Creek Sportsmans' Club when she was about a year old, and Tony Marquez (one of the best hunting dog trainers in AZ) said she's a natural -- his words: "What a nose! That dog came out of the womb pointing!" Mochi is full of energy, extremely loving, eager to please, and has more drive than any other dog I've ever seen. We could not be happier. She is the perfect dog, all around. She is also gorgeous and healthy, gets along beautifully with other dogs, and behaves so well that we leave her loose in the house when we have to leave. Perfect.
Submitted by: Brian Wynne on Aug 16, 2020
I have two of Matt's dogs. I was so impressed with the first, that I just recently bought a second.
Facilities: I have been to his facility numerous times. It is a quality operation and he is meticulous about managing potential contamination from outsiders. His operations are clean organized and well thought out, to allow for quality production of hunting dogs.
Training: Having participated in his dog training program for several months, not only with my dog, but numerous others, I can say he understands his Brittany breed and the requirements for effective results. This applies not only to the dogs but also the new dog owners. His facilities are both onsite and offsite. He also uses a support group that enhances training results.
Dogs: Matt has a well organized program that produces quality dogs. He works through a process of color, confirmation and intelligence to produce the type of litter he desires from each breeding.
Submitted by: Danny on Aug 13, 2020
After hunting over a couple dogs that came out of his kennel in the previous two years, I got an incredible started pup from Matt last October. We were out in the field hunting wild roosters the following month, and let me tell you, we haven't looked back since. This is my first hunting dog and he is right on track, steady as hell on point and a solid retriever and I gotta tell you I don't really know what I am doing, I think the only danger here is if I did something real stupid to mess this dog up. I can't wait to get another puppy from Matt, he is breeding some natural hunters with super high drive but are just like having a lap dog at home. Truly amazing dogs!
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