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About Kellers French Brittanys

Kellers French Brittanys�is a small�kennel that hunt our dogs Epagneul Bretons on gamble quail, mearns quail, scaley quail and pheasant in Arizona. We also hunt them on liberated Chucker, Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant!

All of our dogs come from championship bloodlines, and are proven producers of excellant hunting and companion dogs.

Our dogs are socialized from birth until they arrive to there new family, and make awesome companions and awesome close hunting pointing dogs.

Our�email is

Phone number: 602-818-6600

Call or email us for upcoming litter schedules...

Happy Hunting!!!

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Matt Keller
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 13 years.
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Submitted by: John Breitzman on Sep 25, 2020
We have known Matt for years. Cayane was our first dog and my first hunting dog. I didn't have enough money to get a professional trainer but Matt's bloodlines are so good I read a book about training and was able to teach her basic commands and she has been a great dog in the field. She is a Devil in the field hunting on average 5 hours at a time. Cayane is now 9 years old and still has the drive. I would highly recommend Matt's bloodlines and puppies to anyone.
Submitted by: Margie Anderson on Aug 18, 2020
We got O'Rosie de Sainte Keller in 2018 and she is a hunting MACHINE. We took her to Desert Creek Sportsmans' Club when she was about a year old, and Tony Marquez (one of the best hunting dog trainers in AZ) said she's a natural -- his words: "What a nose! That dog came out of the womb pointing!" Mochi is full of energy, extremely loving, eager to please, and has more drive than any other dog I've ever seen. We could not be happier. She is the perfect dog, all around. She is also gorgeous and healthy, gets along beautifully with other dogs, and behaves so well that we leave her loose in the house when we have to leave. Perfect.
Submitted by: Brian Wynne on Aug 16, 2020
I have two of Matt's dogs. I was so impressed with the first, that I just recently bought a second.
Facilities: I have been to his facility numerous times. It is a quality operation and he is meticulous about managing potential contamination from outsiders. His operations are clean organized and well thought out, to allow for quality production of hunting dogs.
Training: Having participated in his dog training program for several months, not only with my dog, but numerous others, I can say he understands his Brittany breed and the requirements for effective results. This applies not only to the dogs but also the new dog owners. His facilities are both onsite and offsite. He also uses a support group that enhances training results.
Dogs: Matt has a well organized program that produces quality dogs. He works through a process of color, confirmation and intelligence to produce the type of litter he desires from each breeding.
Submitted by: Danny on Aug 13, 2020
After hunting over a couple dogs that came out of his kennel in the previous two years, I got an incredible started pup from Matt last October. We were out in the field hunting wild roosters the following month, and let me tell you, we haven't looked back since. This is my first hunting dog and he is right on track, steady as hell on point and a solid retriever and I gotta tell you I don't really know what I am doing, I think the only danger here is if I did something real stupid to mess this dog up. I can't wait to get another puppy from Matt, he is breeding some natural hunters with super high drive but are just like having a lap dog at home. Truly amazing dogs!
Submitted by: Kerianne Hoover on Aug 06, 2020
We got a puppy from Keller's French Brittany named Lilly a little over 2 years ago and boy has she been an over all exceptional hunting dog as well as family member!! We are so proud of the gift she has been in our lives. We are getting another puppy from Matt this fall. So excited to see how Lilly does with the pup. Hopeful she we teach her sister the many great gifts she has learned.
Submitted by: Brian Minyard on Apr 17, 2020
It's all in the breeding. I will start with saying, we have 3 Keller dogs. All 3 are amazing. Our 3rd dog, Dolly, was bought so our youngest could train her and run the junior division at some of the tournaments we used to run. Fast forward 5 years. Dolly was NEVER trained. She was a family pet. Attention hog. Sweetie at heart. My wife and I won a bird hunt at a RMEF banquet. We took our two well trained dogs and Dolly, expecting the worst from her. After releasing the dogs, my dog goes on point 100-yards out. Benelli backs him and Dolly, when hitting the scent cone, locked on point! Was this a fluke? Second bird, my dog locks on point, where's Dolly? She's 30-yards away, "honoring" the point! Locked solid. What the heck?! She naturally backed all day!
One month later, I took Dolly on a training run (better late than never?) After working with some pups, we took Dolly out for her turn. She locked on point on her two birds and made two solid retrieves. All with ZERO training. It's all in the breeding. Natural instincts passed from the parents to the pups through proper breeding. If you want a well bred French Brittany, with great instincts, you can't go wrong with Matt Keller. Who wouldn't want a dog that's bred to make your training easier?!
If you have any questions regarding my experiences with Keller's, by all means, give me a call, Brian M. 480-204-4988
Submitted by: Russell Crose on Dec 31, 2019
I picked up Pansy in November from Matt. She was 5 months old at the time. After 6 weeks I have learned she is incredibly intelligent and a great family dog. She is already pointing and retrieving birds, very soft mouth and places every bird in my hand, all from natural instinct. Incredible breeding I would highly recommend Matt Keller when considering your next dog. His facility is very clean and and the dogs are very well cared for. The transaction from start to finish was very professional and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you Matt.
Submitted by: steve moore on Dec 17, 2019
My friend and I were looking for the right hunting dog. We had a pretty long list of things we were looking for in the breed. After much research we settled on the French Brittany. When looking for the right breeder we decided on Matt Keller.
We made the trip from Northern California to his kennel. When we arrived I was so impressed with how clean the kennel was! Matt spent as much time with us as we wanted. We ended up with two pups. We could not be any happier with our decision.
I had a long list of things I was looking for in a dog. I wanted a pointing dog, smaller, shorter hair, smart, barked only when appropriate, great family dog, trained easily, and didn't fart. Well I got all but one, not bad. This pup is amazing!
I highly recommend Matt if your looking for a dog that has all of these qualities. Thanks Matt!!!
Any Questions? Steve 916-934-9134
Submitted by: chris tureaud on Dec 08, 2019
We obtained a puppy from Kellers eight years ago. She is an excellent bird dog.
She was seven weeks old. We started with a wing in the bush. Instead of going around the bush where the wing was she just jumped right on top of it. She has caught wounded bob whites mid air. As soon as she hears the shot gun go off she is like a speed demon going in the direction of the bird. She will find the birds no matter where they are. She is also a family pet. When at the vet she goes directly to the scale and waits to be weight. When told we have to wash her dirty fanny she will jump into the bathtub and wait for us. When hungry she will scratch her plate. She is the best bird dog ever.
Submitted by: Joe and Gabby W. on Nov 01, 2019
We just picked up our puppy from Matt. The experience was great and Matt has been extremely helpful. We would highly recommend buying a dog from Matt if you are looking for a French Brittany. He takes great care and pride in breeding his dogs and it definitely shines through. Thank you Matt!
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