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Submitted by: Nate Reisner on May 05, 2024
This year I shot over 300 wild quail over Frank and stated doing trials and hunt test with Frank (3 years old) this year. So far he has earned a pass in the UKC Gun trial and a 193 prize 3 in NAVHDA UT test. He got all 4’s on his score except duck search. We will work on that this summer and try again in the fall.

Oh and my older dog Freddy is 13 and still hunt with me!

Matt’s breading as a lot to do with my success in the field and in trials. His dogs have great health and even better drive and the best cooperation I have ever seen.
Submitted by: Nate Reisner on Dec 29, 2022
Frank is my second dog from Matt but 4th in my family. My first dog Freddie earned a NAVHDA UT prize 2 title and AKC Master hunter title along with other local pointings dog club titles. He is now 11 years old and still a demon in the field. This year alone he has over 20 covey finds.

I tell you this about my old dog because my new dog Frank,1.5 years old, is even better. At 9 months old he earned a NAVHDA prize one NA title. I have not trialed him in any events yet but he is going to be special. On his second quail hunt he pointed a few singles and two coveys that was at 9 months old after that it was on! He has always retrieved to hand and even like water retrieves. In his first hunting season he pointed over 15 coveys of quail and countless singles and retrieves. This year he has had over 20 pointed coveys in 4 hunts. Last weekend he pointed 14 coveys of merns quail in a a day and a half. He has also retrieved 15 ducks this season as well! I can’t wait to start trialing him his year he is going to upset some pointer and setter folks!!
Submitted by: Brian Jessen on Dec 12, 2022
Coming from retrievers in my past, I was at a time in my life where I could spend the time with a hunting dog again. I am a big chukar hunter and wanted to go pointing dog. long story short, I came upon the French Brittany and did my research. Matt's dogs came as a recommendation and, we were able to get a puppy from Mack and Zollie and could not be more happy. Her name is Brava and she is just 10mo old. she is great in the house and has been on 3 chukar hunts and pointed birds and retrieved a few with no real instruction. She is super smart and just a joy to be around. Her nose is amazing, her recall is solid and with a bit more exposure to birds I have no doubt she is going to be everything I was looking for. Matt knows how to breed good dogs. she has a great Pedigree and is just a beautiful dog! I will post a yearly review of her hunting season's.
Submitted by: Mark K. on Feb 07, 2022
Annie is our second Keller French Brittany and she is dynamite. She hunted at seven months this year with our older French Brittany, Josie. With only basic pup training, she pointed birds like a veteran dog. Annie has a great nose and prey drive and naturally backs and quarters in the field. Best of all, she is a great house dog with a sweet temperament. If you want a dog that is great in the field and in the house, call Matt.
Submitted by: Roman on Aug 11, 2021
There are dogs and then there are DOGS. People often talk about that dog of a lifetime. I have a Keller dog and personally spend time with three other Keller dogs on a regular basis. They are all dogs of a lifetime.

Matt runs his Kennel in the most professional manner. From clean boots before you can enter the kennel for the safety of the dogs to taking the time to talk with you, Matt sets you up for success in a way that truly sets Matt’s kennel apart from the rest. It does not matter if you’re new to dogs or very experienced and looking for your next hunting dog or your next family dog or both. Matt’s dogs will fill that role.

My personal dog from Matt has all of the qualities you would want in a hunting dog and a family dog. As a puppy he showed a strong natural point, natural retrieve and a willingness and eagerness to learn and please. Even as a puppy Matt’s bloodlines truly work to please you. This attitude the dogs possess along with their strong inherited natural hunting abilities makes them a true joy to work with.

My dog was hunting, retrieving from land and water and delivering to hand as well as passing the NAVHDA natural ability all before his first birthday. All of these things happened by simply nurturing this dogs want to hunt and please.

I was able to get my dog on wild birds the last few weeks of his first season. He literally hit the ground running with his nose to the ground and located multiple gambles quail coveys each time we went out. He hunts close ranging out to about 40 yards and regularly checks in. He has naturally checked in since he was a puppy. He has trained and hunted with his litter mate who is owned by my brother in law. Both dogs would naturally back each other from the beginning.
As an example of how strong the desire to hunt is in Matt’s dogs my dog had never seen let alone alone smelled a bobwhite, chukar or pheasant until his NAVHDA natural ability test. He immediately searched for, found and pointed bobwhites and chukar like he had been chasing them for years. His first time smelling a pheasant was the same day when he was expected to track a released pheasant through the grass. He put his nose to the ground and again tracked that bird down like an old pro. And talk about soft mouthed. Just this morning I went to let him in the house and he was waiting at the back door with a baby dove in his mouth. He had been at the door for about 10 minutes. That dove was so perfect it looked like it’s parents were brooding it in my dogs mouth. It had every feather in place and was unharmed and put back in the nest.

At home he has manners and a true off switch. He is more than happy to curl up and sleep with my babies and other dogs. He is quiet in the house and respects “the rules”. But put that dog in the field and that off switch turns to all business.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of a hunting dog and family dog there is no need to look any further than a Keller dog. I mean who doesn’t want a well mannered dog that is eager to please and NATURALLY points, retrieves to hand, backs other dogs, whoas, checks in and has a mouth soft enough to retrieve a butterfly unharmed.

Keller dogs are once in a lifetime dogs every time. I will definitely get another dog in the future from Matt.

Matt thank you for all of the guidance you have provided me backed by your many years of training hundreds of once in a lifetime dogs.

Submitted by: Kristina and Peter on Dec 14, 2020
Matt was wonderful to work with! He is always happy to jump on the phone and answer any questions you may have. We have had our Remi for a few months now - and she’s a super, sweet pup. We wanted to find a great family dog that would become best friends with young kids ... and that’s what we got. Remi is so patent with our toddler. They love exploring the world together, and we look forward to watching her grow up with our kids. Since Remi is our first French Brittany, Matt was great answering all the questions we had about the breed and about Remi. He is very passionate about his dogs and very knowledgeable as well. We were upfront that we wanted a family dog since we weren’t planning on hunting, and Matt reassured us that our puppy would be exactly what we were looking for. Remi loves us and always wants to be close. She is also a beautiful liver tri roan color, so we got so lucky. We couldn’t have picked a better puppy. Thank you, Matt! Highly recommend Matt and his dogs to anyone who is looking for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Dennis Elenbaas on Nov 25, 2020
Starting year 6 with my Keller FB. Truly great dogs, hardest hunters you will ever be around. I hunt mine 3-4 months a year in the rugged country on north central Montana. She hunts ducks, geese, pheasants, grouse, and huns every day. Could not praise Matt enough for the high quality of dogs he provides. Thanks Matt
Submitted by: John Breitzman on Sep 25, 2020
We have known Matt for years. Cayane was our first dog and my first hunting dog. I didn't have enough money to get a professional trainer but Matt's bloodlines are so good I read a book about training and was able to teach her basic commands and she has been a great dog in the field. She is a Devil in the field hunting on average 5 hours at a time. Cayane is now 9 years old and still has the drive. I would highly recommend Matt's bloodlines and puppies to anyone.
Submitted by: Margie Anderson on Aug 18, 2020
We got O'Rosie de Sainte Keller in 2018 and she is a hunting MACHINE. We took her to Desert Creek Sportsmans' Club when she was about a year old, and Tony Marquez (one of the best hunting dog trainers in AZ) said she's a natural -- his words: "What a nose! That dog came out of the womb pointing!" Mochi is full of energy, extremely loving, eager to please, and has more drive than any other dog I've ever seen. We could not be happier. She is the perfect dog, all around. She is also gorgeous and healthy, gets along beautifully with other dogs, and behaves so well that we leave her loose in the house when we have to leave. Perfect.
Submitted by: Brian Wynne on Aug 16, 2020
I have two of Matt's dogs. I was so impressed with the first, that I just recently bought a second.
Facilities: I have been to his facility numerous times. It is a quality operation and he is meticulous about managing potential contamination from outsiders. His operations are clean organized and well thought out, to allow for quality production of hunting dogs.
Training: Having participated in his dog training program for several months, not only with my dog, but numerous others, I can say he understands his Brittany breed and the requirements for effective results. This applies not only to the dogs but also the new dog owners. His facilities are both onsite and offsite. He also uses a support group that enhances training results.
Dogs: Matt has a well organized program that produces quality dogs. He works through a process of color, confirmation and intelligence to produce the type of litter he desires from each breeding.
Submitted by: Danny on Aug 13, 2020
After hunting over a couple dogs that came out of his kennel in the previous two years, I got an incredible started pup from Matt last October. We were out in the field hunting wild roosters the following month, and let me tell you, we haven't looked back since. This is my first hunting dog and he is right on track, steady as hell on point and a solid retriever and I gotta tell you I don't really know what I am doing, I think the only danger here is if I did something real stupid to mess this dog up. I can't wait to get another puppy from Matt, he is breeding some natural hunters with super high drive but are just like having a lap dog at home. Truly amazing dogs!
Submitted by: Kerianne Hoover on Aug 06, 2020
We got a puppy from Keller's French Brittany named Lilly a little over 2 years ago and boy has she been an over all exceptional hunting dog as well as family member!! We are so proud of the gift she has been in our lives. We are getting another puppy from Matt this fall. So excited to see how Lilly does with the pup. Hopeful she we teach her sister the many great gifts she has learned.
Submitted by: Brian Minyard on Apr 17, 2020
It's all in the breeding. I will start with saying, we have 3 Keller dogs. All 3 are amazing. Our 3rd dog, Dolly, was bought so our youngest could train her and run the junior division at some of the tournaments we used to run. Fast forward 5 years. Dolly was NEVER trained. She was a family pet. Attention hog. Sweetie at heart. My wife and I won a bird hunt at a RMEF banquet. We took our two well trained dogs and Dolly, expecting the worst from her. After releasing the dogs, my dog goes on point 100-yards out. Benelli backs him and Dolly, when hitting the scent cone, locked on point! Was this a fluke? Second bird, my dog locks on point, where's Dolly? She's 30-yards away, "honoring" the point! Locked solid. What the heck?! She naturally backed all day!
One month later, I took Dolly on a training run (better late than never?) After working with some pups, we took Dolly out for her turn. She locked on point on her two birds and made two solid retrieves. All with ZERO training. It's all in the breeding. Natural instincts passed from the parents to the pups through proper breeding. If you want a well bred French Brittany, with great instincts, you can't go wrong with Matt Keller. Who wouldn't want a dog that's bred to make your training easier?!
If you have any questions regarding my experiences with Keller's, by all means, give me a call, Brian M. 480-204-4988
Submitted by: Russell Crose on Dec 31, 2019
I picked up Pansy in November from Matt. She was 5 months old at the time. After 6 weeks I have learned she is incredibly intelligent and a great family dog. She is already pointing and retrieving birds, very soft mouth and places every bird in my hand, all from natural instinct. Incredible breeding I would highly recommend Matt Keller when considering your next dog. His facility is very clean and and the dogs are very well cared for. The transaction from start to finish was very professional and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you Matt.
Submitted by: steve moore on Dec 17, 2019
My friend and I were looking for the right hunting dog. We had a pretty long list of things we were looking for in the breed. After much research we settled on the French Brittany. When looking for the right breeder we decided on Matt Keller.
We made the trip from Northern California to his kennel. When we arrived I was so impressed with how clean the kennel was! Matt spent as much time with us as we wanted. We ended up with two pups. We could not be any happier with our decision.
I had a long list of things I was looking for in a dog. I wanted a pointing dog, smaller, shorter hair, smart, barked only when appropriate, great family dog, trained easily, and didn't fart. Well I got all but one, not bad. This pup is amazing!
I highly recommend Matt if your looking for a dog that has all of these qualities. Thanks Matt!!!
Any Questions? Steve 916-934-9134
Submitted by: chris tureaud on Dec 08, 2019
We obtained a puppy from Kellers eight years ago. She is an excellent bird dog.
She was seven weeks old. We started with a wing in the bush. Instead of going around the bush where the wing was she just jumped right on top of it. She has caught wounded bob whites mid air. As soon as she hears the shot gun go off she is like a speed demon going in the direction of the bird. She will find the birds no matter where they are. She is also a family pet. When at the vet she goes directly to the scale and waits to be weight. When told we have to wash her dirty fanny she will jump into the bathtub and wait for us. When hungry she will scratch her plate. She is the best bird dog ever.
Submitted by: Joe and Gabby W. on Nov 01, 2019
We just picked up our puppy from Matt. The experience was great and Matt has been extremely helpful. We would highly recommend buying a dog from Matt if you are looking for a French Brittany. He takes great care and pride in breeding his dogs and it definitely shines through. Thank you Matt!
Submitted by: Brad on Oct 17, 2019
We just brought home our second French Brittany from Matt. Both pups have been great dogs. We have 3 kids under the age of 5. They are so playful and gentle with our kids. Both my wife and I have had hunting dogs in the past and I don't think we will ever go with another hunting breed. The French Brittanys are extremely smart, athletic, and well behaved. Matt has done a great job with this breed. If you are looking for a great reliable intelligent bird dog go with a French Brittany. If you are looking for a great family dog that is friendly and well behaved do not hesitate to get a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers on Aug 04, 2019
I have known Matt for a couple years now. I was looking to increase my Genetics and maintain the standard I have built into my dogs. Matt is knowledgeable and a good trainer as well. To date Iv purchased 3 dogs from Matt. His dogs are smart, fun and Birdie as heck. Just the kind of pups I was looking for. You could not go wrong purchasing a Pup from Matt. I look forward to a good relationship with him as well.
Phil Rogers
Windy Acres Epagneul Breton
Submitted by: Michael Vargas on Apr 01, 2019
Matt sold me Gunny, our male French Brittany, over two years ago. Great dog in the field and at home (we live in Phoenix). Gunny just completed his second hunting season. I've upland hunted with him in all types of terrain in Arizona. He continues to perform well and is always willing to continue to learn.
Submitted by: Joel Ebstein on Feb 05, 2019
Gigi Holy Girl is 14 months old now and she has turned out to be the most amazing bird dog I’ve ever owned! Her parents were Freedom Du Plem Creek and June Sky De Sainte Keller. Gigi has so much natural Ability and is a very driven dog with great speed and raw prey drive. She will hunt all day and won’t slow down. She ranges perfectly within 40 yards and zigzags right in front of me. I never had to teach her to range, it’s always been perfect since she was really young. She holds amazing points and is steady to flush. She has been pointing birds since she was 3 months old. Gigi loves retrieving and will bring birds to hand. Lastly she loves water and will retrieve birds that are way out there. She has literally been the perfect dog and many people have told me how special she is. Most of her abilities She was born with and didn’t take much training. If your thinking of getting a Keller Dog, I would highly recommend it! Matt breeds amazing dogs that truly require minamal training. They are very affectionate and love to be next to you all the time. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have questions about my experience with Matt. - Joel 619-201-1858
Submitted by: Cherene Whitmer on Aug 29, 2018
I called Matt & told him I was looking to purchase a Brittney Spaniel, & I know I was blessed with the best pup ever. We have had Oakley for a month & she is smart, quick to learn & full of energy. I have a cocker mix & they are best friends now. Matt is kind, honest & breeds amazing pups. I would never purchase from anyone other than Matt! You would be delighted with any pup you would purchase from him😉
Submitted by: Jennifer Shinn on Aug 19, 2018
We got Possum in October 2017 after the loss of another Keller Brittany, Lucie. Possum has been an amazing dog. She just turned a year old, and she's an amazing hiker, mountain biker, skate ski dog, swimmer, retriever, and a wonderful novice hunter. We've had 2 Keller Brittanies and they've both been amazing dogs. Possum was shipped to us in Bozeman, MT, without any issues. Matt turns out some amazing dogs!!!
Submitted by: Fred Eichenberger on Jul 29, 2018
I purchased Hank, Sept 1, 2017. He just had his birthday July 13th. What a year it has been. I have raised and trained 7 hunting black labs mostly for field hunting. I always wanted to have a pointer but just did not see how to fit them in as they are so much different from the labs. Within a few weeks of my purchase I had 2 of my friends get dogs from Matt also. At just over 6 months I was able to get him on quail, and chuckers. The really amazing thing about these dogs is their pointing instinct, it is incredible. Hank will point anything. LOL
Their energy is incredible.

For exercise I take him to a kennel that has a large play area with a pool. Hank is in 4 play groups every morning. Each play period is about 50 minutes. There will be 15 to 25 dogs supervised. Hank never stops, never lays down, and he does this for 4 straight hours. LOL That energy carries over into the field and is amazing to watch.

These dogs have an incredible nose and an unsurpassed desire to hunt. When the day is done and I am sitting on the couch, Hank is laying right beside me, with his head in my lap, all 40 lbs of him. What else is there to say?

If you are on the fence about the purchase of a Brittany, go for it you will not be sorry. They are great hunting dogs for 3 months and your companion for 9.
Submitted by: Melissa Dungca on Jul 05, 2018
We bought a french brittany back in 2015 his name is jet and he is the best dog I have ever owned he was very easy to train and loves our kids I couldn't ask for anything more inappropriate dog. He is very loyal and loveable and when it comes to hunting he is the best.
Submitted by: Joel Ebstein on Mar 18, 2018
Update on Holy: She is turning 5 months old this week and she has been an excellent little puppy.

Hunting: Ive been training Holy on pigeons and doves since we got her home, initially i just let her chase and smell doves but now we are at month 5 and she can hold a point for 20 - 45 secs. She finds the planted birds everytime without fail. She naturally ranges 20 to 30 yards out. I use the check cord but honestly dont really need it. Every training session she gets better and more steady point. She is just a puppy so we just have fun and I dont pressure her too much. She ranges very well always checking back. She is absolutely a hunting machine. She is the kind of dog champions are made of. She screams and cries in excitment when I put her in the kennel to go train. I must say im more then pleased with her hunting ability. She is so talented its unbelievable.

Temperament: Holy has been a very hyper dog since day one. She runs in circles around the house if i dont take her out and let her run. To be honest she is much more energy then expected. It has been a difficult to deal with but everyday she gets older she calms down a little more and she is learning her manners. On the flip side, her high energy will pay dividends when we hunt. She can play at dog park without tiring out out, she can work a field and never slows down so its a too edge sword. I would never tell anyone she is an easy puppy but I will say we love her too death and wouldnt trade her for anything.

Training: She is very easy to train, extremely intelligent, she can be stubborn at times but once she learns something, she retains it. She loves to play fetch. Getting her to give up the toy was a challenge and still is something we are working on but she has always loved fetching.

House/Kennel Training: It took us several days to kennel train her. She always wants to be with you, and putting her in the kennel was a little traumatizing at first. We went through several nights of crying and sleeplessness. Potty training also took several day's but she is very good now. When we first got her she would pee every 20 mins so we dealt with a lot of accidents. We no longer have accidents and she scratches on the door to go out.

I hope this helps you in your decision to get a Keller Puppy. I absolutely love Holy and highly recommend Keller Kennels for your next pup. If you have any questions for me, email me at or call/text 619-201-1858.

Submitted by: Chad on Mar 14, 2018
I purchased a French Brittany from Matt and could not be happier with him. He was a very active puppy and after sending him off to be trained I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only does he hunt hard he has turned into a well obedient and very pleasant dog to have around. Thanks Matt for the great dog and work! Can't wait to get another one.
Submitted by: Sherri on Feb 18, 2018
I’ve had Molly for 2 years now. She is honestly the best dog I’ve ever had. I remember asking Matt about whether his pup would be able to handle my high energy border collie. He just laughed and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Boy was he right. Molly is a fantastic companion dog. She’s sweet, loving, and just plain fun. I am now a true fan of French brittanies.
Submitted by: Brian Seitz on Dec 31, 2017
I have much praise for the dog we got from Matt Keller and for Matt himself. I have been a lab guy for years and trained 3 of them as hunting dogs. I decided to go to a smaller pointing breed for a number of reasons and settled on Keller's French Brittanys. I am glad I did. Matt told us this puppy would be soft and to be careful with stern correction. He was absolutely right. We let her play and she is so smart we rarely have to do anything but enjoy her personality. She is now 7 months old and has had an amazing hunting season. I have done almost no actual training and instead just taken her afield and let her be a puppy. She has hunted hundreds of birds and with nothing but positive reinforcement has gotten progressively better each week. She is heeling, hunting hard, checking in, ranging appropriately and retrieving extremely well. She is starting to point and just gets better every week.

The most amazing thing is how well Matt knows his dogs. I never thought of myself as high maintenance but I kept comparing this puppy to a typical Labrador and calling Matt with questions. Matt kept talking me off the ledge and promised she would respond. He was right at every step. I couldn't believe how well he knew the dog, it was almost as if we were neighbors and he could see me (I am in another state). She has plenty of learning to go but she has been a total pleasure both in the house and in the field. I give Matt and his operation 5 stars all the way.
Submitted by: Joel Ebstein on Dec 25, 2017
Today was Gigi' s first day home at 7 weeks old and she is an absolutely amazing dog. She spent 2 hours in our backyard jumping through bushes and sniffing everything. When she found our chickens she pointed at them for a good 5 seconds. She follows me around and is always on the trail for something she just doesn't know what yet. I can tell this little puppy has tons if hunting instinct and is going to be a great companion and amazing Hunter. I couldnt be more happy with Gigi (Holey).

Thank you Matt and family for such an amazing puppy!!!
Submitted by: John & Nancy Galvin on Dec 06, 2017
First time hunting at 3.5 months old, Copper flushed 2 covies of Hungarian partridge. She stayed close, did not range too far, and came when called. Hunting is most natural for her, a beauty to watch in the field and at home.
Descriptions: Smart and intense. Expressions galore. Personality plus. She has us laughing and smiling daily. A beautiful dog. A hit at the vets. Thank you Matt for raising such a fine "fur person." Do not change what you are doing.
Submitted by: Doug Bristol on Jun 30, 2017
We picked up 8 wk old Natalie (now Bailey) June 8, after months of anticipation. Matt really "knows his stuff", is very protective of the dogs' environment and care, and was easy to deal with on communication and our visits to see the puppies. Bailey is now pointing a bird wing in the yard and is closely watching birds in and around the yard. Bailey is very smart and is probably the most loving and sweetest dog we've ever had in our 43 years of marriage. Thanks Matt!
Submitted by: Rich Story on Jun 10, 2017
We got Millie aka Miesha in April 2016 . She is so amazing and very smart, she points at the birds and any animal that comes in our yard . She was very easy to train .She is the most loving dog we have ever had. I would recommend this breeder and this breed to everyone that wants a companion an overall amazing dog. Mat is very knowledgeable about his dogs, highly recommended. We are so happy with are little girl we purchased Nicole from Matt, tri female. We are awaiting her arrival this weekend. We are very excited to get another Keller pup. Thanks Matt.
Submitted by: Heather Howard on Feb 26, 2017
Matt, we love our little Kota! She stays in the house and is a part of the family, but loves to go on the farm with Dad everyday. She's super intelligent and obedient and has been pointing without effort at everything that moves. We are amazed every day by the instincts she was bred with and love that she can be a family dog as well as a hunter with no trouble at all. She is all ready pointing quail with no formal training! We are looking forward to breeding her one day to one of your boys.

Thank you again for an incredible dog!

Submitted by: Ted, Utah on Dec 22, 2016
I should start this recommendation by telling you that I did something very few people would do: I bought a started dog without ever seeing it in person. It's a risk that worked out for me!

I got a late start looking for a dog this past year {2016] and didn't want to go through the puppy stage. I was fortunate to come across Matt Keller's ad for two young males that he had been training. Matt and I spoke a few times and he told me about his dogs.

The last thing Matt said to me was: "Your going to love this dog, and the excitement in his voice was amazing" I thought, "oh sure, we'll see"... figuring that it was just a typical salesmanship from a breeder.

But he was so right: I love this dog.

In fact, everything Matt has said to me has been spot on. The dog was a bit timid the first few days he was with us {which should be expected}. When I called Matt and asked him about it, he said: "Give him a few more days and he'll act like he owns the place." Sure enough {somewhat to my wife's dismay}, he was right. After having one less than ideal hunt, Matt counseled me to be patient and "that the more birds he gets, the better and better he'll be." Again, Matt was exactly right!

Now, some of this might seem like extraordinary dog advise. That's not my point. My point is Matt knows his dogs and he's very honest about them. Having been an owner of field trial and hunt retrievers before my fisrt French Brittany, I can tell you that the dog world could use a few more people like Matt Keller!

As for the dog, he's now a little over a year old and is doing great on pheasants, Chukar, Huns and Quail. Oddly enough { don't ask me why}, I think he's better on wild birds than game farm birds. He took to pheasants and huns really quickly. His nose is remarkable and he works tirelessly for me! He's also just damn fun to be around!

Thanks for an awesome dog Matt! I couldn't be happier!

Ted, Utah
Submitted by: Tom Johnston on Oct 31, 2016
I purchased Maggie, a 3 1/2 year old spayed female, from you November 2015.
She is very gentle with our Chihuahua and plays with him a lot of the time and with our 2 granddaughters. She has an excellent disposition and is a very good house dog. Friends just can't believe how well mannered she is and how she listens to every command.
Out in the field she hunts close, is rock steady on point and retrieves. Simply put, she's a "hunting machine"!
Thanks again,
Thomas Johnston
Submitted by: David Wiest on Oct 06, 2016
We rearranged our vacation itinerary in order to pick up "My Shadow", meet Matt and visit his kennel. "My Shadow" is a 4 month old male, started puppy, that now responds to "Gus". Gus has taken over the house and our hearts, including Sophie our 2yo EB. He is bright, smart and full of personality. People are amazed at how well socialized he is, fresh out of Matt's kennel.

Matt is a wealth of information on all things EB and a pleasure to work with. His home kennel is neat and sanitary. The health, welfare and conformity of his dogs to the breed standards are very important to him.

You will be pleased with your decision to purchase a puppy from Matt.
Submitted by: RICHARD FURROW on Oct 06, 2016
I spoke to Matt several times on the phone and he was one of the nicest and most informative dog breeders I've ever spoken to. I was unable to select a puppy fominaya the litter and relied on Matt selecting the right puppy for my family. We received Bruno aka Otter from Matt. He was a healthy beautiful pup that took a 9 hour flight with delays from arizona to maryland. The puppy got out of the crate and immediately explored my house and yard without issue. Since then he has a outstanding nose and is always looking to work. I couldn't ask for a better looking pup with all the qualities we were looking for in a dog. I recommend anyone looking for a French brittany talk to Matt Keller
Submitted by: Chris Cannon on Oct 04, 2016
I picked up my tri-colored pup Beau from Matt back in April. I just got back in from chukar hunting this morning and Beau made three of the most beautiful points a dog owner could ever ask for! He is eight months old now, and WAY ahead of most dogs of that same age. He quarters back and forth naturally, and is really learning to work the wind. I see nothing but tremendous potential as he continues to get more experience this year, and in the coming years. Thanks for a GREAT dog!
Submitted by: Jaymes Petty on Sep 24, 2016
I purchased my tri colored male "Wilbur" from Matt in April 2015. I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to a hunting partner, and more importantly a part of my family. Wilbur is the best pet I have ever had, great manners, listens better than any dog I have ever had, and is the perfect size for a house dog. However in the field he doesn't take a back seat, hunts close and he did that naturally. When he locks up on birds, it is really the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Loves to retrieve, even in the water. This dog is awesome at 1 1/2, I can only imagine how great he is going to be at 2 or 3! Matt thank you for a great dog, can't wait to get another one!
Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Feb 12, 2016
We purchased an orange male from Matt in June of 2015 and we couldn't be happier with him! Training Cosmo has been a breeze due to his natural abilities and disposition. He's a strong hunter and extremely confident in the field. I am so thrilled to have Cosmo by my side. He's a great pet for the family and hunting companion.
Submitted by: William Bednarek on Dec 30, 2015
We have gotten two dogs from Matt, neither time we were able to get down there to see them in person so we trusted Matt to fit the right dog for our situation. He was spot on both times.

Unfortunately our first dog, Sally, was hit by a car and didn't even make it to the peak of her career. She showed so much ability in the field and was such a sweet companion. After losing her we had a longing to own another one of these great dogs.

So we called Matt, explained our situation, he told us he had a little female that would be what we wanted. That's how we ended up with Halona Jean De Saint Keller, aka Sage. We doubted we would be lucky enough to end up with another dog with as much natural ability as the first one; well Sage proved to have even better ability than Sally from just a young age. At 3 years old, with limited formal training, Sage now has a steady job at a pheasant club and has impressed all her clients. In only a month and a half of regular work, she is steady to a flush, breaks on gunshot, and will retrieve to hand. We can not take all the credit for her progress, because of the well thought out breeding program, and training tips from Matt, Sage has become such a great dog both as a hunter and a pet.

We have been very thrilled with the experience of working with Matt and plan to purchase more dogs from him in the future!
Submitted by: Mark Kackson on Nov 24, 2015
You know Matt, that a well breed Britney only needs to be rounded out. I train every day but it is mostly in the family scene: normal obiedience, direction, etc.. I work a lot with quail wings on a string in the back yard, I am big on "whoa".

This Levi has already pointed and retrieved over 30 wild and pin raised birds this year. He is only 11 months old so, I am thrilled!
Submitted by: Mark Jackson on Nov 07, 2015
My Levi (now Luc) is 10 months old. We just completed his first hunt today on wild quail in south Texas.

Luc made three solo points, quartered like a mature dog and followed commands including whoa like a champ!

Can't wait for tomorrow!
Submitted by: Doug Farrington on Oct 25, 2015
Hi Matt,

I have been remiss in not having sent you a note before this. My family and I picked up Iris from you in early/mid-April 2013 (she was born 2/20/13). We named her Hazel. I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a joy she has been for all of us! I have had dogs my whole life and I've loved all of them, but I have never had a dog like Hazel. As I type this note to you, she's curled up by my feet where she'll sleep peacefully until I get up to move. At that point, she'll just follow me to my next resting spot and resume her position.

In the field, she is tractable and obedient. She works closely, has a phenomenal nose and she's very, very smart. The first two years of her life have not been great years for quail numbers her in AZ but this year is looking better in some areas. I'm hoping that, by giving her an opportunity to get into more birds, this year will be when things really start to click for her. Actually, I'll be taking her to Iowa to spend a week hunting pheasants next month and I believe that experience will be a great one for both of us.

Truth is, even if I never took her into the field to hunt another day in her life, she'd still be the best dog and best pet I've ever had. I can not thank you enough for the meticulous care you take in choosing and breeding the finest French Brittany's around. Hazel is a complete joy and a treasured member of the family.

Doug Farrington
Submitted by: Mark K. on Sep 26, 2015
Great dog! Josie is out of Abby and Gunny. She has a great temperament, is super smart, and a beast in the field. I couldn't ask for anything more in house/hunting dog. She is everything Matt said she would be and more.
Submitted by: Kris Martin on Aug 27, 2015
Update on Bear: Bear is now 8 months and is an incredible hunter. I have trained with Matt several times and Bear gets better and better. He is going to be amazing in the field this fall. Matt was spot on with him and has been a great teacher to both Bear and me. Being able to train with his other dogs and pups is an eye-opening experience into how Matt runs his operation, it's TOP NOTCH! Thanks again Matt.
Submitted by: Sheldon on Aug 23, 2015
At the recomendation of a good friend, I turned to Matt Keller for assistance obtaining my first hunting dog. I was a first time dog owner and wanted a reliable dog to join me in the field on my quail hunts. I had researched French Brittanys and felt that the size and capability would be perfect for what I was looking for. I also didnt have the time to raise and train a dog from a puppy. Matt had the perfect solution for me, a 6 year old female named Katie. I didnt have to do any training and right away she adapted just fine to the family with 3 kids. I have hunted Katie over a dozen times in the first year that I have had her and she has done very well. Katie hunts close, holds a solid point and retrieves very well. She has a lot of energy and is always excited to be out in the field. I will be adding a hunting companion for Katie in the future and will use Matt again for another solid dog.
Submitted by: Patina Thompson on Jul 06, 2015
Our pup out of Eppie and Henrie is super smart and so confident and bold, even at 7 weeks. He is advancing quickly with common obedience and his confirmation is perfect! I was hoping for a female, but this male is the perfect fit, and I look forward to working with him in the field.
Submitted by: Jim Achen Jr on Apr 10, 2015
Hey Matt,
We have had Tank (Junior) and Cash now for 8 weeks and they are excellent dogs.....very distinct but great personalities, super smart, athletic and just fantastic all around happy pups. My boys and I are really looking forward to hunting with these two and my wife loves them as much as the boys and I do.

If anyone is looking for a Brittany you need to call Matt....he came recommended to me by one of my Dad's best shooting buddies and friends and everything about working with Matt has been Dad just met Tank and Cash and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up with one of Matt's pups as well.
Submitted by: Kris Martin on Mar 27, 2015
What can I say...I am more than pleased with Bear (Dash from Ginny & Levi). He is now 14 weeks old and absolutely wonderful!! Handsome, friendly, eager to please and has amazing instincts. I can already walk with him off leash where he is either at my left side or out about 10 ft and then comes back to check in. Visually points on a quail wing in the back yard since 8 weeks and is getting his basic commands. Matt was right about all aspects of Bear. He runs a top-notch kennel and I can't wait to get Bear in the field next fall. I would recommend Matt and the breed to anyone looking for a loving family pet and what I expect to be an exception hunting companion! He also fit right in with my other two dogs. I hope to get another one in a year or two. Thanks Matt and Paula!!!
Submitted by: Luke on Feb 23, 2015
Can't say enough about our now 1 year old pup Dax. He is out of Ganache " Gidget " and Ely's Christmas Eve litter. We both had our first upland season and were successful on Sage grouse, Quail and Chucker, all wild. He is whistle trained and obedience/house trained. He hunts close, checks back, and responds to my change in direction. Wonderful companion! I decided to let his and my first season be low stress and have not introduced a collar. I have found a local trainer who has access to plenty of live semi wild birds. Both Dax and I will brush up this spring and summer for next season.

We like Dax so much that we would like a second male from a repeat breeding if time worked on both ends. I hunted Dax 1-2 days a week in season, but 98% of the time he is a house companion and we would want the second to be the same high calber field and HOME animal. We like Dax's small size and short coat and prefer the same.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog!

Submitted by: Joe Luce on Feb 19, 2015
I had Jinx with a trainer in April of last year and he regressed badly. I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I watched a few training sessions. Let me just say to anyone thinking of training. These dogs require VERY LITTLE TO NO FORCE to train. They are incredibly intelligent and loyal and do not need to be shocked if they do something wrong. Ill leave it at that...

I brought Jinx home and called Matt and explained what I saw. He gave me some very good advice. Give Jinx a couple months break. I did just that. Around august I started training in earnest on my own with quail then partridge and finally my homing pigeons. I raise all my own birds so that makes things nice. I used a couple launchers and a remote and within days had Jinx locking up and holding on the flush. We progressed nicely and I decided to take him to my hunting camp in the north central Pa mountains to work him on wild grouse.
At camp the first day I ran him and worked him on homers (they flew 250 miles back to my coop) the next day we went for wild grouse. The first one he found flushed wild and Jinx gave chase then stopped. I knew he caught on at that moment. Within a minute he found another and held rock solid til I flushed. I released him and he found 2 more that he held through the flush. I was so proud of him. He was like a rabid fiend on those wild birds. Over the next couple day I saw my boy Jinx go from a pup to a bonafide hunting dog. We worked through the fall on grouse and pheasant and he loved every minute of it. He can find birds that bigger running dogs miss. That's what I want in a bird dog.
Now he has matured into a machine that doesn't want to give up. I spend a lot of time training him and I love every minute of it and it was all worth the effort. I purposely did not trial my dog as Im a hunter first and foremost and wanted a pure hunting dog. This year though we may enter some as I feel I now have a close to finished hunting dog and I'm proud of how far he has come.

I've already put a deposit on a female from Matt and were working on getting her here now. I cant wait to have 2 of them buggers out there working!
As far as Family life you cannot possibly imagine how loyal, gentle and friendly these French britts are until you've had them. Ill never own another breed as I'm a believer! My boy Jinx is the perfect house dog. He is spoiled rotten but in a good way.
If you want the perfect dog Matt Keller is the man to see....
Submitted by: Brian Rhoton on Feb 17, 2015
I purchased two puppies from Matt, the first was Rio about 3.5 years ago followed by Scout 2.5 years ago. The dogs have been fantastic with my family and are extremely well tempered. The dogs are excellent in the field. Matt has provided all the training for the dogs. This year I have had the opportunity to hunt over the dogs several times a month for the past 3 months and the dogs have performed exceptional. Last week we had the opportunity to hunt beside some much more experienced dogs (GSP's) and our dogs matched in hunting and out retrieved their counterparts. Both dogs have made 200+ yard retrieves on winged chuckars and pheasants. Matt is a fantastic breeder and trainer I would recommend anyone looking for a dog to give Matt a call, you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Chris O'Barr on Feb 12, 2015
I am a novice with gun dogs. I got my pup Oreo (a black and white dog) from Matt, and it has been an amazing experience. Matt is a great guy who is very passionate about his dogs. He is very meticulous about cleanliness of his dogs to prevent disease.
Not only does Matt have a great breeding program but he is a very effective and knowledgeable trainer
Matt has gotten Oreo started and he is doing great! He has an amazing nose, retrieves great, and is absolutely comfortable around the gun. He has hunted Oreo on both wild and farm raised birds. He has also taken Oreo out hunting several times to polish his skills.
I would recommend Matt's dog to any one who wants an amazing Brittany, from a breeder who hunts and trains his dogs. I could not be happier with my dog or my experience
Submitted by: Brandon Smith on Oct 26, 2014
I'm nearly a 20 year veteran working French Brittanies and have had a wide range of luck with their hunting abilities. When I started to look for another pup I was set on being able to hunt over the parents prior to making my selection. When I spoke to Matt, he was very welcoming to have me out to his kennels and to hunt over his dogs. Matt and I spoke for several months prior to me flying out to his place for a visit. When I was there I was able to hunt over five different dogs varying from a 1-1/2 old pup that was just starting to catch his groove to some of Matt's breeding dogs. I was very impressed with each dog's drive to hunt, natural instincts and close hunting range.

I took one of Matt's breeding females out on my own where she had five separate held points (no wild flushes), I flushed the birds and had five retrieves all the way to hand, one of which was about 100 yards (Matt hasn't taught a dog to shoot yet so that was my fault).

I was also very impressed with the care in which Matt takes care of his pups and grounds to ensure that no disease makes it's way into his kennels, which shows great signs of breeder that cares about what he does and how he does it.

I brought an 8 week old female pup, Izzy, back to Georgia with me. She's 11 weeks old now and showing signs of the best nose I've ever seen on a Brittany. I'll have her on a wing within a few weeks and in the field shortly after the first of the new year and will keep you posted to see if her early signs prove to be as good as I think she'll be.

One other great thing about Matt's pups is that they are doggy door trained right from the start. So introducing her into our home of one other 10 year old french brittany and 4 young children has been easy and exciting.
Submitted by: Mark SIMPSON on Aug 25, 2014
Picked up my second French Brittany from Matt and Paula in a year . WOW !!!! Couldn't be happier than this . Great dog ( orange / white male out of ely and daffodil ) , great people , great experience !
Submitted by: Nic S on Jun 29, 2014
I wanted to share my experience that I have had with Matt Keller and Keller’s French Brittanys. I have had multiple gun dogs over the past number of years including my best dog (Stanley) an American Brittany.
When I was in the market for a new pup I had decided that I wanted the best qualities that I had in my American Brittany but wanted to have a dog that was better in the house (maybe a little smaller) and closer working in the field. I had enjoyed my American Brittany’s nose, and endurance as well as his intense drive… what I didn’t like was the hyper activity in the house and the big running tendencies. The French Brittany was the answer I was looking for.
When I began to look into breeders for French Brittanys I found that Matt was by far the most knowledgeable, genuine and passionate that I could find. Matt explained to me the things that he found important and what he bred for in his dogs. It was a perfect match to what I was looking for… a close working dog with a great nose, natural retrieve and was extremely intelligent. Matt assured me that the pup I got from him would embody all of these qualities… he was absolutely correct in that statement.
When I went to meet Matt in mid-January of 2014 I was going to look at pups from 2 litters… one out of Ely and Bella and another out of Ely & Gidget. I brought my 2 oldest boys along to meet Matt and the puppies as well. Matt took the time to really explain everything to my boys about how everything worked and make them feel like part of the process. Matt’s operation was absolutely first class on every level. He explained the differences he expected to see out of each litter. Matt helped us to decide on a black and white male out of Ely and Gidget. We named him Benneli (we call him Benny).
Benny is now 6 months old (was born on Christmas Eve 2013). He has been a great pup so far. He is a very bold and intelligent. He retrieves a quail sized deadfoul trainer like a pro (including water retreives in the pool) and absolutely loves it. He goes absolutely crazy over pheasant and chuckar wings. We have been mainly working on basic house obedience with Benny. He is coming along great with “whoa” and “here”.
Benny is a great dog in the house… very calm. I can see where the term angels in the house and demons in the field comes from with these dogs. Benny spends his time between finding a nice shady spot in the back yard or a corner or a lap to curl up in. I have 4 children ranging from 2 -10 years old and Benny is great with all of them. He loves the kids and they love him. He is especially tolerant of my 2 year old who loves to play with his ears and tongue and enjoys getting doggie kisses. Benny gets a kiss on the head from Angelo every night before bed. He is extremely gentle and takes treats and food straight from little children’s fingers without any concern.
The last thing I wanted to share was an experience I had a few weeks back when I took Benny into the desert a few weeks back to get him acclimated to the environment where he will spend a lot of his time over the coming years. I put Benny on a 30’ lead and let him head out into the desert with me. I would let him get about 50-100’ in front of me, then completely change direction. I did this multiple times. He would check back and naturally without command re-direct so that he could “hunt” with me. Benny never got very far out in front of me without checking in and staying where I was walking. This is something that I could never do with my American Brittany (except with the e-collar) certainly not without even having to say a word.
I can honestly say that I would recommend a French Brittany for anyone who is looking for a close working pointing dog as well as Matt to anyone looking for a French Brittany… and I already have multiple times. I will check back in as Benny progresses. If you ever want to talk to me personally about my experiences with Matt he will give you my phone number.
Submitted by: Mark Simpson on Jun 29, 2014
This is to let people know that if they are looking for a awesome bird dog and a awesome companion then look no further than the French Brittany . And Matt & Paula's britts are second to none ! I bought a tri colored male pup from Matt and paula last July and I'm going to pick up my 2ND PUP this August ( orange and white). These dogs are highly intelligent ,love to hunt and just love to be with you. Can't wait to get both of them in the field and watch them work. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT ! Do yourself a favor and call Matt and Paula ,your only regret will be, is that you wished you had called sooner !
Submitted by: Rebecca Wilson on Jun 20, 2014
We received 'Joey' at the end of March and just love him!!! He is full of fun and energy. He loves running around our 20 acre farm. Our quail are almost fully grown and Joey is almost ready to train with them. He is already pointing at local birds around the farm and his instincts are strong! He is so smart and loves rides on our 4 wheeler. Ever since we've had Joey, I haven't seen any deer around my plants and yard. My kids adore him and we are glad he is a part of our family:) Thanks Matt for raising such good pups.
Submitted by: Nic on Jun 16, 2014
I can honestly say that Matt has been one of the friendliest and most genuine people that I have met. I went up to his kennel with 2 of my young boys to look for a male pup out of either Ely & Gidget or Ely & Bella. Matt spent plenty of time making sure the boys were educated and excited about the new pup. Matt asked me exactly what I was looking for in a hunting dog and talked about the qualities that each of the parents had. We picked out Benelli (Benny) out of Ely and Gidget. Matt told me to expect a very intelligent dog that would be bold yet biddable as well as a natural retriever, a close hunter with a great nose. Benny is now 5-1/2 months old and has been a great pup so far... he has far surpassed my expectations. I have taken him out in the desert a few times to get used to the terrain and where he will be spending a lot of his time over the coming years. I was extremely impressed to see how he naturally would check in on where I was going and automatically redirect (even while checking the air for all of the new smells). I let him drag a 30' lead and he would get 50-100' in front of me. When he got out in front, I would change course and Benny would invariably look back and see that I had changed direction and he would do the same. I have had a number of dogs including most recently a great hunting American Brittany. The difference is night and day. My American was incredibly hyper and crazy in the house... Benny is calm and usually finds a corner or lap to lay down near. I also have 4 young children ranging from 2-10 years old. Benny is extremely tolerant of all the poking and prodding and a 2 year old doing a dental exam on him. He eats treats right out of my 2 year old's little fingers without any concerns. My American Brit was a BIG running dog and the only way to keep him close was with an e-collar. He would re-direct only when I called him and (sometimes needed to be nicked so that he would hunt for me and not himself)... I can tell by the way that Benny watches where I go while in the field this will not be an issue with him. Benny has an incredible nose and spends much of his time with his nose up checking the wind. Benny has been working on retrieving and is EXTREMELY enthusiastic (especially when using the quail sized dead foul trainer). To bring this back full circle, Matt has been extremely helpful and always has been eager to offer advice and training tips. He answers the phone whenever I call and I know that I will get a straight and honest answer from him. I can say with complete confidence that I will probably not buy another dog from anyone other than Matt Keller and recommend him and ANY of his dogs 100%.
Submitted by: Elijah Campbell on Apr 28, 2014
My dog roxy at 1.5 years is beyond impressive. A few weeks ago, Matt and I were out training dogs. Roxy hit point around 40 yards distance from us. She locked solid and did not move. There were another group of hunters shooting in the neighboring field, tweety birds were flying from cover righ in front of her. Roxy had EVERY distraction possible and did not flinch! She held solid. She does not bust until she hers the gun fire. Roxy is beyond impressive. It's amazing seeing what matts dogs can do.

Thanks again Matt and Paula for the more than perfect dogs!
Submitted by: Jennifer Shinn on Mar 25, 2014
We picked up our black tricolor Lucie 4 weeks ago and she's an amazing little puppy. She is already reliably retrieving, demonstrates a great nose and is really persistent when finding hidden sticks and bird wings. I think she's going to be fabulous in the field! Lucie has also been an incredibly healthy puppy, and as a veterinarian, I see puppies all the time. We look forward to a wonderful life with Lucie (aka "Lucifer" as she does have a bit of the devil in her!). Thanks Matt!
Submitted by: Levi Abrahamson on Mar 21, 2014
I got a pup from Matt Keller and it showed the most potential of any pup I have ever seen. sadly he was killed by coyote's. I hope for another one half as good.
Submitted by: Joe Luce on Mar 12, 2014
I got my tricolor pup Jinx (Tucker) from Matt last July...He was shipped from Arizona to Philly in perfect health.
I waited a while to post because I wanted to see how my pup turned out. After having Jinx for less than a week he was pointing wings in my yard. Ive worked with him slowly but surely. Jinx is about to be 10 months old and he is just the most perfect dog in every sense. Ive owned 2 American britts prior. This is my first French britt. Jinx may be the smartest dog Ive ever seen. He was unbelievably easy to train. Supercalm disposition and ultra friendly to everyone. The perfect house dog and the perfect hunting dog. Most will not believe how loyal and loving these dogs are! Turn them loose outside and they are hunting machines! Jinx can find a bird where others have missed. He is also a fantastic retriever as well as one heck of a tracker. Ive cold trailed well over a 100 yards through some heavy woods and he has no problem finding the bird and bringing it back to me. I have no doubt Ill be hunting over jinx this fall with excellent results. Ill be looking for a female soon Matt!!!
Submitted by: Elijah Campbell on Feb 27, 2014
I have had three of Matts dogs, Roxy, Henna, and Hunter.
Matt has done so much for me and my dogs. Half a year ago, I lost my pup Henna when she was 1.5 years. She was hit by a car when we were on vacation. Matt was notified, because since we bought his dogs we have been very close. Matt GAVE me Hunter, a new puppy to help us through Henna's death, and to keep Roxy social. Matt is now training hunter for FREE and working to getting him to trial hunts with his sister Roxy.
I have been so impressed with all the hard work Matt puts into these dogs, and the bonds grown between you and the bird dog.
His Frenchies are amazing companions and even better bird dogs.
I have helped train, and gunned for Matt many many many hours in the training process and it is always amazing to see all these dogs become such driven and successful hunters.
I would recommend any of Matts trained dogs, or a pup to anyone looking for a great, natural dogs.
His dogs are very pretty, very driven, and they cannot help but to please the master.
Roxy my pup at 1.5 years is a solid pointer, and retrieves great! I did not have to teach her any commands. All the dogs I have had teach themselves. They kennel up when I say, they learned their own name, and do all your basic commands.
But none of that is a reason to get a bird dog.
If you question yourself at all to get a bird dog from the Kellers, you can call Matt at anytime (He is awesome with communication) and he will bring you out and show you how the dogs work.
ANOTHER reason to get a Keller dog and have him train, he DOES NOT use shock collars. I have gunned over a lot of dogs. I love watching a completely natural dog work that has not been enfluenced by E-Collars.
I am so happy with all the dogs and all the experiences. I cannot thank Matt enough for all the work and time.
Submitted by: Robbyn Minyard on Feb 13, 2014
Allow me to preface my recommendation….Our oldest French Brittany, Gabe De Sainte Keller, aka Ruger, which we obtained from Matt, is now almost 3 years old. Ruger is a hunting machine! His drive and nose are superior, and his is notorious for finding well hid birds that other dogs have missed. We participated in a planted hunt (Ruger’s first) where two other dogs worked a field together, bringing in several birds, while we worked our field. After the two dogs had left their field, Ruger was pacing, so my husband let him run. He found 3 more birds, which the two dogs had missed. To this day, he continues to clean up.

I picked up my baby girl, Hartlyn Jean De Sainte Keller, aka Benelli, when she was 9 weeks old, in mid-January 2013. I had major back surgery (spinal fusion, rods and pins) in February 2013 and I was in a heavy duty back brace, extremely restricted from movement, for 7 months. One day in April, my husband brought home a live chukar for Benelli. He put the bird in our back yard and we let Benelli loose. She toddled and bounced around as puppies do and the second she caught scent of that chukar, she froze! Natural instinct! Amazing bird nose!

That summer, my husband took Benelli out twice with planted training birds (in launchers), for a very limited exposure. I watched from the truck as I was not able to participate. However, knowing the quality of dogs Matt and Paula have produced, I was not worried about her limited formal training. I wanted to be the one to work with her. So for this past year, I have loved on my baby girl, playing fetch and taking walks. Bonding time.

In February 2014, I was finally able to take Benelli out for her first ever, live hunt. Pheasant and chukar. As we went out, she stayed right by my side, thinking we were simply out for another walk, only this time in sage brush. We brought Ruger out and she chased him around until he came upon the first bird. She was right behind him, caught scent and went into a solid, locked on point. After that, it was game on! She was searching and finding birds on her own, locking on point and holding steady. She showed honor and backing respect to Ruger without being enforced by us, but by simply following the lead of her brother when he showed the same to her.

You must understand, I know many of you are thinking it was not wise of me to hold off on working Benelli, that my husband could have trained her, or I could have hired a trainer. I was even criticized for wasting valuable time and letting my dog get “rusty”, but after seeing the superior quality of dogs Matt and Paula have bred and having hunted with our Ruger, I had absolutely no reservations about holding off on her training. She is MY hunting partner & I wanted to be the one working with her.

My Benelli, she is THAT PROOF of the quality of dogs you will find with Matt and Paula Keller. My confidence, is THAT PROOF, when you take one of Matt and Paula’s dogs, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to question.

Matt and Paula, Thank you for my amazing baby girl, Benelli!!!
Submitted by: Brad Lefebvre on Jan 16, 2014
We did our home work when we started looking for our new hunting dog....Mat came highly recommended.
We visited his facility and went on a hunt with a couple of his dogs. Then he showed us JAKE!!!
Best looking dog I have ever seen...Mat had worked with him a few months. He pointed really well and retrieved like a champ.
We fell instantly in love with him.

Great blood line, awesome pointer and a great family dog as well.....

Thanks Mat you did good with this one for sure.

This one year old has been on quail, chukkar, and retrieves doves all with a smile on his face and a tail wagging.

Submitted by: Sue on Jan 04, 2014
Another update on Abby. We got her in 2013 and she has worked with my redtail hawk on squirrels and she is a huge help in finding them, keeping track as they move, and making sure they keep moving when on the ground. She also works with the Harris Hawks and the bunnies like a charm, will find and point and honors the birds when they are on a kill. She is a delight in the house, never had an accident, loves to be on the couch with us, and travels in the RV like a pro. Can't say enough, love the dog.
Submitted by: Geoff Head on Jan 01, 2014
I have 2 of Matt's dogs. One is 2 1/2 and the other is 2. It is their second full season hunting live Gambel's quail in AZ. I couldn't be happier! The last two hunts we got 9 and 8 birds. The two dogs work togehter great. Both days all birds were pointed and retrieved. It's awesome! All I have to do is make the shot, the dog's do the rest. The dogs are doing so well that I switched from 6 shot to 7 1/2 or 8 shot because the dogs make it so obvious where all the birds are going to be coming out! lol The dog's back and honor points, are hard workers, and LOVE to hunt.
Submitted by: Chad on Dec 30, 2013
Had my one year old out yesterday on Mearns quail down by Mexico. Tough hunting but he and my three year old Keller brit hunted hard all day about 6 full hours on the ground. never quit and had good energy to the end. The one year old had the best nose of the day and having never hunted Mearns before that was a great sign. best point was when we were down in a wash and the birds were 30 yards above us up a very very steep bank. So steep I had to climb it on my hands and knees. He got birdy on the bottom of the bank and wouldn't let me leave. Glad I listened to him because I tried to call him off the bank twice thinking there was no way he would wind birds that high up a steep bank with no wind moving. Sure enough a went back and sent him up the bank and he locked hard on a tight holding group of birds.
Had a hunter with me that had never hunted behind dogs and the first group the pup locked on was a spot this hunter had walked within 6 yards of just before and the birds didn't jump. Came back by with the pup and he locked up.
This friend of mine was amazed and now knows there is no reason to ever hunt quail without a dog.

Both my Keller Brits (3 year old and 1 year old) are rock solid. Hunt close, always check back and work great angles. Natural retrieve and solid points and tell you when they're getting into birds. Having owned and loved Pointers for years I'll never go back. French Brit best dog I've hunted with when you want a close working, natural hunter that you don't have to spend hours training, no E collar needed just gentle commands they hunt for you not themsleves, and great in the home, calm and quiet. Anyone that wants to talk to me about my experience with Frenchy's ust ask Matt for my number. My dogs are Ryder and Hank both from totaly differnet Bitch and Sire. Tell Matt what you want in a dog and he'll put you on the right litter, be honest
Submitted by: John Conner on Dec 15, 2013
I bought Hank in August 2013, just 3 months prior to our pheasant season here in Ohio. He was 9 months old. I called Matt and told him what I was looking for and he guaranteed me that he had the dog for me. After speaking with several other breeders I decided to purchase Hank. He has been everything Matt said he would be and more. All of my friends and I have hunted with setters for years. This little dog is out hunting all of the setters and a wire hair every time we are in the field. He's pointing, retrieving and honoring at only 13 months old. I'm surprised how well Hank cuts through the heavy cover we hunt here in Ohio. Not only is he a great bird dog but he is also an excellent house dog. We have 3 young children that Hank plays with very well and he was easily house trained.

After seeing Hank in the field, two of my friends are planning to contact Matt for their next dogs and when I'm ready for another dog I will be calling Matt again as well. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an exceptional bird dog to contact Matt Keller. He's honest and a pleasure to work with!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Ted on Nov 05, 2013
Hey Matt! Just wanted to post an update about our puppy. We purchased isadora several months ago and she is fast approaching 20 months. She is an amazing dog. Highly intelligent and picks up commands quickly. Started playing with a canvas dummy and she has been retrieving it in the field and returning it every time without fail. The natural intelligence and ability show in this dog so well. We began working in the field with a .22 and just moved up to a .410 and zero signs of gun shyness. Overall an amazing dog for me in the field and even more amazing dog for the family at home.
Submitted by: Nate Reisner on Nov 04, 2013
I took Freddie out Quail hunting for the first time this year. Saturday we didn’t find anything but Sunday we did great! I mean he did great!! We found a bunch of birds on Sunday and Freddie got 8 solid point within 2 hours. I only put 4 of those birds on the ground. I had to buy him Ice Cream on the way home so he would no longer be mad at me.

I have been doing NAVDA training with him this year and he has been tearing it up! He is only 2.5 years old and I could not be happier. Great dog from Bella & Pepper!

Nate Reisner
Submitted by: Nricco on Oct 16, 2013
I bought a puppy from Matt Keller, to add to my falconry team.
My intentions are to hunt upland birds with hawks.
At 12 weeks old the puppy is showing the qualities of a spectacular bird dog. There's no doubt in my mind that Matt has some of the best genetics in his breeding program I have ever seen.
In addition Matt is always enthusiatically helpful with his expert knowledge in training bird dogs. Keller French Britney's is where the rubber hits the road.
Any dedicated falconer or hunter would be doing himself a favor considering one of these dogs.
Submitted by: Dave Spain on Oct 09, 2013

I bought Levi at the recommendation of my good friend who has one of your dogs. Levi is flat out the greatest dog I've ever owned. We have relocated to Idaho. Levi has been on grouse, sharp tails and huns, he rocks them all! He points, backs and works the field perfectly. We can't be happier!

Thanks again Matt!

Dave Spain
Submitted by: Bob Bean on Oct 01, 2013
Update on pup at 4 months and her first hunt trip.
Dixie went on her first hunt last weekend, a dove hunt in central Texas, lots of birds. I had been working her at our local sporting clays range to get her use to noise but I quickly found out that was a waste of time, she doesn't flick an ear to a 12ga. No gun shyness at all. So, I took her hunting. She did phenomenally well. By the third day she was picking up shot birds in air and racing to run them down for me. Absolutely wonderful to watch. She had a blast! Me too!
I grabbed my shotgun yesterday and she about knocked me down getting to the door. Can't argue with genetics!
She's also one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had.
Thanks Matt for the great Pup.
Submitted by: Bob Bean on Sep 21, 2013
Hi Matt and Paula,

I wanted to drop you a note with an update on Dixie 'Isla" out of Dora. She is really doing well and I believe she is the finest dog I have ever had! She wants to please and thrives in her desire to learn to work with me. It's been almost 2 months now and she sits on command, remote sits, stays, fetches and comes well. She still has enough puppy in her to get selectively deaf still on occasion! :)

I took her to the sporting clays range here in Houston, which is a pretty active place to see how she responded to gunfire. I started well back and just let her settle in and then gave her slack and she headed straight for the stands and the shooters dragging me along. No Nervousness at all. She just wanted to visit with the people and get some attention, which she got. I pulled her off to a clear area and started working her usual routine with all the shooting and commotion in the background and she did great. I'm very pleased if you can't tell!

Great dog! She is the sweetest natured dog and the family is loving her!

Thanks again,

Bob Bean
Submitted by: Glen Barthold on Sep 21, 2013
Hi Matt,

I bought a male black tri colored pup from you almost three years ago and he is truly the best dog I have ever owned.

He is so incredible, I am getting another pup from you.

Thanks for a great dog, we couldn't be happier!

Submitted by: Tom Long on Sep 21, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on Hank. I took him hunting a couple of days ago for the first time since I had you train him and picked him up last Nov. We put out 10 pheasants at the hunting club which is close to me her in Colorado. Right out of the chute he was a 100 MPH and in about 5 minutes he was locked up tight on a bird. It took about 3 birds before he remembered he should retrieve them for me.

As soon as the bird flushes he is on it, 2 cripples hit the ground running and he was right on them and brought them right to me. He covered every inch of a 15 acre field and pointed every bird.

Hank was absolutely incredible for the first time out. There wasn't a thing I would have asked him to do differently. He minds very well and I have trained him with an "E" collar but all he needs is the "reminder buzz" and pays attention. He is so smart.

You told me about this breed but I was skeptical after having the American Britt for so many years. You were absolutely right! You also told me a male is a much better companion than a female, which again I was skeptical because my American Britt was female. You were absolutely right on the money. Hank is such a lover.

He is the smartest dog I have ever owned and I swear he understands most things I say to him. He is 20 months old and still get on my lap every morning for a few minutes to make up for the time spent away from him when he is in his kennel at night.

I couldn't ask for a better companion or family dog, he plays so well with the 4 grandkids all the time.

Thanks again for training and socializing him, he is certainly living up to be everything you said he would be!

Submitted by: MARK SIMPSON on Sep 02, 2013
Well Matt , GUS (aka Hank) turns 16 weeks tomorrow . Maybe I should have named him Shadow because he never leaves my side ( unless we are in the brush or tall grass , then it's all business with him ). Couldn't be happier with him , he bonded with my Boerboel ( a 175 lb Mastiff ) and cat right from the get go. He loves people and is not skiddish of anything ( he actually gets excited with loud noises) ! He's highly intelligent and a quick learner. And OMG unbelievable energy. Thanks Matt , can't wait to get him on some quail and pheasant in the coming months ! Will keep you posted on his progress .
Submitted by: Rich Miller on Aug 23, 2013
We picked up Ellie (AKA birth name Hilda) back in Jan 2013. Flat out....Best dog I have ever had and Matt and his wife were great. Even brought the pup to the airport for my wife's 45 min turnaround to get back to Seattle.
Have not had a chance to hunt with her yet, but will this fall. Expect her to be great. She has great bird sense and is a real "gamer". She knows what she needs to do always, but is her own dog also sometimes. We will keep working on it. ;-)
Thanks Matt,
Submitted by: Bob Bean on Jul 18, 2013
We received our puppy from the Kellers today and she is spectacular. She is very socialized and fit right in with the family.
Matt was great to work with and followed thru with everything you could wish for.

Thanks Matt, we are loving Dixie as much as she is loving us!
Submitted by: Dave B on Feb 02, 2013
Hey Matt, just wanted to give you an update on Cinder (aka Heidi). She is 9 months old now and has been a joy for the family. Her bird drive is incredible and I'm always amazed at the energy she has. She never quits going! She is very smart and catches on quickly. She has also been great with all the small kids in the house. Although we didn't buy her with looks as the first priority, we are always told what a beautiful dog she is. Doing business with Matt was a pleasure. Thanks for the great dog!
Submitted by: Eric Larson on Jan 02, 2013
Matt: Where do I begin? Henry (out of Faithe de Sainte Keller) is now 10 months old and doing awesome! As you know, we picked him up at 49 days and he has been exactly as you predicted. He adapted to us and our home quickly, and house training was a breeze.
In terms of hunting, I could not be happier. I started him on yard work about three days after we got home and he has taken off from there. At 7+ months we hunted North Dakota pheasants for 5 days. The conditions were very dry but he has a great nose and picked up several birds on the first day. His drive/intensity has continued to grow and his point is solid. We have hunted about 12 days this fall, both wild and planted pheasants and he continues to impress! One aspect that is really fun to watch is his willingness to back another dog….rock solid from THE beginning. Man is this fun!
Matt thanks for all of your effort. Your commitment to breeding top dogs shows….I have one and I know.
Thanks! Eric
Submitted by: chad on Dec 09, 2012

Unless you want a dog that is natural to point and retreve with a soft mouth. Hunt all day with great drive. Willing to learn, hunts close and check back. Gets along with other dogs, is a dream in the house.

All kidding aside this is my second Keller Brit. My first is Ryder a 2 year old and is making huge strides this year in the field. my new pup is a Dora/Ely pup and as a six month has an incredible nose, loves to retreve, we've had him on birds but he does best just following our older dog around a learing in the field.

I've owned GSP's, hunted behind Am. brits. and with all things considered, hunt/home/train this is the best breed I have ever owned.

You will not be disapointed with these dogs/
Submitted by: Tim on Nov 28, 2012
Just an update on Sally, went on a pheasant hunt sponsored by CA dept. of fish & game a couple weeks ago. Hunt was on her 1st birthday. She killed it! Rough hunt with 3-6 ft brush, but she worked it out & found 4 of 5 birds for us. Was her first intro to pheasant ... the first bird we got was a fly-by other hunters missed from another field. After she got the scent she was all business & worked the field for a good 3hrs, wouldn't even take a drink 'til the end she was so birdy. Best part is, she found 4 of 5 birds we got ... and I talked to 3 different folks who didn't do nearly as well (one with a gsp, one with an american brit, one wire haired) ... none could believe she was only a year old :) :)
Submitted by: Dan Roccato on Nov 20, 2012
Hello Matt! I would like to update you on Birdie (or as you know her, "Anna") out of Daffodil and Pepper. She is doing great, and is very smart. I'm so glad we decided to buy Birdie from you, she is such a great dog! She is a natural hunter, and loves to spend time with the family. Thanks again for a great dog!
Submitted by: Tom Long on Nov 20, 2012
We bought our pup Hank from Kellers French Brittanys in March, Hank has been an incredible pup from the day we bought him. Very birdie and I could tell he had a great nose. I didn't have time to train him and ask Matt if he would train Hank for us. We dropped him off in May and picked him up in September. Matt did an incredible job training Hank, he took me out to the desert with 9 birds and showed me what Hank could do. Hank is so solid and intense on points, he is steady to flush and shot and retrieves every thing we shoot. I give him a bath and he stands quiet and acts like a king. He is so lovable and such a great addition to our family. Kellers dogs are second to none and thier facilities are spotless and top notch. Matt and Paula really love there dogs and it shows. Thanks again Matt for such a wonderfull job training Hank. Tom
Submitted by: Jo & Denny on Nov 19, 2012
Hi Matt & Paula, Brit out of Eppe and Pepper did a great job on her first pheasant hunt. She hunts with so much intensity it is unbelievable. She never rest and runs until we stop at the end of the day. She has an incredible nose and picks up scent early, sometimes 30 or more yards away from the bird. Brit covers so well and covers an amazing amount of the area we are hunting. Thick brush or tall grass does not stop her from hunting hard. She also did a fantastic job of swimming to retrieve ducks we shot. She is a great multiple purpose dog, she hunts anything that flies.

She has a great personality and is a joy to be around. Makes us laugh a lot. Thanks for picking us out a great dog!

Submitted by: nate panka on Sep 30, 2012
Matt, wanted to drop you a note on Hayden (Hailyn). She is a great pup. She is pointing pigeons and bobwhite planted or in the trap, off lead, at 4 months. She doesn't even move in to flush. She is working with year old dogs and backs them well. She is not timid to shot or working with the older dogs. Thanks again for this pup. If anyone out there is looking for a great bird dog Matt is the Guy to see.
Submitted by: Jerry & Michelle on Jul 28, 2012
Rosie has an awesome nose for quail wings. Today we set up 5 wings in 5 different bushes. Then sent Rosie running toward where the wing was in the first bush. She was running hard, and came to a sudden stop where the first wing was set up. Rosie amazed us with nose in the air as she worked the bush where the “dead bird” was located.

On the 5th wing Rosie was running and again stopped in her tracks and with nose in the air zeroed in on the bush that the wing was in, but we had placed the wing deep inside the bush and she sniffed all the way around the large bush and worked the bush until she found the “dead bird” deep inside the bush. Rosie repeated the “dead bird” and today found all 5 wings.

We are very impressed with Rosie and her pedigrees, basic hunting skills, and at only 14 weeks old look forward to her future. And with both our two French Brittany Spaniels working together to find game birds, they are holding up to their normal description of, Angels at home and terrors in the field!”
Submitted by: Jerry & Michelle on Jul 26, 2012
Hey Matt & Paula,

We have been walking the pups nearly every morning on a small hill. This morning we set up 4 quail wings for Rosie to find. She found all 4 wings in 4 different bushes spread throughout the area. Anyway 3 of the 4 wings that were set up were returned to us, Rosie found one that we misplaced and we looked up and found her eating the last bit of it. It appears that she has a great nose to finding "a dead bird", even at only 14 weeks old today. And Yes, she has fit right in with this family!
Submitted by: Levi Abrahamson on Jul 23, 2012
I got Junior from Matt a few months ago and could'nt have been happier with him. Saddly coyotes killed him last weekend. However when the time comes to get anouther dog, I know where to go to get anouther great one.

Thanks Matt, Hope to get another puppy from you soon.
Submitted by: Jerry & Michelle on Jul 21, 2012
We were so impressed with our first French Brittany Spaniel (from another breeder),that we picked up another Brittany. We picked up Haven Rose (Rosie) in June. Matt & Paula were originally going to keep her for breeding, but decided to sell her instead and we were the lucky ones who got her. Rosie has been a great addition to our family and companion for Amber Rose.

All potential buyers need to visit Kellers French Brittany’s to pick out their pup. You would be impressed with the knowledge of both Matt & Paula and their complete operation. Their facility is extremely clean, and be prepared to have your shoes and hands sanitized before entering their facility. They have established a room where all their whelping is done and the temperature is constant in that room. Each litter is kept in their own controlled environment.

We just want to thank Matt & Paula for allowing us to purchase Rosie.
Submitted by: Tim on May 03, 2012
Many thanks to Matt for our little Sally (Dora x Ely pup). We were going to get a GSP but wanted a smaller breed, Matt was super helpful in choosing. She's 5 1/2 months now, picked her up at ~10 weeks old, she's great in the truck, been a sweetheart at home, loves kids and gets along great with our kitty. She's been to the beach, rivers & lakes, loves water, loves to play, and retrieves like a champ. But the best part is her hunting drive. Spent the past week with her up at Lake Isabella where I know some hunting spots. Let her run free the first time. Her nose is fantastic... zoned in on a covey of valley quail from 30-40 yards out, then creeped a bit and went right on point. Completely natural, hasn't had any official training yet. She froze on another bush that I could swear nothing was in ... couple minutes later I tell her 'get the birdy' and she dove in. Sure enough a solo quail flushes. So proud of her! Completely confident she'll be stellar this hunting season when she's only 10mo. old. She's already figuring out to ignore junk birds too. Couldn't be happier with the pup, and couldn't be happier with Matt. His facility is spotless and top notch. Thanks Matt for everything, only wish I was closer so I could drop by more often.

p.s. She's becoming quite the spitting image of mommy, with a little more orange and freckles coming in. Quite a looker, gets everybody's attention everywhere I take her :)
Submitted by: chad on Apr 24, 2012
So Matt has added some great training tools up at his place in th High Desert. He's always happy have you bring th dog up and he works him on his table or whoa most. Last time out we went to a nearby pheasant/chukar ranch where Matt's a member and he workd my dog and three others with remote throwers and live birds. What a blast and in just a few short hours all th dogs were making great strides. fun to watch them on the chain gang watching other dogs work. Matt's also picked up some new older dogs to continue improving his genetics. Matt a bunch of fun to talk and work dogs with, give him a call and ask him about his pups, but make sure you set aside about an hour to talk.
Submitted by: Brian Minyard on Apr 09, 2012
We purchased our boy, Ruger (Gabe de Sainte Keller) 11 months ago from Matt. Matt was extremely helpful and knowledgeable during our search for a breeder and we couldn't be happier with our decision to add Ruger to our family.

This dog is a hunting machine. Excellent drive, natural quartering, phenominal nose, LOVES water and retrieves to hand. What more could an upland hunter ask for? He performed wonderfully on a recent hunt in Arizona, so well that at the request of a trainer, he will run in his first tournament in 2 weeks.

Thanks to Matt for his breeding of fine hunting dogs that also make great family companions. We are so confident in his program that we are making arrangements to add another member to our family...a little girl, Benelli.
Submitted by: Ed Smith on Mar 10, 2012
I just can’t give enough praise to this breed or this breeder! Matt and Paula have been amazing. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It’s very apparent that their passions for these dogs run deep. The kennel is clean the dogs diets are top quality and if Matt’s not out hunting with them he’s involved with some form of training. Matt is filled with practical 1st hand experience that often exceeds theory. He always takes my call and no question seems too small. Keller’s breeding program has turned out some exceptional gun dogs and I’m proud to be an owner of one. My dog Tucker is 7 months old and way ahead of my expectations. Tucker’s nose for birds is amazing, he works the field and quarters like I spent hundreds of hours training him and it just seems to come natural. Tuckers natural retrieve has also saved me lots of training hours. I can’t wait till this fall! Now if I could just get him to stop hunting my socks!
Submitted by: chad klein on Feb 12, 2012
I've had a number of post on here, but here's an update. My pup is a year and half and is the finest pup I've owned. hunts close, checks back and listens to me on every move. I pleasure a joy to hunt with and this was not the pick or the litter it just goes to show that the breed and the blood is solid at Keller. My next dog will be from Matt, just waiting for my pup to get a bit older.
Submitted by: JP Pestana on Feb 05, 2012
Buying hunting pups, especially long distance (Az to NJ), requires tremendous confidence in the breeder. Matt's got some of the best testimonials of any French Brittany breeder in the US and it is easy to see why. Beau and Morgan got to us in great condition. They stepped into our lives, had some water kibble and went to bed like they had been here for years. These are bold,healthy, energetic, incredibly well socialized pups. Everyone who has seen them comments on how biddable and secure they are. Haven't gotten to the birds yet, but they are seeing the field nearly every day and you can already see their natural range and instincts coming through. Matt's got it all. You won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: John Breitzman on Feb 01, 2012
Yesterday I met with Matt to do some late season quail hunting with my 9 month old puppy named Cayane. Only saw one covey, we got 1 bird and Cayane was right by me the whole time and when we got back to the 4x4 we threw the bird out in the field and she went and grabbed it and held it in her mouth. These dogs have really soft mouths and I was really impressed on how well she has done this year for hunting. This was a bad year for quail but I have shot 15 quail over her this year and 3 dove. I can't wait till next year.
Submitted by: Leonard on Jan 30, 2012
I wanted to update you on Aunna (Dora - Pepper pup) she is doing great great despite the dismal quail year. We had her in Kansas on Pheasant and she loved it. However points were hard to come by because most of the wild birds were running. Additionally she is a retriev-ahollic. I am looking forward to getting together with you and working her on pheasants at the hunt club. I am still planning on getting another one from you in the near future. Thanks again Matt for a great dog.
Submitted by: Denny on Jan 30, 2012
Matt, Britt (Eppe and Pepper pup) is doing great. She traveld well all the way back to Washington and continues to love riding in the car. She is one smart dog and so much fun to be around. Every where I go, she goes.

She has been amazing!!! At 9 weeks she was going to the patio door when she had to go to the bathroom. Since that time she has not gone in the house. She now (10 weeks) retives to hand everytime I throw the dummy for her. She comes to her name and runs to me when I blow the whistle. I started shooting a cap gun when she eats and now do it all the time, it doesn't bother her at all, although it does bother my wife, HA!

I have sheltered her from other dogs and kept her in the backyard. Can't wait to take her for walks in the field where we hunt.

We really enjoy her, and really enjoyed our time with you guys. You are really great people and have an immaculate set up. Thanks again and we will keep you updated.
Submitted by: Joe on Jan 30, 2012
Would like to take some time and thank Matt for both of my boys, Mackey and Willy. They will be two in a week and are nothing but the best. Very smart dogs that are easy to train just require the time that should be dedicated to a good gundog. It's been a horrible year for desert quail, but they still love to head out and work hard. I've been to the Coolidge Pheasant Club twice now and they get better each time, incredible. The first time Willy wasn't quite sure about retrieving a pheasant, maybe thought it was too big, never seeing a bird that large... didn't matter the next time out, he retrieved perfect every time. Mackey was also twice as good the next time out. Great in the field and very good in the house at night. I can tell them to "Go outside" and they listen with no problem. Smart dogs.. sometimes too smart. I can even run them on a treadmill by turning it on and telling them to jump on. I have video of this if anyone wants to see.. Great dogs.. cant say enough..

Thanks Matt.
Submitted by: dusty nassif on Jan 23, 2012
I just wanted to tell you what a truly wonderful dog Jake has turned out to be. He is now approaching 2 years old and absolutely the best dog I have ever owned in my life. As you know I previously owned a French Brittany that I hunted for 12 years plus. I never believed that I would hunt with a dog that good again, he was a machine!However, I must confess I think Jake exceeds even my previous dogs hunting ability. He has a fantastic nose, energetic yet constantly under control, and an excellent retriever. What is truly amazing about this dog is how he can turn it on and then off. When in the field he will not quit hunting, even as hot as it has been this winter in Louisiana. Yet when we are finished hunting he jumps into the back seat of the truck puts his chin on his paws and is a perfect gentleman. I can eat a T-bone steak and he will not move! It is very impressive to have a dog that hunts so fiercly yet can instantly turn it off when the hunt is over. It is even hard for me to change that quick! That is why he ranks above any dog that I have ever had. To sum it up I will end like I began; he is the best dog I have ever owned and that is saying a lot.
Thanks for selling him to us!
Dusty and Mary T
Submitted by: Houston Bryan on Jan 18, 2012
Matt, I wanted to give you a quick update on Maggie (my pup out of Bella) since she will be 2 next month. In short, I couldn't be happier. I didn't get the chance to hunt her last year but have had her on quail 4-5 times and Kansas pheasants this year. I've had 2 offers to buy her from guides and one offer to use her in a guides hunting operation. Needless to say I turned them down and told them to contact you for a Keller dog.

The pheasant threw her for awhile, she's 18 inches and 28 LBS and the fields were waist high CRP fields. The birds were running, but she figured it out pretty quickly, initial point and, if the bird moved, she circled around to pin it.

She hit the ground running on quail and has not looked back. She pointed the vast majority of the birds while running with a four year old bracemate that hunts 4 times a week. And she honored the bracemate instinctivly though I had not worked with her on this. She also worked well with a flusher not once breaking her point when the flusher went on the birds.

Maggie is a hell of a dog, both in the field and in the house where she gets along well with two other dogs and our 2 young grandchildren (ages 1 and 2). The only downsize is she has learned to open our doors and goes where she pleases. If I could only get her to close the doors behind her.

Thanks again Matt, it has been a great year. Houston Bryan
Submitted by: John Tice on Jan 02, 2012
I picked up Fiona de St. Keller at the end of August 2011. She was already 14 months old. I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk for what might have turned out to be a dog somebody brought back to Matt. That fear was completely unfounded.

Fiona has been out on Chukar and California Quail almost every other day since I've had her. I've taken her training slow, and still haven't fired a gun over her, but I can state she is A BIRD FINDING MACHINE. You can just tell that she is wired for it. She seems to have good instinct with Chukar to not close in too much, since they creep. With quail or other planted game birds, she adapts her game and locks up a lot closer.

I'm a novice upland game hunter, and most of her experience has been with Chukar, so I was worried that when she was creeping I was going to have to put a lot of effort into whoa training her. After talking to a bunch of people, and observing her with other game birds it appears she is just readjusting her mark as the birds move. With quail and other planted upland species, she locks up tight and stays put.

I can't say enough about Matt's dogs. I haven't had to use an e-collar, she retrieves (although you can tell she's not a natural retriever) to hand. And most importantly, when we go out, she just looks for birds - full time. This is my first pointer, but she made it easy for training.
Submitted by: Smokinjoe on Dec 12, 2011
Ringo will be one year old in two weeks, we have been hunting most every weekend since season opener of quail and chukar, I'm lucky that its only 30 minutes to great local hunting sites from home. Ringo gets better every time out working birds and learning new commands in the field. He has been to a few formal training sessions bird intro, gun intro and now only hunting wild birds for his first year, I plan on more classes next year.

This dog has hunting in his blood, just watching him you can see how he moves and when he senses birds he is careful and carefully returns to birdie spots to see if there are more birds still holding. His close quartering is all natural. When hunting with other dogs they go out together then Ringo stops the other dogs keep going out and Ringo begins he close working while the other dogs range much farther out. His desire to hunt and continue in tuff conditions when other dogs start to tire or quit just puts a smile on my face.

I thought the French Britney size may be a hindrance in large rocky and volcanic hills chasing chukars BUT this dog moves anywhere I go and his ability to jump over obstacles just blows me away!! I just smile and laugh when I see him make his leaps and jumps. In some situations like mountain quail hunting his size has proven to be an asset with Ringo moving under bushes and under down tree limbs. The joy of hunting with this dog fulfills my expectations, if I bag a few birds well that is icing on the cake.

Matt produces quality dogs and I get comments on what a good looking dog I have all the time.

thx Matt.
Submitted by: Geoff Head on Nov 07, 2011
I bought a male 8 week old pup from Matt in September of this year (2011). After searching for 2 years for the right French Brittany breeder, Matt came highly recommended from a good hunting buddy of mine who had purchased a pup several months earlier. I called Matt and he invited me to his house to see his dogs. Matt introduced me to my pups parents and was very happy to answer all of the questions I had for him. Matt is extremely knowledgeable as a breeder and takes great care of his dogs!

As far as my pup goes...I could not be happier!When I picked him up at 8 weeks he was already holding point on a quail wing off the fishing pole with outstanding natural instincts. At 9 weeks he had sit, stay, and come down and was playing fetch. At 10 weeks he had all three down on hand signals alone. At 12 weeks he was able to check back with me in the field on a whistle blast and move directionally in the field on hand signals. He was also able to come on a double whistle blast.

Having grown up with English and Irish setters, this pup has already demonstrated greater natural hunting instincts and a nose that is unbelievable compared to the setters! Plus, this dog works close to me which is needed for the quail here in AZ. He is 15 weeks old now and I can take him to a field, burry a quail wing anywhere with or without a scent trail, command "hunt 'em up", and immediately the dog puts his nose to the ground, quarters, and locks on every wing I have placed thus far.

This week I plan on meeting Matt to take my pup out on his first hunt with Matt's dog Jeannie, so my pup can learn from a pro. Matt has been awesome to work with as a breeder. We have gone out hunting with his dogs a number of times now. His dogs are outstanding hunters and always have found, held, and retrieved birds for us. I have been so impressed with Matt and my pup that I am buying my second dog from Matt in 3 weeks!
Submitted by: Asya on Sep 20, 2011
We have had our puppy, Ginger, for two weeks, and she was 4 months old when we received her. We were unable to travel to Matt's house to see her before purchasing her. That was a little scary for us, but Matt was extremely helpful over the phone and by e-mail. He shipped Ginger to our local airport. She arrived safe and healthy. I expected her to be timid after the plane ride, but she was very happy to see me.

I was able to calm her down enough to take her out of the crate and let her ride in the passenger seat of my car. (Probably not the best idea, but I felt so sorry for her and was so excited to see her.) On the was home, I stopped to walk her at a rest area and she pointed at a dragonfly.

Ginger is cuddly, smart, good with the kids, and friendly with the neighbors dogs. Housebreaking, learning her manners, and obedience training are going well so far. Of course she is a puppy and keeps us on our toes.

French Brittanys are supposed to be devils in the field and angels in the house. I think that Ginger is a sniffing and pointing machine outside and asleep in the house.
Submitted by: John Breitzman on Sep 10, 2011
Our puppy Cayane is from Mia(DORA AP WELSH RUN) and Pepper(CLUE PEPPER LA PUE) her color is black/white ticked. She is now 17 weeks old. She went on her first trip out into the AZ desert going after Dove this morning. I shot 2 dove and 1 rabbit with her next to me and she didn't even flinch when the gun went off.

We had a cripple go down and it was too close to shoot so I let Cayane off her lead and she followed me into the brush where I jumped the bird which flew over the top of her, and she took off in chase and pinned the bird down (the first live bird she has seen) and brought the bird back to us and dropped it in my father in laws hand.

She loves to hunt, knows Whoa, dead bird and points wings very good. She even pointed at a dove I shot this morning. These are the first real birds (besides wings) she has seen and she did really good.

Matt has done a great job pairing Mia and Pepper together to make a great line of Bird Dogs. I couldn't be more proud of our dog Cayane and I can't wait till Quail season.
Submitted by: John Breitzman on Aug 27, 2011
I was looking for a close working dog to take out in the field working the desert quail we have here in AZ. I did my research and with some advice I went here on Gundog Breeders. I wanted a dog that was a little smaller but also a pointing dog, and a French Brittany looked like the right dog for me and my wife. I found Matt on this site and I read all the posts and I really liked what other people had to say. I contacted Matt and he suggested we come and see his puppy house and his adult dogs. He was very helpful and really got me excited about this breed. I asked alot of questions and Matt was very helpful about giving me training tips, what to feed her, and offering to take us out hunting when she gets older.

Cayane is now 15 weeks old and we are starting her on obedience, which she learned to sit on command and with had hand signals, she picked it up in a couple of days. Kennel training was very easy and so was potty training (2 days and she was potty trained and kennel trained) I have thrown a retrieving dummy for her and she brought it back right away. I can't wait to get her out in the field more to do some hunting. Matt was very helpful with picking the right puppy for us and we are very happy we picked Keller French Brittanys as our Breeder. And we will be back to get a second dog from Matt.
Submitted by: Nathan Reisner on Aug 03, 2011
I bought a dog from Matt On May 6th at 7 weeks old. Prior to buying the dog Matt let me come to his house and see the puppies and the parents. He was very help full on any question I asked and very patient with me. I think I called him twice a week for three weeks asking questions before I was able to pic the dog up and he was very polite every time I talked to him.

I pick up the dog at 7 weeks and was impressed with it! The first week the dog knew his name (Freddie) and the command come. I put him on a bird wing and fishing pole and he was very birdy to the sight of the wing. At eight weeks Freddie knew the commands come, sit, was working on stay, and was kennel broke. At nine weeks Freddie knew Sit, Stay, and come down pat. He was also holding his points on the wing and pole amazing for nine weeks old. By the end of week ten Freddie new the command wowa! I was very impressed with how smart the dog is. My dad has raised the French Brittany’s for almost 15 years now and he was very impressed with how birdy and obedient the dog is. Now that Freddie is almost 20 weeks it is amazing to see him work a bird wing in a field. I will hid a wing with quail sent, I will give the command find the bird, Freddie finds where the wind is blowing from and works the wind till he get a sent. From there I tell him easy and he walks causally until I tell him Wowa and he holds his point till I come and release him. I just can’t believe how much he loves his birds! I cant’ wait to put him on live birds in September.

Besides seeming to be a great hunter he is a great pet. I go camping with him almost every weekend since he was 10 weeks. He stays close to me and he loves swimming now! I have to make him quite swimming when he gets to tired. He loves other people and other dogs.

Matt was a great guy to buy a dog from it is very apparent he loves to bird hunt and loves his dogs. He even invited me to go hunting with him this year witch I am looking forward to! Not only did I get a great dog from Matt I think I have found a new hunting partner. I would recommend any of my friends or family to buy a dog from him.

Thank you Matt for a great dog!
Nate Reisner
Submitted by: rita conklin on Jul 30, 2011
I have to tell everyone how pleased I am with my French Britt. We got her last November, she is beautiful, loving, smart, great temperment, great family dog, loves to play fetch. Over all a GREAT DOG. Matt Keller is a fantastic breeder and is great for picking the right dog for you!
Submitted by: Dave on Jul 08, 2011
When I started looking for my first French Brittany, I did my homework. I talked to people all over the country, including other French Brittany Kennels. My family is comprised of some pretty prolific bird hunters and of course I asked them, they did some research and shared the information they gleaned with me. All the investigation and research led me to Matt Keller and Keller’s French Brittany’s.
Having worked and trained (and loved) police K9s for nearly 20 years, I was looking for a dog that would give me pleasure to work in my time off.
Gabriel (Levi) is now 4 months old and has quickly picked up basic foundational obedience, has the innate desire to hunt and point, is social, fearless and very curious.
Our Levi is doing water retrieves from the swimming pool, rides down the slide with our daughters, travels very well and in the home, knows his manners. He gets along great with our other dogs and cats, points birds beautifully and is quite the handsome young pup.
Matt was a pleasure to do business with. He was honest, knowledgeable, helpful and always available (for even the silliest of questions). I will not hesitate to come back for my next French Brittany and I would recommend Keller’s French Brittany’s to a friend, a family member, a stranger, but not my enemies (some things are better kept unshared).
Submitted by: Sue on Jul 06, 2011
I just wanted to update you on Abby. She is now just over six months and what a delight she is. We got her in April from Matt who was most helpful in choosing a puppy that would best fit my needs. That is to first be a great companion dog, but next to work with my hawks this coming fall on birds and bunnies.

We have gone through two obedience classes and she now has her Canine Good Citizenship cert and we are working with our local Versatile Hunting Dog club learning whoa and all the good stuff. She has been exposed to quail, chukar, and pheasant with great results both in scenting and to the launch. No hesitation or fear to birds, launcher, or gunshot. And this weekend, she saw her first duck in a training situation and retrieved the duck first time out.

I am most impressed with her, she is bold but not crazy, a good nose, learns quickly and is a delight in the house, becoming the couch potato in the evening with us on the sofa. Thank you Matt, I will keep up the info as the fall approaches.
Submitted by: Chad on Jun 19, 2011
I've posted before on my pup Ryder but wanted to give the latest. Ryder is about 9 months and he just keeps getting better each time he gets in the field. Took him on a Eurasian dove hunt with Matt to work on his retrieving skills. At first he'd just run out to the downed dove but in just a an hour or so he was pouncing on wounded dove and bringing them back to our hand with a nice soft mouth. We mountain bike every few days and he is starting to lock up even harder on quail. Getting even easier to know when he's birdy and very obvious when he's locked up. Loves to run even in the heat he can go for hours. Just can't say enough about this breed. The comment on French Brit is so true. Angels in the home, devils in the field.

By the way I know Ghost that Matt has posted for sale. I almost took him home once myself. Whoever picks up the pup is in for a treat. One he's beautiful, and two he shows keen interest in hunting. I think after a good season in the field with 8 to 10 solid hunts he'll make for a proud owner for sure.
Submitted by: Andy Kupfer on May 14, 2011
We've had cinders for about 3 months now (since 7 weeks old) and he is an awesome dog. Strong desire to learn and great natural instincts, can wait to get him out hunting this fall. He has also been a great dog with our three small kids, great overall temperament.

Matt runs a quality kennel and was very accommodating with answering questions and showing the dogs. Would highly recommend Matt's dogs to anyone looking for a french britt!

- Andy
Submitted by: Daniel Roccato on May 10, 2011
After a long flight from Arizona, we received our French Brittany in February. "Birdie" was well worth the wait and the cross country travel. She is amazing. Our previous American Brittany was a great dog but Birdie takes it to another level.

She is incredibly smart, has great hunting instincts but most of all loves to be with the family. A lot has to do with Matt. He is a great guy and a caring breeder. Matt rocks!
Submitted by: Joe on Mar 03, 2011
It's been two weeks now since we picked up Ringo Matt Keller was very welcoming answered questions and showed his operation very nice and clean. His dogs are first class and Ringo looked even better than his pictures. Ringo will be hunting with me this October For quail and chucker I look forward to working with him in the field, Updates to follow. thx Matt

Submitted by: Ben Parent on Jan 22, 2011
so with the weather getting better my wife and i decided to take our 5 month old brittany (levi) on his first camping trip with his year and a half old brother (enzo). I got both of them from Matt and they are just amazing dogs, some of the finest i have ever owned. Well when we got to our site i was not thinking much about critters because i thought that it was to soon for them to be out. we got all of our gear set up and fell asleep that evening. when we got up that morning the two pups could not wait to get out of the tent. they didnt have to pee or anything, they just kept barking at the tent. In my mind i was thinking something got under there so i grabbed my judge, enzo and levi kept jumping in front of me as to keep me away, i pushed them aside and lifted the tent to find a good size rattle snake. i had my wife grab the dogs and i put a .410 shell through the snake. Because of my extremely intellegent and protective pups my wife and i did not get bit. Like i said before, these are the best breed that i have ever had. Matt, when i get the pictures loaded from the trip i will send them directly to you. Levi's point is perfect just like Enzo's. thank you for everything.
Submitted by: chad on Jan 09, 2011
I posted earlier about my new pup(Ryder) but wanted to follow up. I took my 5 month old pup out with Matt and one of his "teaching" dogs for a short quail hunt. Mostly just to get the pup out for some fun and see what he could pick up from the older dog. Matt was very helpful providing tips and techniques to start my pup out on the right track. Ryder did great, he was a natural to point, and carried a quail for over a minute with out chewing, very soft mouth, and released at my feet on command. Ryder shows real promise and it's going to be fun to watch him learn over the next year. Anyone considering a new pup would be wise to contact Matt, I've hunted with three of his dogs and spoken with 7 owners of his dogs that all hunt. His dogs work close and are a joy to hunt behind, and everyone confirms how natural the dogs are in the field. Thanks again Matt.
Submitted by: Sharon on Jan 09, 2011
Matt, we wanted to update you on our beautiful Abby that we got from you in October. We Really love her and she is so smart. She has been going to puppy kindergarten, she has the most energy and is quicker to learn than the rest. House training was easy, only 4 days. She has her own chair in the family room, which she is the queen. She loves to play fetch and go on walks in the park. I can't thank you enough for for the most perfect, beautiful and intelligent puppy in the world. I have recommended you to several of our friends that just adore her. Thanks again Matt and we will keep you updated. Sharon
Submitted by: Joe DiFrancesco on Jan 09, 2011
Matt Keller with Kellers french Brittanys is an awesome breeder. He cares about his dogs alot and who his pups go to. We were blessed with getting Toby, " Florenty De Sainte Keller " 7 months ago, he is the greatest dog, incredibly smart. I do alot of hiking in the hills and mountains in Ahwatukee AZ and Toby is the perfect companion. He loves greeting the other hikers and dogs. He is the most lovable dog and we love him very much. We highly Recommend Matt and Kellers French Brittanys. Thanks Matt, Joe DiFrancesco
Submitted by: craig rambo on Jan 08, 2011
hey matt, just thought i would throw you a line about Pete's first season. THIS DOG AMAZED ME EVERY TIME OUT.our season opened with pete being only 7 months old, and now he is 11 months old and if you would have told me that we would have taken 60 to 70 birds over this dog this early i would have tended to think they were putting something in the water out there in arizona! he is more than i could have ever imagined, and i tell everyone who hunts over pete where they can get their own just like him. have been working on getting some movies of pete working so you too can enjoy this great dog, thanks for everthing matt,...craig and pat
Submitted by: Tom Leeper on Jan 07, 2011
Matt, Was out Chasing Quail with Payson on 1/2/11 in the Bulldog Canyon OHV area of the Tonto Natl Forest and Payson went on her first point of live birds! Here is the story: We parked at a stock tank and started covering a hill side. Payson imedially caught wind of bird and was working nose to the gorund hard and fast. She followed the sent trail into a cholla cactus patch and came back out yipping and wining w/ cactus covering her nose and back side. (her first intoduction into cholla) Once I pulled out the cactus we moved around the cactus and she picked up the trail again. By the way she was acting I could tell we were getting close. She increased her pace and soon she was 30 yards in front of me when she locked on point. It was so beautiful I was extremely proud of her! When I caught up I could see a covey of close to 30 birds being held under a Creosote bush. My hunting partner caught up and I sent Payson in to flush, and we dropped 5 birds! Payson immedially starting retrieving and brought me all 5 birds without evening have to give her a command. Matt, that moment made all the training these past 7 months totally worth it! I couldn't ask for a better hunting partner. I can't thank you enough. To anyone reading this and thinking about getting a French Britt from Keller's French Brittany's I will tell Payson is by far the best hunting investment I have ever made. (also a good family investment as she loves to sit on your lap and watch TV, mostly hunting shows!) Happy Hunting!
Submitted by: Matt Murray on Dec 29, 2010
My family and I got a pup from Matt a week ago. We took him home and let him rest a bit then started showing him around the yard. He immediately pointed some homing pigeons. His nose is always to the ground looking for the next bird. We were going to wait a couple weeks to do any training but he settled in with the family and adjusted so quickly we had a go at it early. He learned to sit in just 2 short lessons.

While out in the yard yesterday he brought me a toy and dropped it at my feet. I figured why not see what happens. I picked it up and threw it, he raced over to it picked it up and brought it back setting it by my feet! I've heard if you want a "house dog" and "hunting dog" you better get two dogs. I think this guy will prove that wrong.

Aside from the dog Matt Keller allowed us to look at all his dogs and pups and set up. He answered questions, was friendly, concerned for the dog, and encouraged any and all questions, now and later with the dog.

I wouldn't hesitate to get another dog from Kellers. In fact if I can talk my wife into it I will get another one soon. My mom and aunt are also thinking of getting one from Matt.

I do have one regret with my purchase.....I should have bought a pup from Matt when I first started looking into Brittanys last year. A great dog + great breeder = A happy family
Submitted by: Matt Murray on Dec 29, 2010
We got Tucker from Matt a little over a week ago. Once we got him home and settled I took him out side to get acquainted with the yard. He wasted no time to sniff his way over and point my homing pigeons.

I was going to give him a couple of weeks to bond with everyone before we started training. He wasted no time so we went at it a little early. He learned to sit in just 2 short lessons.

While in the yard the other day he brought me a toy and dropped it at my feet. I figured why not and picked it up and threw it. He ran over and retrieved it dropping it at my feet when I called him.

I was told if you want a good house dog and good bird dog you better get two dogs. I think tucker may break that line of thinking.

Aside from great dogs Matt is a great guy. He allowed us to visit with him at his home for almost 3 hours when we went to pick the dog up. He allowed us to look at his set up and talked to us a lot about his dogs/hunting. Not only this but he encouraged questions and follow up when ever we needed. He also showed concern for the dogs care and asked questions to make sure he would be good with us.

I would highly recommend getting a dog from Matt. My mom and aunt are both considering a pup after looking at our Tucker and his quickness to learn. If I can talk my wife into it I may get another one also. Great dogs, great breeder!
Submitted by: Joe on Dec 21, 2010
Just wanted to thank Matt for helping me out with my 10 month old pup. Matt took me out quail hunting again and spent a whole day helping me train my boy with an older dog of his in the field. It still amazes me with the quality of dog he produces with the natural instinct to run all day and find birds. After hiking for a few hours we were taking a break having some water and my pup was still out working and finding some quail about 60 yards from us, right under our nose. We were totally unaware that any quail where near us. Matt offered up some great feedback and is all ready asking me to head out again to work with my pup. You could not ask for a better breeder who loves to talk hunting and dogs. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Kelly & Jason Kenner on Dec 18, 2010
WOW!! Matt we can’t thank you enough. I know through our conversations that Lyka was hard for you to let go, and boy we can understand why. Lyka has been with us 1 wk and she’s a jewel. She house trained in one day! She is very smart and loving. I can’t wait to see her in the field with Jason. You are a pleasure to work with; you are very knowledgeable about the Epagneul Breton and if there was a way to mark my experience with you with additional 5’s I would! Again thank you and look forward to keep you up dated on this incredible beauty of a pup! You Rock!!
Submitted by: rita conklin on Dec 07, 2010
My excperience with Kellers French Brittanys was so wonderful. Matt was very helpful and picked out the most beautiful and precious little puppy for me and my family. I would highly recomend using his experties! Thank you Matt again. We love her.
Submitted by: Benjamin Parent on Nov 27, 2010
I have had a beautiful multi colored french brittany which is 1 yr and a half old. I have had him out 2 seasons now and every time is even better than the next. I am always surprised with how well that he points out and retrieves. I did not have to train him at all, everything just came with his instincts. Kellers French Brittanys has some beautiful and the dogs blood line is untouchable. I thank Matt all the time for all the help that i got and all the information that he gave me. Definatly going to get another brittany from Keller French Brittany.
Submitted by: Benjamin Parent on Nov 27, 2010
I just got my second french brittany from Kellers French brittany and he is an amazing puppy. He is pointing like a champion. He has a picture perfect point, i even think that he points better than my 1 and a half year old. i can not wait to see how well he does during the hunts.
Submitted by: Chad Klein on Nov 26, 2010
I currently have an older GSP and knew it was time to look for a new hunting partner. Did quite a bit of research and the French Brit was a breed I kept going back to for hunting ability and temperment in the home. Visited with Matt twice, and he is very willing to hang out and talk dogs and hunting all day. The dogs are well cared for and I was amazed at how calm they were in their kennels and free play areas.
Then Matt let Pepper out in the desert for a run and you could tell in an instant this dog was an active hunter with plenty of energy. After that we looked at the 8 week old litter and picked the pup that help point on a wing on the first opportunity. Update on Ryder (Pepper Jr.) He is 14 weeks, and holds point on a wing, is learning whoa very quickly, among other commands. In the home he's a dream, house broke in a week, loves his kennel. Took him to my parents Thanksgiving party with 20 new people and everyone commented how relaxed and well behaved he was. I love my old GSP, but this new pup is living up to everything I read about the breed. Can't wait to get him in the field in a year. Highly recommend Matt, he's a hunter, and breeds to hunt. I've been in the field with him and the dogs were great. I look forward to an update in a year, but so far this pup has exceeded my expectations. Thanks Matt!
Submitted by: Brook on Oct 13, 2010
Hey Matt, just a quick update on our two boys, Mackey and Willy. They are doing great and have been out a few times to the field and only being 9 months old they are starting to pick up on all the new smells in the desert. Thanks again for all your continued help and helpful advice.
Submitted by: T Leeper on Sep 04, 2010
Matt, Just a quick update. Took Payso out w/ me Dove Hunting on Thursday. Holy Cow what a great dog! Not even 3 months old and after a couple of birds she was retreiving on her own! She is progressing so fast w/ her training. Very intelligent.
Submitted by: william ellinger on Aug 25, 2010
Thanks Matt this pup is awesome seems to be doing great. very smart high drive natrual retrieve and already pointing.
Submitted by: Tom Leeper on Jul 31, 2010
Matt, I can't tell you how much I am impressed with my tri-color female, Payson. She is 8 weeks old now and is showing so much potential. This morning when I took her outside there were 3 pigeons in the back yard and when Payson saw then she took off at a dead run! The birds flew off and when she got to where they were at she locked on point! Anytime she finds a feather in the yard she goes on point! Also, House breaking her was acheived in no time. After have her for just one week she has learned the basic commands of sit and stay. I am realling looking forward to Dove and Quail season this Fall! Will keep in touch and give you more updates as her training progresses.
Submitted by: John K. Douglas on Jul 20, 2010
Matt...I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for Jager(Yeager). He is about 6 months old now and doing very well. He has got to be the best dog I have ever had. Every time I let him out the back door all he wants to do is hold point on everything from bugs to birds. I am really looking forward to this fall when we can go out with you and your dogs and do some hunting/training. I also want to thank you for boarding him while we were on vacation. I couldn't think of a better place for him to stay. Your not only an excellent breeder but a good neighbor too.
Submitted by: Houston on Jul 14, 2010
Matt, thought I would drop a quick line on maggie's progress. I'll download some pictures to send you tomorrow from 3 weeks ago showing a time sequence of her pointing and holding a quail for over 7 minutes, until I got tired of standing there and she's 5 months old. I took her out with a friend's pup which is a month older than her and she gave the other pup lessons on how it should be done. She has a helluva nose a pretty point and seems willing to hold it until I release her. Any of my hunting buddies that have seen her work think she's a winner. All in all I am very happy with her and look forward to the season starting this fall. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on her progress. Houston
Submitted by: dusty on Jun 01, 2010
Just wanted to follow-up on the male "Jake" that we just received. To be honest he is a better dog than ever you could describe! This comment is coming form someone who has had French Brittany's for the past 12 years.
For a puppy he is absolutely unbelievable! He is very well socialized and just beaming with confidence! I can't wait to see him in his element hunting birds. If he just maintains this confidence and enthusiasm as he matures he will be a rare gem.
I would also like to thank you for all the information you provided for us in addition to making the arrangements for shipping to Louisiana.
I will stay in touch with updates on "Jake"
Submitted by: Ian Morrison on Apr 20, 2010
Matt, thank you for the beautiful female French Brittany pup you sent me from the Pepper X Bella breeding. As you know, her name is CoCo, and I simply love her. It was obvious to me that she was extremely well socialized when I picked her up at the airport. She is very alert and well adjusted.

It was such a pleasure to deal with someone who was so helpful in answering questions and providing numerous pictures of my future pup. It was very evident that you love your dogs, and that you are very professional in all aspects of the process of providing a quality pup to anyone lucky enough to receive one from you.

CoCo is only 10 weeks old, and already she shows me excellent pointing instincts, and she is a natural retriever. Best of all, she learns very quickly because she is very intelligent, the trait I find to be most important.

Thanks for the great pup!
Submitted by: Joe Shildmyer on Apr 02, 2010
Matt, Just wanted to thank you again for being a great breeder and helping us through the process of getting a new pup, make that two. The boys are doing well and growing quick; they are taking to training well and already have them used to a lead. Also wanted to pay you a compliment on the type of quality outfit you run. On a side note, after we picked up the pups we stopped by PetsMart and picked up some toys, we ran into a guy that was a food supplier for them and he was asking about what type of food the breeder used, we told him and he was shocked at the high quality food you feed them, said it was extremely rare to find a breeder that cares enough to buy good food to feed the pups. Most of the time breeders just load up the pups with cheap food because they eat so much and it hurts their bottom dollar. Thanks again Matt!! And we’ll get out this Fall.
Submitted by: Craig Rambo on Mar 29, 2010
We just recieved our french brittany pup Pete from Matt at kellers kennel and he is more than we could have ever expected! After having Pete home 3 1/2 days he is already letting us know when to go outside, he sits most of the time on command and is retrieving balls but we are still working on him bringing them back to hand. He is the most loving pup I have ever had, and seeing how quick he is learning, I think the smartest. Matt was fantastic to deal with, kept the pictures coming from day one, and answering all our questions we had about the whole process. I don't think you could find anyone who loves their dogs any more than Matt. We will keep you up on Pete's progress Matt, and will send pictures as he continues to grow with us. Thank you so much for who you are and how you treat your dogs and new dog owners. You are more appreciated than you think. Craig and pat
Submitted by: Bret & Kathy Nealy on Feb 28, 2010
Matt, we can't thank you enough for our pup Oscar. He is now 17 weeks and everything we could dream about in a hunting dog. He potty trained in less than a week, retrieves to hand. He responds to hand signals and whistle commands instantly.

2 days ago, I watched him in the back yard, I could not believe how he creeped up on a beutiful male quail, stopped about 20 feet away and locked on point for more than a couple minutes. Watching that made me dream about hunting quail in the desert this fall with Oscar.

When we first saw Oscar at your kennel we were very impressed with how well your dogs are cared for and how much you obviously love them. We strongly recomend you you to every one we meet. Thanks again and we look forward to hunting with you this fall.
Submitted by: Dominick on Feb 05, 2010
We were very impressed with the immaculate facility in Scottsdale AZ. It was clean and I noticed that Matt observed strict cleanliness procedures. We found our pup to be happy and well socialized. On the 11-hour trip home our new pup let us know when it was break time.

Now let me tell you about our amazing pup "Tilly". She is now 14 weeks old and we find her to be exceptionally athletic and birdy. She is very intelligent and has been a pleasure to train. She is eager to please. She is walking at heel and comes to both mechanical whistle and call. She works a covey nearly every day and seems to have a natural ability to know when to whow. She is a natural retriever.

Job well done Matt Keller. I could not have designed a better bird dog. Thank you.
Submitted by: Greg Battisti on Jan 27, 2010
I grew up hunting in the midwest. I am just finishing my first year hunting here in Arizona after living here for thirty years. It would have not been possible to have so much fun and locate so many birds if I did not have such a smart quality hunting dog. Kobe is a natural and was born to hunt, he learned how to back other dogs, locate, fetch and retrieve birds in a very short time. I was amazed! Matt I can not thank you enough for providing me with the best hunting dog/companion a person could have. You were a pleasure to meet and you have a first class facility.
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 03, 2010
Hi Matt, I wanted to update you on Tucker. At 10 months, he is so amazing. Tuck is solid on points, rangeing and retrieving and such a joy to hunt pheasants with. When you told me this spring when I picked Tuck up that I would be hunting pheasants this fall and Tucker would be as good as he is, I was skeptical. I am experiencing it first hand, he is such a natural hunting machine and a joy to have curled up on my lap after a great day of hunting. Thanks again for such an awesome dog and your always welcome to come up and hunt pheasants in central Minnesota with Tuck and I.
Submitted by: Ron on Dec 30, 2009
We are so happy with Matt and Kellers French Brittany’s that we can’t express it in writing.
Matt seemed like an old friend right from the get go and there is no question how attached he is to his dogs and pups. Matt kept up with all my many inquires during our wait for our pup. We had to have our pup shipped across country and Matt made that whole experience a lot easier than we could have hoped. Our puppy is amazing, looks and intelligents. It literally took us two days to house train him (he now rings a bell at the door every time he needs to go).He is always alert and nose down, great hunting stock.
Thanks so much matt.
Ron and family
Submitted by: Steve Phifer on Dec 22, 2009
The first words that come to mind are WOW!! And Amazing. My wife and I are soooo pleased with our little tri colored French Brittany puppie. Her markings are outstanding! Not only is our Tessa pretty she is super smart as well. She is 10 weeks old and already is very well mannered and taking lessons well. She has mastered many obidence commands and is almost completely house broken, from using the doggie door to learning boundaries. She loves to point bird wing on the fishing pole and has even made a few retrieves. I am excited to see her grow into a great family member and hunting buddy. Thanks Matt. Oh yeah and Keller kennels is a top knotch facility to boot. A very complete package. Hope to see you in California soon.

Steve and Melanie
Submitted by: Benjamin Parent on Dec 12, 2009
i had purchased a beautiful wht/blk/brn french britany and i have never been happier with a dog in my life. He doesnt need that much training. At 5 months he has already, most likely unknowingly got his first quail and i cant wait to be able to take him out next dove season to see how many dove we can both bag. i am over estatic about the breeder, he has kept me updated about anything and evrything. i could not be any happier with this breed of hunting dog, especially with the inteligence that they carry. i am already looking foward to purchasing another french brittany when i return home from deployment.
Submitted by: Michael Hofstetter on Dec 07, 2009
Amazing skills for my 4 month old Misha, I have to share an exciting moment that was magical, last weekend we went quail and duck hunting again. While we were driving to our hunting grounds, Misha and I came across a hunter looking for a downed duck that he just winged and he was just about to give up.

I asked if he wanted help as I wanted to give Misha some training and it is always good to meet a fellow hunter. He said yes, and then Misha and I started downwind from where the duck went down. After two attempts, Misha brought me right to the bush that the duck was hiding. She didn’t capture it; however, the moment she found the duck was magical!

I’m so impressed with her natural abilities that I know hunting with her will be a blessing. I am more than impressed with this dog in the field and at home.
Submitted by: John Krause on Nov 30, 2009
Matt, Blazer is the greatest. At 10 weeks he was retrieving. At 11 weeks he was holding point on wings. His natuaral skills are amazing. He is learning hunting and obedience commands quickly and easily. He has great charactor and he is a great family dog. He has already exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for next hunting season to take him to the field.
Submitted by: Michael Hofstetter on Nov 23, 2009
Matt, had some exciting news this weekend. My new pup Misha, (4 months old) and I went quail and duck hunting. While she was at my side I shot a duck in the air and it landed about 6 feet from me. I was so amazed when she walked over picked it up and brought it to me! What instinct! She is the best dog I have ever had and look forward to a long relationship with her. Thank you.
Submitted by: Matt Skarphol on Nov 19, 2009
I was introduced to Matt Keller through a mutual friend when he heard I was looking for a new hunting dog. I was very impressed by his facilities and knowledge of the French Brittany breed. Also by how accomodating and genuine he was. Duke and Sissy are from the same litter and are about 9 months old. They are lively and wonderful dogs. I have recently began taking them on quail hunts and I am very pleased with their performance. I would recommend if you are looking for a French brittany to contact Matt Keller.
Submitted by: Mark Jaynes on Nov 07, 2009
Sassy Sue, a Jesse & Joey Keller pup, at 4 months was whistle and hand signal trained with remarkable success. Sassy experienced her 1st field hunt here in Arizona at 7 months and performed superior. Her range, her nose, her points, her holds beat my expectations and at 8 months she is 100% whistle trained.
Thanks, Matt.
Submitted by: Laura on Aug 28, 2009
Hi Matt, I just wanted to update you on Cloe, she is an amazing French Brittany and at 18 months has matured into everything we were looking for in a dog. She is so wonderfull with the kids and a dynamo in the fields. Thank you also for all your continued support since we got her, I know we've asked you a million questions and you've always been there for us. Thank you for taking care of Mark & Emily, they love there little sassy Sue also. Your the best. Laura
Submitted by: Tim Springston on Jul 30, 2009
We bought our new puppy, Roscoe, from Matt Keller in May 2009. We had done quite a bit of looking but when we saw Matt's facilities and how much he obviously cared for his dogs, we quickly picked out a new family member. He has been everything we were looking for. He immeditely adapted to our home and has proven to be smart, well scoialized and loving. Our kids love him and we would highly recommend Kellers to anyone in the market for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Larry Fawcett on Jul 22, 2009
We purchased our pup in April of 2009. My wife, two daughters, and myself decided to name him Tanner. Tanner goes everywhere with us; camping, boating, road trips. He is very social and happy. We are always getting compliments on how he looks. He is an awesome dog and extremely smart. We can teach him a trick with just a few treats and an hour or two of time. I have not worked with him on birds much. He retrieves dummies and points birds when we are on walks. I am looking forward to getting him in the field and doing some serious work. I don't think I could have found a better dog or breeder anywhere. Matt really cares about his dogs and wants you to get them in the field so you can see these awesome dogs do what they do best.
Submitted by: Mike on Jul 17, 2009
Matt, I just want to thank you for my amazing pup Tucker, by far the smartest dog I have ever owned. Now at five months old now, he is obeying commands and hand signals, retieving and is holding points on everything. He is a wonderful companion and I take him everywhere with me. You were so knowelgeable and positive from the first time we spoke about your dogs and all the way through the selection process and you were so accurate with Tuckers personality. Thank you for keeping me informed and updated on his progress and still answering the questions I have had even after I got him home to Minnesota. I am excited to get out pheasant hunting this fall and watching Tuck work. The quality of your dogs and your wealth of knowledge with them is awesome. I will and have already referred Keller's French Brittanys to anyone who asks about my beatiful dog Tucker, you are a one-in-a-kind breeder. Thank you again for all your help. I will keep you updated on his progress. - MIKE

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