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Submitted by: Joe Neumann on Sep 14, 2013
Today was a good day after all of Josh's hard work Gunner got his final junior hunt test pass. I look forward to my next challenge with Gunner and Josh!
Submitted by: Blair Roberts on Oct 14, 2012
I got my Ivory lab Latoka from Josh and had her trained until 4 months as I was graduating from school and couldn't get up there in time. I could not be more pleased with her and that is a direct reflection of the respect Josh has for his dogs and for training bird dogs. Being in the military, I am at the mercy of uncle Sam for living locations. Toka and I got stationed at Los Angeles air force base which clearly isn't hunting paradise. She is very flexible and is an excellent best friend along with incredible instincts. We don't get to shoot as much as we would like but we still make due. Will most certainly look to get my future dogs an training done at Wild Wind.
Submitted by: Jonathan Orella on Sep 24, 2012
When we first contacted Josh, he was very responsive and accommodating to our questions. Being first time dog buyers (but not dog owners) we were unsure how the process worked and what to look for. Josh provided all the necessary information and walked us through what we needed to do. We asked Josh to choose a pup for us from his most recent yellow lab litter. We couldn't be happier with our 'Lucy'. She was house trained with the first few weeks and has been very responsive to the basic obedience tasks we've been working on (sit, down, fetch, etc.). Over the last few months she has become a staple for our family and we're proud to show her off to everyone we know. Up at the cabin she has proven her true lab abilities in the water and jumping off the dock and at home, where she doubles as a great family dog. I would highly recommend dogs from Wild Wind's and will definitely be contacting Josh when we are ready for another pup. Thanks again Josh!
Submitted by: Shannon Pletcher on Oct 05, 2011
Great breeder who isn't trying to hide any information and very educated on german shorthair points. I would recommend this breeder to anyone! Thanks for the awesome pup.
Submitted by: Kate Barnard on Aug 02, 2011
We sent our 1 year old GSP to Wild Winds for a 4 week obidence and hunting trinaing course. When we dropped her off Josh made sure to tell us everything that he was planning to do and made sure we were comfortable with everything before we left. we were able to check up on her and he kept us posted on her progress. My husband was able to go up 2 weeks into training to work with her. He could already see progress. The day we picked her up was so amazing! She was our dog but better!!! She listened so well and you could tell see was proud of herself. When we got her home I was nervous that all the training would go out the window but it hasn't. We work with her everynight and she just loves it! I think that Josh is an excellent trainer and I know that he took good care of her. You can really tell that he loves to do this for a living. We plan on bringing our dog back every summer for a 2 week refresher course. Thanks Josh for making our dog even more amazing!!!!!
Submitted by: karen & mike kolacki on Apr 10, 2011
Hi, my name is Frankie and I am a German Short-haired Pointer. I was born at Wild Wind, and was the runt of the litter. I can't seem to see out of my right eye, but that's OK because my new mom & pop love me just the same. They take me for long walks, play with me and buy me treats. My vet loves me very much too. I've grown big and strong thanks to the loving care mom & pop give me. My brother Hunter is at my Auntie's and we get to play together every now and then=) I am a very happy healthy pup!
Submitted by: Shawn Everson on Mar 16, 2011
Thank You to Josh at JEKR Kennels!!!! The GSP puppy i purchased is wonderful!! Kittson is very happy and healthy!!
Her personality is excellent, she is very outgoing!! She is good with the kids and gets along good with our Lab.
She is always running around with her nose to the ground. At 16 weeks she is showing great potential for becoming a wonderful hunting partner!! She is retriving a tennis ball to hand.
With the warmer weather im excited to work with her and watch her grow!!! She is a wonderful addition to our family!!!!!
Thank You!!!!
Shawn Everson
Submitted by: Collin Chapman on Mar 15, 2011
My girlfriend & I were looking for a dog that would't trigger her allergies, that I could take hunting & ultimatly be a good companion. We traveled from Milwaukee to pick up, Hunter, our GSP, in January: we couldn't be happier, it was worth the drive. While there, we were introduced to one of the puppies with a cloudy eye; Josh wanted to see the puppy, Frankie, go to a good home so we decided to take him for my girlfriends parents. He's doing great & her parents are more than pleased with how well he's doing. Hunter's a fast learner & the ideal dog for us; first time dog owners. Josh was very knowledgeable about hunting, pointers & had great training tips. I would definitely buy another dog from Josh.
Submitted by: Kent on Mar 14, 2011
We got our female from Josh February 27, 2011. She is way more than we ever expected. She has proven to be the smartest dog we've had. She responded to her name within 10 days and now responds to other commands and she's only 9 weeks old. She catches on so fast it's amazing. Every conversation Josh has taken as much time as we need to answer all our questions. He has been very open with all his experience in training. I would recommend Josh and his dogs to everyone I know.
Submitted by: Kelly & Reid Roepke on Mar 14, 2011
We found out about JEKR Kennels from a friend and contacted Josh right away. We had such a good experience, that we almost bought 2 pups! We got our ivory/yellow lab in June 2010 and we couldn't be happier with him! He is smart, playful, loves affection and is obedient all in the same dog! We have also taken our dog to Josh for training and for boarding. We feel very comfortable going out of town knowing that our dogs are in good hands! You can tell from one conversation with Josh, that he knows what he is doing and loves what he is doing! We have received a lot of great advice and tips! We would recommend JEKR Kennels to anyone!!!
Submitted by: Jeff on Mar 13, 2011
I had Josh train my 1 year old male lab. He was in direr need of obedience training. With the first month of training I was amazed. He was calmer, more responsive to commands. We are very happy with the training and service we received from Josh at JEKR Kennels.
Submitted by: Joe Neumann on Mar 13, 2011
I recently found myself looking for another pup
But my schedule and working nights never allowed me to look. That's when josh brought his litter of pointers to me. That day I went home with gunner a pup with more drive to impress me everyday than I ever seen. I look forward to working with josh for many years to come.
Submitted by: Matt odonnell on Mar 12, 2011
I bought my shorhair from him in January the most mellow and best behaved pup I've ever had. I would definitely buy more dogs from josh in the future!
Submitted by: kyle radosevich on Mar 12, 2011
Just got a black lab and he is one of the best puppies have have seen. great with my two little kids. I would buy again from Josh.
Submitted by: kyle radosevich on Mar 09, 2011
We would buy another dog. The dog is good around our children. He is only 8wks old but he seems to have a good attitude and behavior.
Submitted by: Eric Plut on Mar 08, 2011
Shortly after losing my yellow lab to old age, I decided it was time to get a puppy. I had always like German short haired pointers and located Josh on I explained to Josh that I was new to pointers and therefore had a lot of questions. He was very understanding to my situation. He was very knowledgeable about the breed and was able to answer all of my questions. His passion for field dogs is evident. The female that I chose is beautiful and has proven to be a fast learner. He has followed up with me a couple of times inquiring about my pup, which clearly shows his level of dedication to the animal. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh or his dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Adam Theis on Mar 08, 2011
I bought a male ivory lab from josh this last spring and am very pleased. I was looking for a hunting dog but also one that would be good with my kids and i got all that plus some. I knew very little about training and josh was never shy to give me advise on my questions, and to tell the truth all the tips he gave me worked great. In fact he will actually call once in a while to see how everything is going with our dog whom we named Sysco, actually my 4 yr old daughter named him, it was either that or pupcake!!! So that should tell a person right there that he is very passionate about his pups he sells and trains. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a dog and i know if i do buy another one he will be getting a call from me. Once again josh, thanks for the great dog and advise
Submitted by: Jon Hillesheim on Jan 09, 2011
I bought a female ivory lab from Josh this July and I couldn't be happier with the dog. First of all she looks great and her tempermant is even better. This was the first time that I purchased a dog from Josh, and I would not hesitate to but from him again. If you are looking for a great dog both as a pet and a hunting companion, give Josh a call.
Submitted by: Nick on Jan 05, 2011
This guy know what he is doing. He took me on a guide hunt after training my Lab. We took two German Shorthairs out and was that ever blast. Never hunting behind pointing dogs before it was an experience. We had a great time, enjoying the outdoors, the company of two exceptional gun dogs and also having the privilege to harvest a limit of roosters. Thanks again for a great hunt.

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