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Twilight Retrievers offers general obedience training for most large breed canines. Large breeds would include: Great Dane, German Shepherd, Weimaraner, Collie, Boxer, etc. If you have one of these breeds, or would like more information on breed specific training, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. All canines applying for training are subject to a character evaluation prior to acceptance. We reserve the right to accept or reject dogs based on this evaluation and we will not accept dogs that have aggressive behavior problems toward humans or other dogs. Training is on a "first come first serve" basis. $400/week We offer two different "obedience" camps for you and your dog. Program #1 Generally this is the most effective program because your dog stays with us for two weeks of intensive training. It is intended for dogs/puppies that already have a basic foundation in handling and leash work. Commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down, and Down-Stay are enforced. The owner and family will return at the end of the first week for some hands-on training, and again at the end of the second week for final training and pick up. Program #2 The four week program is primarily intended for puppies that would be considered a "blank slate". A puppy has a short attention span and is considered a "blank slate" when it has had no formal training in being handled, walking on a leash, etc. Older dogs with specific behavioral issues will sometimes fall into this category. Issues such as excessive barking, jumping, counter surfing, failure to comply with verbal and visual commands, failure to housebreak, etc. are issues that are addressed in Program #2. As with the two week program, we invite you back for several training sessions over the course of the four week camp. Owners will be invited back at the end of the second week, the third week, and finally at the end of the fourth week for pick up, and polishing.
Ad location: Ararat , North Carolina
Ad created: Jun 19, 2013

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