Basset Hound Hunting Dogs and Puppies for sale

The Basset Hound is a long bodied, low to the ground, scenting hound of French ancestry. The Basset Hound is probably one of the most easily recognizable of all the dog breeds. In France, a country known for its many strains of hounds the Bassett came into being during the sixth century. Hounds were often found in two varieties - the long-legged and the short-legged (under sixteen inches) which were called "basset" (bas in French means low-set). Both the Basset Hound and its long-legged relative the Bloodhound are descendants of the St. Hubert hounds. Many people feel the Basset was a result of a gene mutation in the St. Hubert strain. The short-legged, dwarfed hound with slower movements and low profile was very useful for foot hunters in search of small game. The Basset hounds would drive small game like rabbits from the dense undercover into open fields where they could be harvested by the hunter. The sport of pack hunting with Basset Hounds is still practiced today in France and England. Despite his dumb looks the Basset Hound possesses great intelligence although sometimes stubborn. The Basset Hound is Gentle and sociable in nature. He is loyal to his master and family, devoted to children and is friendly towards other animals.