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Austin at the 2013 NAVHDA Invitational

Austin at the 2013 NAVHDA Invitational

Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae

Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae


Robingun Kennels "C" Litter - due Spring 2014
Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae & VC Augustine Altman(Austin)

Both Nixie Rae and Austin are intelligent and intense hunters in the field that cover a lot of ground and puppies from this litter will have a lot of drive both in the field and in the water. Dogs with energy levels that are as high as Nixie's and Austin's require daily exercise and stimulation yet they are happy playing ball in the yard or hide and seek in the house or laying on your lap on the couch. Both Nixie and Austin have a natural desire to retrieve making them excellent dogs to use in heavy cover or to track wounded birds in the field.
Nixie Rae earned a Prize 1 in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at the age of 6 months and she earned a Prize 3 in the NAVHDA Utility Test at 26 months of age. Nixie has the best PennHip score of the breed in the United States and her dam, NAVHDA Versatile Champion Looses Jaika, is the first female Small Munsterlander to qualify for the SMCNA Hall of Fame and her sire, Jerry vom Buchenberg, a German import, is a NAVHDA Prize 1 Utility dog that has also qualified for the SMCNA Hall of Fame.
Austin earned the prestigious NAVHDA Versatile Champion title this fall with a score of 197. Puppies from this litter should be smaller to average in size with a lot of ticking (spots). People looking for exceptional hunting dogs with a lot of desire that love to work and please their owner, have an intense point and very strong retrieving instinct and the drive to hunt all day, will want to consider getting a puppy from this litter. Robingun Kennels only sells puppies to hunting homes.
Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae is a high energy dog with a very intense point and a natural desire to retrieve. She possesses excellent drive and endurance in the field. Nixie Rae shows great enthusiasm in everything she does with a wonderful desire to please. In the field she possesses a great desire to search and retrieve and produce game and she has an exceptional search both on land and in the water. Nixie's pups from her first litter were pointing and retrieving pheasants and quail at five months of age.

Reg #: 10040307 KlM Born: 04-03-10
Color: Brown/White
Height: 19.25"/ 49cm Length: 21.25"/ 54cm Weight: 41 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I at 6 mos
UT: 187 Prize III at 25 months
PennHIP: 0.17 / 0.17

Sire: Jerry vom Buchenberg, NA 112 Pr I, VJP 71, HZP 175, UT 196 Pr I, PennHIP: 0.38/0.29
Dam: VC Loose's Jaika, NA 112 Pr I, VJP 66, UT 204 Pr I, Inv Pass, PennHIP: 0.43/0.33

Reg #: 09061307 KIM Born: 13/6/2009
Color: Brown/Roan Sex: Male
Height: 20.5"/ 52cm Length: 21"/ 53.3 Weight: 46 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I
UT: 204 Prize I
INV: 197 Pass 2013
OFA SMU-120G27M-VPI (Good) report date 10/25/11

Sire: Krystal Creek Austin NA 112 P I, UT 204,
PennHIP: 0.46/0.44, Roan
Dam: Crabtree's Daisy Belle, NA 110 P I, UPT 110 P III, Roan
Owner: Rod Jensen

Robingun Kennels is a member of the Genetic Health Project and of the Cooperating Breeders Group, of the SMCNA and there is no incidence of hip dysplasia in the ancestors of Nixie Rae or Austin.   The purpose of this breeding is to produce pups of sound conformation with excellent instinct to point, retrieve, track, and swim. Preference will be given to buyers that hunt and will NAVHDA test the pups. A written health warranty will be provided at time of purchase.

ROBINGUN KENNELS "D" LITTER WITH WOLFSBURG'S ETTA JUWEL IS PLANNED FOR SEPTEMBER OF 2014 AND ROBINGUN KENNELS "E" LITTER IS PLANNED FOR EARLY 2015 WITH ROBINGUN'S BRANKA VON DER HILLS. Both Etta and Branka were sired by Iros vom Kiefernwalde, one of the top male dogs in Germany. Both females are very cooperative and calm in the home yet show a lot of hunting desire in the field. Etta and Branka also have excellent coats and conformation. Branka's dam is Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae.

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