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About South Dakota Gun Dog School

Our training school specializes in training gun dogs for the foot hunter. We train all sporting breeds - flushers, retrievers and pointing breeds. We own and operate a wild pheasant hunting lodge and have decades of experience training and producing excellent bird dogs.

Obedience training, yard training, water work and field training are combined in a training facility located in the heart of South Dakota's pheasant country. With thousands of acres of prime, wild bird habitat our facility is able to provide the exposure to birds, scent and cover that is vital to any bird dog's training. Each training program is individually structured for the particular needs of your dog.

We also believe that it's important for the owner to be involved with the bird dog's training and evolution into gun dog status. Therefore, we automatically include a one-on-one training session with the dog and the owner at the end of the training program showing you the progress of your gun dog's training and how to continue with it at home.

Also available:

Private and Group Training Seminars
3 days of hands on training with you, your dog and the trainer at our school in South Dakota

Hunt/Train seminars on wild grouse and woodcock, wild sharptail or wild quail. Visit our website at

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Bill & Kathy Dillon
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Testimonials (12)
Submitted by: Jim on May 21, 2016
Nance and I can't tell you how much we appreciate you and Kathy's hospitality during the last several days. I've stayed at various lodges etc. over the years and this has by far been the most welcoming.
As far as your training of Gabby - well, what can I say. You have given me the chance to give her the hunting life she was born for. I promise I will keep working with her - and I know she will teach me to be a better hunter!
I hope to see you in Minnesota this fall so that we can rustle up some grouse. Jim
Submitted by: Eric on Dec 22, 2015
Hey Bill,
Hope things are all well over in the Armour area!

Just thought I would send a note of how well the new dog is doing. She's still has a bit to learn, but for a 13 month old I would only expect her to continue developing into a better bird dog. Currently she's holding the rank of dead bird / cripple bird dog. She has found more dead birds than both my other Braque and my parents Braque which is great! She had a perfect weekend where she pointed a rooster solid, I of course crippled it as a sporting man (or terrible shot) she ran down the cripple and retrieved it! Since then she's retrieved 3 more birds to me. I did lose her for 2.5 weeks while she was in Heat which of course her first sign of heat was opening weekend! She has the potential to be a great bird dog for what she's putting up in her first 12 months of life.

This past weekend she was backing Blaise, retrieving birds, and doing her own hunt. It's been great! Thanks again for all the work you've put into my dogs.
Submitted by: Steve on Feb 25, 2014
Bill, this is Steve from Odessa, Tx., hope you made it thru your Texas hunts and everyone came home safe. Back this fall you said that Penny was going to be a hunting fool and you were right. This past weekend at a customer quail shoot we released 50 quail and Penny girl pointed 22 birds and retrieved 22 birds. All she thinks about is hunting and has improved greatly since our trip to SD. Jasper has improved greatly also. Thanks again for all your help.

Steve Beakley
Submitted by: Mike on Feb 25, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that Hoss did a great job this year! We went for grouse in Sept. didn’t see much but he did get to get into some. Just got back from a pheasant trip and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have got to shoot at as many as we did! If I was a better shot he would have gotten more birds in his mouth; he retrieved pretty good. Threw the one bird at my feet and was ready to go get some more!!! Thanks for helping make Hoss into one hell of a gun dog!

Mike Severson
Submitted by: Eric on Nov 26, 2012
Hey Bill!

Hope your year has been going well for you. I can't say enough for what you did for my pup. He did very good last year after the training and was basically a different dog from the get go, obedient and much more relaxed. I'm on my 23rd day of SD pheasant hunting and Blaise has been a blast to hunt. My father is looking at picking up a Braque next year so we might be calling on you again to help train another pup for us.
Submitted by: Bob Penney on Feb 20, 2011
Bill & Kathy,

Thank you for the excellent training session last month. Bill and B.D. taught Marcia and me a lot.
It was gratifying, but not surprising, to learn that B.D., the dog half of our duo, knew what she was doing all along. I trust, after your training, I will be better able to do my half of the hunting.

B.D. is now much better behaved in the house. She only needed a couple of corrections to keep off the couch which Marcia really likes.

Hope the European trip goes well. Again thanks for the training session.
Submitted by: Robert on Jan 10, 2011
Good afternoon Bill & Kathy.

I thought I would send you quick note of thanks for your hard work with Charly. It definitly paid off. When the pheasant season opened I took her out. She coursed the fields always within gun range. All her points were intense with the exception of the first one. It was down an embankment & she had to go down to get it. At that point it flushed. After that one she worked beautifully. We came across one other hunter the second day. His dog, not a Brit, was on point, & the hunter already had his limit. I brought Charly downwind & as soon as she smelled the bird she locked up on point not 4 feet behind the other dog. Unfortunately my camera was where else but in the truck. I walked in & flushed the rooster & Charly picked it up & brought it to me. All in all a very good hunt. If you ever need an endorsement, I know you don't, your reputation is excellent as everbody knows, please use me as one.

I don't believe the season would have been as good as it was without the work & training that you both put into Charly.

Thank you both very much.
Submitted by: Bob on Sep 15, 2010
Saturday I took Charly out for Ruffed Grouse. About 15 min into the hunt she dived in the bush. I could see her on point about 15-20 feet into it but I couldn't see the bird only where she was looking. When I tried to get into the bush the bird took off & I did not see where. I released Charly who was still on point & she ran about 15 feet to the base of another tree where she stopped & looked up. When I got there Mr. Grouse was sitting on a branch looking at her. After a short flight & the shot it tumbled to the ground where Charly picked it up & brought it back to me. Shortly after that the skies opened up & we had to call it a day.

Overall I am extremely pleased with her performance especially since it was in the heavy woods & not the fields. Thank you both very much for all your hard work. Bob
Submitted by: Lou Duggan on Aug 19, 2010
Bill, every time I look at my dog, I think of Crockett and how he took us through some difficult terrain and weather. What a wonderful dog! Certainly he is and was a testimonial to your kennels and the field training you provide.
Hunting with the Dillons' well trained dogs was an amazing experience! These dogs would find the pheasants, point, retrieve the bird after the shot and put it right into your hand. Several times a wounded bird would hide under heavy cover yet the dog would find it. It was great. Lou
Submitted by: John Roper on Aug 19, 2010
What you've accomplished with your dogs is so impressive. I knew that when I talked to you on the phone nearly 7 years ago that you were true to your word and deed. We are so happy with Tobey, and we have you two to thank.

Once again,
thank you,

John, Chris, Sean and Tobey Roper.
Submitted by: Chuck on Aug 19, 2010
Bill and Kathy - I read your article in the pointing dog journal. Congratulations to you and your fine dogs. My father and I hunted with you in November 2006. I remember tatoo being involved. Dad and i were just talking about how much fun we had and that we should do it again. Britt and Abbey our dogs we got from you, and the folks are doing well, hope you and yours are too.again congrats! Awesome achievement. Chuck
Submitted by: Mike Allway on Aug 19, 2010
I wanted to thank you for being instrumental in Indy’s and my education and development in the field and share with you the results of our participation in our first competition. At the American Pointer Club National Field Trial and Hunt Test held in Percy, IL at The Hunt Club this past weekend, Indy ran in the Field Trial Puppy Stakes and placed 1st and on the second day received his first qualifying score toward his Junior Hunter at 8 months of age. He received many compliments from the judges and several spectators / participants. I appreciate the guidance, conversations, advice, support, etc. you contributed. I look forward to seeing you soon and continuing to train for future competitions and hunting.
Thanks again,

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