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Idaho Outback Griffons is located in the heart of high desert, farm country, Idaho. We are a family of avid hunters. A genetics buff and retired from the Veterinary Industry, I have found it challenging to devote time to raising Griffons that are the complete package, "Birdy, Brainy, and Beautiful". We produce a few litters throughout the year, and work best for planners, so contact us well before wanting a Griffon pup. I expect some available puppies, both this summer and fall. I enjoy working with folks new to the breed or hunting dogs in general. Expect a pleasant experience, a 3-year genetic health guarantee, a lifetime of support, lots of references available. Both AKC Champions and NAVDA prize winners littered throughout our Griffon's pedigrees. It is my goal to make your dream a reality. Please visit our very active and addicting Blog, that will have current pictures and information posted regularly. Email is best Text is ok 208-300-0096 I do prefer a good phone conversation any day. 208-532-4822
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 21 years.
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Submitted by: Adam Bergdale on Jan 05, 2023
I wanted a dog for hunting that could live in my home without destroying it. I got a world class experience from a breeder that I have learned so much from and the best friend a man could ever ask for. Christy’s mission as stated on her website is to deliver a puppy at the peak of its potential. I received this from her. The pup was ready and eager to join our family from day one. Or maybe it was just the many phone calls with Christy over the year preceding day one that prepared me for the pup. I have learned a lot both about dogs and myself from this transaction. I was the lucky “last pick”! I was insecure about getting a dog worth the money but Christy reassured me that I would love my puppy, especially since she spent the time to understand my plans for the dog. She was 100% right and delivered to me everything she promised and more. The last pick of a 2020 litter has received comments on her hunting and beauty not less than 100% of the hunts she has blessed other groups with. I am not exaggerating, her drive and athleticism are above the bar and she out works most other dogs while maintaining an intimate working relationship with anyone who knows her name. Thank you Christy, you were right, I couldn’t imagine having picked a better dog myself if I had first choice in 5 litters. I will be back when our family is ready to grow again!
Adam Bergdale
South Dakota
Submitted by: mike mcIntosh on May 12, 2022
Boonie turned 8 may 11.She still brings more joy and exceptional ability to my life than i could have ever hoped for. She loves to hunt and loves people, has an great nose and every ability we all want in a hunting dog.

Thank you Christy your the best.
Submitted by: Holly Haffey on Dec 19, 2021
While my experience is a bit unconventional, we could not be more thrilled to have an Idaho Outback Griff. This past summer we unexpectedly lost our male LH Weim at just 5.5 yo. After a few weeks it was apparent we needed to add a new pup to our family to keep us going and to give our LH Weim female buddy. We connected with Christy with an off the wall question of if she had any retired mamas who may be looking to retire into a plush life filled with adventures, love and naps on the couch. Just a week later we were on the road to bring Promise home. She is an exceptional girl, her demeanor is so sweet and kind and man oh man does she want to make her people happy. We’ve had her now for just about 4 months and she has gone above and beyond for helping us heal. Promise is the perfect companion for daily walks, watching and hunting for the critters on our acre -chipmunks are her favorite!, relaxing while we work and is always up for some good old fashion snuggling. She has made for the perfect family dog and I send all thanks to Christy for raising such a sweet girl. Maybe the sweetest trait Promise has is this silly scoot to get more pets. If you are interested in a dog that wants to be part of your family, look no further. You will not be disappointed and you might have the cutest dog in town, if Promise is any measure of how adorable your Griff with be!
Submitted by: Steven Peterson on Oct 19, 2021
I have had 2 of Idaho Outbacks dogs. In 50 years of upland hunting I haven't had a dog with the prey drive and yet he work as a team with Outback dogs. I've hunting with GSPS, GWPS, Weimeraners and the rest. Outback dogs are the best. Period!
Submitted by: kurt kingsolver on Oct 18, 2021
Look no further if you want a top notch family hunting dog. Christy produces a fine Griff. My pup is one year old and hunts like a champ. My Griff would also win a good looks contest. just an amazing beautiful animal. Thank you Christy for bringing me exactly what I was looking for in a dog.

Submitted by: Daniel Abernathy on May 12, 2020
Christy breeds top notch Wire-Haired Pointing Griffons. Our griff is from her Chrome x Justice January 2019 litter and currently 15 months old.

Christy and her family are amazing, both in quality of character and dedication to breeding such amazing dogs.

It saddened me to hear Chrome (our griff’s dad) retired, it was such a joy to be greeted by him when we picked up Saoirse (our griff), he had a huge pine cone in his mouth but dropped three throaty barks to let you know visitors had arrived (never dropping the cone). Saoirse is looking more like him every day; her chocolate head and tail are strong with her body slowing turning more and more liver.

Her instincts are incredible as are her agility and athleticism, the only dogs we have met faster than her are whippets/greyhounds and the occasional mutt. To watch her run/explore on all manner of hikes, hunts, and scouting trips has been mind blowing. Her confidence grows with every outing. I took her opening day pheasant hunting; she was 9 months old and she quickly learned to break brush and flush birds. Today, she runs full speed on outings, jumping over logs, breaking brush, jumping into creeks, and chasing everything she sees and smells. I grew up with border collies chasing cows 18 hours a day, but she out works any dog I have ever seen. She gets stronger with every outing; she is an amazing dog due to Christy’s meticulous breeding and care.

Her first season of bird hunting she flushed 20+ birds and I missed nearly all of them (I’m working on my shooting). She has no formal training, just me and the books I read. But her instincts are incredible. She points then flushes on command; waterfowl is in progress but for upland game she doesn't need training. I am amazed.

The other thing I am amazed by is her temperament, she loves people and other dogs. She is so happy all the time, growing up with cattle dogs it’s hard for me to understand this. She is the happiest dog I have ever seen, she just loves being around us. I know this sounds childish, I read all the articles I could find on griffs but I was skeptical that they could be this awesome.

We have met many other griffs over the last year at various dog parks and none of them match up to Saoirse in terms of physique, speed, gait, and temperament. I have owned many dogs over the last 50 years, each very cool in their way but our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Christy has been the most fun. A Christy griff is exactly what Eduard Korthals was trying to create when he invented the breed.

Final comment, in the summer of 2019 some close friends watched Saoirse for a long weekend. They had never heard of a Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon. When we arrived to pick her up they had fallen in love and didn’t want to give her back. They will be picking up their own griff from Christy in a couple of weeks. A Christy griff requires a lot of exercise, we live in the city and I run 3-5 miles a day with her and that’s not enough. As Christy told us, a tired pup is a well behaved pup. Christy has been very responsive and helpful to any questions and updates we have had since picking up Saoirse. Thank you Christy!
Submitted by: Joe on Jul 03, 2019
Quality breeder, blood line is evident with quality dogs with little to none health issues. Natural instinct on point, easy to train. Dog wants to work! Awesome family dog, gentle with kids and adults alike.
Submitted by: Art Scheel on Jul 03, 2019
We've gotten 1 dog from IOG and are planning on a second later this year. The quality of dog from them is outstanding! The noses are outstanding and their willingness to work under a shotgun is great. The temperament can absolutely not be beat. They've been amazing around our kids, adults, and strangers alike.

No complaints and only praise for their dogs.
Submitted by: Susi Beckett on Jul 03, 2019
I am completely happy with my Griff. He is the best dog I have ever had. He is driven, focused, strong as well as sweet and loving. To have a working dog that is all things is a wonderful experience. He learned fast and is very smart.

Christy was so easy to work with. She made the process of finding the right dog for our family an easy one. She goes above and beyond to help through the whole time and is there to answer any questions you have before and after bringing them home.

Without question, I will work with Idaho Outback again in the future.
Submitted by: Mike mcintosh on May 22, 2019
We were blessed with one of ldaho out backs wonderful Griffin dogs.i can't say enough about her talent and bitability.wonderful nose and drive.steady on point and a great retriever. Best dog ever.
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