Deutsch Drahthaar Hunting Dogs and Puppies for sale

Deutsch Drahthaars are often confused with their more popular twin brother the German Wirehaired Pointer. The main difference being the strict breeding standards held to by the german breeders. For example all "drahts" must meet rigorous hunt and physical evaluations before being eligible for breeding. In addition to searching and pointing, these tests include the tracking and recovery of all game including wounded game such as fox, rabbit, deer and boar, which may not be required of a dog that hunts birds predominantly. A desire to recover and retrieve game must be present in all "drahts" because of German statutes requiring the recovery of all game. For upland bird work, many GWPs have distinguished themselves with all-breed Field Championships and Master Hunter titles. When purchasing a working GWP, attention needs to be paid to identifying breeders that place emphasis on all aspects of the versatile hunting dog. Among these breeders can be found accomplished dogs including Dual Championships (both field and show).