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About Briar Ridge Kennels
For over fifty five years, Briar Ridge Kennels has been raising Drahthaars. We have developed what we believe to be the finest line of gun dogs for the foot hunter in the United States. We sell Drahthaars all over North and Central America for quail, grouse, pheasant, ducks,dove and woodcocks.

While our emphasis is on hunting ability and coat, our Dornenberg Drahthaars have looks you can be proud of. Most all of the pups have roan coloring with liver head and markings. The males usually run in the 70 to 85 lb. class while the females are generally within the 50 to 60 lb. class. We raise only hunting Drahthaars, no field trial or "show" type dogs.�

There are many more photos on the web site as well as additional information.

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Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
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Bill Vannordstrand
1530 Meadowdale Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 55 years.
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Submitted by: JASON BIRRER on May 25, 2021
Between my best hunting buddy and myself, we've had FIVE of the most incredible hunting dogs/hunting buddies from Briar Ridge Kennels. Because we lived too far away we asked Bill to pick them for us....AND man did he deliver. Our dogs have hunted all over the country for deer, hogs, pheasant, chuker, quail, doves, get the picture. We even used my dogs to track missing/lost dogs up to 5 miles from the last know point. I shit you not! I can't say enough about how well they all performed consistantly. And by the way, they are impressive to look at. My hats off to the time and thoughtful breeding Bill has put into shaping these hunting machines. All the dogs were easy to train, the characteristics were all there in spades. I wish anyone reading this the adventures we've had with ours....good luck.
Submitted by: Everett Armstrong on Jul 18, 2018
I have hunted DD for 30 yrs and my dog Nika is the best Chukers dog I have ever owned. She will be 2 in Aug and was easy to train, living in the mountains of Idaho that's saying something with Elk, deer, on property everyday. I also hunt grouse, quail, but it takes a special dog for chuker. Because I live out west Bill had to pick my pup for me and have her flowen to Boise. I can't wait for hunting season to start as this dog just keeps getting better if that's possible. She's also a great companion. I can only say Brier Ridge is worth the wait if you want the best. Thank U Bill for a great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Eric clawson on Apr 10, 2018
Started searching for dd came across briar ridge kennels took a look at all the testimonials and pictures so I knew I wanted to give bill a call , spoke with him twice the second time I put down my deposit that was over three years ago hank is a 85 lbs all he wants to do is hunt . He points and retrieves very well his tracking ability is awesome if you shoot like me that comes in handy so if you want a great dd give bill a call just put down my deposit on another pup
Submitted by: Richard Salmons on Mar 12, 2018
My pup, Sax , is 7 months old , and she is our first DD . I have grown up in a Lab family and owned/hunted 4 of my own . You can imagine how nervous I was trying a different breed. There is no comparison when it comes to natural hunting ability ! Sax has retrieved ducks and doves ,and pointed/retrieved released quail for me this season , all without any formal training . When she walks outside , she is hunting a bird . Everything Bill said was correct . I'm looking forward to developing this awesome hunter , and would recommend Briar Ridge Kennels to anyone who wants a serious bird dog .
Submitted by: Yon luque on Feb 18, 2018
I bought my DD over 2 years ago. She was the last pup and I was afraid she wouldn’t be everything I was expecting. Boy I was wrong, Maggie is one of the best hunting dogs I have ever seen. The energy she has is unmatchable. We are still working on some things but I can honestly say that Bill has some of the best DD out there.
Thanks and I hope to get another DD soon
Submitted by: Nolan Thompson on Jan 30, 2018
I found Bill about 2 years ago and talked to him about his kennels and was impressed with everything he told me, and they whole time I was waiting on my pup he stayed in touch with me and kept me updated. Now I have a year and a half old DD that I can’t say one bad thing about, his name is Abel(Nix) and he is full of energy and always wants to hunt and his instincts impress me more than anything. I have nothing but good things to say about Brair Ridge and plan on buying another DD from Bill in the future.
Submitted by: Michel Whitaker on Jan 30, 2018
I can't remember how I found Briar Ridge...I think I searched for German Wirehaired Pointers and found them. I checked them out and decided they were the breeder I wanted. It took a while because a female didn't show up in the next batch but it was well worth it. We've had Ellie for a year and a half and she is wonderful. Very nice as a pet and strong hunting instinct. She went to school this past fall and is now pointing well, steady (enough) at the rise honoring points and retrieving. She went to her first late season dove shoot. Not many birds but after only one incident of chasing a missed bird, she stayed steady with me the rest of the shoot. Way beyond my expectations. She's been to two different quail preserves and the guides love her. She's retrieving squirrels and I'm looking forward to finding other things for her to do! Ducks are next on the list.
Submitted by: Bob Kelly on Jun 27, 2017
I first found Bill V a couple years ago by searching Deutsche Drahthaars. I had a friend in Rock Hill call him. He told me Bill is the "real deal." So I called Bill and he told me the terms and kept his word the whole way. I now have the most beautiful DD pup on earth. At 3 months she is a ball of fire and wants to hunt every day. I love her! I would highly recommend Bill V to anyone. His word is his bond!
Submitted by: Cameron Scott on Mar 13, 2017
I purchased a puppy last summer not knowing what to expect just knowing this was the breed for me and off of bills word over a few conversations. Now don't get me wrong we've had our growing pains but the desire to please and the drive is there. At 9 weeks was gun broke and pointing wings, at 16 was retrieving dove and geese (keep in mind it was bigger than her but she bit on the head and drug it best she could), and from that point forward it's been a blast. We've hunted quail, pheasant, geese,duck, dove, squirrel, and she even tracked 2 bow kills in the fall. Needless to say I'm very pleased with my dog and will definitely be a repeat buyer
Submitted by: Scott Ferguson on Jan 27, 2017
Bought "Dax" last spring from Mr. Bill. At 5 months old he retreived over thirty doves on his first hunt. By 7 mos.was water retreiving geess. Also trailed and helped retreve 5 deer with that wonderful nose. Some of which was shot poorly with no blood trail. Best hunting dog I ever had. I can't say enough about his drive to hunt. Stolen on 1/6/2017. I will be buying another dog from Brair Ridge. Thanks again Mr Bill for the best hunting dog I've ever had.
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