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Submitted by: JASON BIRRER on May 25, 2021
Between my best hunting buddy and myself, we've had FIVE of the most incredible hunting dogs/hunting buddies from Briar Ridge Kennels. Because we lived too far away we asked Bill to pick them for us....AND man did he deliver. Our dogs have hunted all over the country for deer, hogs, pheasant, chuker, quail, doves, get the picture. We even used my dogs to track missing/lost dogs up to 5 miles from the last know point. I shit you not! I can't say enough about how well they all performed consistantly. And by the way, they are impressive to look at. My hats off to the time and thoughtful breeding Bill has put into shaping these hunting machines. All the dogs were easy to train, the characteristics were all there in spades. I wish anyone reading this the adventures we've had with ours....good luck.
Submitted by: Everett Armstrong on Jul 18, 2018
I have hunted DD for 30 yrs and my dog Nika is the best Chukers dog I have ever owned. She will be 2 in Aug and was easy to train, living in the mountains of Idaho that's saying something with Elk, deer, on property everyday. I also hunt grouse, quail, but it takes a special dog for chuker. Because I live out west Bill had to pick my pup for me and have her flowen to Boise. I can't wait for hunting season to start as this dog just keeps getting better if that's possible. She's also a great companion. I can only say Brier Ridge is worth the wait if you want the best. Thank U Bill for a great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Eric clawson on Apr 10, 2018
Started searching for dd came across briar ridge kennels took a look at all the testimonials and pictures so I knew I wanted to give bill a call , spoke with him twice the second time I put down my deposit that was over three years ago hank is a 85 lbs all he wants to do is hunt . He points and retrieves very well his tracking ability is awesome if you shoot like me that comes in handy so if you want a great dd give bill a call just put down my deposit on another pup
Submitted by: Richard Salmons on Mar 12, 2018
My pup, Sax , is 7 months old , and she is our first DD . I have grown up in a Lab family and owned/hunted 4 of my own . You can imagine how nervous I was trying a different breed. There is no comparison when it comes to natural hunting ability ! Sax has retrieved ducks and doves ,and pointed/retrieved released quail for me this season , all without any formal training . When she walks outside , she is hunting a bird . Everything Bill said was correct . I'm looking forward to developing this awesome hunter , and would recommend Briar Ridge Kennels to anyone who wants a serious bird dog .
Submitted by: Yon luque on Feb 18, 2018
I bought my DD over 2 years ago. She was the last pup and I was afraid she wouldn’t be everything I was expecting. Boy I was wrong, Maggie is one of the best hunting dogs I have ever seen. The energy she has is unmatchable. We are still working on some things but I can honestly say that Bill has some of the best DD out there.
Thanks and I hope to get another DD soon
Submitted by: Nolan Thompson on Jan 30, 2018
I found Bill about 2 years ago and talked to him about his kennels and was impressed with everything he told me, and they whole time I was waiting on my pup he stayed in touch with me and kept me updated. Now I have a year and a half old DD that I can’t say one bad thing about, his name is Abel(Nix) and he is full of energy and always wants to hunt and his instincts impress me more than anything. I have nothing but good things to say about Brair Ridge and plan on buying another DD from Bill in the future.
Submitted by: Michel Whitaker on Jan 30, 2018
I can't remember how I found Briar Ridge...I think I searched for German Wirehaired Pointers and found them. I checked them out and decided they were the breeder I wanted. It took a while because a female didn't show up in the next batch but it was well worth it. We've had Ellie for a year and a half and she is wonderful. Very nice as a pet and strong hunting instinct. She went to school this past fall and is now pointing well, steady (enough) at the rise honoring points and retrieving. She went to her first late season dove shoot. Not many birds but after only one incident of chasing a missed bird, she stayed steady with me the rest of the shoot. Way beyond my expectations. She's been to two different quail preserves and the guides love her. She's retrieving squirrels and I'm looking forward to finding other things for her to do! Ducks are next on the list.
Submitted by: Bob Kelly on Jun 27, 2017
I first found Bill V a couple years ago by searching Deutsche Drahthaars. I had a friend in Rock Hill call him. He told me Bill is the "real deal." So I called Bill and he told me the terms and kept his word the whole way. I now have the most beautiful DD pup on earth. At 3 months she is a ball of fire and wants to hunt every day. I love her! I would highly recommend Bill V to anyone. His word is his bond!
Submitted by: Cameron Scott on Mar 13, 2017
I purchased a puppy last summer not knowing what to expect just knowing this was the breed for me and off of bills word over a few conversations. Now don't get me wrong we've had our growing pains but the desire to please and the drive is there. At 9 weeks was gun broke and pointing wings, at 16 was retrieving dove and geese (keep in mind it was bigger than her but she bit on the head and drug it best she could), and from that point forward it's been a blast. We've hunted quail, pheasant, geese,duck, dove, squirrel, and she even tracked 2 bow kills in the fall. Needless to say I'm very pleased with my dog and will definitely be a repeat buyer
Submitted by: Scott Ferguson on Jan 27, 2017
Bought "Dax" last spring from Mr. Bill. At 5 months old he retreived over thirty doves on his first hunt. By 7 mos.was water retreiving geess. Also trailed and helped retreve 5 deer with that wonderful nose. Some of which was shot poorly with no blood trail. Best hunting dog I ever had. I can't say enough about his drive to hunt. Stolen on 1/6/2017. I will be buying another dog from Brair Ridge. Thanks again Mr Bill for the best hunting dog I've ever had.
Submitted by: Mitch Rykard on Jan 20, 2017
I picked Pastor up on Christmas Eve. I drove for over 4 hours back home and he didn't even wimper. The first 2 nights he slept with my daughter, On the third night he spent the night in his crate and I expected him to cry all night like my previous pups. To my surprise he slept all night and did't even soil his crate. He is already fitting in with my other dogs and doing great. Took him for his first vet visit and got a clean bill of health. At 8 weeks he retrieved a wood duck in the yard and is pointing pheasant feathers. This is my first pointer so I am excited to work and train him. Hunting next fall should be a lot of fun.
Submitted by: Copeland Haynes on Jan 16, 2017
I came in contact with Bill via this site while doing research on Drahthaar breeders in the SouthEast. Once I found his website and saw dozens of pictures of his beautiful dogs, I knew I didn't need to look any further. From day one Bill has been fast, professional and helpful in communicating and getting me on my way to taking home a pup. I've had my female for 8 months now. She's got the drive and energy to run, hunt and retrieve as long as I can go, and at the end of the day she has no problem calming down and finding a nice cool spot on the floor.

Bill has a lifetime of experience with this breed and I would recommend Briar Ridge Kennels to anyone who is interested in the Drahthaar.
Submitted by: Hans Ramm on Jan 05, 2017
After meeting Bill and his dogs in early 2015 I knew my next dog was coming from Briar Ridge and it was certainly worth the wait. I've had Addie for 9 1/2 months now and she is the best hunting dog I've ever had. She not only is great in the field, but great at home too. Thanks Bill!
Submitted by: Dan Jergens on Dec 22, 2016
I called Bill 10 years ago and told him what I wanted in a dog.He sent me Klaus! He was spot on with what I got! This dog had more hunt, drive, prey instinct than any other pup that I had seen! He is better than I can train him for, he loves to retrieve more than the four Labs that I have owned!No kidding! He loves his training dummy! Have gotten many compliments on him.All the family loves him and he sleeps with me and my wife everyday, just Love him.Great all-around Dog!
Submitted by: Jason Bennett on Oct 20, 2016
Bill is great to work with, and our pup, Fritzie, has been an absolute joy. We introduced her to a grouse wing (tied to the end of a fishing pole) at 7 weeks and she immediately went on point! I can't wait for her to grow up a little and take her out into the field for some hunting.
Submitted by: Jeff Smith on Sep 19, 2016
I am an avid bow hunter and wanted a good all around dog for both bird hunting and for dear retrieval. After researching types of dogs that show to be good all around hunters, I decided on a drahthaar. I received my pup Moor 8 weeks ago. I could not be more happy with his demeanor. He is simply awesome! His hunting instincts are amazing. He points any bird/insect/cat that happens across the property and he has been in the water since the day I got him. He retrieves both land and water, looking forward to the next throw or game of "hide and go seek"..... But what he does best is track. I've had him on trails as long as 2 miles and he pulls me all the way to the end of the track. I drag a 8"X8" dear hide along with a dear liver that is in a zip lock bag that has small punctured holes. Make the drag with my ATV, wait 30 minutes and put him on it. Started with a 30 yard drag and then worked up from there... Bill had told me that following a scent trail would be the easiest thing for the dog to do - and he was right on! Moor stays in the house with us in the evenings and night, loves people but doesn't get over excited with them. When he is retrieving or on a trail, he could care less about anyone else that is around. Very focused and easily trainable pup. Bill has been great from day 1. I would and have recommended him to several of my hunting buddies.
Thanks you Bill - for a great dog and for all the help along the way!
Submitted by: Hane Edwards on Jun 15, 2016
As a professional hunter and wildlife biologist, I'm constantly in the woods. I have worked with setters, pointers,brittanys, walkers, beagles, labs and goldens. Wanting to try a different breed this time for specific task of upland game, wetland game, and tracking clients wounded deer, I decided on this breed and this is how I found Bill. A very informed person in his field. I was very skeptical about his claims on the dogs as most breeders tend to greatly exaggerate their dogs capibilities. however, after visiting the kennels, he had my deposit. Upon seeing my puppy the first time, I knew I had a great dog and worth the long wait. The demeanor is perfect for both the field and the house with my family. He trains easily and the hunting instinct is one of the strongest I've seen. At 6 weeks, he was pointing at the daughters cats and stalking them. I feel this to be one of the best dogs I will work with and eagerly look forward to the future with him. Thanks Bill
Submitted by: Steve myer on Mar 25, 2016
I got my my dog glock from Bill going on 9 years ago. I couldn't have asked for a better hunting companion. He is very prey driven and has retrieved everything from grouse to geese. I highly recommend briar ridge.
Submitted by: Allen Harper on Mar 14, 2016
I grew up hunting wild quail in South-side Virginia, owning and self-training (English) Setters and Pointers for the job. But work, the decline in wild quail and other factors later in life got me out of keeping a dog for about 6 years. When things changed so I could get back in, I decided to try something different and contacted Bill at Briar Ridge Kennel about his Drahthaars. I am definitely glad I did. My male Burr, now just under 2 years of age, is handling quail well, hunts dead like a vacuum cleaner, and has produced solid retrieves on land and water. He has a super hunt drive, a fine nose and a general desire to please during training sessions and hunts. In addition Burr has a pleasing personality that my wife and neighbors appreciate, and spends his evenings and nights indoors with us. Like any properly cared for gun dog, I have given Burr a lot of attention, be he definitely has shown the breeding behind him to respond well to that attention. So, count me in as a very satisfied Brian Ridge Kennel customer, and glad to have a gun dog hunt companion again. Allen Harper, Franklin, VA
Submitted by: Laurie Billeck on Feb 01, 2016
Couldn't be more proud or happier to be apart of the best gun dog kennel (Blair Ridge Kennels} WOW!! If I had to say one word it would be WOW! Thanks to Bill I have he best 9week old puppy ever on he west cost... from the first time we laid eyes on "Tika" she has blessed this family..She is so sound already, at 6 weeks she pointed at wings on the ground. From day one I have bin shooting over her head with homemade cannon spud gun she never once flinched ...WOW! WOW! WOW! she now at 9week has moved up to 22 hand gun on walks and same results WOW! Thanks to Bill ( GO Hawks )
Submitted by: Jason Wallace on Feb 01, 2016
I have owned labs all of my life but have always wanted a German WireHair. I began searching for breeders within driving distance and found Mr. Bill on this site. I sent in my deposit and waited...the call finally came and the family loaded up to go get Ranger. Ranger is 9 mos old and has been, and is everything we ever wanted in a German Wirehair. His demeanor is outstanding and learns commands with ease. Ranger has been to Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma with me this year chasing ducks and pheasant. He is still a kid at heart but a hunter by soul. He is my buddy, sleeps in the bed beside me and goes everywhere with me. Ranger's ability to hunt far out weighs my ability to train him. His only shortcomings at this point are my lack of training faults only.
I'm certain that by the time I get in the truck for the next duck trip he will be more than ready.
Ranger is a beautiful dog and people love him everywhere we go. He is a good hearted dog and loves to play. Loves my kids and loves life!
Mr. Bill has been great from the very beginning.I would highly recommend that if your are looking for a quality GWR from a respected professional Mr. Bill.
Submitted by: Hollis Land on Jan 23, 2016
After doing research for a versatile gun dog and settling on a Drathaar I contacted Bill at Briar Ridge Kennels to discuss his dogs and arranged a visit to his kennel. I put a deposit on the next available bitch puppy and Bill called me 6 months later to inform me that my pup had arrived! My wife and I went to get Lucy 6 weeks later and raised her with our Cavaliers. At 5 months she pointed the first bird wing that she had seen! She is now 9 months of age and has had 32 quail taken over her that she pointed and has begun retrieving to hand. Lucy is a NATURAL pointing dog, has a superb noise and is very accurate. I'm very pleased with her natural ability and highly recommend Bill if you are looking for a quality gun dog.
Submitted by: Hollis Land on Jan 21, 2016
After doing some research for a versatile gun dog and settling on a drahthaar, I began the search for a breeder which lead me to Briar Ridge Kennels and Bill. After discussing his dogs I arranged a visit to his kennels and placed a deposit for a female puppy. Bill called me 6 months later to inform me that my puppy had arrived and 6 weeks later we went to pick her up! We brought her home and she pointed the first bird wing that she saw at 5 months. She is now 9 months old and we are shooting quail over her! She has a tremendous nose and is very accurate. This past weekend we shot 17 quail over her, 14 released and 3 wild birds! She even returned the final 5-6 to hand! She is the most NATURAL pointing dog, she's had 32 quail shot over her at 9 months of age! I highly recommend Bill if you are interested in a quality gun dog.
Submitted by: Ragnar Gunnarsson on Jan 18, 2016
I got Ekel or Loki as I named him as my second dog from Bill's Briar Ridge Kennels last spring. Loki is now one year old and still in training, but was already pointing quail and chasing deer and rabbits before reaching his first birthday. Fang or Freyja as I named her, also from Bill's Briar Ridge Kennels, has been my hunting companion for the last 9 years here in Virginia and she has been everything I hoped for. Bill's Wirehairs are eager to please and easy to train. They are true universal talents that will point, retrieve and find game for you all day long. I fell in love with this breed while hunting in Europe and Bill's bloodline is on par with the best I observed over there. Thank you Bill for another great dog.
Submitted by: Anna and Matthew McCain on Nov 16, 2015
When looking for the right kennel, it was very important to us to find someone who not only focused on the dog's hunting ability, but also their ability to fit in as a part of our family. After speaking with Mr. Bill, that is exactly what we found at Briar Ridge Kennels. We picked up our pup, Donner, just a little over a year ago and he is a true joy. He is incredibly smart, loyal and a terrific hunting companion. He truly inspires to please and gives 100% during training. At a year old he is doing great on single and multiple retrieves and responds well to hand signals, but the most impressive thing is his natural ability. It is truly an incredible sight to see him work. There are two things Donner lives for: the hunt and his family. He is just an overall great dog and I believe that has much to do with Mr. Bill's commitment to producing a well rounded, quality gun dog. Thank you for this great addition to our family!
Submitted by: John Powers on Oct 28, 2015
Bill goes the extra mile to ensure the pup and owner are a good fit. He knew I was going to choose my pup, Hook weeks before I ever showed up. I am overwhelmed with the pup and the direction prior to and after taking Hook home. Bill has helped guide me to basic do's and don'ts of my training. I cannot thank him enough. Proof is in the finished product and he sure does provide that. Thanks
Submitted by: Jason Birrer on Apr 03, 2015
Ok...this is a review I've been meaning to do for a long long time. I had purchased two males from Briar Ridge kennels and both dogs have been phenomenal. The noses on these dogs are exceptional in the field and for service use. My first male (Thor) at one year was dialed in and a beast of a hunter. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months after his first birthday due to freak accident. But that's another story. A couple of years later I had gotten my second male from Bill. Drake to this day has hunted everything from Ducks, pheasants, quail, chucker, deer, hogs and missing dogs. Yes I did say missing dogs. Drakes tracked run away dogs up to 5 miles away with success. He's now 10 years old and still hasn't slowed down. He is one loyal dude and his mission is to hunt. Can't thank Bill enough for the two dogs I've gotten from him.
Submitted by: Clyde Holt on Mar 31, 2015
My first Briar Ridge pup, (Madeline) purchased in 2005, got hold of some poisoned Coyote bait while hunting grouse in Idaho last fall. She had proven to be an excellent athlete and the best big water swimmer (Albemarle and Currituck Sounds) that I had ever seen. Most of all though I will remember her as my most affectionate and loyal companion ever (don't tell my wife I said that.) My second Briar Ridge pup (Greta) picked up last week looks to be the same!
Submitted by: Charlie Moore on Feb 10, 2015
I unqualifiedly recommend Briar Ridge Kennels for both the exceptional dogs and for the breeder himself. I can not imagine having a better experience than what I have enjoyed at Briar Ridge.

Years ago I acquired from Briar Ridge "Belle,"a female Wirehair, who was, by far, the best companion I've ever had in the field and at home. I say "was" because Belle has moved on to where great dogs go when their time here is done. Belle had it the field and in the living room. That dog was attuned to my every mood. She was uncanny in her ability to connect with me no matter the situation..

Subsequent to Belle's passing I called Bill to reserve another dog. I had absolutely no thought of seeking a dog elsewhere. I sent in my deposit and then experienced health issues which prevented me from taking a dog from the first available litter. Bill has been most accommodating in the matter. I appreciate his attitude toward his dogs and his people. You can't go wrong at Briar Ridge.
Submitted by: John Wirtz on Feb 02, 2015
We got Gus (Seig) three year ago this New Year. I had never had a pointer before and was a little nervous about my ability to successful train and hunt with a new puppy. Bill and I spoke about my concerns over the phone. He assured me that if I put the time into the dog everything would be fine. As it turned out Bill was right. By 3 months old, it was clear Gus naturally knew more about hunting than I ever would. I have had a blast training and hunting with Gus over the last three years. This year Gus really put it all together he points, retrieves, and listen to commands very well. Further Gus has been great in our home, with children and with our other male dog. He also couldn't be more handsome & receives compliments every where we go!! I couldn't be happier with him. We look forward to many more rewarding years with him.

Thanks again Bill
Submitted by: Ryan Munn on Dec 23, 2014
I found Briar Ridge through this website. So I decided to call Bill just to talk. Well by the end of the conversation I had already decided to send a deposit. So patiently I waited for the call. The day I went to pick up my pup I found an exceptional kennel and very well trained dogs. My pup Dell Vom Dornenberg (Mule) is at 4 months and is already picking up birds and bumpers on land and water. He is a great companion and has drive that I could have only hoped for. I am very pleased to say that I own one of Bills dogs and will be a repeat customer.
Ryan Munn
Camden SC
Submitted by: Rick Simis on Dec 15, 2014
I got Max from Briar Ridge 3 years ago this month and couldn't be more pleased. Max is amazing in the field. From the first time hunting, he demonstrated his innate hunting instincts, incredible drive and talent for finding, then retrieving birds. He is an excellent companion and exceptional hunter. I would recommend Bill's kennel to anyone interested in getting a fabulous hunting dog and a great companion.
Submitted by: Charles Smith on Nov 24, 2014
I bought a male Drathaar from Bill in spring of 2003 when I was in college. Drake (Plato von Dornenburg) from the get go was an energetic, loving, social, and tireless hunting dog. He was a smooth coated liver and roan styled fella and traveled with me across the country hunting ducks, geese, and upland birds. I would say he was a "jack of all trades master of none" kind of dog. I believe that is how Bill bred his hunting line to be.
Bill ,throughout Drake's life, would answer any questions I might have in his very matter of fact type way. I had Drake for 11.5 years and plan on getting another dog from Bill in the near future. I highly recommend Bill's dogs for their hunting ability/ companionship and if you are willing to do your part with the training his dogs will hold up their end of the bargain.
Submitted by: Reid Tatum on Sep 11, 2014
Our wirehair Burke vom Dornenberg (aka. Martie) is now 4 months old. She is pointing, retrieving and comes when called. She has a wonderful disposition and has become a member of the family.
I have had many bird dogs in my life and she is the quickest learner of them all. In my opinion your bloodline is second to none.
Reid and Londa Tatum
Submitted by: David and Dawn Hill on Jun 05, 2014
I don't know where to begin to tell you about our girl "Josie". From the first day we met her she has had our hearts.Josie has been consistently following commands since she was two months old! Now at just six months old, she is retrieving on land and water.She jumps from the dock and swims to shore. She returns to my side and sits and waits for her command. We test her by throwing sticks into the woods. I command her to hunt it, she watches me for hand signals, and she brings back the exact stick that was thrown. She even follows the commands of our five year old grandson!We love to watch him work with her. I've never bird hunted much and haven't received any type of dog training but she made it easy. She knew what to do and basically taught us!She is our only dog and a huge part of our family. We are looking forward to making memories with her and our four grandsons. We must say... Mr. Bill did NOT exaggerate about his dogs and bloodlines. So wonderful to find an honest breeder!
Submitted by: dale hartis on Apr 02, 2014
I have had German dogs for years. When my Weim Charlotte died several years ago I decided to not replace her thinking a could never get another special companion that would do anything I asked.

I finally decided that I did not want to give up bird hunting and started looking for another dog. After much research I decided a DD/GWP was the breed I wanted.

My wife actually discovered Bill's kennels and initiated a conversation about a puppy. Bill called me a we talked for a long time regarding what I was looking for both in hunting style and looks. It turned out that he and I knew some of the same folks from the hunting scene years ago.

I told Bill I knew his dogs would hunt but I also wanted a large male dog (personal preference) with a good coat.

After much discussion I gave the deposit and went on the wait list. Due to some unexpected problems it took a while but Bill let me know when the litter was born and he set aside a large male for me.

When you buy a dog from Bill or visit his kennel you will be very impressed. Every thing is clean, neat, no smells, and his dogs are really loved.

Today my pup is 10 months old pushing 70 pounds. He love water, retrieves like crazy, and is started pointing. He is still growing.

A great dog and also a great truck riding, errand running,crate and house trained, and loved companion.

Submitted by: Kell Fitts on Mar 03, 2014
I envited Bill On a quail hunt and he brought a young dog just back from training. The dog preformed flawlessly pointing, steady to wing and shot and retrieving. I was very impressed. I would recommend Bills dogs to anyone that is looking for a close working dog that can handle heavy cover. Kell Fitts
Submitted by: William Thompson on Feb 24, 2014
When I started researching breeders for Drahthaar’s I would email them to request information about their kennels and when their next litter would be. Only one breeder took the time to call me and that was Bill. We talked on the phone for about 15 minutes and we scheduled an appointment so I could visit his home and kennel. When I arrived he met me outside his garage with Keeper (one of his dogs) and gave me a demonstration of Keeper’s skills and abilities. That impressed me and it was visible that he had at least one good dog, but he offered to take me to his kennel and to show all his dogs and to let another dog play for a while. While walking past his garage what I saw next was enough to ensure that he was the man I was going to buy my dog (Walker) from. For most people it’s enough to see the conditions of a kennel to know you want to buy from that person, but before I could make it to the kennel I saw how well he treated his dogs/friends that have passed on to doggie Heaven. He has a burial ground with marble tomb stones commemorating his long passed buddies. After mustering the strength to move on to the kennel and to have another dog impress me I left Bill with a deposit and a desire to hurry and get my dog.
We impatiently waited until I finally received the call from Bill that I could come and get my new best friend Walker. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with how smart, loving, and energetic Walker is and how easily he learns new tasks. If you are looking for a proven dog you can’t go wrong with a Drahthaar and you can’t find a better kennel than Briar Ridge Kennels.
Submitted by: Sam on Sep 19, 2013
Outstanding comes to mind when I think about Briar Ridge. I was unsure of buying a GWP at first because labs are all I have ever owned. I called Mr. Bill up one evening and we talked about just what it was I wanted out of a hunting dog. He assured me that this was dog for me. After receiving my pup we went to work right away. I am amazed at how determined my GWP is. His main objectives are to hunt and please. I could go on all day but we don't have time for that. Let me just say if you are looking a versatile hunting dog don't pass your chance to get one from Briar Ridge.
Submitted by: Dennis Coxwell on Jan 21, 2013
In response to your email I have attached three pictures of Bubba pointing. The fall was hot and especially dry here. He was slow to show any interest in pointing early and it concerned me at first but once he starting showing interest he has developed solid and no problem at all now. I didn't make it to Kansas this year. Dry and no birds. I thought about going to South Dakota but I didn't feel like Bubba was ready this fall to go that far at his age (9 months) and development.

Overall, I could not be more pleased. He is my fourth GWP and he has an unbelievable desire to hunt and the best nose of any dog I have ever owned and once he started showing interest in pointing he has nailed it. I used a 30' check cord only twice. He has a great personality and is a joy to be around. My friend are alway asking me what my lastest Bubba story is.

Out of the thousands of retrieves he has made during training, even as a young puppy, he has only failed to find one dummy. I have tossed dummies in every situation and cover I could find, even at night. He has never failed if scent was applied. He will not give up. The one he failed to find was in very thick cover and we had a couple of hard frost and when I went to get the dummy I could smell the sour grass. It was too overpowering but he hadn't given up and was still hunting when I found the dummy. I threw one dummy in some dead bulrush that had laid down on the water and I could tell from my position that it disappeared under the bulrush. He went straight to the area and hunted for about 10 minutes. He kept going back to the exact spot the dummy went under the bulrush and acted like he was scenting it. After three attempt of putting his head under water he came out with the dummy. I've been around a lot of retrievers in hunting situations and some field trials and I have never seen a dog that just would not give up. Bubba will not give up.

Thanks for all your help and a great dog.
Dennis Coxwell
Warrenton, GA.
Submitted by: Philip Elder on Jan 19, 2013
We purchased a male pup from Briar Ridge about 18 months ago. He has been the most responsive dog overall I have ever had. Responds well to correction, learns very quickly, great with not only kids, but with other dogs as well. I will be a return customer.
Submitted by: Bobby Minyard on Jan 18, 2013
I discovered briar ridge kennels website in a search for wire hairs...the site was basic...but immediately told me what I wanted to know...visited with bill by phone..then visited the kennel...was pleasantly surprised by both bill and his kennels and the presentation of his studs and bitches....only to be sadden that I could not have immediate dog to take home THEN....days passed and I received a phone call that a party could not take their male....lucky me....bill called six weeks later....I will bring him or u come get him now....I was gone...spent the next two months sleeping with an caring for a fabulous animal....talented...bright...hung..great looking...he'll of a nose...atten months he has been in the field and water eight of the doing well....can hear better than most...he just ate my $$$$900.00 earring aids...but my fault for leaving them out..Hans is no only a great hunter...but a very loving friend and terrible funny....hope u all enjoy I have Hans....b

Submitted by: Jeff Browning on Jan 18, 2013
I purchased a pup from Briar Ridge kennels Jan2012. now first year in field, doing outstanding! he points, steady to wing, big heart and drive to hunt.. Pleased to have purchased this dog.
Submitted by: Glenn W Wheeler on Sep 01, 2012
1 year old German Wirehaired Pointer (Deutsch Drahthaar)

We purchased our pup from Bill last September. She had been born in August (in fact on our then 9 year old son’s birthday) and we picked her up six weeks later. We actually flew to Rock Hill and went to Briar Ridge Kennels to pick her up.

What we found was a well-kept and obviously established kennel ran by a man that cares about the dogs he raises. Bill gave us a quick tour and showed us the parents of our pup and the other dogs around his place. Then we got to meet our pup.

There were two left, both females as we had requested. Both greeted us merrily and were obviously happy, healthy puppies. But Quilla (later re-named Daisy by the above-mentioned 9 year old son) stood out to both my wife and I. While both were energetic and friendly, Daisy took to us and we took to her.

She slept during the entire flight home then took right to our kids and our home. Within a couple of weeks (at about 8 weeks old), Daisy was consistently retrieving thrown dummies and by 10 weeks she had mastered “sit” and was catching on to “stay.” I’m no real trainer, and she is the first dog I have taken from pup all the way to actually hunting with her with no other trainer.

She continued to learn very well and is extremely intelligent, driven and passionate about hunting, retrieving and pleasing us in general. Not to mention she is a wonderful family dog and travel companion.

She is now just over a year old and on her first attempt on live, planted pigeons made two beautiful points and held until the birds were flushed. I now take her to a professional trainer once a week just to make sure I am doing things right. He is highly impressed with her and says she is much farther along than he would expect with a dog her age. He also says she is very easy to train and catches on right away. He says she simply “has it” and that her breeding is obviously very good.

She is now consistently pointing planted birds, doing beautiful water retrieves, double retrieves and blind retrieves. Her basic obedience is outstanding and her style and confirmation are absolutely stunning! Today was our dove opener and she got her first taste of that style of retrieving. She performed wonderfully and with another hunt or two should be very solid on them. As I type this, she is sleeping at my feet. She is truly a great working dog and a wonderful part of our family.

Bottom line is that if our dog is any indication of the quality of dogs Bill produces, (and I believe she is) he has gotten it right. I would not hesitate for a moment to buy another dog from him or to send a friend looking for a good, versatile dog his way. As a professional outdoor writer and photographer, I get the privilege of hunting all over the country and with some truly outstanding dogs. I have no doubts that, if I do what I should with Daisy, with some experience she will be a very special dog. If she doesn’t turn out to be just that, it will be my fault not hers.
Glenn Wheeler, Harrison, Arkansas.
Submitted by: Mike Saunders on Jan 11, 2012
I highly recommend Bill to anyone who would like to own a Drahthaar. He is extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to talk to perspective owners about Drahthaars. I received Whiskey in late October and I can not be more happy or proud of the dog that Bill bred for us. Whisky is a great puppy and has been learning very fast. His coloring is fantastic and I am excited to see him get in the field. I purchased Whiskey from Bill over three other breeders because he is easy to work with and he produces great hunters. I Live in the Chicago land area and Bill was able to ship my dog to O Hare airport which went seamlessly. Bill is the go to guy for Drahthaars.
Submitted by: jim snyder on Dec 31, 2011
I picked up my first pup up in oct. Jager is 4 months old and already shows great quailities. Jager is the 3rd drathaar ive have and at 4 months he is better than the othets when they were 5yrs old. Loves the water no briar patch is too thick. Very soft mouth. And great with kids. With that said i picked up my 2nd pup today. Bill is a very honest breeder he doesnt have a puppy farm his dogs are part of his family. I would recomend him to anyone.
Submitted by: RALPH WEAR on Dec 22, 2010
I puchased a female pup from Bill last year. On November the 20th of this year I took her on her first Quail hunt. She was 13 months old. This dog after the first quail knew exactly what the game plan was. She pointed the second bird and after the shot she brought the bird to me. She did this for several hours without a mistake. That was all it took. Without a doubt these are some of the smartest bred a hunter could ask for. She is also a great family pet. Ralph Wear Salisbury NC
Submitted by: Eddie Stocks on Sep 21, 2010
My wife and I had an excelent experience working with Bill in selecting our puppy (Millie) Moon from Briar Ridge Kennels.

Bill answered all of questions and concers prior to us even selecting the Drathaar breed. We even took a 5 hour drive to Briar Ridge to inspect the facilities and watch Bill handle his dogs prior to making our decission. Bill runs a first class kennel with a great set up. You will never have to worry about this kennel being a puppy mill.

Over the past 25 years, my wife and I have owned English Setters, Labs and Weimaraners. When our Weimaraner passed this winter we were looking for a family/hunting breed with a good disposition and strong hunting and retrieving instincts. Our Drathaar, Millie Moon, is now 5 months old and I am certain we choose the right breed and the right breeder.

Millie has been very easy to train and has a great disposition around people and a variety of domesticated and wild animals we have introduced to her on the farm. My wife is a wildlife rehabilitator and it was imperitive that the new member of our family could tolerate other animals.

On the hunting and training side of things, I have just introduced her to dove and quail. She is showing all the proper instincts at just 5 months of age. I fully believe by late winter she will be a tremendous asset in the field.

If you are considering a Drathaar, I would highly recommend Bill and Briar Ridge Kennels. We found Bill very knowledgable of the breed and a pleasure to work with on selecting our newest member of the family.
Submitted by: Justin on Aug 25, 2009
When I started looking for a hunting dog, I wanted one that would be able to do it all, and then I came across Bill and Briar Ridge. I live in Idaho so I needed a hunting dog that could hunt an any kind of weather and terrain. Duke is not only a wonderful hunting partner he is also a wonderful family member. Duke is very friendly to everyone, especially little kids. For only being a little older than a year old, he has awesome traits. Duke is a very smart dog and was a very easy dog to train, not only basic commands but also in the field. Everywhere I take him I get so many compliments on how he is such a beautiful dog with a beautiful coat. I can't wait to get him back in the field to start this years hunting season. Thanks Bill for the wonderful dog and family member you have given me.
Submitted by: Joe Aug on Apr 20, 2009
Nothing but good things to say about Bill and our Drahthaar, Lucy. While looking for a “versatile” dog breeder, we found Bill just about twenty miles away. He was very helpful and quick to respond to our many questions. Lucy (four years) is a hard working, eager hunter with a strong desire to please. Good in the house, good with family and friends, a swimming fool, Lucy thinks nothing of twelve hour road trips. Also great at tracking and eating any poor bug that finds its way into the house. Thanks Bill!
Submitted by: Ansel Jones on Feb 24, 2009
I have been a lab owner for years but have always been interested in a versatile dog like the Drathaar. After my lab passed I decided to start looking for a good Drathaar breeder. After an exstensive search I decided on Briar Ridge Kennels. Bill's knowledge of the breed was evident. I purchased a single male pup from Bill and couldnt be happier. "The Colonel" became an instant family member and has shown that his inherent traits are exceptional. A very quick learner and an enthusiastic student, I cant wait for our many hunting adventures to come. Thanks Bill.
Submitted by: Alan Whiten on Feb 19, 2009
I had never owned a Drahthaar before. I decided to try the breed because I wanted to be able to hunt quail, duck, and dove with the same dog. I talked to Bill and gave one of his puppies a try. My female is almost two and has retrieved a lot of quail and ducks in two short seasons. She hunts close when quail hunting and already holds a point very well. I would recommend the breed and definitely recommend getting a puppy from Bill. I will go back to Bill for my next hunting dog.
Submitted by: S.C. Williams on Feb 13, 2009
I have hunted ducks, quail, doves, and deer with this dog, and she handles all these task as well as you could expect. She found five deer this past season for myself and others. She is very dedicated to finding wounded game and loves the water. Great Dog.
Submitted by: Matt McDaniel on Feb 11, 2009
I am very pleased with my male pup I purchased from Briar Ridge Kennels. I would recomend that anyone interested in the breed to talk with Bill.
He has a wealth of knowledge with the breed and his dogs are top notch. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Glen Barnes on Feb 09, 2009
To bird dog lovers I have had many kinds of hunting dogs over the years pointers, setters, German short hairs and beagles and Skipper has been the best dog of all. Skip is nearing five years and is a family member who lives in the house at the gas log in the winter and the garage floor in the summer. He has been able to travel with me most of all the time at work, hunting, fishing, gardening, in the back yard or to the beach. Skip loves water, balls, Frisbees, morning runs, birds and my 93 Chevy pick-up. Skip is a very gifted dog smart with an exceptional nose great pointing skills and swimming /retrieving and most of all a good family dog. Over the years I have shot many upland game birds in New England and here in NC and have trained this dog to do much more than all of the other dogs I have owned and most of all Skipper has been the best companion dog I have ever had. When he does pass along this will also be the only breed I will consider. Please feel free to have others contact me I would love to talk to anyone on my experience with our
Submitted by: Charles Smith on Feb 09, 2009
I needed a true utilitarian hunting dog that did everything and I was lucky to find Briarridge kennels. I picked up my Drathaar from Bill at 8 weeks and have been hunting my male hard since 6 months (He is almost 6 YRS now). It is great to hunt North Dakota ducks in the morning and then switch to sharptails and huns for the afternoon hunt. I have met a couple of other of Bill's dogs in my hunting over the years and they are all talented and well mannered dogs. I am sold on his dogs.
Submitted by: Kirk Myers on Feb 09, 2009
My German Wirehair, Ditto, came from Briar Ridge Kennels, 3 years ago. In the past I have owned a English Setter-female, and a male Brittany. I was looking for a kennel that not only provided dogs for the hunter, But a dog that would also be part of the family, like my two previous dogs. Ditto hunts with me for pheasants/quail, ducks/geese, and doves. I have been very pleased with his hunting drive, quality of his nose, and his temperment, both around me, my family, and other hunters and their dogs. I would highly recommend Bill and Briar Ridge Kennels.
Submitted by: Tim Ciscel on Feb 08, 2009
Our Emmy or M for short is our FIRST Drahthaar! But not our last. We have just enjoyed this velcro as a member of our family. Unlike many gundogs, she has found an easy life next the couch, this only from time to time. She began retrieving at 9 months to the day. First bird was a goose. Many geese to follow and roughly 100 waterfowl her first year. I didn't hit many pheasants but quail were a nice start for uplands at 11 months old. Doesn't leave much time for laying next to the couch. Now at 2 yrs, she has filled out to 85 lbs and really handles the geese. Eager to please and such a joy to have trained. This time of the year efforts are directed towards grouse in the NC. Mt's. We truley got the versatility I was looking for. Thanks Bill, Your welcome to hunt with me anytime and bring Scout along. M and I both love to see him. Photos of our velcro are available. Tim
Submitted by: Ragnar Gunnarsson on Feb 07, 2009
I learned to like German Wirehaired Pointers wile hunting in Germany and I was lucky to come across Briar Ride Kennels as I started to look for one here on the East Cost. Bill’s bloodline of German Wirehairs are true to their origin and very much the all around talent they were bread to be. My Freyja is only one and a half year old, but has already run and tracked deer, as well as pointing and retrieving quail, peasant, woodcock and rabbits. She is smart and hard working, but still a pleasant pet and good around other dogs and children. I would not hesitate to go back to Bill for another prime quality hunting dog should the need arise.
Submitted by: richard church on Feb 01, 2009
Briar Ridge has as fine of gun dogs I've ever had. Kate is seven and has retrived dove, duck, geese and swans, has tracked downed deer and bobcat. She has a pleasant disposition and is great around other dogs. When the time comes that I need another I'll go back to bill for another just like her.

richard church
Submitted by: Eliot Pitney on Feb 12, 2008
Bill breeds great dogs. Our pup is terrific in the field, was shoot pheasant over him at 10 months and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the dog's talent. Absolutely no quit and will not leave a fallen bird behind. A great house pet as well. After a long hunt/run he wants to curl up by your feet or relax in the Maine sunshine.
Would go back for another pup without hesitation.

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