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We have been involved with the Epagneul Breton for almost 15 years. In the beginning foundation stock in the United States was limited, mediocre dogs blanketed the country so we started importing, traveling and competing in Europe, learning about how the breed should be and establishing relations with the worlds top breeders, handlers and trainers. We have filtered through and selected foundation stock from Europe, reproducing on the qualities that makes the Epagneul Breton a terrific hunting/family companion that will live happy healthy lives. Over the years we've become very serious about improving the breed in North America. We are always correcting reproducers for the next generation and have been awarded in speciality field and show events with dogs we produce. Check out our website www.eb-broughton.com for information on the breed, what questions to ask breeders and photos of some really nice dogs. If your looking for an Epagneul Breton or "French Brittany" we have dogs available at multiple ages to best fit your needs. Thank you for your inquiry, Steve and Cristin Broughton
Ad location: Clearwater, Minnesota
Ad created: Jan 21, 2018

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