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End of a projectůStart of something GREAT! - German Shorthaired Pointer Hunting Dog Pictures

End of a projectůStart of something GREAT! - German Shorthaired Pointer Hunting Dog Pictures
   Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
    From: Bob Buckley
  Posted: Nov 27, 2011
Two years ago I started a project that was to last a year. In October of 2009 born was a pup that we had been planning for years. We named her Breeze. The project was to take one year and turn her in to a bird finding machine. This is what she was genetically bred for.
At the end of the year she and I were to finish the project with a wild bird hunt in Kansas.

Everything was going well and at 6 months old she was out on the preserves hunting with our guide team that has been led by her mom and dad for years. By the end of October of 2010 she had seen and been on many liberated birds. Maybe as many as a hundred. We were ready to finish our journey. With just a few weeks away from the opening of pheasant season in Kansas we had an accident. Breeze had come into heat and we didnĺt notice. Long story short she was accidently bred and became pregnant. For the safety of her and the pups it was decided that she would stay behind and not go to the trip to Kansas.

Fast forward to opening weekend in Kansas November 12th and 13th 2011.

Breeze and I are finally on our hunt. A hunt that had been a year in the making and then had been postponed for another year.

Breeze had been working hard all weekend and as a part of the team had seen many birds and as far as wild birds in Kansas go, we had a pretty successful weekend.

Sunday afternoon we were working our last field. Dogs were scattered and Breeze was just in front of me quartering back and forth. Her nose was stuck to the ground and her tail was going a mile a minute. I knew she was on to a bird. Suddenly she locks. A picture perfect point. I hustled up to her thinking this is it. This is the bird she and I had worked for. As I approached the bird flushed. YES! It was a cock. I took the shot, the bird fell and Breeze ran out, retrieved the bird and brought it straight back to me.

There was no doubt. This was her point, her bird and her retrieve. Any bird would have been great at that time, but she brought back a cock that was a third year bird or better. 7/8 of an inch spurs and a 21 inch tail.

The picture above is of Breeze and I with the bird. I canĺt remember when I was so proud!