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Ryder X Birdie Pups. Eight healthy puppies born on October 2nd. One male and three females remain. $1000 Price includes a $100 non refundable deposit to hold pick. Ryder is my main retriever with over 160 days in the field hunting waterfowl in the Mississippi flyway. He is a hard charging and enthusiastic golden with unparalleled desire to hunt and retrieve. Ryder is gentle with children and elderly and often hunts with my property owner who is his 70's. His dark red coat is ideal for waterfowl hunting in a variety of conditions and temperatures. Ryder spends his off season lounging in the house awaiting afternoon training sessions on the farm. He is 100% amateur trained and field proven. Birdie is slightly lighter in color than Ryder. She is an eager learner which has made training an enjoyable experience. She is introduced to live birds and steadied with singles and doubles. Her desire to please allows her to learn new concepts with ease. She will enter her first waterfowl season in December with the expectation of complementing Ryder in the blind. Both dogs have incredible prey drive and retrieving desire, having both in the house has created competition in training. Please contact me for pictures and other information.
Ad location: colt, Arkansas
Ad created: Oct 20, 2017

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