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German Shorthair Hair Pointer Puppies. Woodruff Road Kennels has a Litter of 7 pups for sale (5 Males 2 Females). This is our second litter by our Boom x Wreck cross. The Pups are white and liver, patched and ticked, with white being the predominant color. Both of the parents are about 25" at the shoulder and will hunt at about 47 Lbs. These dogs are very intelligent and have a superior prey drive. They naturally back and are not afraid of water. They darn near train themselves. Their line is a cross between Shooting Starr's x Gamble's. We have hunted with 3 dogs from the last Boom X Wreck litter and they are ' High Performance Hunting Machines'. We expect no less from this litter. Our best advertisement is that 30 % of our customers come back to buy a second or second or third dog from us.  

The Litter is AKC Registered. The pups were born July 2nd and will be ready to go August 25TH

Ad location: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Ad created: Aug 13, 2014

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