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3 GENERATIONS OF TLC LABRADORS BREEDING - EXCEPTIONAL COMPETITIVE, HUNTING, AND FAMILY DOGS! Parents of our litters are exceptional hunting dogs and excel and both upland and waterfowl hunting. All puppies are child socialized by our 16 & 10 year old daughters and all their friends! They spend most of their free time playing with them. They can play with ALL of our dogs and can do "anything" to them -- I would hate to say but you name it, they have probably done it at some time or another. The dogs have been their "Baby sitters". Both girls each have one of our dogs in their rooms at night (when the girls were young the dogs kept the monsters away;-) We VERY are peticular about the temperament of our dogs and each and every one can be totally completely trusted with the girls, and "anything" they may have attempted to do with them. Not only do our dogs have to have the great temperament but they are also bred for their hunting ability. We own and operate a hunting preserve, and have guided hunts for numerous years for other preserves prior to owning ours. In 2000 we opened Cedar Valley Hunt Club, in which we guide upland, deer and turkey hunts. When we are not guiding upland hunts, Mark is duck and goose hunting when time allows. Some have competed in field trial and hunt test competitions. Our dogs come for accomplished lines of field trial Champions and hunting dogs so that the best possible genetic lines, and ability are passed down the pups. We have also integrated some conformation lines into our breeding program to assure proper physical structure, hair coats and appearance of our labradors. With these combinations it gives you the perfect opportunity to have the BOTH tremendous hunting dog AND family dog that you wish to have. Our breeding program strives to accomplish BOTH - not just one or the other. We put the puppies through a socialization program that stimulates them neurologically from 3-16 days of age. The exercises that I put them through stress their systems at a time when the pups are not typically stressed. This benefits them later in life. Years of studies have shown that they have stronger, better heart rates, they are more capable of handling stress, and are better problem solvers than pups from the same litter that were not stimulated in the same way. This is a great benefit to the dog. The program makes an improved difference on their performance, training, and ability to deal with stresses they encounter in life. All our pups are also introduced to birds and and extensive noise conditioning program prior to leaving. All pups come with a written genetic guarantee. We would love to visit with you personally about our puppies. Please send us your phone number, we would be more than happy to call you, or you can call us at the number below. If you miss us please leave a message, this is the fastest way to reach us. We will call you back! Sincerely Mark and Traci Christensen TLC LABRADORS CEDAR VALLEY HUNT CLUB VISIT TLC LABRADORS / CEDAR VALLEY ON OUR WEB PAGE AT 402-439-5400
Ad location: Stanton, Nebraska
Ad created: Apr 24, 2014

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