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Pictures and videos will be added in a few days. IF YOU RESIDE IN WA, OR, ID, MT or NO CALI--this may be your new best hunter and friend!!!
Dallas deserves a homelife 24-7 that as a Pro Trainer lacks the time to give him. Dallas was one of my pups from a litter 5 years ago that I got back a year and half ago due to a death in the family. The first 2 years of the dogs life he received from me a ton of training. I have his brother that is a Master Hunter Einstein (incredible competition dog) and his sister, Ginger is one of my breeding females and my personal hunting dog. I leased Dallas out this last season to a top hunting club and he worked out of the boat or within a hole for a blind and was all blind work and came back with every bird and found other birds that other dogs did not find. I decided I worried about him too much at a hunt club and will NOT lease him out further. If you are seeking a small compact neutered male + house broken + all business hunter and enjoys to be loved on and is sweet with zero bad habits....basically a no fuss kid---here is your man! It will break my heart to say goodby to him again. He has a wonderful home with me but I just believe he deserves to be at a home that is inside, a constant companion and sleeps at the foot of your bed. I am being very particular with his new home and am in no hurry for him to go to the wrong home and have all the time for him to get settled in with the right home. I reside in Oregon and he will ONLY go to a home in the Pac NW, No Cali, Idaho, MT so I can visit him once a year and check on his well being and he can visit with his 2 siblings as they are super close.
He was FF and CC, works out of dog lay down blind, handles and when he turns on his sit whistle he lays down, when shooting out in the field when he is working on birds he will lay down til shooting is over and not drop the bird, he is quiet in the blind, he works on multiple marks, he works off any place you establish and delivers the bird to you and will go to remote place....the first few birds of the season I find he has happy mouth but that is all nerves of excitement and he quiets down with a few no-nos and knows he gets a chance to get a ton of birds and must be quiet with his busy mouth....this does not mean he messes with a bird or mouths it he is just jostling the bird in his mouth...I call it happy mouth. $5000 FIRM ON PRICE. I see him going to an established retired individual that does not desire a pup but a well put together still youthful friend.
I have not placed this info on my very busy website.
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Ad location: Salem, Oregon
Ad created: Mar 04, 2014

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