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Sire Gunnslinger

Sire Gunnslinger

Dam Slick Trick

Dam Slick Trick


Litter Due February 5th


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This litter is out of our male dog Gunnslinger pictured above, and our female Slick Trick. The puppies will be registered through AKC (American Kennel Club) and can be dually registered with American Field through FDSB.  Orange and white puppies will be expected from this breeding.

The sire of this litter, Gunnslinger, is a nice moderate range gun dog in the  field as well as being a very affectionate and even tempered pet with loads of heart. Gunnslinger's mother is Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) who is sired by the renowned and highly esteemed 10X NSTRA Ch, Windswept's Clay Bullet (Clay). Windswept's Clay Bullet (Clay) was an excellent competitor in National Shoot To Retrieve (NSTRA) field trials and was a dog who possessed speed, range, stamina, an exceptional nose and bird-finding ability, in addition to extreme style. He was retired after obtaining is 10th NSTRA Championship title, a proud feat which few dogs have ever obtained. Greta's Dam is Smoke's Feathers-n-Lace who is sired by NSTRA legend 32x NSTRA Champion Nolan's Last Bullet. Nolan's Last Bullet is the all-time winningest dog in the history of the National Shoot To Retrieve Association (NSTRA). He holds virtually every meaningful record in this arena of field trial competition: most times a champion (32), most lifetime championship points (508), most points in a single season (102), most placements in NSTRA title trials (14). His six first-lace finishes in NSTRA's flagship events - The Trial of Champions, the Grand National Invitational, etc. - is a record only one other dog has equaled. Smoke's Feathers-n-Lace is also a littermate to our own foundation female AFC Bullet's Renegade Miss Megan (Megan) and FC/AFC Brook's Little Pete (Opie). Together, Nolan's Last Bullet and Keith's Renegade Ginger (Greta's grandparents), have been the producers of what we believe to be the best dogs ever sired by Nolan's Last Bullet which include both our Megan and Opie in addition to Beeline's Bullet's Bravado (Brave), owned by Nolan Huffman and Split Creeks Medicine Man (Doc), owned by Gary Thompson - both of which are multiple time NSTRA Champions and winners of NSTRA National events in addition to being excellent bird dogs ( We've seen them work many times ).

The grandsire of this litter is NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn made Brittany breed history in 2009 as being the only dog to hold both the National Open and the National Amateur Gun Dog Championship titles.  He was also awarded the National 2010 Magnum's Masked Man award for having the highest amount of gun dog field trial wins/points of any dog in the country.  Peter Gunn made history again in 2012 by winning the National Tri Tronic's Top Shooting Dog Award and becoming the first dog in the history of the breed to have been awarded every National Gun Dog/Shooting Dog Title and Award.  Pete was also the 2012 International Brittany Shooting Dog Champion and the 2012 International Brittany All-Age RU Champion.  In 2011 he bested the field and claimed the title at the all breed Southeastern Continental Breed Shooting Dog Championship - he is only the second Brittany to ever win this championship title.  Pete is dually registered with American Field/Field Dog Stud Book and has also won four American Field Championship titles therefore further making him a 4x American Field Champion as well.  Also, early in his career he also had several National Shoot To Retrieve Association (NSTRA) wins/placements and also has several conformational show ring placements.   NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn is one of the most talented and decorated, consistent and well rounded bird-dogs the Brittany breed has to offer with an outsanding lineage of highly talented and proven dogs.  Pete's sire is NAFC FC AFC Walker's Gunner who was the 1997 National Amateur All Age Champion and is also the sire of NGDC FC Last Dixie Chick,, making Pete's sire NAFC FC AFC Walker's Gunner amoung an elite few dogs who have ever sired multiple national champions.  Pete's sire, NAFC FC AFC Walker's Gunner is a full littermate to 2002 National Amateur All Age Champion NAFC FC AFC Pistol Pack'n Walker, which also makes NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn's grandfather, FC Chickamin's Mr. Walker one of the elite few dogs that have ever sired multiple national champions as well.  FC Chickamin's Mr. Walker is a full littermate to DC AFC The Whiz Kid.  NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn's mother is AFC Bullet's Renegade Miss Megan who earned her AKC Amateur Field Champion title and also has multiple NSTRA wins and placements underneath her belt.  Megan's sire is Brittany Hall of Fame inductee and NSTRA legend 32x NSTRA Champion, 6x American Field Champion Nolan's Last Bullet who has more NSTRA wins than any dog of any breed in the history of NSTRA.

The mother of the litter, Slick Trick, is a level headed, moderate range gun dog with an incredible amount of bird drive and hunting instinct. Slick Trick's mother is FC Star's Dixie Pearl, who has also earned the well respected AKC title Field Champion through her field career.  Now retired, Pearl was another one of the south's big running shooting dogs who could stand up to the heat of competition and bring home the ribbons. Pearl is a level headed, wide ranging gun dog/shooting dog with an incredible amount of bird drive and hunting instinct who has multiple juvenile placements and 25 adult field trial placements which equates to her being in the ribbons at nearly every trial she attended. Pearl is a dog who is a true bird dog and has a nose that gives her the ability to find birds that other dogs don't even know are there.  She is athletic in nature and composes herself nicely on birds with a perfect 10 o'clock tail and head held high.  Pearl has proven herself a shining star in competitions which was expected given her lineage. FC Star's Dixie Pearl's sire is FC AFC Keystone's White Label who obtained both his AKC field championship (FC) title as well as his amateur field championship (AFC) title and hails from the well known FC/AFC Chubasco II lineage with a hint of 1994 National All Age Champion Brittany hall of famer NFC/FC/AFC Microdot HOF thrown into the mix. Pearl's sire, FC AFC Keystone's White Lable is also among an elite few dogs who have ever sired a national champion by having sired Pearl's half brother 2011 Brittany National Open All Age Champion NFC FC AFC Piney Run Art. Pearl's grandfather, FC AFC Chabasco II, was a big running All Age dog with lots of potential who had 90 field placements to his name as well as an American Field Championship title and two runner up American Field Championship titles.  FC AFC Chabasco II is listed in the pedigree of many of today's field champion and amateur field champion titled dogs. Pearl's mother's side is also an inspiring mix of dogs who earned National titles or have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and have served as the base of many of today's champions and National champions.
This litter should produce puppies of tremendous field/hunting quality.  The litter is expected to produce puppies with bloodlines that promote a sound, reasonable, and trainable attitude and disposition for any degree of activity ranging from a hunting partner to jogging partner to couch potato. 

These puppies will be strong, healthy bird dogs with intense desire and style, highly intelligent with an eagerness to learn, great conformations, and happy, biddable temperaments that will make them easy and enjoyable to live with at home. Orange and white as well as liver and white puppies will be expected. We prefer that our puppies above all are part of the family and we strive to find the right match for each puppy which includes an evaluation of the temperament, attitude and energy level as well as physical qualities to ensure the best home for each puppy.

Puppies come with a complete health guarantee against genetic defects. All dewclaws will be removed, tails will be docked, and they will be up to date on all vaccinations and dewormer.  We feed our puppies Eukanuba Puppy which is a premium, top quality food suitable for optimum growth and development. The puppies will be very well socialized healthy puppies that should travel easily to their new homes. 

To inquire about this litter please complete our Questionnaire.

We will ship puppies within the continental United States via airline for approximately 375.00 which includes airfare, appropriate veterinary certified shipping documents and health guarantee, airline shipping insurance, a shipping crate and travel fees.  This amount may be more or less depending on actual cost of airfare at the time of shipment. We release puppies to new homes between 6 and 8 weeks of age, depending on the maturity of the litter.

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