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Carefully Selected & Blended Old Chesapeake Hunting Dog Lines - Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in Ashley, North Dakota - Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953)

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                                                         Wyndhams Katy Kate at 4 Weeks Old
                                       ( By Wyndhams Excellence 4* out of Wyndhams Dakota Dart5* )
All Nine Pups Have headed for their new homes and one has been retained in the home kennel. The new owners are in;
Minnesota (2), New York, North Dakota (4), Pennsylvania, Washington

Please check out the May Litter Classified! 

The Wyndham Chesapeake Bay Retrievers had their start in 1953, when a then ten year old Ed Atkins qualified for a Junior Hunting License. This has always been a very serious, high quality hobby breeding effort designed to provide the top of the line hunting animals needed for the hunting of waterfowl and upland birds. Specifically it is a breeding program owned by a hunter aimed at producing the best quality hunting dogs and companions for all members of the family.  Healthy, Sound, Durable with Longevity and temperaments that are easy to live with and trainable are the priorities. Coincidentally the dogs kept adhere as closely to the breed standard of perfection as possible. These are hunting dogs that are good looking, not show dogs that may be able to hunt.

All of the dogs here are exercised together and work in groups. They accept strangers and other dogs with a happy friendly attitude and will avoid confrontations with other dogs if possible. At the same time they are highly focused and determined workers. In the off season the better looking ones may be shown occasionally just to see how they stack up with other Chesapeakes around the country. Hard Working hunting dogs owned by this kennel have won the highest possible honors over the years, Including the National Specialty Show, All Breed Best in Shows, Many Supported Entry Shows and Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club in Madison Square Garden in New York City. However the first priority being their ability to hunt has never been forgotten.


         Wyndhams Helping Hand at 3 Years Old                          Wyndhams Helping Hand at 8 Months Old

                       (By Wyndhams Raging River14* out of Wyndhams Dakota Golden Goose10*)

WYNDHAMS HELPING HAND is an outstanding female that has worked 3 seasons in the field. She is very fast and powerful on land and in water, a truly focused and determined worker finding game and retrieving. Sweet natured, naturally sound and healthy, learns quickly and yet confident enough to get her job done regardless of the circumstances. "Star" is delightful at home, in a car and in a duck blind. Like her full brother, Wyndhams Excellence ("Tarzan") she is a superb athlete. The talents coming honestly as both were sired by the venerable now 14 year old Wyndhams Raging River, a dog that is rugged in build, a powerful retriever and has proven the ability to sire pups with exceptional temperaments for hunting and his progeny are equally outstanding as assistance and guide dogs for the handicapped. "Ranger" was sired by a then 11 year old hunting dog that was line-bred to Fld Ch Raindrop of Deerwood, an outstanding Chesapeake in the early 1950's that herself traced to Chesapeakes documented to have been working in the Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas as far back as the 1870's. 

                                               Wyndhams Raging River 14* at 4 Years Old 2003

The mother of "Star" was an outcross female added to the kennel because of her rare purely working ancestry tracing to the best of the working stock that excelled in Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas during the 1940's and 50', but not related to "Ranger". Wyndhams Dakota Golden Goose in three litters produced exceptional workers from coast to coast. She also was a valued member of the shooting team here for 10 seasons.

"Star" has had a very busy day with the arrival of her litter on 23 January, 2014. All are weighing about a pound, have lovely Chesapeake coats and are vigorously attacking the cafeteria.

                                                                         Wyndhams Flashy  4*
                                 ( By  Rip Roaring Rusty out of Ch Son Glenns Hocus at Wyndham 10*)

WYNDHAMS FLASHY ("Scruffy") is a very fast, focused and athletic member of the shooting team. He is a  very determined retriever, ready to take on any obstacles, but  responsive to direction and always eager to please. Scruffy is a pin point marker, and wonderful game finder with the best of noses.


These qualities and talents demonstrate his wonderful working ancestry. His sire, Rip Roaring Rusty, was a hardcore goose dog in Colorado. The Rusty dog came from a high quality hunting line used by hunters in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado since the 1950's. These dogs traced many times to Ch/AFC Chucks Rip Joy through that dogs matings to Cocoa King females, which were the elite in the breed during the 1940's and early 1950's.


"Scruffy's" dam was a mainstay in this kennels shooting team for 10 shooting seasons. Both the sire and dam of Ch Son Glenn's Hocus at Wyndham, were bred here and sold to a long time Chesapeake enthusiast in Texas. "Hope" was a large rugged female, athletic, and totally determined to retrieve. The "Scruffy" dog was her only son and his first litter is showing him to be a worthy one.

                                                     Ch. Son Glenn's Hocus at Wyndham  10*

Anyone wishing additional information about this kennels stock  should contact Mr Atkins, who will be pleased to discuss or show off his current stock, explain breeding plans and how approved owners may reserve a pup with a nonrefundable deposit. Balance for puppy purchases are due when notified that a suitable puppy is available.

                                                            (Litter Born January 23, 2014)

Anyone wishing additional information about this kennels stock in either breed should contact Mr Atkins, who will be pleased to discuss or show off his current stock, explain breeding plans and how approved owners may reserve a pup with a nonrefundable deposit. Balance for puppy purchases are due when notified that a suitable puppy is available.

                                          Puppies at 17 Days Old Stealing Mom's Food & Playing

Ad location: Ashley, North Dakota
Ad created: Jan 22, 2014

Contact: Ed Atkins

Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953) Breeder Information

My Classified Pictures
Wyndhams Light Lashes at 5 1/2 weeks old

Wyndhams Light Lashes at 5 1/2 weeks old

Wyndhams "L.L." pups taking a nap at 5 1/2 weeks old

Wyndhams "L.L." pups taking a nap at 5 1/2 weeks old