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Timber Trail's Bella
Sire is Jerry vom Buchenberg - Zip   
Dam is Fall Brook Run's Aili- Lilly 
NA 112 prize I 
PennHIP .23/.23

Timber Trail's Bella Sire is Jerry vom Buchenberg - Zip Dam is Fall Brook Run's Aili- Lilly NA 112 prize I PennHIP .23/.23

Goodman's Eagle Point Emery (Rocky)
Sire: Jake vom Goldbrink
Dam: Goodman's Eagle Pt Anika
NA: 112 Prize I

Goodman's Eagle Point Emery (Rocky) Sire: Jake vom Goldbrink Dam: Goodman's Eagle Pt Anika NA: 112 Prize I OFA: SMU-94G31M-VPI

At Hunting Hills Kennel we work hard to produce Small Munsterlander Pointers that are both quality hunting dogs and wonderful loving family companions. Our Hunting Hills Kennel puppies are born and raised in our home, are handled daily from birth on, and are well-socialized with adults, kids, and other dogs. They are introduced to birds, gunfire, and water when weather allows. All of our puppies visit the vet at 2-4 days old to have their dew claws removed. At 7 weeks they return to the vet for their first set of puppy shots (DHPPL), worming, and heartworm. If your puppy is shipped it will be seen again for the health certificate for the trip home. Our puppies are microchipped for positive identification if lost or stolen. We provide both SMCNA and NAVHDA pedigrees for all puppies. You will also receive one year free membership to the Small Munsterlander Club of North America breed club. We provide the new owners with the NAVHDA training book titled The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog and The NAVHDA Aims and Rule Book. We prefer to place our puppies in hunting homes and will only consider a non-hunting home if the puppy will regularly participate in activities that utilize his/her natural talents, such as hunt testing, tracking, search and rescue or an outdoor family that regularly hikes or exercises with the dog. Small Munsterlanders are working dogs who require daily exercise and mental stimulation. Small Munsterlanders also enjoy human companionship and are clean in the home. We believe both male and female Small Munsterlanders are equally good hunters, both equally easy to train and are wonderful family companions. However a large number of prospective owners request females for the smaller size and misconceptions about males. We do charge less for males since the females are usually the first to be picked and we would like to give a price break for those folks who could better afford one of our quality males. We encourage you to prepare your puppy to take NAVHDA's Natural Ability Test before your pup is 16 months old. The NA tests are designed to evaluate the success of a breeding and to provide information for making future breeding decisions. The tests also help prepare a dog to be your hunting companion in its first year hunting. TheNAVHDA NA test is an important test to evaluate a versatile hunting dog's natural hunting ability. If you plan to breed your puppy, the SMCNA will require him or her to prize in a NAVHDA test along with a hip evaluation. At Hunting Hills Kennel we name our puppies similar to the German KlM club. Your puppy's Registered Name will begin with our Hunting Hills' kennel name and then the name begins with the litter letter in the alphabet. Our first litter was an A litter (Hunting Hills' Arnold), the second a B litter (Hunting Hills' Brandy). We are now on our R litter so the puppy' name could be Hunting Hills Ruger. The pup's call name can be anything you desire. You can help naming the puppy and use the call name within the registered name. For example if you wanted to call your pup Piper, the registered name could be Hunting Hills' Rippin' Piper. The only restriction is that the entire pedigree name must be under 25 letters. We begin housebreaking the puppies by encouraging them to potty outside each time they awake and after they eat. I like to use a command for the puppies when they successfully potty outside. When we go outside I command "Go potty" and when they do I say "Good potty". This helps them know when you want them to relieve themselves in the yard or when you get them out of the kennel when traveling with them. Hunting Hills' puppy's structure is evaluated at two day before or after age 8 weeks of age using Pat Hastings' method of structure evaluation. This allows us to evaluate the conformation structure of the puppies produced by its parents to assist us with future breeding decisions. Buyers who may possibly intend to breed their puppies will be given a choice of those puppies determined to have breeding-quality physical structure, regardless of their pick order. And, they will be contractually-required to take the steps necessary to have their puppies SMCNA-approved for breeding. The necessary steps are: (1) Required NAVHDA or JGHV testing; (2) PENN-HIP or OFA hip test; (3) a physical evaluation by your vet or Breed Council member, and (4) SMCNA Breed Council approval
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