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A beautiful Yellow Lab almost 6 months old. Her name is "Zara". She is brilliant, energetic and has a personality that is well suited for an indoor dog. She is incredibly obedient to the basic commands Sit,lay down,Stay and Come. Also,she will obey (visual only)hand signals for Sit,Lay Down,Stay and Come. She spends every night quietly in her crate. She is House Broke. She has been an indoor dog since she was 8 weeks old, so she knows the drill about going potty etc. Cannot say enough about her fun and loving personality! We have just recently began her hunt test training. We took her out the other day in cold snowy weather to introduce her to water. She was timid at first but jumped in with the other dogs. It was obvious that she loved being out there. She showed incredible athleticism as she was running through the mud and leaping over the other dogs. We introduced gunfire with Zara at a distance of about 50 yards and will gradually move in closer. She is an outstanding dog! At this point in her training she will sell for $2,500. Feel free to call with any questions. 435-896-3797
Ad location: Richfield, Utah
Ad created: Nov 24, 2013

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