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We are planning a spring litter with Show Me Leo and Show Me Boykin Berry. This is basically a heads up for those looking to find their first Boykin. Please see our web site for some additional details on Boykins. The one thing I have noticed on this site is that very few of the Boykin pups and kennels listed reveal any health certifications of their dogs. When your paying $1000 or more for a puppy, you would think that the breeder would at least state some of the health requirements/recommendations of BSS dogs. OFA HIPS, CERF EYES, OFA HEART and EIC. The society helps owners with the cost of many of these test, many times at little or no cost. Do not take the risk of Paying $1000 for what may well turn out to be a very expensive health issue that the breeder will say they are sorry it happen to your pup. Increase your odds of a healthy Boykins by finding one from a breeder that has health certifications on their breeding adults. All of our health certifications are on our web site.
Ad location: Indian Trail, North Carolina
Ad created: Nov 06, 2013

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