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NEW Winter 2013/2014

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LongMeadow breeds HIGH QUALITY AKC Family Pets & Gun Dogs!  Top AKC Field/Hunting/Show Bloodlines GENERATIONS of health clearances (OFA/CERF/PRA/DM)  ~ We are dedicated breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers ~ Our breedings produce puppies with fabulous temperaments that are suitable as Family Companions & Great all around Hunting Dogs ~ We provide a LIFE TIME of Health & Training advice for our VALUED puppy clients ~ Pups are Vet Checked, Wormed, Vaccinated & Bird/Retrieving Skills Tested to insure you're getting the right puppy for your needs!  ~ Extensive Guarantees ~ For more info on us, our breeding program, our litters go to our website: WWW.LONGMEADOWKENNELS.COM  Or follow us on Facebook- profile name: LongMeadow Chesapeake Bay Retrievers







Rita & Rascal Litter

Pups due mid November 2013 ~ Pups ready mid January 2014

This breeding will produce pups of all colors well suited for gun dog work!  This pedigree will combine some of the top field trial and hunting bloodlines!  Rascal has several passes towards his AKC Master Hunter title and is a serious working dog!



Kista & Chaamp Litter

Pups due mid December 2013 ~ Pups ready mid February 2014

Chaamp is an AKC Master Hunter that has qualified to run the AKC Master National.  Chaamp ha produced great working off spring!  Kista is a lovely example of a Chessie with a very correct coat for hunting- she is a bright happy fun loving retriever!  This breeding will produce pups of all colors including Deadgrass, sedge and all shades of brown.



New 2013 Winter Litters:

Pups Due mid November 2013 ~ Pups Ready mid January 2014

Litter Sire: Shallcross Lake's Little Rascal SH

Call name: "Rascal"

Rascal Statistics:

Color: Brown

Height: 25.5 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 85 Pounds

CERF: CB-354887

OFA Hips: CB-10250G28M-VPI

OFA Elbows: CB-EL2174M28-VPI

DM: CB-DM1714/29M-VP (Clear)

Rascal has earned his AKC Senior Hunting title and is now working towards his AKC Master Hunting title. He is an outstanding working dog- lots of fire and bird desire! Rascal is also a handsome fellow- nice layback of shoulder and a powerful rear assembly! Rascal's pedigree is very interesting- he has several top field trail dogs represented along with well know hunting blood lines.

Litter dam: LongMeadow Meter Maid

Call name: "Rita"

Rita Statistics:

Height: 23.5 Inches

Weight: 72 Pounds

Color: Light Sedge

OFA Hips: CB-9573F41F-VPI

OFA Elbows: CB-EL1686F41-VPI

DM: CB-DM927/62F-VPI (Clear)

PRA: Clear/Normal by parentage

CERF eye exam: Jan 2013 Bucks County Animal Ophthalmology- Clear/Normal

Rita is a lovely female with an outstanding coat. She comes from a line of Chessies who have lived very long healthy lives- her father is going to be 14 years old this year and her grandfather lived 16 years- all with no health issues! Rita is a wonderful retriever who loves her birds! As a puppy she was used as a demonstration dog at Cabalas by Pat Nolan who is a pro retriever gun dog trainer.

Pups Due mid December 2013 ~ Pups ready mid February 2014

Litter sire: CH Shallcross Lake's Chaamp MH, RA

Call Name: "Chaamp"

Color = Light Brown

Height = 24 Inches at shoulder

Weight = 85 Pounds

Hips = CB-9369G25M-VPI (Good)

Elbows = CB-EL1774M41-VPI (Normal)

Eyes = CB-6215 (last tested 2012)

PRA = PRCD: A1 CB-PRA35/31M-VPI (Clear/Normal)

DM = CB-DM1080/41M-VPI (Clear/Normal)

CA = CB-CA111/41M/C-VPI (Cardiac clear/normal)

EIC = CB-EIC67/31M-VPI (clear/normal)

PA= CB-PA34/46M/P-VPI (Patella clear/normal)


AKC CH = Bench Champion (bench championship title)

AKC MH = Master Hunter (field title)

RA = Rally Advanced (agility title)

Chaamp is a handsome heavily coated light brown male with a great temperament! He is an accomplished dog who has earned several advanced hunting retriever titles with the American Kennel Club (AKC) . Chaamp has been invited to run the Master National Retriever trial! Chaamp is also a fine companion hunting dog and is a proven stud dog- his off spring are titled retrievers and fantastic gun dogs!

Litter dam: LongMeadow Kittamaqundi

Call Name "Kista"

Color = Sedge

Height = 23 inches at the shoulder

Weight = 68 pounds

Hips = CB-10124G35F-VPI

Elbows = CB-EL2078F35-VPI

Eyes = CB-376822/12-36

PRA = Clear by parentage

DM = Clear by parentage

Kista is a lovely example of a Chesapeake! She is currently being shown in the AKC conformation ring and will easily get her bench championship. She has a harsh outer coat and a thick undercoat which is highly desirable for hunting purposes. Kista is an easy going dog who loves children!

Ad location: Dover, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Oct 31, 2013

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