Ivory/Black Pointing Lab Litter Planned for Spring 2014 - Labrador Retrievers in Colby, Kansas - J&L Pointing Labs


We couldn't be more excited about this pairing! Jessie has one of the best noses I have ever had the pleasure of hunting behind in my 19 years of pheasant hunting. It is not uncommon for her to point a bird 30 to 40 yards off and her manners in the house are some of the best I have seen. This girl loves 2 things hunting and sitting in the house with my daughters!


Here's what Niah's owner has to say about him "Niah has all the looks and drive you are looking for in a Pointing Labrador.  He carries Super Trooper's features in his blocky looks, 75 lb.muscular frame, black pigment, athletic ability, and strong desire to train and hunt.  He has exceptional marking and retrieving ability and displays one of the strongest natural points you will find.  If the bird sits, he will point it!  He has a calm, kid-friendly temperament, yet when its time to train or hunt he has a high output motor.  Niah was pointing at a very young age and was the quickest learner I have ever trained.  He has a strong desire to please and is crazy about finding, pointing, and retrieving birds.  Niah's pedigree features some of the best lines in the country  and you can see those bloodlines in his looks and personality.  When it comes to true Labrador looks, strong staunch point, and all around hunting and training ability, Niah is the total package!" 


Jessie's previous litter produced some awesome pups that possessed all of the natural ability she had along with exceptional off switches! These pups should have awesome looks, a ton of desire, all the natural ability you could ask for and awesome off switches!


Here is a quick testimonial from a client that purchased a pup out of Jessie's previous litter!

"This pup is by far the most amazing Labrador I have ever owned and I have owned Labradors for the past 40 years!"Dr. Dan

Jessie is:

  • EIC Clear
  • CNM Clear
  • CERF Clear
  • Elbows Normal LR-EL54593F27-PI
  • Hips OFA Good LR-197766G27F-PI

Niah is:

  • EIC Clear
  • CNM Clear
  • PRA/prcd Clear
  • CERF Clear
  • Hips OFA Good LR-199162G24M-NOPI

Pups will be EIC & CNM clear through parentage.


 Pedigree Information can be viewed at http://www.jlpointinglabs.net/Pages/JLPointingLabsJessieNiahLitterPedigree.aspx


Deposit amount is $200.00 which is non-refundable unless we are unable to produce the color and sex you're looking for.

If you have any questions and or would like to put down a deposit please feel free to give us a call (785) 443-3943 or simply shoot us an email ljohnson050713@gmail.com

Price $800.00/Males $900.00/Females

Pick of Litter--Not Available

Ad location: Colby, Kansas
Ad created: Oct 28, 2013

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