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Outstanding registered Mountain View Cur Yellow (Blonde, golden, to almost red in color) Pups available! . Outstanding proven bloodlines for 26+ years of breeding generations of ONLY proven "Certified Tree Dogs". The BEST Tree Dogs Ever Created with a Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee! $400.00 each for males and $450. for females. Outstanding loyal house pets and excellent family companions and OUTSTANDING, NATURAL, Tree Dogs, on coon, squirrel, bob-cat, lion, Bear, cattle dogs, sheep dogs, decoy coyote dogs, antler dogs, wounded game finders, watch dogs, search and rescue, and much, much more. Basically they can do anything canine possible, better than an other. They are the Though-bred's of the Cur world with 99% making outstanding hard tree dogs with better noses than ANY hound. World, National, Regional, and state championship winning bloodlines.
Ad location: Bonnieville, Kentucky
Ad created: Oct 27, 2013

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