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"Buster" is a beautiful Labrador Retriever. He has the English Labrador qualities including a nice blocky head. At 15 months old, he is coming out of the puppy stage. He has a very mild temperament that is accompanied by outstanding house manners. Buster is doing very well with all basic obedience. He has been introduced to guns, birds, and is an excellent swimmer. He has been both indoor crate, and outdoor kennel trained. Buster has a desire to be obedient that impresses us here at Pro Line. Buster has been well socialized, and has been a great companion to local activities such as soccer, football, and the occasional BBQ at the park. He truly shows all the desired traits for an amazing porch dog, who will make a decent bird dog on the weekends.
Ad location: Richfield, Utah
Ad created: Oct 06, 2013

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Big Jake's Buster