GSP~Line Bred "Greif/EsserGreif" ALL LIVER Litter ~Due October 12th - German Shorthaired Pointers in Fulda, Minnesota - KMK Shorthairs


Line Bred "GREIF"/"EsserGreif Litter

Due to Whelp October 12th, 2013


Krystal Creek's Hamilton UT II, NA I ~ "Hammy"

(VC KMK Runin Vegas v Greif JH, UT I, NA I  X  VC Krystal Creek's Quadra Jet)


Height - 24 1/2" ~  Weight - 65  ~  Coat - Med Dense/Med Harsh

 Owner: Al Harmeyer of Krystal Creek


Will be Bred To

KMK Esser Kiss Me K D v Greif JH, NA I ~ "K D"

(KMK Dakota Sky Rider v Greif  X  KMK Snake River Jo D v Greif JH, NA I(112)

OFA HIPS=(Pending) ~ ELBOWS=(Pending)

Height - 22 1/2"  /  Weight - 50    Coat - Dense/Harsh


Due to Whelp October 12th, 2013

Line Bred "GREIF"/"EsserGreif"

This should be a great "Dual Prospect" Litter of puppies!!

Hammy is one of the most Easy Going and Stable dogs at Krystal Creek Kennels. He is the son of 2 VC Titled Parents, one of which is our boy "Vegas". His Litter received a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award. He is equally comfortable in the kennel or in the house. Hammy is Great with Kids and has been very Easy to Train. He has Great Drive on Land and in the Water, Awesome Pointing, and Loves to Retrieve. Hammy earned his NAVHDA Utility and is working on his AKC Senior Hunt Title. No matter the situation, this guy Keeps His Cool! Hammy is a Real Gem of a dog.
"K D" is a is a very high spirited little girl, who is has a great nose, plenty of run, and tons of natural ability!!! "K D" is a retrieving fool! She is also one of the sweetest girls I have ever owned. Both her dam "Jo D" & her uncle  "Vegas"  earned 112 Perfect Score, Prize 1 NAVHDA Natural Ability Titles. "Vegas" went on to earn earn a Prize I Utility Title and his NAVHDA VC Title @ 3 years.  "K D" is a Stunning Bitch standing  22 1/2" with an approx weight of 50 lbs, & a Dense/Harsh Coat.
Both "Hammy" & "K D's" Grand Sire, "Jake" was first and foremost, an All Age Field Trial Dog.  He focused on field trialing in AKC and American Field events. Competing in the show ring was never a priority, but with his "Show Champion" title, he had the very real opportunity of becoming a  "Dual Champion".  "Jake's"  NGSPA Wins include; R-U Champion, Amateur Shooting Dog, Quail Championship. His AKC Field Wins include; 1st Place Open Gun Dog; & Multiple All Age Placements.  "Hammy's" & "K D's" Grand Dam, "Lottie", received a placement at the "GSPCA 2003 NSS". "Hammy" & "K D's" brothers and sisters have also earned Hunt Test titles, NAVHDA Titles, Rally Titles, and Show Championships.
The numerous National Field Champions, Dual Champions, Amateur Field Champions, AKC Field Champions and GSPCA Hall of Fame Dogs in these dogs immediate backgrounds, will provide these puppies with outstanding field potential.  We hope to get a very "Standard" size GSP from this breeding.
This will be Miss "K D's" first litter. We think she may have an all Solid Liver litter, but there may be a couple of Liver & White Patched Ticked Puppies also.
Please take a look at the Pedigree & Genetic % Report on this proposed litter.
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Ad location: Fulda, Minnesota
Ad created: Sep 27, 2013

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