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      Champion bloodlines and hunting dogs, combined with superb temperments make these puppies well rounded.   I breed for sound temperament and correct conformation. These puppies have both hunting lines and show dogs behind them and their good looks are already showing. They are very investigative when put in a new environment too. Whether you are looking for a hunting companion, a beloved family pet or a potential show dog, these pups can get the job done for you.
     Puppy selection occurs between 7 and 8 weeks old. I watch the puppies to see who is more adventurous, more gentle, more loving, and offer guidance to prospective owners so that your family gets a dog that matches your family.  Their personalities are starting to emerge, and it is interesting to observe their differences!  Being GSPs, they will need to have an active lifestyle, and are best suited for folks that embrace that lifestyle. I did place one GSP with a person who lives in an apartment in Chicago, and he is very happy, but she makes sure that he gets plenty of walks/runs/swims (doesn't mind the cold great lakes water temps either). Let me know your situation, and I'll see if we can find the perfect match for you!
     Bella has OFA certified hips and elbows, rated good. King's hips/elbows have been x-rayed and examined by a vet, and deamed, good.
      Visit my website www.wffarm.com to view pedigrees and photos of the dogs.  Visit my facebook page, Whippoorwill German Shorthaired Pointers for pictures and videos!
   I am a former board of directors member of the Eastern Carolina Pointing Breed club (until our preserve closed down), and am a current member of the Sandhills Pointing breed club. Although I don't hunt, I love to take the dogs out to work at "doing what comes naturally".
    Puppies were born July 24
Ad location: Vass, North Carolina
Ad created: Jul 28, 2013

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