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Duchasseur Ginger (NA3) x CH Aux Lake Bristle MH (UT1/204) We are TAKING RESERVATIONS NOW for pups from our litter whelped July 12th. Ginger delivered 10 vigorous pups on July 12 (6 males/4 females). Puppies from this litter will be available to selected homes in early September. The dam and sire of this litter complement one another very well in character, conformation, and field performance... expressing similar personality, structure, and coat quality. I expect the puppies from this litter to be exceptional family companions with high performance in the field and water, and I will be keeping a female to evaluate for future use in my breeding program. Duchasseur Ginger is from a September 2006 litter by Duchasseur Kennel near Quebec, CA (Duchasseur Kennel has produced many top quality Griffons of proper French lineage, who perform very well in the field and show superior companionship). Ginger is a near perfect example of what I feel a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon should be. She is very affectionate, loving, cooperative, and docile in the home which carries over well into the field. Consistent with the Griffon breed, she will methodically search the field and cover at a steady pace while eagerly taking voice commands and regularly checking in. She truly works for the gun, desires to please, and was easily trained in obedience - without an electronic collar. Ginger has been a natural swimmer and retriever. Her coat is a very nice medium dense/medium-harsh to harsh, which picks up relatively few burrs and requires very little grooming and attention. Ginger expresses a strong and loving bond with me, is great around my young children, and is the most pleasant dog I have ever owned. Ginger's first litter (whelped in 2010) earned a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder's Award for their collective performance; with an average score of 105 out of 112 points. Pups from her second litter (whelped November 2011) are also performing very well in the field, although not enough ran in the NAVHDA NA test to qualify for this same honor. CH Aux Lake Bristle MH is from Aux Lake Kennel in Kansas. Aux Lake has produced many great Griffons over the years and has turned many heads with the recent crowing of four NAVHDA Versatile Champions that they produced. Bristle's pedigree includes NAVHDA and AKC lines that are well known for producing high performing field dogs, and he himself scored a prize 1/204 on his NAVHDA Utility test and earned his AKC Master Hunter, in addition to just missing a NAVHDA VC title. Bristle is a wonderful example of the breed with a deep chest and stout build. Bristle has a wonderful temperament, showing that special, affectionate personality that the griffons are known for. He has great prey drive, ranging out nicely with moderate speed to cover the ground very well in the hunting field. Bristle offers lots of eye contact and cooperation in the field, which generally translates into easier training and hunting for the gun. Bristle's coat is medium dense/medium harsh, and is easily managed and has excellent durability in the field. His strong build, great coat, and love of water lend well to the waterfowl blind and cold temperatures. With strong French lineage throughout the pedigrees, I would expect pups from this litter to be fully furnished around the face and muzzle, with medium to long body coats and consistent structure, temperament, and coat type across the litter. Pups will have a high level of natural hunting ability and field performance while maintaining all of the desirable character and companion qualities of the dam and sire. For more information about this litter or to be considered for placement of a pup, please contact me by phone or email. I would enjoy the opportunity to visit with you further or to answer additional questions you may have. (PICTURES OF DAM, SIRE, PUPPIES, AND PREVIOUS PUPPIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)
Ad location: Livonia, Missouri
Ad created: Jul 24, 2013

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Duchasseur Ginger NA3