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BLACK LABRADOR FEMALE PUPPY                              D.O.B May 24, 2013


Sire:  4xGMPR HRCH HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK  MH, QAA


Dam:  HR Orion's Bold Huntress


I have one black female puppy available from this outstanding breeding!  Both sire and dam personify my image of a proper Orion Labrador retriever.  Physically they are solidly built well balanced dogs of moderate size who possess classic Labrador heads, good coats, and nice otter tails.  Tess weighs about 65 lbs. and is 22 inches tall at the withers, while Rooster weighs 72 lbs. and is about 23 inches tall.  Their size and build is very similar and ideal for a working Labrador, in my opinion.


Rooster is a strikingly handsome dog.  He is a rich hue of dark yellow that is often referred to as "Fox Red".  He is solidly built without being bulky.  He stands squarely and has good angulation.  His head is classic Labrador, not overdone like many show bred Labs and not snipey or houndy like some field Labs.  I believe Rooster exemplifies the proper size and structure of a Labrador retriever.  You can find additional information about Rooster, including his health clearances, pedigree, and pictures at  Click on their "Stud Dog" tab and again on "Rooster" to see his page.


Tess is also a very good looking Lab with an exceptionally handsome head and stocky body for a bitch.  She is very soundly built and has great stamina in the field.  For more information about Tess, including her health clearances, pedigree, and pictures go to, click on "Orion Females" and again on "Tess".  If physical conformation and good looks are important to you, these two have produced some of the best looking field-bred Labs pups around!


Rooster has demonstrated his talent in the field by earning advanced titles in AKC, HRC, and APLA hunt tests.  In addition to those titles, he won the only Qualifying stake he ever ran in AKC field trials and he also passed the HRC 2012 Fall Grand Hunt test.  Tess has earned an HR title in HRC hunt tests and is a great pheasant hunting dog.  This pup should have inherited all of the talent needed to excel in the field.


If you want to insure that your pup comes from parents who have passed their health clearances you should examine the health certifications of these two exceptional Labs.


HR Orion's Bold Huntress                             GMPR HRCH Rooster Smasher MH, QAA


AKC Reg. No.:   SR55817903                         AKC Reg. No.:   SR42867101

D.O.B.:  April 17, 2009                                 D.O.B.:  June 9, 2007

Penn Hip:  80th Percentile (.34/.36 DI)           OFA Hips:  LR-182016G24M-VPI; Good

OFA Elbows: LR-EL58109F46-VPI; Normal      OFA Elbows:  LR-EL43710M24-VPI; Normal          

OFA Eyes:   LR-EYE550/45F-VPI; Normal        Cerf:  LR-54718/2011-49; Normal

EIC:  LR-EIC1904/34F-VPI: Clear                   EIC: LR-EIC1726/16M-VPI; Clear

CNM:  LR-CNM427/34F-VPI: Clear                  CNM:  LR-CNM381/30M-VPI; Clear

prcd-PRA:  "Clear by Parentage"                    prcd-PRA:  LR-PRA818/57M-VPI; Clear

RD/OSD:  "Clear by Parentage"


What more could you want?  Both parents are talented, healthy, physically sound, beautiful, Labrador retrievers.  Well, that only begins to describe this duo!  The icing on the cake is their temperaments.  Both are mellow reserved dogs who display a common sense attitude that isn't so common these days.  Tess is a gentle affectionate dog who likes to sit calmly on my lap and snuggle.  Rooster spends his evenings lying on the couch with his mistress watching TV.  Rooster's original owner, Dale Swiderski of Hunter's Rose Kennel, says Rooster "is a deceiving animal, exceptionally mild mannered in the house and when in the field 100%. Easily the best off switch we have seen to date, with exceptional line manners and steadiness."  Rooster's current owners, Steve and Linda Torgerson describe Rooster as "a gentle personality in the house; 72 lbs. of Hunting Machine in the field."


This pup has enjoyed the best care available.  She received Early Neurological Stimulation, has been de-wormed, has had her first vaccinations, and has been weaned onto Orijen Large Breed Puppy food.  She has been exposed to a variety of auditory stimuli, including the Master's Voice Gundog Conditioning System.  She has been introduced to water and pheasant wings and her eyes have been examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist to insure that she has no congenital eye defects.


The price for this puppy is $1,000.  She is available immediately.  If you are interested in a Labrador puppy nurtured in an enriching environment from parents with the rare combination of physical soundness, ability in the field, health, beauty, and temperament please contact me. 


Ad location: Frankfort, Indiana
Ad created: Jul 20, 2013

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