FEMALE YELLOW LAB PUPPY. born 5/28/2013 - Labrador Retrievers in New Florence, Pennsylvania - 3 Cedars Retrievers

We call her Pearl, she is just waiting for someone to give her a permanent name. She was born from a repeat breeding on May 28th along with her 6 brothers and 4 sisters. Pearl is the largest female in her litter. Based on the female puppies from the previous breeding Pearl will finish out around 75 pounds. She will be a hard charger and is already showing those signs in her play with her brothers and sisters. Pearl's sire and dam are both superior upland hunting and hunt test dogs with strong working dog pedigrees. The puppies from their first breeding are already proving themselves to be exactly what we had hoped for from this pairing. These are hard working, driven dogs with superior intelligence, stamina and desire. Their work ethic is second to none. Three of them have already completed NAHRA titles before they turned one. Pearl will follow in those footsteps. Pearl is ready for any job you want to teach her. Just ask the folks at PennVetWDC about her older sister Socks. Socks is a standout in her class and is in training to be an explosives detection dog. Pearl has the same potential. If you want to learn more about Pearl visit our website or call me at 814-241-1142
Ad location: New Florence, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Jul 09, 2013

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