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Pup will be here the first week of September. They will come with their first round of shots and registration papers. The last time we bred these two dogs we got 5 brindled, 6 yellow, and 1 red pup. The male, Boone, is a 63 lb blue brindle BMC. He does not have an ill bone in his body; but is as gritty as you would ever want. I use him on tree game (squirrel and coon), decoying coyotes, and on my trapline. He is also trained to run on a treadmill and to pull a sled (for trapping and my children). Overall, he is what a BMC should be. My female, Belle, weighs in at 45 lbs. She is yellow with a black mask. She is the dog my children (9 & 11) take hunting by themselves. She is used for squirrel, coon, and hog (until we moved to Ky). Belle will check in every 10 minutes or so until she hits a track. She will run the track until the end. Both dogs are fine examples of BMCs (conformation, intelligence, and ability) and I am proud to offer pups from them. Thank you. Marc
Ad location: Kentucky
Ad created: Jun 09, 2013

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