Unusual Red Old Lone Pine Finley River Pup - Treeing Walker Coonhounds in Artemas, Pennsylvania - Sharp Tooth Kennels Lone Pine Finley River Dogs

This is old lone pine Finley River breeding at its best.  Parents are both heavy Lone Pine Finley River, Sire has Flag breeding as well, out of the old River Bend Flag. Unusual red coloration at birth, most pups are born black and white, this little fella was predominately red with a bit of black in with the white.  He is very personable, fearless and outgoing from early on.  He is going to be special.  Finley River Chief Jr  was a red walker dog as well...once in a while you get the mix of the really old blood and the old stuff comes out.  This is an example
Ad location: Artemas, Pennsylvania
Ad created: May 21, 2013

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