Ranger Dave(IFC Ranger Dan) x Scroghams Wineo(FC Blue Barry) Female Pup - Beagles in Lancaster, Kentucky - Shepherd's Kennel

I have a 10 wk old Female Tri-Color Pup for Sale. She has a nice black saddle back with some ticks on her legs. Her litter mates were Blue Ticks. She has had 2 rounds of puppy shots, de-wormed and kennel cough vaccination. Plenty of interaction with me daily. Her pedigree is awesome with IFC Ranger Dan and Double FC Maravic's Blue Barry breed female. Dave is 14 and half inches and Wineo is a big female at 15inche's I'm putting her up for sale because a friend of mine needed some cash and I bought his Reggie female who is running already and works out better for my work schedule to keep the running female. I have also sent her puppy papers in already as I wasn't planning on selling her.Price $300.00
Ad location: Lancaster, Kentucky
Ad created: Apr 18, 2013

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