YELLOW HUNTING LABS DUE JUNE 1ST. - Labrador Retrievers in New Florence, Pennsylvania - 3 Cedars Retrievers

Announcing a REPEAT breeding that produced outstanding hunting Labs from the first breeding. We are attempting to breed dogs that will be truly versatile companion hunters. We expect are dogs to be top performers in the field and be comfortable companions anytime. We selected this sire and dam because we want to bring together two incredibly strong performers with very different personalities. We could not be happier with the puppies from the first breeding. We got the size we wanted with the males ranging from 85 to 70 pounds and the females from 72 to 55 at 9 months. We got the drive and intelligence we wanted with many of the puppies already exhibiting superior skills. We got the personality we wanted with all of Mas' drive coupled with Babe's manners. I sometimes wish I could just keep everyone of them. *****Our puppies are expected to have the drive and intelligence to learn whatever skill their owners require. Puppies from or first litter are already well on their way to rising to the tops of their jobs. Puppies Ron and Dash have already joined the Three Cedars Team and are working in the upland fields for our bird hunting clients. Puppy Socks is at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center where she has been slated to become an explosives detection dog. (You can learn much more about Socks training on the PennVetWDC Facebook page.) Puppies Tess, Gauge, Gin, Luke and Jack are in training to join their owners in duck blinds and upland fields next season. And finally puppy Hawk is learning the skills to be a "personal protection dog" for his people and puppy Molly is busy shepherding and entertaining 3 young girls. Each of these puppies has a page on our website where you can see more details about their lives and training. *****Sire: WR HR SR JACK'S UNO MAS CYRMAIZE BY WETLANDS. Mas is an 85 pound mass of muscle. His pedigree shows a very strong field trial background and his drive certainly lives up to his pedigree. He is the ultimate "guys hunting dog". He is relentless in the field and boasts a 100% retrieve rate no matter how far the bird falls (and/or runs). He has two Senior NAHRA passes towards his MHR and should complete that title this spring. He is primarily an Upland hunter and typically is responsible for my clients and me killing well over 500 birds each year. We start with September PA doves, work right on thru Grouse and Woodcock on the Michigan UP and finish back in PA for numerous Pheasant, Chukar and Quail hunts where we work as guides. We also kill the occasional crow, pigeon or ground hog that Mas LOVES to retrieve. Mas has OFFA ratings of EXCELLENT on his HIPS (LR-191355E28M-VPI) and NORMAL ELBOWS (LR-EL54531M42-VPI). Mas has a NORMAL CERF (LR-359912 (11)) and is CNM CLEAR and an EIC CARRIER. Copies of all of these health certificates and his pedigree can be found on my website at *****Dam: HR SR THREE CEDARS BABE IN THE WOODS: Babe is a 62 pound very light yellow pointing Lab. She is the consummate lady when at home and the hardest working dog you will ever encounter in the field. We call her a "situational pointer". When the birds co-operate she locks up like the best pointing breeds but with running birds she falls back on her considerable flushing skills. Like Mas, Babe works with me on our guide service and hunts and retrieves anything we ask of her. She is typically responsible for an additional 500+ birds each year. Babe is a little behind on NAHRA titles due to the timing of her heat cycles and last years pregnancy. We plan to get a couple of her Working Retriever passes this spring before she gets too far along in her pregnancy. Babe's pedigree shows a strong history of Field Test and Hunt Test dogs. And like Mas, she is true to her heritage. Babe has OFFA ratings of EXCELLENT on her HIPS (LR-200526E29F-VPI) and NORMAL ELBOWS (LR-EL56702F29-VPI). Babe has a NORMAL CERF (LR-359913) and is CNM CLEAR and EIC CLEAR. Copies of all of these health certificates and her pedigree can be found on my website at *****We are accepting reservations for this upcoming litter now. Several are already committed so please let me know soon if you are interested. Price will be $1500. Details of our application and guarantee can be founds on our website *****We are also accepting 3 puppies for started dog training. Our Started dog contract is shown on our website as well. Pricing for Started dogs will be $5000.
Ad location: New Florence, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Apr 02, 2013

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