Treeing Walker pups born 10/18/12 - Treeing Walker Coonhounds in Roseburg, Oregon - Cascade Walkers Kennel


I have rasied and trained the parents and ancestors of this strain of dogs for over 40 years.

Selectively bred for speed, stamina, intelligence and conformation.

UKC Purple Ribbon bred.

House's Clint, Houses's Lippper, Bellar's Pac Man, Yadkin River appear in their pedigrees. These dogs go back to Oklahoma Spot, one of the most famous Treeing Walker Coonhounds of all time.

Adult males average 55 lbs, adult females 45-50.

They have long legs, deep chests and loud voices. Good locators and tree dogs, and very intelligent.

$500 each.

Ad location: Roseburg, Oregon
Ad created: Oct 25, 2012

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