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We are proud to announce a long awaited line-breeding with our E Litter breeding for Fall 2012. This is a line-breeding of the foundation dam for vom Adlerberg and will be a Fila grandson over a Fila daughter. Fila has produced exceptional puppies passing her nose and desire to each litter. To attest for the natural ability of the pups she's produced, there have been 4h's produced out of each litter, and 12 4h's out of 16 Derby dogs tested. Both of the dogs paired in this breeding have outstanding qualities we want in our hunting companions. This litter should produce a great blend of traits, strong conformation, and all around working abilities with an emphasis on excellent nose and desire. For a more detailed write up, please visit our website at

Ad location: Potlatch, Idaho
Ad created: Oct 09, 2012

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