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Cloud Perfection Bird Dog Training developed for the purpose of training upland bird dogs uses a comprehensive approach that is positive and low stress for the dog. I evaluate each dog for his or her stage of development and basic instinct for hunting. This will form the initial involvement of training.

Positive Methods with an emphasis on Clicker Training is my primary approach to developing perfection with upland bird dogs. This positive method is extremely effective; it develops a line of communication with the dog and reduces the time to learn new behaviors. Furthermore, this method creates a confident and happy dog that produces precision in their performances and embeds the behavior over time.

The number of dogs for training is imitated during any one period. This provides the amount of time to provide quality-training involvement with each dog. This also ensures the dog will reach their full potential: whether it is hunting wild game or in an intense field trial.

A quality bird dog training program also addresses the mental and physical needs of each dog. Meeting the nutritional needs of the dog is crucial to the dog having good health. During their training period, dogs are provided with the best diet for performance. I also have several veterinarians nearby in case the dog requires medical attention.

Mission Statement

My primary mission is to train upland bird dogs using a positive approach. My goal is to involve the owner in the training of their gun dogs. This ensures for long-term success. As the owner fully understands how the dog is trained, the owner can continue the level of perfection after training.

The owner is shown in detail how their dog was trained. They are also informed regarding the dynamics of dog psychology and the importance of them being a pack animal. The owner can use this information to continue their dog's training and ensure long term success.

Training Format

Cloud Perfection Bird Dog Training takes gun dogs through distinct levels of formal training. Each new behavior is built on previous learned behaviors.

Young dogs need the opportunity of exposure to birds in the field without attempts to teach behaviors but to allow instinct take over and bring out the hunting nature of the dog. This ensures a young dog is excited about birds and has time for the puppy to allow its instincts to develop.

It is important for the puppy to become socialized, allowing them to be around different people, in different situations and different times. The dog needs to be comfortable around other dogs and people. This will add to the success of your gun dog being around others in different hunting situations or trial events.

The Foundation Level: begins with learning crucial behaviors that is necessary for successful upland bird dog. The gun dog begins to learn style etiquette. Obedience is taught to include "Here, Heel, Whoa (away from birds) Kennel and waiting to be released to hunt. Retrieving is introduced without any pressure. Click and Treat methods develop a high level of success in retrieving and produces a dog that is eager to retrieve an object to you even during warm weather.

The Intermediate Level: is where all variables are controlled. This allows for the desired outcome to occur each and every time you perform the learning task. This ensures a positive and consistent outcome. During this stage of learning, the dog is introduced to birds and guns, Whoa, Holding Point (while on birds) and Steady to Wing and Shot, Backing and Hunting in range with control. Retrieving is continued to be a part of this stage.

The Advanced Level: the gun dog is performing learned behaviors with reliability. Developing "Style" on point is reinforced. Learning to Quarter on cue is taught and Honoring another dog's point. The gun dog is also taught to respond to hand and whistle signals.

Special Issues: Some gun dogs have developed unwanted behaviors. I will evaluate your dog to determine if it can be retrained and provide a detailed intervention as to how the dog can be rehabilitated.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dr. Dale Hubbard,Ph.D. Animal Behavioral Specialist




Christy Lee Founder of & Trainer at Cloud Perfection Bird Dog




Training takes place on 40 acres in Double Springs, AL

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