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Sorry, all the pups are sold.  See below for future litter announcement.

            Thank you for your interest in Schaller's English Cockers.  I like to stress that we are NOT a kennel.  We breed for a high energy top hunter that is also a great companion in the home.  Our English Cockers are a very calm and loving addition to the family. 

            Terry my wife said “no puppies this summer” so we will breed Sage earlier.  She is due for her next heat mid Dec.  Nine weeks after she is bred puppies are born.  Eight weeks later they can go to new homes.  That would make it mid April to a new home.  She has been fairly consistent with her cycles.  Sage’s previous litters have been 7, 6 & 7 pups.  I plan on using Max for stud this time.

            Lilly is due for her next cycle the first part of Feb.  That would make it mid June, maybe?  This will be Lilly's first litter.  She is about 25 pounds and I would expect 4-5 pups.   Lilly is one of my pups from Sage.  Lilly is owned by my brother in law, Dondi and I have the breeding rights.  We hunt together often locally and in N Dakota.  I plan on using Elvis for stud.  Dondi’s son Seth owns Elvis

Ad location: Portage, Wisconsin
Ad created: Sep 21, 2012

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