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Hay Devil Gundogs is proud to announce the premier breeding of Cedarwoods Foxy Lady and Cedarwoods First Offense. We subscribe to the strict breeding standards of the North American Pudelpointer Alliance. (www.pudelpointer.org). The planned whelp date is 8/21/11, so your new pup can be ready for your home 10/21/11. Cedarwoods Foxy Lady NA Prize I, 112 pts at 5 months of age. HD free. Foxy found, pointed and retrieved to hand at 7 months. Foxy has tremendous affection and house manners. She has very strong prey drive, intense water work and great nose. UT training underway. Cedarwoods First Offense NA Prize I, UT Prize II. Tukr is the breed's all time top- producing male. Two out of three of his puppies earn a Prize I in NAVHDA natural ability testing. To read more about why Bob Farris advised us on this sire as a great match for Foxy, see http://cedarwoodgundogs.com/articles/dec2007.pdf A word from one of Foxy's Trainers: "I have hunted, trained and run hunt tests with labs for many years. I was so impressed with Foxy during training that I have reserved a male pup from this breeding. She's the most affectionate pointing dog I've ever encountered, and her stamina and desire never quit! The sire, Tukr, is a hellacious retriever. I am looking forward to competing in HRC with our new Pudelpointer." - Lance Wollman, LanCin Labs, Hartford, SD Call Lance if you'd like to hear more. 605-360-7935 http://www.lancinslabs.com/ If you agree that this may be your next great hunting partner and family companion, please call Pierre or Linda at 712.490.7651 to discuss reserving a pup.
Ad location: Jefferson, South Dakota
Ad created: Jul 15, 2011

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