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Pine Valley Gundogs - Michigan Beagle, German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

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About Pine Valley Gundogs

Home of Pine Valley Beagles and Pine Valley German Shorthaired Pointers, AKC CAR microchipping, training pens, affordable collars & leads, Tri-tronics training collars and more. We are a licensed commercial kennel in Lapeer County, Michigan. We started with our first German Shorthaired Pointer back in 1980 and our first pair of beagles in 1983. Since then we have grown to more than two dozen adult hunting dogs.

Our GSPs are bred for their hunting abilities. They are not show dogs. Naturally, confirmation is also an important factor to responsible breeding, but my GSPs must have both! "All show and no go" doesn't cut it around this kennel! All of our GSPs used for breeding and stud are OFA certified to be sure that your GSP puppy will not suffer from any genetic medical problems, such as hip dysplasia. Our goal here at Pine Valley Gundogs is to offer you a healthy puppy that you can mold into your hunting companion for many years to come.

Our beagles are hard hitting gundogs that have lots of speed and drive, bred and trained to find the rabbits for you. No more kicking brush piles, that job belongs to the beagles! If you want a good jump dog that hunts for you, you've come to the right kennel. Follow us on facebook

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Beagle, German Shorthaired Pointer
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Training, Stud Services
Breeder Contact Info
Mike Papiez
8749 Lapeer Road
Mayville, Michigan 48744
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Rory Carter on Jul 31, 2016
I purchased a beagle pup from pinevally in November of 2015.. I could not be happier with my choice. I have had several beagles in my life, but this one tops them all. I knew from the moment I brought her home that I had made a great choice. My pup turns a year old on August 12th ,and she is a great hunter& family pet. I would recommend Pinevally Gun Dogs to anyone looking for a great all around Beagle.
Submitted by: Danielle and Rich Dirksen on Jun 17, 2016
I had been wanting a dog for a couple of years when I finally convinced my husband that we really needed one to complete our family. Neither of us are huge into hunting, but my family is and my brother encouraged us to get a "hunting dog" just for the simple fact that they are incredibly intelligent. No one I knew had a GSP, but Rich and I both loved the breed and did a ton of research to find that they are the perfect breed for us. After having a conversation via phone with Mike, we set up an appointment to just go and see the available puppies, but once we saw them, it was inevitable that we were going to bring one home with us. We actually got the last available puppy from the August 2015 Autumn and Duke litter, a male that we named Sully.
Needless to say, we absolutely love our new addition. He really does complete our family! Sully is so smart, instinctive, playful, and loyal. We couldn't have gotten a better dog! As for Mike and Rosie, we can't say enough about how reputable they are as people and breeders. I haven't met people with so much integrity in a long time. They went above and beyond to make sure that our puppy was healthy in their care, and that the transition to us into his new home, was seamless.
I would hands down encourage anyone I know to get in touch with Mike if they're looking to get a GSP. You will not be disappointed with the dogs, and you'll be beyond happy with the service.
Submitted by: Dale on Jun 15, 2016
I told Mike Papiez I would do this testimonial. Bought male & female beagles 3 yrs ago at 8 wks. Primary use, rabbit hounds. Jeanne & I are too dam busy. We love bow/rifle hunting for deer. Oct/Nov/Dec our focus is on the deer. I didn't put the time in to train Odie & Elmer though had them afield a lot. I wasn't seeing much the first 2 yrs with them. Last winter these dog's genetics showed how good of dogs Mike has. I had a ball watching these 2 beagles run rabbits. They performed awesomely running rabbits late Dec/Jan/Feb & early March. Listening to them bark on rabbits became music to my ears. I became a beagler and let most of the bunnies just run by me without shooting them. Several family members and friends enjoyed hunting with these beagles last winter. Kudos to my dogs Odie/Elmer. Mike, I hope the vast majority of your clients are as satisfied as Jeanne/I are. BTW, prior to purchasing these 2 beagles Jeanne/I owned 2 Jagd German terriers. Bought them from breeder down South. If anyone is looking for a challenge and wants a 20 lb terrier full of teeth, are not afraid of anything, want to kill everything they can get a hold of, are great blood hounds, are great lap dogs, and will protect you with their life these dogs are the real deal. We found out about these dogs on website. Both of these pigheaded stubborn dogs took off on me at night (1 yr apart) and wouldn't come back. Unfortunately they were struck by vehicles and died. We miss those Jagds sooooo much. Anyway thanks Mike, great genetics and beautiful hounds. I am now a beagler!! Dale
Submitted by: john cherwinski on May 01, 2016
I would like say thanks to mike and rosie of pine valley gundogs for my little girti. A gsp who is now 10 weeks old. Mike and rosie made the puppy hunting experience fun and informative and were very helpful. Although we have raised 3 generations of shorthairs, you can always learn more if you listen to a professional. Pine Valley Girtruhde Mae is a pure delight. I can't wait until september to see her work. Hopefully Mike can make it out to the woods to put up some grouse this year. Looking forward to it! Thanks again Mike and Rosie, you're the best.
Submitted by: gene morrone on Apr 17, 2016
i have to say that dealing with mike over at pine valley gundogs is the best experience he is knowledgeable and helpful takes great care of his dogs and puppies our new gsp is full of life and great health and ready to become my new hunting partner for years to come thanks for everything mike and rosie
Submitted by: Keith on Apr 13, 2016
I purchased a red beagle from Mike last fall before gun season. I have owned a rabbit dog in some shape or form for most of my life. I own 5 beagles including Sparky my red dog from Mike. He was right around 2 years old when I purchased him as a started dog. He was a little rough around the edges when I got him ,meaning he needed some finishing touches to turn him into a productive member of my pack,I require my dogs to be very attentive to me when I take them afield. I am always sceptical when buying a new beagle because when you buy one that is around 2 he is usually for sale for a reason. I can say I am extremely impressed with sparky and after a season being gunned over and hunting with my dogs, I can say this red dog is the real deal. Being an avid beagler I know it can be hard to find a dog that can run a good track and has a strong desire to jump a rabbit. Or one that is a true jump dog. Sparky is just that and is starting to lead my pack at times. I run upper medium speed hounds with lots of foot that can flat out smoke a rabbit. So if you are considering a beagle from Mike ,buy with confidence you will not be disappointed. I plan on buying another one this year. I am from Ontario Canada and yes this dog will hunt in snow with the best of them,thanks again Mike keep up the good work
Submitted by: Mike Dewey on Apr 07, 2016
I cant thank you enough for my new Beagle/Cooper. He just seven month old and after you started him I must say he is just outstanding. He is everything I expected and much much more. He is a great dog wonderful personality but most importantly he is an excellent hunter. I have told many of my hunting friends about you and your kennel in fact a very good friend of mine has just placed a deposit on one of you beagle puppies. I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this great hunting dog! I'm sure I will be back for another dog in a few years! Thanks
Submitted by: Jonathan W on Mar 27, 2016
We bought our female GSP pup fall 2015. The buying experience was great! Great facilities and knowledgeable owners. Moon dog is now an obedient and well tempered 7 month old pup. Great family dog that interacts well with other dogs and kids. Had her out in bird woods and on the pheasant farm several times. She is responding very well for a young dog. Formal bird training will start this spring/summer. Thanks Mike and Pine Valley.
Submitted by: Jerry Warnack on Mar 23, 2016
First of all I just want to say what a great experience I had getting my first GSP pup from Mike and his wife at Pine Valley. They were my first choice after reading their reviews and after visiting their place and picking out my pup, I knew I had made the right decision on getting a puppy from them. They are true dog lovers and they treat every dog as family.

I chose a female liver roan from Autumn and Dukes litter in August of 2015, and she has been great she has all the common traits of a gsp. She has been very healthy and she had shown good hunting instincts at about 16 weeks when I started playing with her in the yard with bird wings. She is now 7-1/2 months and I have taken her to a pheasant hunting preserve a few times and she is coming along great she is pointing, and retrieving great. I am pretty confident that she is on her way to becoming a great hunting dog.
AS far as a family pet she has been great in that department as well. She has been very easy to train and loves to cudle. The only time I have any trouble with her is when I haven't taken her for a run (as she pulls me on roller blades) for an hour about every other day. If she doesn't get her exercise she can be a hand full, but if you've done any reading about gsp's you probably already know that.
Well I just want to wrap up in saying I had an excellent experience at pine valley, and I couldn't be more pleased with my little Busia. I hope this review will help you on your decision on getting a dog from Pine Valley Gundogs.
Submitted by: Devin Thurston on Mar 19, 2016
My experience with Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs was phenomenal! I'm a single guy and never owned a dog before. I've gotten into waterfowl and upland game hunting and wanted to get a dog that could do it all, so I came across the GSP breed. Living in Michigan, I searched for a few breeders and Mike was someone who I clicked with right away. First, Mike is very knowledgeable. When I shared with him what I was looking for in a dog, he gave me great feedback. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but was very upfront with a few of his concerns about me being a first time dog owner with a GSP. I know that could turn off a few people but I see it as true wisdom as Mike wants what is best for both owner and dog. This leads into Mike's compassion for his dogs. Their care and well being is always a top priority before and after picking up your pup. When I went to pick my pup up, Mike and his wife spent a few hours with me going over some of the essentials in dog training, care and just allowing time for my new pup and I spend together in a familiar setting to the pup. I greatly appreciated and valued the extra time and wisdom that was shared. Finally, Mike has helped me through a few health situations through email which was above and beyond what I expected. If you are looking for a dogbreeder that values integrity, wisdom, care and good business practices, Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs will suit you well.

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