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Submitted by: Nicole Blaszczuk & Paul Main on Jun 22, 2023
We are on our second GSP from Pine Valley and we couldn't be happier. These dogs have all the natural hunting ability in the world, they're smart, highly trainable and wonderful companions in the house. To top it off Mike and Rosie are knowledgeable breeders who put the care of their dogs first. We can't recommend them enough. Thanks again Mike and Rosie for allowing us to add another one to our family!
Submitted by: Jeffrie Seros on Dec 12, 2022
Can not recommend pine valley gun dogs enough. Picked up my GSP nine years ago from Madison and Duke. She is a natural hunter that as been out to South Dakota and guides at a local pheasant farm near me and her drive can’t be compared to other gsps. She knew what she needed to do from day one. And has not stopped since. Now that she is starting to get up in age I started thinking about getting another one that could work with her to learn, and my first call was to pine valley. I have had other chances to get a puppy and just knew if I did it would have to come from pine valley. The way they take care of there dogs is amazing and can’t ask for anything better. Can’t wait to receive my next pine valley gsp and hit the fields with both of them
Submitted by: Kevin G on Jul 30, 2022
We picked up our Trigger 6 years ago from PineValley Gundogs. He has been a great family dog, as well as, hunting partner. Trigger is first hunting dog we have owned and trained. He is a hard working hunter and naturally retrieves. Outside of hunting he loves to snuggle with our kids. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you Pinevalley.
Submitted by: Jessica B. on Jul 30, 2022
We got our sweet beagles Lola and Lando from Pine Valley Gun Dogs in 2013, and they were a great addition to our family. I had a great experience with Mike, and we would love to get another beagle from him in the future! Highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Tiffany McFarland on Apr 11, 2020
When we had to put our beagle of 14 yrs to sleep, I knew I wanted/needed another beagle in my life. I did a lot of diligent research on several different breeder sites when I came upon pine valley. They were very knowledgeable & willing to answer any questions I had. We got our pup April 2, 2020 & he is absolutely wonderful. He’s very smart & already follows his nose. They give you a bunch of information & let you know as much as they can to possibly answer any questions you might have down the road. They’re very friendly & are available whenever you have a question & you can tell they truly love & care about their dogs & the families they go to.
Submitted by: Melissa on Nov 05, 2019
End September 2019 I adopted a beagle from Pine Valley. I have been extremely happy with my pup. He is almost 5 months old, has a fantastic nose in the fields, and is doing well with basic commands like sit and stay. When out in public, I get so many comments on his markings and behavior. All positive! If you are looking for a beagle puppy, I would highly recommend Pine Valley. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and make sure you are a good fit for your pups.
Submitted by: Brandon jarinski on Feb 23, 2019
So excited to be adding another quality GSP from Pine valley gundogs to our family! We added our first GSP from them to our family just over three years ago, and knew it would not be the last. A friend from work had one of their GSP’s from a previous litter and I was very impressed. The intelligence, temperament, trainability, and affection of these dogs are amazing. One of my hunting buddies has also added two of Pine valleys GSP’s to his family and could not be any happier. Can’t wait to meet our new pup next month when he is ready to bring home!
Submitted by: Dennis McQuilan on Apr 18, 2018
Boy this is going to be easy. First off I have been around show dogs all my life as my mother had the first Briard in the US to win the working group. As a teen we had a couple Vizslas. After marriage a Wirehair was my dog. I meet Mike through my cousin about two years ago hunting and purchased a GSP from him and she is just a natural!! I mean for real, I’m busy with HVAC work in the fall so training time was lacking on my part. Took Jeannie out and she just got it from the start! But my best endorsement comes from this.... Pay close attention . I was going to purchase another pup from Mike from the same Bitch and Sire, Mike talked me out of it so Jeannie could grow another year and be a better role model for the pup??? What I thought? You care more about the dog you sold over a year ago then another sale!!! That folks is a caring breeder that puts the dogs first and not the $ ... Hats off to this Kennel!! Oh and my Mother agrees too.
Submitted by: Robert Statler on Apr 27, 2017
I have had Beagles in the past, this was the first that I have bought from Mike. We got him at 8 weeks old and he settled into the family quickly. I actively started his training around 10 months old and could tell right away that he was going to be a great rabbit dog. He was almost a year old when I took him up to Drummer Island for his first big hunt and was very impressed with how he performed. He even started his own rabbit and veteran beagles packed up with him. He loves to sit and relax with the family and yet as soon as I put the collar on him he gets excited and ready to hunt. I would recommend anyone wanting a rabbit dog to get one from Mike.
Submitted by: Danielle C Dayrell on Oct 14, 2016
When we lost our beloved GSP, Shooter, we knew we needed to give our other GSP a great pal who hunts. Losing a fur kid after a decade plus, was our solo GSP...he would not eat, and required sedation. After speaking tonout vet, he suggested getting another GSP pup.
We contacted plenty of breeders and found the perfect fit with Mike and Rosie!
We are grateful for our son, Boomer. He sure is a character!
I would recommend Mike 100% over again!
Submitted by: Scott Krohn on Oct 02, 2016
When I decided to purchase a GSP puppy from Pine Valley Gun Dogs it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I wanted a dog that would be a top notch hunter, retriever and companion.
When I started talking to Mike and he shared his passion for his dogs I felt very comfortable, he also cared for his dogs enough to make sure that we were a fit for one of his pups making sure we knew that Nelli would need lots of exercise and room to run.
Well, to say that we're happy with Nelli would be a huge understatement! She was hunting, pointing and retrieving pheasants at 10 months of age. She also runs down crippled birds like a seasoned veteran.
If you're looking for a top notch breeder with a passion for quality, not to mention a love for all of his dogs you're search is over.
Submitted by: Rory Carter on Jul 31, 2016
I purchased a beagle pup from pinevally in November of 2015.. I could not be happier with my choice. I have had several beagles in my life, but this one tops them all. I knew from the moment I brought her home that I had made a great choice. My pup turns a year old on August 12th ,and she is a great hunter& family pet. I would recommend Pinevally Gun Dogs to anyone looking for a great all around Beagle.
Submitted by: Danielle and Rich Dirksen on Jun 17, 2016
I had been wanting a dog for a couple of years when I finally convinced my husband that we really needed one to complete our family. Neither of us are huge into hunting, but my family is and my brother encouraged us to get a "hunting dog" just for the simple fact that they are incredibly intelligent. No one I knew had a GSP, but Rich and I both loved the breed and did a ton of research to find that they are the perfect breed for us. After having a conversation via phone with Mike, we set up an appointment to just go and see the available puppies, but once we saw them, it was inevitable that we were going to bring one home with us. We actually got the last available puppy from the August 2015 Autumn and Duke litter, a male that we named Sully.
Needless to say, we absolutely love our new addition. He really does complete our family! Sully is so smart, instinctive, playful, and loyal. We couldn't have gotten a better dog! As for Mike and Rosie, we can't say enough about how reputable they are as people and breeders. I haven't met people with so much integrity in a long time. They went above and beyond to make sure that our puppy was healthy in their care, and that the transition to us into his new home, was seamless.
I would hands down encourage anyone I know to get in touch with Mike if they're looking to get a GSP. You will not be disappointed with the dogs, and you'll be beyond happy with the service.
Submitted by: Dale on Jun 15, 2016
I told Mike Papiez I would do this testimonial. Bought male & female beagles 3 yrs ago at 8 wks. Primary use, rabbit hounds. Jeanne & I are too dam busy. We love bow/rifle hunting for deer. Oct/Nov/Dec our focus is on the deer. I didn't put the time in to train Odie & Elmer though had them afield a lot. I wasn't seeing much the first 2 yrs with them. Last winter these dog's genetics showed how good of dogs Mike has. I had a ball watching these 2 beagles run rabbits. They performed awesomely running rabbits late Dec/Jan/Feb & early March. Listening to them bark on rabbits became music to my ears. I became a beagler and let most of the bunnies just run by me without shooting them. Several family members and friends enjoyed hunting with these beagles last winter. Kudos to my dogs Odie/Elmer. Mike, I hope the vast majority of your clients are as satisfied as Jeanne/I are. BTW, prior to purchasing these 2 beagles Jeanne/I owned 2 Jagd German terriers. Bought them from breeder down South. If anyone is looking for a challenge and wants a 20 lb terrier full of teeth, are not afraid of anything, want to kill everything they can get a hold of, are great blood hounds, are great lap dogs, and will protect you with their life these dogs are the real deal. We found out about these dogs on website. Both of these pigheaded stubborn dogs took off on me at night (1 yr apart) and wouldn't come back. Unfortunately they were struck by vehicles and died. We miss those Jagds sooooo much. Anyway thanks Mike, great genetics and beautiful hounds. I am now a beagler!! Dale
Submitted by: john cherwinski on May 01, 2016
I would like say thanks to mike and rosie of pine valley gundogs for my little girti. A gsp who is now 10 weeks old. Mike and rosie made the puppy hunting experience fun and informative and were very helpful. Although we have raised 3 generations of shorthairs, you can always learn more if you listen to a professional. Pine Valley Girtruhde Mae is a pure delight. I can't wait until september to see her work. Hopefully Mike can make it out to the woods to put up some grouse this year. Looking forward to it! Thanks again Mike and Rosie, you're the best.
Submitted by: gene morrone on Apr 17, 2016
i have to say that dealing with mike over at pine valley gundogs is the best experience he is knowledgeable and helpful takes great care of his dogs and puppies our new gsp is full of life and great health and ready to become my new hunting partner for years to come thanks for everything mike and rosie
Submitted by: Keith on Apr 13, 2016
I purchased a red beagle from Mike last fall before gun season. I have owned a rabbit dog in some shape or form for most of my life. I own 5 beagles including Sparky my red dog from Mike. He was right around 2 years old when I purchased him as a started dog. He was a little rough around the edges when I got him ,meaning he needed some finishing touches to turn him into a productive member of my pack,I require my dogs to be very attentive to me when I take them afield. I am always sceptical when buying a new beagle because when you buy one that is around 2 he is usually for sale for a reason. I can say I am extremely impressed with sparky and after a season being gunned over and hunting with my dogs, I can say this red dog is the real deal. Being an avid beagler I know it can be hard to find a dog that can run a good track and has a strong desire to jump a rabbit. Or one that is a true jump dog. Sparky is just that and is starting to lead my pack at times. I run upper medium speed hounds with lots of foot that can flat out smoke a rabbit. So if you are considering a beagle from Mike ,buy with confidence you will not be disappointed. I plan on buying another one this year. I am from Ontario Canada and yes this dog will hunt in snow with the best of them,thanks again Mike keep up the good work
Submitted by: Mike Dewey on Apr 07, 2016
I cant thank you enough for my new Beagle/Cooper. He just seven month old and after you started him I must say he is just outstanding. He is everything I expected and much much more. He is a great dog wonderful personality but most importantly he is an excellent hunter. I have told many of my hunting friends about you and your kennel in fact a very good friend of mine has just placed a deposit on one of you beagle puppies. I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this great hunting dog! I'm sure I will be back for another dog in a few years! Thanks
Submitted by: Jonathan W on Mar 27, 2016
We bought our female GSP pup fall 2015. The buying experience was great! Great facilities and knowledgeable owners. Moon dog is now an obedient and well tempered 7 month old pup. Great family dog that interacts well with other dogs and kids. Had her out in bird woods and on the pheasant farm several times. She is responding very well for a young dog. Formal bird training will start this spring/summer. Thanks Mike and Pine Valley.
Submitted by: Jerry Warnack on Mar 23, 2016
First of all I just want to say what a great experience I had getting my first GSP pup from Mike and his wife at Pine Valley. They were my first choice after reading their reviews and after visiting their place and picking out my pup, I knew I had made the right decision on getting a puppy from them. They are true dog lovers and they treat every dog as family.

I chose a female liver roan from Autumn and Dukes litter in August of 2015, and she has been great she has all the common traits of a gsp. She has been very healthy and she had shown good hunting instincts at about 16 weeks when I started playing with her in the yard with bird wings. She is now 7-1/2 months and I have taken her to a pheasant hunting preserve a few times and she is coming along great she is pointing, and retrieving great. I am pretty confident that she is on her way to becoming a great hunting dog.
AS far as a family pet she has been great in that department as well. She has been very easy to train and loves to cudle. The only time I have any trouble with her is when I haven't taken her for a run (as she pulls me on roller blades) for an hour about every other day. If she doesn't get her exercise she can be a hand full, but if you've done any reading about gsp's you probably already know that.
Well I just want to wrap up in saying I had an excellent experience at pine valley, and I couldn't be more pleased with my little Busia. I hope this review will help you on your decision on getting a dog from Pine Valley Gundogs.
Submitted by: Devin Thurston on Mar 19, 2016
My experience with Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs was phenomenal! I'm a single guy and never owned a dog before. I've gotten into waterfowl and upland game hunting and wanted to get a dog that could do it all, so I came across the GSP breed. Living in Michigan, I searched for a few breeders and Mike was someone who I clicked with right away. First, Mike is very knowledgeable. When I shared with him what I was looking for in a dog, he gave me great feedback. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but was very upfront with a few of his concerns about me being a first time dog owner with a GSP. I know that could turn off a few people but I see it as true wisdom as Mike wants what is best for both owner and dog. This leads into Mike's compassion for his dogs. Their care and well being is always a top priority before and after picking up your pup. When I went to pick my pup up, Mike and his wife spent a few hours with me going over some of the essentials in dog training, care and just allowing time for my new pup and I spend together in a familiar setting to the pup. I greatly appreciated and valued the extra time and wisdom that was shared. Finally, Mike has helped me through a few health situations through email which was above and beyond what I expected. If you are looking for a dogbreeder that values integrity, wisdom, care and good business practices, Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs will suit you well.
Submitted by: Madison Roberts on Apr 21, 2015
We couldn't ask for a better 12 week old GSP pup. She was the last pup of the litter be we feel as if we got the pick of the litter. Her train ability is 120% she came to us well socialized, confidant, and well behaved. She points naturally, and instinctively backs our older Gsp. She has an amazing drive that is controllable. Overall we are so pleased with our new puppy, and have high hopes for what the future brings with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Pine Valley Gundogs.
Submitted by: Karen Brueggeman on Mar 25, 2015
We purchased our first German Shorthair Pointer, Greta, from Pine Valley Gundogs, she was 12 weeks when we brought her home. We've always had boxers prior to Greta. I have to say GSPs are wonderful dogs, they have awesome personalities. They get along easily with adults, kids and other dogs. I cannot say enough good things about Pine Valley. Mike and Rosie truly love all of their dogs. Greta was well socialized as well as up to date on veterinary care making the transition into our home an easy one. As a licensed Veterinary Technician I have purchased many dogs from breeders and I can easily say Pine Valley has been the best in all my years of dog ownership. I will look to purchase another dog from them when the time is right.
Greta is going to meet a trainer for field training this week. I am very excited to get her in the field hunting with our 10 year old son. It will be a special bond for both of them.
Submitted by: Jason Spitler on Mar 25, 2015
My girlfriend and I picked up Remington, our first GSP, from Pine Valley less than a week ago. Even after having him less than a week (at 8 weeks old), he is extremely intelligent, with some awesome natural ability showing already. I am very hopeful for his future not only as a hunting dog, but also as a great family dog!

So far, our experience has been spectacular! Mike and Rosie were extremely inviting when we picked up my pup, and have been incredibly supportive since we have picked him up. We have had a few questions which Mike answered very quickly to ease our minds. We have nothing but great things to say about Pine Valley - this is our first experience with a breeder, and Mike and Rosie have been amazing. If you are looking for a GSP or a Beagle, we would say look no further!
Submitted by: Bill Karner on Mar 23, 2015
My 38 year old son bought a male GSP from PVG in August of 2014. We usually start bird hunting when the deer season here in Mich is done. In Feb of 2015 we took the 8 month pup out to hunt Chukars , he did well that day and showed all the instincts of a seasoned hunter when we put him on birds without the other dogs. In March we took him out to hunt with 2 other seasoned GSP's. The pup was incredible. He honored the other dogs points , never broke point once , he was all business and never started to play with the other dogs. He didn't just follow the other dogs , he hunted. We shot birds over the other dogs and the pup would retrieve the downed birds. This pup actually pointed 2 birds by himself , never broke point and when we knocked the birds down he would retrieve to hand. The other hunters that were with us were amazed how well a 9 month old pup worked with other dogs and handled himself in the field. Believe me I will be buying my next GSP from Mike at PVG. Can't wait to get back in the field with this pup......Thanks Mike
Submitted by: Jon Melville on Jan 31, 2015
I can't say enough good things! I am an avid hunter and have had labs past and present. This is my first GSP. Mike and Rosie were so great. They made sure I knew everything I needed to know, and I love how they put the dogs needs above everything. Mila is now one year old and is such a good gun dog! I can't even say "birds" without her going nuts! A hunting resort owner said she is a prize dog, and she was only 7 months old! If she is not pointing things in the yard, hunting bugs, or playing with our other dog then she is cuddling. Absolutely great dog! Mike will see me again in the future!
Submitted by: Jacob on Jan 24, 2015
My wife and I got a GSP at pine valley gun dogs and so far at 7 months are very pleased. Our pup, despite his high energy level has been great in the house. He is a maniac about birds, and he has been learning very quickly. He is also a huge lover. He loves to lay on everyone that will let him. Duke and autumn made a fine boy
Submitted by: Angela on Jan 07, 2015
Hey Mike, we bought a new beagle about 4 weeks ago. Lacey is so well mannered and after about 2 weeks she is very well potty trained. On the forth day she was already whining at the door. She is very intelligent. She saw her first rabbit yesterday on a string and she chased that thing all over the yard as we pulled it. I see a great future hunter and a great indoor pet ahead of us. Very satisfied in our little Lacey(:
Submitted by: Lee on Sep 30, 2014
Hi Mike
Chewie has been great for the past week. Per your suggestion, he really has taken to the Blue Buffalo puppy food ( hard and a little soft at dinner ) three times a day. They even have training bits ( hard and soft ) and he loves both. He lets me know when he needs to go do business outside. A few times when we are playing a lot, there were some incidents, but I got a grassy pee pad from a shop and he has started to use it, in an emergency. He has done really good in that area. He has a kennel, but he really loves to sleep next to me. He would sleep in it as long as you are right next to him. I mostly use it for when I am at work. He will go to the vet on Thursday and we shall see how that goes. He is very playful and friendly. He also loves to chew up things, even me if he can get away with it, so I got him his own toys to beat up. There is a Kong brand soft toy ,with a worm looking body that stretches, that he really loves to play with. It has squeakers on both ends and he loves to play with you with it.

Overall, I have to say I'm so glad I got my next buddy thru your business and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Submitted by: Nicole Blaszczuk on Aug 26, 2014
I can't say enough about Pine Valley! They were wonderful to work with while we were making our decision about getting a puppy. Not only is "Ollie" a fantastic dog all the way around but you couldn't ask for a better or more helpful and informative breeder! Keep up the good work and we'll be talking to you when it's time to add another one to the family.
Submitted by: Carrin W on Jun 21, 2014
Our now 2 year old dog comes from Pine Valley Gun Dogs (out of PINE VALLEY DUKE VON KURZHAAR). What a wonderful dog he has grown in to. Beautiful confirmation, great health, kind & lighthearted spirit and willingness to please. Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. Those that are unfamiliar with the breed are intrigued. We tell everyone we know about Pine Valley Gun Dogs and will continue to do so. If you want a top quality dog with amazing bloodlines, look no further.
Submitted by: Richard Thompson on May 24, 2014
We were extremely impressed with the bloodlines of their dogs. They operate in a very professional manner. Our puppy Jake is the dog we were hoping for. He is very intelligent and displays a lot of energy. He is a house dog and has adapted to his new surroundings very well. We can't wait to hunt over him after he completes his training.

Thank you,

Dick & Donna Thompson
Submitted by: Timothy Wiese on Mar 13, 2014
You know I always rave about my Beagle "Laney" that I got from you almost two years ago. And normally it's about her hunting ability. (Which is Amazing), but I also wanted to let you know that a few weeks back my girlfriend moved in with Laney and I, and she has a special needs daughter who is three. In the process of acclimating Laney with all the new medical equipment and in home nursing and ultimately chaos around the house, everyone has noticed something really incredible about her. She has taken over as the #1 caretaker and watches over the 3 year old like a pro. She makes sure her first stop in the morning is to check on her, and even snuggles up next to her throughout the day just to make sure she is ok. She is as gentle as can be, and if any of the medical equipment sounds an alarm, she is first in line to make sure everything is ok.

I am sure you hear about your dogs all the time, but we really wanted to let you know that Laney is the best of the best. I have had multiple dogs my entire life (34 years) and can say I have been really lucky to have good hunters, and companions...and I have always said I would never say one is better than the next. But when it comes to a Pine Valley dog, there is just something a little extra special about her. Words can't even begin to express my gratitude for the ability to have Laney as part of my family.


Timothy Wiese
Oakfield, WI
Submitted by: Randy Perry on Mar 10, 2014
I have a female GSP named Angel who was from the Pine Valley Duke/Autumn litter of March 2013. She is now almost 1 year old. I wanted to wait a while before reviewing Pine Valley to be able to give a review which will evaluate this pup over a long period of time, and especially through her puppy stage. Sometimes things don't show up or are seen during the initial several months of a dog's life.
That being said I don't think anything I say can speak highly enough of the quality of this dog. What a great combination of breeding that Duke and Autumn are in creating quality pups that are HIGHLY energetic (as GSP's are), intelligent, good natured, attentive, and easily trainable (with patience, of course, if you know the breed). I cannot speak to her hunting ability firsthand as I'm not a hunter. But I can say that she definitely exhibits all of the traits of what could be a very fine hunting dog. My plan for Angel is Dock Diving, which I believe she will excel at based on the training so far. Mike and Rosie are wonderful people who know what they're doing and are very knowledgeable and caring about their dogs and the breeding process. You won't find a nicer and more knowledgeable couple of people than Mike and Rose. Many thanks to you both for giving us a fine dog who we will get enjoyment out of for many years to come.

Randy Perry
Submitted by: Arielle LaBrecque on Feb 07, 2014
We picked up our GSP from Pine Valley Gun Dogs in the middle of September 2013, which makes her almost 7 months old. I located Mike on the AKC Breeder website. We were very torn between getting a Golden Retriever and a GSP. Neither my boyfriend nor I had ever had a GSP before, but we grew up with hunters/hunting dogs. What really helped us make our decision was Mike. He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and honest. I had a great feeling about the kind of facility he ran, so we picked up our GSP just a few days after speaking in depth with him.

All that being said, we really cannot say enough great things about our GSP, “Luna”. She is our first “baby” together, and we couldn’t have picked a better dog. She has already started learning commands from basic training, and is very eager to please. She has a lot of energy (so, perfect for a hunting dog), but she also has a very sweet disposition that makes her a great housedog as well. And what a personality! We often take her to my parent’s house to play with their three Golden Retrievers (all bird dogs) and they get along great! We even took her to the barn where we keep my horse, and she had a blast. A great dog comes from great bloodlines, and Mike has done a terrific job with breeding GSPs. Whenever people say “I love your dog, where did you get her?”, I ALWAYS recommend Pine Valley Gun Dogs.

We are getting ready to send her to hunting camp at Hunter’s Creek in Metamora next week. We are thrilled to see what she will do, and we want to say thank you, Mike, for providing us with a great dog!
Submitted by: Jack Shoemaker on Dec 21, 2013
Mike has some very good german shorthairs, I bought Pepper about 18 months ago, had a litter of eight, just received a call from a trainer that was training one of Pepper's pups, she said "This is the nicest looking and smartest dogs I have ever trained. Mike has done a wonderful job. I just bought another one of his shorthairs 2 days ago, picking her up Monday 12-30-2013. Thanks again Mike Jack Shoemaker
Submitted by: Levi Kosnik on Nov 02, 2013
My family and I had picked up our german shorthaired puppy from Pine Valley Gundogs at the end of August 2013. Mike Papiez was very informative and answered any questions we had. We picked out are puppy after the puppies were around 4 weeks old and it was a hard choice;they were all well tempered and good looking dogs (It was a long wait to get our puppy because you can't take the puppies home until they are around 8 weeks old.). These dogs have a strong desire for birds and hunting; this is probably due to a good pedigree and upbringing. I would recommend Pine Valley Gundogs to anyone who is looking for a good hunting companion.
Submitted by: Kim Johnson on Oct 07, 2013
I recently bought a puppy from Mike and Rosie. He is a male german shorthaired pointer. Not only is he a beautiful dog he is very smart. Through the buying process they were very informative, and knowledgeable. It's good to deal with someone you can trust, and contact if you have a concern. They have a lot of dogs and you can tell they are their family.
Submitted by: Jeff Seros on Sep 09, 2013
We met Mike at the Woods & Waters show in Imlay City. After talking with him for a few minutes we knew we wanted to get our GSP from him. That night we went to his home and met our new dog, Maddie Mae. Mike was extremely knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable with our purchase. We are very happy!!
Submitted by: Jessica on Jul 12, 2013
My husband and I got two very smart, very cute Beagle pups from Mike and Rosie at Pine Valley Gun Dogs. We love them! Having two pups is LOTS of work, but worth it! Lola and Lando have great personalities and are catching on to training very quickly. Mike was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and he always returned my calls/messages promptly when I had questions. We would definitely get pups from them again when the time came!
Submitted by: A. Strange on Jul 02, 2013
my husband and I got our first GSP puppy (from Autumn and Dukes litter). We were in contact with Mike when we decided we would like one of these puppies. Mike is very informative on the process and always would keep up updated on when we would get to find out which one was ours, when we could pick the pup up, ect. When we picked her up Mike and Rosie answered any questions we had about our new puppy and was very informative on the process of bringing her home. Our Lucy was pointing at 7 weeks and is doing great (shes about 3 months old now). We are very confident that she will be a great hunter! So far we are very pleased with our decision on getting our puppy from Mike and Rosie. Our little Lucy is a great pup! Our daughter is a year and half and the puppy is amazing with her! I have never seen a puppy be so gentle with a toddler! Over all we are very happy with our decision on getting a GSP puppy from Pine Valley Gundogs!
Submitted by: Jeremy Sherlund on Jun 25, 2013
We picked up our 'Ruger' a German Shorthaired Pointer from Mike at Pine Valley, on Mother's Day. I am very impressed with Mike's willingness to accommodate us in picking up our pup. Mike was very informative and helpful. 'Ruger' receives comments on his looks and his behavior every time we are out walking. I have and will continue to refer Pine Valley Gundogs to anyone interested in a quality German Shorthaired Breeder. We just love our Pine Valley Ruger!
Submitted by: Ron Carmody on Apr 26, 2013
I had the opportunity to meet Mike and Rosie last week, and to pick-out our GSP pup. In 30 years of hunting over GSP's I've never met anyone with more passion for the sport, and their dogs! The facilities are immaculate, and their dogs and pups are absolutely gorgeous. But, what impressed me the most was their attitude and love towards their dogs, and their sincerity toward breeding quality gun dogs. A "puppy mill" this is not. While I can not pick-up my pup for a couple weeks yet, I can honestly say that i will be a repeat customer and I look forward to working with Mike in the future. Without reservation, I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for their next pup!
Submitted by: Angie Knauss on Jan 04, 2013
We purchased our GSP in July of 2012. We live 8 hours away from Mike. He was wonderful to work with over the phone and made me feel very comfortable with doing a long distance transaction. When we picked Avery up Mike and Rosie were extremely friendly and informative. You can certainly tell this is their passion and how much they love and care for their dogs. Avery is a beautiful dog who loves to "work".
Submitted by: Jared S on Oct 04, 2012
I purchased my first GSP puppies this summer from Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs. Mike was extremely helpful with the whole process. Everyone comments on how beautiful he is. My GSP is extremely intelligent and points at everything! I would definitely recommend Pine Valley Gundogs!
Submitted by: Carrin W. on Sep 20, 2012
WONDERFUL BREEDER! We purchased our family's first GSP puppy from Mike this summer. What a great facility. Everything was meticulously clean and in order. He takes care of his dogs like they are his own children, and then some. We were able to spend time with both parents of our puppy, and were super impressed with Duke. We have been so pleased with our pup. He is eager to learn, happy and we hear from everyone how mellow he is. He will primarily be a house pet, but we plan to hunt a little with him. He has already started pointing during his play, and is super enthusiastic about being out in fields looking for whatever it is that he knows instincively that he is supposed to find. What a great addition to our family. We have 100% faith that we will be getting any future dogs from Pine Valley. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Submitted by: Mark Wittbold on Aug 05, 2012
My family and I had a excellent experience with Pine Valley Gundogs. Mike was very professional and personable. River, our pup, is living up to all our expectations and more. She is pointing pheasant wings and adjusting to our family perfectly. I would recommend Pine Valley Gundogs to everyone looking a new addition to the family.
Submitted by: Jan and Denise Fulton on Jul 18, 2012
We picked up our puppy on Sunday, July 15. She was exactly two months old. We named her Olive.
We were very impressed with Pine Valley operations. The grounds are well maintained and all of the dogs are clean, safe and happy.
Mike Papiez cares about his dogs and the puppies he raises. Every one of them are well socialized.
Our puppy already had her first shots and worming plus a microchip.
The day after we got her home, we took her to our vet for her first check up. Dr Weber was very impressed with Olive and commented about how well behaved she is, her clean and shiny coat, and her overall health.
We are really impressed with how quickly she has adapted to home life. She is already housebroken and sleeps through the night. We believe it is because Mike takes the time to socialize and work with his puppies.
Thank you, Mike, for the best possible new addition to our home and family.
Submitted by: Betty on Jul 14, 2012
Thank you for our new member of our family,my Kattiebug took to right away its going to take the boys a little long Beu Duke and Rusty just a little ruff on her , but I know before long they will be one happy family, still trying to get aname for her now Iam thing of Daisy Mae to go along with Beu duke,I have some pic on my face book will keep putting up pic , you and your wife made Ray and I feel so welcomed love all your dogs,I know they must keep you bisy , God bless you for being a good breeder.
Submitted by: Beverly Mikonczyk on May 26, 2012
Mike and Rosie were most informative about teaching new puppy care. Dasie's first Vet visit was a hugh success....a healthy pup....with a beautiful coat which impressed my vet(of 20yrs)...She is a happy puppy whoes tail never stops wagging.
Bev Mikonczyk
Submitted by: mike kammer on May 25, 2012
mike started 2 pups for me and Icould"nt be more pleased veary nice people and will be going back if he will take i"m pups in sept.
Submitted by: Christine Healey on Jan 24, 2012
Are family bought our GSP Cabella from Mike around December 8, 2011. She is our first GSP. Mike was very informative about the breed and gave us a LOT of helpful hints. From training to food. The first time I met Mike and his wife Rosie they treated me like an old friend. They are very friendly and really care about their animals. We very much enjoyed our little visits to they kennel to visit Cabella.
I have two small kids (one and two) and Cabella is very patient with them. She loves to be right by me at all times, has a lot of energy, and loves to play. But she does also enjoys quiet time laying next to me or the kids on the couch or floor as they play. I do have two pomeranians too and Cabella gets along with them also. I could go on and on about what a great dog she is!
Thanks Mike and Rosie for such a great pup! :)
Submitted by: Molly Brown on Jan 20, 2012
I purchased my German Shorthair, Emme, from Mike on December 1, 2011. I am very familiar with the breed, owning two, my family owning a few, and previously serving as a foster home through a rescue organization. Mike's dogs are extremely calm in tempermant. We are not hunters, so Emme was purchased as a companion dog. Emme's disposition is wonderful. Emme was potty trained within three weeks of purchase and is learning basic verbal commands with ease. Emme was at the vet last week and he was so impressed with her connection/attention with him, the nurse, and me. She wants to please and that is the first sign of a dog that will be easy to train and make a great companion. I adore Emme and am so thankful for all of Mike's help and advise. I would definitely love to recommend Mike/Pine Valley Gundogs to everyone! AND will look forward to getting another German Shorthair from him in the future. Enjoy!!! I know you will!
Submitted by: Kellie Cole on Jan 13, 2012
it would be impossible for me to express in words what a wonderful place pine valley gundogs is, but i'll try! mike and rosie treat you like friends from the first phone calls/emails, the visits, then bringing your pup home. my beagle pup is a dream. so smart, loving, great with kids, and ready for outdoor adventures every chance he gets. every time he hears the word "outside" he does his happy dance and runs to the door. it was so nice to get our family puppy from people who take such great care of all their dogs from the second they are born. worth the 2 1/2-3 hour drive for sure. if we decide to add to our family in the future, we will be back!!! thanks mike and rosie! wish they were all like you!
Submitted by: melanie and rick lewis on Dec 03, 2011
First and for most if I could rate mike and rosie it would be a 10+ we bought our gsp puppy junior from pine valley and we were very pleased they were very nice and helpfull!!both mike and rosie made you feel like you have known them forever!!! You can truley tell that they love what they do!!!! I will recommend pine valley to everyone I know!!!! I know for sure the next puppy we get its from pine valley and its an hour and 40 mins from me!!
Submitted by: Ryan Richardson on Dec 02, 2011
I'll start by saying, "what a dog Mike." I began searching for a rabbit hunting dog to help me flush rabbits out of the thick cover we have here in western WA. I hunt them using the sport of falconry instead of gun powder and needed a dog with intelligence, and drive, along with a good nose. I contacted Mike of Pine Valley Gun dogs and was glad to here he was willing to ship one of his beagle puppies my way and even had the female tri-color I was looking for.
Mike worked dillagently looking for the best shipping arrangments for the dogs benafit and my wallets. I picked up the dog when the flight flew in and she was in beutiful health. I would have had her hunting sooner had I not had to correctly socialize her with her other hunting partner, the hawk. She has been a joy to work with both in training for the hunt and hanging around the house. She is now 4 months old and running rabbits like a champ, she even began baying and tracking the first rabbit she ever got a scent of at 3 months age, all on her own with out any previous training. She even found a leather leash I had lost in a 5 acre. over grown field before I even got her. That gave me a clue to how good this dogs nose is, tracking my 2 month old scent, and this dogs intelligence, placing the scent with me. This is a special dog we got so we decided to name her after a special place that both me and my wife love, Kenia, AK.
With the way Mike handled the business transactions and the way his kennels dog has performed I would confidently recomend Pine Valley to anyone looking for a good hunting dog and family friend.
Submitted by: John Schriber on Oct 19, 2011
I bought my first hunting dog this summer from Mike. I went in blind but Mike treats you like a life long friend and took the time to not only "sell me a dog" but to show me about the running of the dogs. Right now I just can't wait to get Zeek back to Mikes for the starting pen and then into the woods this fall. Thanks for a great experience Mike, Look forward to lots of bunnies this fall and who knows maybe another dog next year.
Submitted by: kyle rose on Oct 18, 2011
Mike, I just wanted to touch base with you about the litle female pup( IZZY GIRL) from Merlin and Faces litter. She is everything I expected and more. At 11 inches tall and 14 pounds she is a all around rabbit crazy hunting machine. She has alot of drive and the brains to go with it, in fact she just seems to know where to find a rabbit at all times. I run her with my 15 inch and 14 inch males who are 5 and 4 and she jumps just as many, if not more rabbits then them.BY the way, did I mention the wheels this little girl has WOW she is fast. I could go on and on about how pleased I am about her, but Ill let you hear more later after I start trialing her. Thanks for such a fine hound and Ill see ya in the woods. Kyle
Submitted by: Jeremy shaw on Oct 16, 2011
I just brought my new beagle puppy home yesterday, not only is he the most beautiful dog but he is so smart and healthy. He will be the best rabbit dog in the world and my best hunting buddy for life! Thank you so much mike for all your hard work with my puppy whiskey! Mike and his wife are the friendliest people you will ever meet and they have a huge heart! The price of their dogs is so reasonable for all you get I felt like I was ripping them off. Mike went through everything so thorough with me right down to even the feeding and tri tronics collar I will be using. Thank you again with all of my heart and I'll be seeing you soon for my pointer! Jeremy shaw
Submitted by: JeffFord on Oct 07, 2011
After losing my old Beagles Jude and Selah to old age, I contacted Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs and a number of other breeders. What sold me on Mike at Pine Valley was his thorough knowledge of beagles, the great AKC bloodline, and the obvious care and love him and his wife have for their dogs. After meeting with him at his kennel, and getting a firsthand look at his operation and pups, my wife and I were sold.
My gandfather was a beagle breeder and I have owned nothing but beagles my entire life, and I can tell even at a young age that our beagle Molly has great instincts and all the traits you are looking for in a running dog, plus the added bonus of beagles being the greatest of all pets for a family with two young children.
My hats off to Mike and his wife for this outstanding beagle and a great all round experience with the training and microchipping. Get your dog from Mike- you can't go wrong!!!
- Jeff Ford
Cass City, Mi
Submitted by: Jill on Oct 07, 2011
I got my first beagle pup from Mike about two months ago. It was a great experience. He was very knowledgeable about the breed. My pup is healthy and is doing very well. I will be using Mike to train him for hunting as well. I would recommend Pine Valley Gundogs to anyone looking for a training site or to buy a hunting dog.

Submitted by: Darryl Rains on May 24, 2011
Just wanted to let you know that the two pups that you started for Gary & I are doing great! I want to thank you and let you know that I will be recommending you to anyone that is looking for a place to start or buy a pup. Your starting pen is set up very nicely with plenty of rabbits. You were first rate and very helpful.
Thanks Again
Darryl Rains
Submitted by: Richard Baker on May 11, 2011
I had a pup that needed to be started. Someone told me about Mike he told me to come see him. Mike has a nice place and beagles too. Mike got my beagle started in a week I was a happy man when I got to see my beagle go. If you need a beagle call Mike . Thank's again Mike Rich Baker from livonia mi.
Submitted by: Kristina Cusimano on May 11, 2011
I was searching for a starting pen to take my eight month old beagle pup to when I came across Pine Valley Gundog's website. I contacted Mike Papiez and booked a date to bring my pup. Mike Papiez has a nice set up, a one plus acre starting pen, with enough open areas for sight chases and plenty of brush for the pup to learn to use its nose and learn to jump its own rabbits. He also keeps the dogs he trains for people and his own dogs in good clean kennels and nice dog houses, and feeds them a high standard dog food twice a day. Two weeks later, I returned to pick up my pup and she was jumping, barking and running her own rabbits in the starting pen... and she would not quit! The next night I took her to the woods and she searched for, jumped and ran her own rabbit. If you are looking for a starting pen that will spark your beagle's natural instinct, contact Mike Papiez of Pine Valley Gundogs.
Submitted by: Kristina Cusimano on May 06, 2011
I was looking for a rabbit starting pen for my beale pup when I went to Pine Valley Gundogs website. I contacted Mike Papiez and booked a date and even though he lives quite far from where I'm located, I will take future pups back to him. He has an awesome set up, with plenty of open land in his starting pen for sight chases and plenty of brushpiles for pups to learn to jump their own rabbits and use their noses. The kennels and doghouses are nice and neat. The day after I picked my pup up from the starting pen, she was searching, jumping and running her own rabbits. If you're looking for a starting pen contact Mike Papiez of Pine Valley Gundogs you'll be amazed at the way your pup will be hunting after a week or two stay at Pine Valley's starting pen.
Submitted by: bill abbott on Mar 12, 2011
hey mike this is bill i spent about 6 weeks on computer checking out beagles on internet after all the looking i did we had to go with you and you kennel so we bought patch your last started pup last of Feb.2011 he has as much brains as my labs Jordon, Justin, and i are very please with him he has a good mouth knows were the rabbits are in heavy brush dives in and kicks them out we have placed our order for 3 more puppies when they are born this spring but one thing i will say if mike says he is sick what until he is better before going to get you dog from him thanks again mike your friend bill abbott beaverton mich
Submitted by: Brian Eyer on Feb 28, 2011
I bought a little red female from you on January 6th, 2011. I just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with this dog. She made a large circle two days a go with very little help. We named her Pine Valley River Rat Little Ann. How does the male you have left compare to the female I have? I may be interested in him.

Thank you,
Brian Eyer
Submitted by: Gary Bidwell on Jan 16, 2011
Mike, I just wanted to touch base with you about the male and female litter mate beagle pups you started for me in your training pen in Nov. I loved watching my pups chasing and tracking rabbits after only two weeks at your facility. Now 7 months old they both running and barking on track even in these tough conditions. I have and will highly recommend anyone wishing to start young pups to contact Mike at Pine Valley Gundogs. after just 2or3 times talking to Mike I could see he was very knowledegeable and very competent at training and breeding both beagles and pointers. Thanks again Mike.
Submitted by: Randy Parsons on Jan 04, 2011
Update on dogs performance:
Mike, those dogs I got from you are just no short of excellent!
Given the fact that just yesterday I shot 15 snowshoe hares off just one of the dogs 'Rusty', I don't think I have to go into further detail on anything else about him.
As you know I am a Big Game Outfitter in Newfoundland, Canada, - Notch Mountain Outfitters and my clients once they harvest their big game can hunt snowshoes, I needed good, no nonsense, easy to handle dogs and without a doubt you provide these.
So, I want to place another order for (2) more dogs, to be delivered in Sept. of 2011. One of my clients from Michigan will deliver them to me.
Thanks Mike.

Randy Parsons
Notch Mountain Outfitters
Tel # 709-672-3589
Submitted by: Steve ( bo ) Richardson on Nov 05, 2010
I met mike last year, I was looking for a female Beagle to breed to a male that I had Purchased, And I have friend that lives just a half mile north of Mike and he told me about him so I contacted him and set up a time to go to his Kennels, When I got there him and I hit it off well, He had a four year old female for sale for a fare price and he told me to take and see how I liked her,And keep in mind I had never met the man in my life, So I took her and ran her a few times and I wasn't quite sure she would fit in for what I was looking for and I relayed that to him, And his remarks where if your not happy just bring her back no problem, But I decided to keep her and went and paid him and she has fit well into my Kennels, I like his set up out there and as a Man I think he is great and his dogs are good too plus he has any Dog that a guy would want, Speed, Drive Color you name it And I just would like to say Thanks to Mike for the oppertunity to have him as a friend ! Good runnings Friends
Submitted by: Frank S. Barracco on Aug 09, 2010
Beagles. If anyone knows beagles it is Mike Papiez. I was referred to him by a hunting buddy, and once I saw the dogs in action at his starting pen that's all it took. Mike has a great setup for buyers to see what the dog's can do before purchasing them. He has different types of cover to simulate the actual hunts that may be encountered in a real hunt situation which makes the dog's have to work hard for a good run.

I was looking to purchase a good line of hunting dog to run bunnies. Let me tell you, these dog's do what they do best. HUNT! My brother and I both purchased females, Bella and Suzzie from Kokoa and Scooter's litter in 2009. Our first hunt with the the dog's was excellent. Both of the puppies ran the bunnie for over a half hour and circled it back to where they started the run. The dog's performed just as good if not better than they did in the starting pen. These dog's have great speed,and noses and their tone in the field could be herd for a mile, not bad for puppies.

Since the purchase of Bella, I went back to Mike for another puppy. This puppy is from Mike's dog's Angel and Scooter. A friend of mine that hunts with the group of guys we hunt with also came along to purchase a puppy because of experience he had with Bella and Suzzie.

Now from Mike we have Bella, Mia, Suzzie and Forest. A great group of dog's that we will have for many hunting seasons to come, thanks to Mike Papiez at Pine Valley Gundogs in Mayville Michigan.

Frank S. Barracco
Chesterfield Twp., Michigan
Submitted by: Ben White on Jul 27, 2010
We discovered Pine Valley Gundogs online after loosing our family Beagle (Summer). After viewing the puppies my wife and little boy fell in love with two of the female Beagle puppies. I called and spoke with Mike about the puppies and was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for his puppies. We ordered two Beagle pups (Summer and Maggie) and they were delivered to us in perfect health. The lady that delivers the pups was very caring for her animals and we were really impressed with the way she took care of them on the road. Anyway, we now have two loving Beagle puppies that are now part of the family. I definately would recommend Pine Valley Gundogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Anthony Dickenson on Jul 25, 2010
I was introduced to Mike Papiez at a rabbit hunt in Millington. You could tell his knowledge of Beagles and what makes them “tick” was extensive. For this reason, I was eager to learn last September that a female of his would soon be with pups. That’s when my new addition “Barger” was welcomed to my pack.

Barger is a beautiful red and white male beagle, who is constantly getting compliments from hunters and non-hunters alike. He is obedient, strong minded and well on his way to becoming a top “rabbit slayer” in the weeks to come. Being born in September 2009, he began running in the starting pen at Mike’s house early this spring. He continues to hunt with the steadiness of a much more experienced dog.

Pine Valley Gun Dogs offers an excellent breeding stock, a starter pen and an amazing trainer for those of us who know beagles can be hard-to-handle (stubborn). Mike works with each pup/dog as an individual knowing each has different traits, temperaments and learning abilities.

I highly recommend Pine Valley Gun Dogs to anyone interested in purchasing a beagle or German shorthair.

~A. Dickenson
Submitted by: jack b young on Jul 22, 2010
mike papiez is a excellent trainer of gundogs
he helped me with my pup, he knows beagles and
he knows every dog is different he has different
age groups to put your pup with.he has beagles of
all ages. he is always willing to help you and
your pup,his starting pen is excellent, my pup
knows what a rabbit is and running good. I couldn't have done it without mike's help.
- jack b young

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