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Home of Pine Valley Beagles and Pine Valley German Shorthaired Pointers. We are a licensed commercial kennel in Lapeer County, Michigan. We started with our first German Shorthaired Pointer back in 1980 and our first pair of beagles in 1983. Since then we have grown to more than two dozen adult hunting dogs.

Our GSPs are bred for their hunting abilities. They are not show dogs. Naturally, confirmation is also an important factor to responsible breeding, but my GSPs must have both! "All show and no go" doesn't cut it around this kennel! All of our GSP foundation stock used for breeding and stud are OFA certified to be sure that your GSP puppy will not suffer from any genetic medical problems, such as hip dysplasia. Our goal here at Pine Valley Gundogs is to offer you a healthy puppy that you can mold into your hunting companion for many years to come.

Our beagles are hard hitting gundogs that have lots of speed and drive, bred and trained to find the rabbits for you. No more kicking brush piles, that job belongs to the beagles! If you want a good jump dog that hunts for you, you've come to the right kennel. Follow us on facebook

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Mike Papiez
8749 Lapeer Road
Mayville, Michigan 48744
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Submitted by: Nicole Blaszczuk & Paul Main on Jun 22, 2023
We are on our second GSP from Pine Valley and we couldn't be happier. These dogs have all the natural hunting ability in the world, they're smart, highly trainable and wonderful companions in the house. To top it off Mike and Rosie are knowledgeable breeders who put the care of their dogs first. We can't recommend them enough. Thanks again Mike and Rosie for allowing us to add another one to our family!
Submitted by: Jeffrie Seros on Dec 12, 2022
Can not recommend pine valley gun dogs enough. Picked up my GSP nine years ago from Madison and Duke. She is a natural hunter that as been out to South Dakota and guides at a local pheasant farm near me and her drive can’t be compared to other gsps. She knew what she needed to do from day one. And has not stopped since. Now that she is starting to get up in age I started thinking about getting another one that could work with her to learn, and my first call was to pine valley. I have had other chances to get a puppy and just knew if I did it would have to come from pine valley. The way they take care of there dogs is amazing and can’t ask for anything better. Can’t wait to receive my next pine valley gsp and hit the fields with both of them
Submitted by: Kevin G on Jul 30, 2022
We picked up our Trigger 6 years ago from PineValley Gundogs. He has been a great family dog, as well as, hunting partner. Trigger is first hunting dog we have owned and trained. He is a hard working hunter and naturally retrieves. Outside of hunting he loves to snuggle with our kids. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you Pinevalley.
Submitted by: Jessica B. on Jul 30, 2022
We got our sweet beagles Lola and Lando from Pine Valley Gun Dogs in 2013, and they were a great addition to our family. I had a great experience with Mike, and we would love to get another beagle from him in the future! Highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Tiffany McFarland on Apr 11, 2020
When we had to put our beagle of 14 yrs to sleep, I knew I wanted/needed another beagle in my life. I did a lot of diligent research on several different breeder sites when I came upon pine valley. They were very knowledgeable & willing to answer any questions I had. We got our pup April 2, 2020 & he is absolutely wonderful. He’s very smart & already follows his nose. They give you a bunch of information & let you know as much as they can to possibly answer any questions you might have down the road. They’re very friendly & are available whenever you have a question & you can tell they truly love & care about their dogs & the families they go to.
Submitted by: Melissa on Nov 05, 2019
End September 2019 I adopted a beagle from Pine Valley. I have been extremely happy with my pup. He is almost 5 months old, has a fantastic nose in the fields, and is doing well with basic commands like sit and stay. When out in public, I get so many comments on his markings and behavior. All positive! If you are looking for a beagle puppy, I would highly recommend Pine Valley. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and make sure you are a good fit for your pups.
Submitted by: Brandon jarinski on Feb 23, 2019
So excited to be adding another quality GSP from Pine valley gundogs to our family! We added our first GSP from them to our family just over three years ago, and knew it would not be the last. A friend from work had one of their GSP’s from a previous litter and I was very impressed. The intelligence, temperament, trainability, and affection of these dogs are amazing. One of my hunting buddies has also added two of Pine valleys GSP’s to his family and could not be any happier. Can’t wait to meet our new pup next month when he is ready to bring home!
Submitted by: Dennis McQuilan on Apr 18, 2018
Boy this is going to be easy. First off I have been around show dogs all my life as my mother had the first Briard in the US to win the working group. As a teen we had a couple Vizslas. After marriage a Wirehair was my dog. I meet Mike through my cousin about two years ago hunting and purchased a GSP from him and she is just a natural!! I mean for real, I’m busy with HVAC work in the fall so training time was lacking on my part. Took Jeannie out and she just got it from the start! But my best endorsement comes from this.... Pay close attention . I was going to purchase another pup from Mike from the same Bitch and Sire, Mike talked me out of it so Jeannie could grow another year and be a better role model for the pup??? What I thought? You care more about the dog you sold over a year ago then another sale!!! That folks is a caring breeder that puts the dogs first and not the $ ... Hats off to this Kennel!! Oh and my Mother agrees too.
Submitted by: Robert Statler on Apr 27, 2017
I have had Beagles in the past, this was the first that I have bought from Mike. We got him at 8 weeks old and he settled into the family quickly. I actively started his training around 10 months old and could tell right away that he was going to be a great rabbit dog. He was almost a year old when I took him up to Drummer Island for his first big hunt and was very impressed with how he performed. He even started his own rabbit and veteran beagles packed up with him. He loves to sit and relax with the family and yet as soon as I put the collar on him he gets excited and ready to hunt. I would recommend anyone wanting a rabbit dog to get one from Mike.
Submitted by: Danielle C Dayrell on Oct 14, 2016
When we lost our beloved GSP, Shooter, we knew we needed to give our other GSP a great pal who hunts. Losing a fur kid after a decade plus, was our solo GSP...he would not eat, and required sedation. After speaking tonout vet, he suggested getting another GSP pup.
We contacted plenty of breeders and found the perfect fit with Mike and Rosie!
We are grateful for our son, Boomer. He sure is a character!
I would recommend Mike 100% over again!
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