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Training & Obedience I offer in-home, personal one-on-one training services for you or your family. My services include: - Basic obedience done through positive reinforcement such as sit, here, lay, heel and stay - Advanced obedience done through positive reinforcement such as retrieving and tricks like shake, roll over and speak - Starter training done through positive reinforcement for Upland Bird Dogs and Waterfowl training. My services range from $25per hour plus travel for on site training. Offsite with a two hour maximum travel time. Offer onsite training 2 weeks $250 training of your choice. 4 weeks $500 broken down with a week of obedience, then training of your choice. Plus $17 a day for boarding. All training is done with non-abusive training methods and Clicker Training! To learn more about what I do you can also find us on Facebook at Be sure to send us a friend request so you have access to all pics and videos. We train all hunting breeds. Christy Lee 601-395-0399
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Meet Rosie, she is a Gordon Setter that Christy Lee found for Mr. Tim Hardin through breeder relations through She got a late start in training and missed out on her imprinting stages. She has been trained with positive re-enforcement and clicker training. She is very soft and will need more work on retrieving and whoa commands. Christy Lee will be working with Rosie and Mr. Hardin to finish her training. She has a beautiful point.

Ginger's training

Pilot's training

Shug's Training

Shug's Training

Shug's Training

Pilot's Training

Pilot's Training

Teaching syle with Shug

Positive reinforcement! Click and Treat!

Retrieving with Uli

A wonderful hunt with Uli

Blood Tracking

Puppy training

Retrieving with Arti

Bo retrieving to hand

Bo on point

Water work

Water work


Boarding, all play and fun!


Boarding fun


Team work

Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: Bob and Klari Tedrow on Jan 04, 2013
We have spent many hours with Dog Trainer Christy Lee. Christy displays a genuine and insightful enthusiasm for her craft. She spent time with us, gratis, to assess our Vizsla, Jozsi's, current skills and abilities as well as our personal goals for him. She was able to answer our questions and made cogent helpful suggestions that enabled us to start working with our dog immediately in a purposeful, goal directed manner. We were well pleased that she shared our enthusiasm for the kinder, gentler clicker method of dog training and Jozsi and Christy instantly took to each other. As we observed Christy in the field with our dog and we noted her admirable patience and attention to detail. She displayed a keen insight into dog behavior and was able to develop almost instant rapport with our dog. We were quite pleased to watch her train and direct our dog into behaviors that are the necessary prerequisites for a successful field/gun dog. We have been working on our own with our dog using the suggestions and techniques Christy provided and are very well pleased with the results. We hold Christy and her training methods in high regard and wholeheartedly recommend her services. Thank you Christy.

Bob and Klari Tedrow

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