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Submitted by: Barry Dudelson on Dec 10, 2018
After a full season I can just speak higher of my Windy Acres EB. I chose the full training package from Phil. We picked the pup together and Phil, kept, “ Nate” for 9 months of training from House breaking to hunting like a dog bamany years older than he is. His behavior is outstanding In and Outside the home. My Wife Love him also. Last year he hunted well and this season he is continuing at a pace easily out-preforming his first seasons accomplishments. At the start of the season he has over 20 Points. In fact, today he pointed and held a rooster for a very long time. I am amazed that he can hold and if the bird moves, he will reposition like an old pro! He has never broken a point. He just stays solid. He is doing exceptional and I continue to enjoy, totally, his performance. So far 20 Birds this season. Windy Acres sure have great Dogs, they are Excellent!
Barry D. Conn.
Submitted by: Kevin Nelson on Dec 10, 2018
Let me start by saying, I have 2 Windy Acres Dogs. One I got as a pup and another I was lucky enough to purchase when Phil retired her from breeding. (A great program many do not know about.) Rooty is my male he is an amazing dog. His ability to retrieve is uncanny. Tori is the female I got from Phil in March. She took some time to get used to me. Id call Phil and He would say Ill put a check in the mail and come get her. I was so pleased when all of a sudden she came to life and is a stone hunter!. Together they are amazing. We had a great day just yesterday. 7 birds. All pointed by both Dogs. I have to brag a little on Rooty. He is one amazing dog. He made some unbelievable retrieves. He hunts and points like a machine. Another great dog from Windy Acres. Id say you could not go wrong purchasing a dog from Windy Acres and Phil!
Kevin Nelson Sheridan WY
Submitted by: Zachery Bohn on Oct 23, 2018
Where to begin. I will write two of these,one before Phil’s training session and one after.
Before: Our little Ace is a product of JJ and Gracie. And let me tell you what, that just may be one of the best combinations available. Ace was sitting, listening, and potty trained by 3 months. Extremely smart and driven dog. Ace had an accident at 4 months old which left him with a broken back leg at the beginning of summer. With Phil’s help we were able to find the best doctor and ensure Ace’s timely return to the field. The summer was tough to sit still for a puppy who was already trying to point robins while on three legs. After a month and a half of healing we were left with another month and a half before training starts to get Ace prepared. As I mentioned before very fast learner and great listen made quick work of training preparation. When dropping Ace off at training I was happy with the dog I had purchased he was a great family companion and had shown great signs of hunting skills for a 7 month old puppy. I debated how much more Phil could do as his amazing genetics had gotten us this far which I was very happy with. Wow, was I impressed with the results.
After: First off I want to thank Phil for all the videos and notes he sent every week. What a great way to see our pup grow. Second if possible send your dog to Phil for training he is truly one of the best breeders and trainers. He was able to help ace focus his amazing outside drive to hunting and hunting only. I have taken him out hunting this fall and he done better than words can describe, currently the tally is up to 24 birds found and 19 of those were pointed and held for several second before the bird spooked loose. I have had more fun hunting the 6 days this fall than I ever have before. Ace has so much drive and Phil trained him to focus it in the right direction it is truly amazing and is a huge testament to Phil’s genetics and his training ability. We wouldn’t trade him for the world. He is the best dog we have ever had. Quick story. I was actually running him this afternoon next to a corn field at 16-20mph when all of a sudden he slammed on the breaks and took 5 steps and stopped to hold a point for over a minute on a rooster 3 rows into the corn. It was incredible to watch. He lifted his front paw and just held till I caught up then we flushed it. We kept going for a mile and came back the same route. When getting to the same area he caught wind of more pheasants and pointed another group of 4 birds 3 hens and 1 rooster which all held still till I caught up and flushed them. It was truly amazing for a 8.5 month old puppy to stop on a dime and hold a point for over a minute or two. Truly remarkable breeding and high quality training from Windy Acres Kennel is the only source of Ace’s success.
Zach Bohn Fargo ND
Submitted by: Kyle Paxton on Sep 02, 2018
My wife and I got our first French Brittany from Phil this spring on my 29th birthday. We named him Odin, and he is asleep at my feet as I type this. He is actually the first dog that either of us have had since we moved out of our parents’ homes. Getting a dog was a big decision for us. I wanted a working breed, but we live in the suburbs. I was worried I’d have to settle for an aloof couch-potato or some kind of ankle biter. With some research we discovered this breed might be exactly what we were looking for. It was at that point that Phil demonstrated his genuine care for the breed and for potential customers.
Phil didn’t try to sell us on the breed. He asked us many questions about what we were looking for, and what our current life circumstances are, so he could be certain we would be a good home for one of his dogs. He would rather not sell a dog than place one in a home that would not be a good fit. After a couple conversations with Phil it was clear that the French Brittany was the breed for us, and Phil was exactly what we were looking for in a breeder.
Phil is a kind, knowledgeable, experienced, straight-talking man who is passionate about his French Brittanys. He has been more than willing to answer any questions we have had so far. It is easy to tell that he genuinely care about how things are progressing with Odin. We could not ask for a better breeder.
Odin’s demeanor, obedience, intelligence and love of the outdoors has pleasantly surprised us, our family, friends, and co-workers. (Even though Phil told us he would be like this.) I take him to work nearly everyday, and he just relaxes. After work, he is ready to get outside and explore the great outdoors. Once at home he is playful and affectionate. Don’t get me wrong, he is a puppy and has the “problems” that come with that stage. However, the vast majority of the time he is very obedient. We could not ask for a better puppy.
Odin is already conditioned to gunfire (it did not take much time), and we are going to start training him on pigeons this upcoming weekend. Pheasant season starts November 2 in Ohio. I’ll provide updates as we progress toward and through his first hunting season. Perhaps I should call it his first “training” season… we’ll see.
Submitted by: Jim Paxton on Aug 31, 2018
I am righting this to let you know about some amazing dogs and an amazing person and I don't say these things lightly. Kona is from Grace and JJ and an awesome pup who we love very much she is extremely smart, courageous, adventuresome and fearless. Fearless was what Phil called her at 3 weeks and she sure is. We had only had her a couple weeks and I took her to the strip of woods with a creek that we have on our property. I took my eyes of off her for a minute, when I looked back she had walked out onto a log that was over the creek and was just setting there looking at the water and field on the other side, when she was done she just turned around and walked back. If there was any brush around she didn't walk around it she just made her way through it checking things out. She is not even afraid of the cows, unless they start walking towards her:). She loves the water and was pointing butterflies and bees at 2 1/2 months:). About 3 weeks ago I got her some pigeons and everything changed well not entirely she still likes to point butterflies and bees:) but if there is a bird around she is all business I was amazed how on the first time I took her out and was walking her downwind and across from where the bird was that as soon as she was downwind from it she did a ninety and stopped a few yards from it, she likes to creep but we will work on that. I show people the video of her second time out and they just say WOW! one guy who has had a couple of dogs and has one now said that she is almost finished, but I know that this is only the beginning of her potential. She loves to stalk the geese that come into the neighbors field and meadowlarks. Set,Stay and Ok came easy, Come took a little longer, at about 4 1/2 months it was like turning on a light and she has been fantastic sense, she is still not crazy about Heal but we are working on it:) doing very well with To Far. I could go on and on but I would encourage you to read the other testimonials here that is what I did, they will tell you even more about these dogs. I will say one more thing, she is a great dog in the house.
Now to Phil which was the reason I chose Windy Acres and have no regrets what so ever, again I would encourage you to read the other testimonials. I started out by choosing 5 places I believe all 5 are on here and sent an e-mail to them with 3 very simple questions. I believe one was how much do they shed? One did not answer at all, One I believe answered 3 weeks later all with a one or two line answer. Within a day or two Phil answered them in great length and told me that "no matter who I got it from" that this is what I should look for in a Epagneul Breton, wish I could pronounce that:) (French Brittany), I then picked up the phone and gave him a call. I tell everyone that, that evening we talked for an hour to an hour and a half about everything, His dogs, the breed, him and me. I think Phil asked me more questions than I asked him. That did it for me two days later I reserved a pup for the following year. He kept us updated with videos and pictures from birth to when we picked and answered lots of questions and gave his opinions when asked. I am from Ohio and me and my son and daughter-in-law, drove down to Phil's March the 10th of this year and picked up our pups, they got Odin one of Kona's brothers, I will let him tell his story. We got to meet Gracie and JJ and see some of his dogs work. I just got back from Phil's yesterday as a friend and myself dropped Kona of for Phil's month long training school. I can't wait to see what she can do after some real training from someone who knows what they are doing. We spent a whole day and parts of two other days with Phil and got to meet another of his Client/Friends, Todd and his two dogs who are from Phil's dogs, we got to make a new friend, had some great conversation's and to enjoy Phil's hospitality. He also makes the best blueberry pancakes. Just the little time we were there I got to see him work with Kona and was amazed at what he was able to do. Phil is honest, truthful and tells it the way it is, He loves his dogs, the breed and helping his clients he goes the extra mile and further, I was asking him some questions one weekend as I could not get a hold of my vet, shortly after hanging up the phone rang, without saying anything to me he had called his vet and then called me back. If you are looking for some one to tell you what you want to hear and blow smoke up your dress then you might want to go else where. If on the other hand you find someone like Phil a refreshing change as I do, then there is no one that I would recommend more.
Thanks Phil
Will be seeing you soon to pick Kona up, can't wait. Thanks again my Friend.
P.S. Hope you can help me talk my wife into letting me get another pup when I retire in about 3 years. Jim
Submitted by: Alan Richards on Aug 16, 2018
Willie 7 months old, one of Gracie and JJs puppies that was born in January. Willie is a very smart dog with awesome pointing instincts. Right now he is in basic to advance training and he is doing very well. We are very happy with him and very thankful to you Phil for all you have done to make this possible. I have been looking for a great dog like this for a while. I have every confidence that he will be a great hunter. Thank you for all your help and training tips. We are looking forward to the fall hunt. Thanks you for being such a professional with us and with availability at all times.

Thanks' again!
Alan and Michelle Richards and Willie
Submitted by: Thomas Lancaster on Aug 16, 2018
Grampa Phi 😊
Iv held off for a year doing this because daily Norm does something amazing!
He is now 34# almost exactly the weight you projected. Last fall he pointed
several birds and , for not knowing anything he did amazing. I can say we never
lost a bird. First time ever.! He is a C dog in the house and a devil in the field,
as you also projected.
We Love him and Kaleb ( now 4 ) has got him in his bed every night. So amazing.
Karen trusts him Alone in the house and never a mistake after 10 weeks, again as
projected. All in all we are so very happy with him. House, Field, Company or taking
him to work he is awesome.
Having said all this We would like to be placed on the 2020 list for another of your
amazing dogs. Let me know and we will be glad to forward a deposit.
Thanks for such a great Dog!

Thomas, Karen, Kaleb Lancaster and Norm
Submitted by: Jesse on Aug 09, 2018
We took Oliver home this spring and he has been a treat ever since. Phil was great to us and provided excellent info for us. Oliver is a great pup and our kids love him as much as he loves them. Highly recommend working with Phil if you have the chance. Thanks!
Submitted by: Luke Anderson on Jun 24, 2018
Mag has been an outstanding young lady. Phil was a true pleasure to work with. The entire process was seamless. Phil invited us in and shared a lot of knowledge on the breed. My daughter's tell all their friends about Phil and his dogs. We just went to the lake this weekend and our little girl swims like crazy. Can't wait for the fall and into the future with our new family member. Thank you Phil!

The Anderson's
Submitted by: Dave Boyle on Jun 19, 2018
I went to Phil's March 9th to pickup my pup {Kenzie} and was given a great meal, a comfortable bed and good company. Phil provided me with a great deal of educational information on his dogs genetics, breeding program and training tips. He is extremely passionate and proud of his dogs as he should be.
This will be my second French Brittany and for what I'm seeing at 5 months gets me excited for hunting season. Keeping in mind she's still a pup she is quickly learning every day. It is just wild to watch her cover a field while checking in with me. Trucks,ATV's and Boats; just say "Load Up" and get out of the way. Guns,Water no problems unless you don't like getting wet. For the most part she is good in the house but again she's a pup with plenty of GO. It's all part of having kids and I wouldn't have any other way.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phil's Kennel to any of my friends. I am really considering breeding my pup and making gifts of them to my closest friends just because of the sheer joy of what I have now.

Sincerely, Dave Boyle of Montana
PS; Phil , I'll be Back!
Submitted by: Jordan Becker on Apr 18, 2018
My husband and I now have two pups from Phil - Maverick is 2 years old and Charlie is 12 weeks, and to say that they are excellent dogs would be an understatement. Mav is a beast in the field, and we are very excited to see what Charlie can do; though we already know that she's going to be a little huntress as well. The things she can do already at 12 weeks just blows my mind. Not only do we love our dogs in the field, but more importantly for us, they are wonderful additions to our growing family. They are both sweet, good-mannered dogs who love people - from babies to my 85 year old grandmother - which is one of our favorite things about our dogs.

This is a huge testament to Phil and how much time he spends not only on his genetic lines, but with the dogs as well. While we are spoiled (we only live about 7 miles from him), I know that he is just as helpful to his customers in other states. He answers our never-ending questions with a smile and follows up as well. His dogs are absolutely wonderful, as is the outstanding man who breeds and raises them.

We can't thank Phil enough for everything he's done for us, and we really can't wait to get our dogs on some birds this year. Thank you Phil!
- Jordan and David
Submitted by: Scott Jones on Feb 27, 2018
I just wanted to take the time to let you know how well Norah did this year. First, let me say she didn’t get any training other than the two of us in the backyard. I guess that was all she needed (for now anyway). She was pointing and holding wild quail by the end of her first day. She’s not interested in retrieving yet but that probably has more to do with me not hitting anything that first day. I can’t tell you how pleased I am at how well she hunts. I think she could end up being a really good singles dog in a couple years.

I want to thank you again for the time and effort you put into your breeding program, the results are fantastic

Submitted by: Ed Davies on Feb 03, 2018
Our dog, Scout, came to our family 9 years ago. He's a very good grouse hunting dog, but equally or perhaps even more importantly he is a fantastic addition to our family. He has more personality, and playfulness, than any dog I have ever known. Coupled with high intelligence - he knows 35 commands and another 40 or more words - he makes us very, very happy.

What you may, or may not know, is that Phil Rogers has made dog breeding his life's work. In addition to a business degree he has degrees in both animal husbandry and genetics. Add his decades of experience and ask yourself, could you ask for anyone more expert, more wise in the ways of dogs? Phil is simply the greatest.
Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Jan 10, 2018
Hello Phil, Foxy just finished her 5th pheasant season. She is from the Fin & Nell litter of Feb 2013. She did excellent during the 2017 pheasant season. Especially since the bird numbers were down to a 20 year low because of the drought here in North Dakota. Because of Foxy's awesome hunting, pointing and retrieving abilities I didn't go without. Foxy helped me get 17 roosters and 8 grouse. Just like you told me a couple of years ago she will keep getting better. And it's true. I couldn't believe how good she was at 7 months old after your training course. Now after almost 5 years many of my friends and I have never seen a better bird dog. She hunts, points, retrieves, and follows hand signals and does everything else like a champion. Phil I couldn't be more proud or happier about my little furry friend that I got from your kennel. I can't wait to get another excellent pup from you. Thank you very much. Happy New Year. Barry
Submitted by: Barry Dudelson on Dec 18, 2017
I Needed to Add this last hunt to the testimonial I sent: From CT
The snow on the dry leaves makes for a slippery walk in the woods. The weather didn't seem to bother Nate. We were working into the wind. We had 6 solid points and bagged 3 roosters and a hen. One hen, he had a solid point and held about a foot from her. I stepped a few inches and was almost sure she would fly. She got up and ran. She flushed about 30 yrds away. Just when you think you have them. No limit on Birds so I got 4. All solid points.
I can easily read Nate while he is working. One time I had to steady him, but the rest he just locked up pointed. His hunting skills are excellent.
Sunday I worked an area just to walk it with Nate as it was heavily stocked and would scent. He did the slow creeping point low to the ground with the paw lifted. Worth a million dollars. Took the camera out 5 times but couldn't get the picture. I know you know what it look likes anyways. Breath taking.
Thank you very much for the excellent dog and the time you spent training. We love him.
Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to to you.
Barry and Tina
Submitted by: Barry Dudelson on Dec 10, 2017
We have been blessed with an excellent male French Brittany from Windy Acres. Phil is an an excellent breeder and trainer of these truly exceptional and unique field dogs These dogs are a joy to hunt with and are simply wonderful house dogs. I have had professionally trained field dogs for over 30 years and wanted to try Phil's started dog program. We were very pleased with the entire process. We had lots of videos during the training period and communication with Phil about our dog "Nate" was top notch!

Nate's training was truly exceptional. All the folks and hunters that we have met are very impressed by his field skills and charming personality.

We are very pleased and recommend Phil very highly.

Submitted by: Mary Devries on Dec 04, 2017
Bailey had a super year hunting with Bill and his friends. He is a great bird dog and retriever he can find the birds that go down when no one else can find them, a great nose. Bill’s friends call him Bailey the wonder dog! Everyone wants to hunt with him. He’s the best dog Bill and I have had and we have had some great dogs. He’s a joy for us to have! Thank you for such a good dog! We are doing fine Bill contacted lymes this summer so his summer was short for fishing but made up for it this fall. Oh Bailey likes to fish with us too. He also thinks the boat is his as he’s the first one in it when we take it out. Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year. Bill and Mary DeVries from Walker, Mn.
Submitted by: Dennis Luszcz on Dec 04, 2017
A couple of my letters appear here that attest to the breeding and ability of my 9 month old pup Niko. He has exceeded all of my expectations and then some. Our experience with Phil during the last year has also exceeded our expectations. Phils dogs are obviously first rate. His attention to his customers is also first rate. Once the pups are born he sends frequent pics and videos so that we can observe their progress and eventually make our picks. Once picks are made we get to watch our pups develop. When we arrive to pick up our new pup Phils hospitality (and cooking) come into play. He had never met us before but made us feel right at home. Before we left the next morning he shared a wealth of information regarding care of our new pup.

Our puppy pick was next to the last. Phil assured us that all of his pups would be great hunters and house dogs. He was right.

After the sale Phil does not abandon you. I have sent him many an email and phone call with training questions. He has never failed to respond quickly with answers and great advice. He will help you become a better trainer.

I will not hesitate to pick Windy Acres Kennels for my next pup.
Submitted by: Dennis Luszcz on Nov 22, 2017
( Believe in your DOG!!) even a 8 month old Pup

Nik has become" a bird monster". He is staunch on point. Most times when a bird flushes and we shoot a whoa will stop him. He still occasionally points pheasant feathers? but I am starting to trust his fantastic nose. Today he pointed a prairie dog hole. Steve and I moved in and I tried to convince him that he was pointing a prairie dog. He didn't budge. We stood there looking at the prairie dog hole for a couple of moments and the"prairie dog" flushed ten feet away cackling!. We missed the varmint. Life is good
Submitted by: Roger Coffin on Nov 21, 2017
(note Roger is a good friend and client from Canada, He has 2 of my dogs a 4 year old male I started and a 10 year old fully trained, retired female .)

It's hard to believe but Gillie is now four. He is doing great and now a pro at handling birds. Also a great lover, he loves to snuggle. Nell will be ten soon and still runs like a teenager. She is in such good shape that she doesn't tire. This last week end, we hunted Friday for Four hours, Five on Saturday, and she on Sunday went for an hour and a half and wanted more!! I love your dogs and their temperament. Let's say I'm a big fan!
Both Friday and Saturday were very windy! Gusts to about 40 knots. Tough on the scenting and the birds were nervous and flushed wild. It was also about freezing with a big wind chill. I'll blame my poor shooting on too many layers of clothes. I shined up a different O/U with a shorter length of pull to use this week. That should help?
On Nov 11 th I always think of you and have a few minutes of thinking of your 20 years of military service. The difference between our countries is interesting, we have a holiday of remembering.
The USA have football and sales. That's what we hear about. Hopefully there is proper recognition of the war veterans.
Our thanksgiving was over a month ago. Enjoy your holiday and have a bourbon on the day!
Best Roger
Submitted by: James Pohl on Oct 22, 2017
We took Gus on his first pheasant hunt today. We have taken him on numerous grouse hunts here on Warm River, Idaho but bird population is meager. He hunted with a seasoned English Setter and a two year old Springer with lots of pheasant exposure. He blew me away with his honoring and holding on the pheasant motionless til I arrived. Mind you, he had never seen a pheasant prior to today's hunt!
Thank you for a wonderful dog whose gentleness with our eight Grandchildren is even more impressive.
James Pohl
Austin Texas
Submitted by: John Hiltunen on Oct 15, 2017
Oscar is a 7 month old pup out of Lexa and Levi Spring of 2017.
Just wanted to let you know Oscar has been performing well. The bird numbers are significantly lower this year. We put on a lot of miles on some public land the other day, but managed to find a couple of roosters and a partridge. (photo attached) I would not have had the opportunity to shoot either bird without Oscar. He held nice for me on the first bird. I could tell he was on scent on the second one when it flushed out in front of us. I managed a lucky shot on it but it ended up going down about 70 yards out. I would not have found it without Oscars nose. Not too shabby for 7 months old.
John Hiltunen Family
Submitted by: Scott Jones on Oct 02, 2017
Hello Phil, finally starting to cool done here in Texas so today I was able to take Norah out and let her run. She was great! She was on the ground for about an hour and found 2 wild coveys. Maybe she was pointing, maybe she wasn't, but she used her nose to find those birds. Her first trip out, I couldn't believe it! Great nose, great instincts and great breeding, I can't thank you enough. I'm very excited about this season.

Thanks again, hope your shoulder heals before the season ends
Submitted by: Jon Bardow on Sep 19, 2017
Hi Phil, I bought Noah out of Levi and Lexas litter this spring. Just want to keep in touch and let you know how things are going so far.
First the little guy is doing awesome. I have had him on birds since mid July and he's a natural. He took to the gunfire right away no issues there. Last weekend was grouse opener in MN and we out for a walk. We came across a covey of five and he locked up ended up with one that flew in the open. The cover is still very thick. In all we saw or heard 8 birds yielding no more shot opportunities. The entire time out I never said a word to him he stayed within shooting distance the whole walk. This dog is the BOMB!!!.

Thanks again
Jon Bradow
Submitted by: Mike and Laurie Willett on Sep 19, 2017
Phil , thanks again for the chance to meet you and all your girls and guys, wonderful dogs , all of them! We appreciated your knowledge and hospitality! It was nice to meet someone in the business, that loves his trade and his dogs. We look forward to being a part of your program. Sincerely, Mike and Laurie Willett, God Bless and have a wonderful weekend. Please. Keep in touch, and I will sure swing by when I am in the area. Let me no how the new boat works, enjoy!
Submitted by: Dennis Luszcz on Sep 15, 2017
Please Note Niko is a young pup , from this spring Just 6 months old out of JJ and Jipzee March 2017 , These are some excerpts from a lovely long letter I received today from Dennis. Gota Love new Pups!! Enjoy as I did.
Finally got the pup out after grouse yesterday. He did great ,I couldn't shoot straight. Started out bad. He was a little timid in very thick cover when we first left the truck. At one point I heard a yip and turned to see him hanging by a rear leg from the middle strand of an abandoned barb wire fence, which had grown over with grass. I ran over and stopped him from thrashing expecting to see serious damage. Fortunately he was barely caught by a single barb and I got him free. After a bit he started to quarter nicely responding well to the whistle. Once and a while he would get out too far in front but would come back in with a single tweet.
I was starting to think that the area had already been hunted hard as an hour or more went by without any birds. He suddenly stopped and ran full speed uphill into the wind. Just short of the trees he busted into three blue grouse. I poked a long shot while he was excited to see how he reacted to the shotgun noise. No problem, his mind was on birds. I have been shooting 22 blanks on our hikes and he never showed any nervousness. Two of the birds landed in trees and as I climbed up the steep slope Nik moved into the woods flushing one of the grouse right at me. The bird flew right at my head and as I shot at him going away I lost my footing and went down completing a perfect downhill double tuck and roll. Nik was not impressed and kept looking for the remaining bird. The Berretta and I were not injured. :-)
As to his handling I have found him to be very controllable in the field. He quarters naturally, responds to the whistle well. I will have to work on the too far out in front. I think I can limit his range with the whistle and back it up with the vibration or ecollar shock. I found him initially to be supersensitive to the ecollar and was worried that I couldn't use it with him. He would ignore the vibration altogether and would yelp at a setting as low as 5 out of a maximum of 100. Yesterday he started to respond to the vibration and if he did ignore he would shake his head and respond at a low setting shock. I think now it will work. At one point we were walking through a thick patch of brush on a cattle trail. The pup suddenly stopped looking downhill. Dummy me not recognizing a point when I saw one kept walking and the grouse flushed behind me. I had a good shot but I would have had to shoot right over Niks head. He had to settle for a lot of praise instead. Oh well.
I really appreciate your feedback Phil on these kind of things. We get to work with a pup only every 10 or 12 years and you work with them constantly. I really value your help.
Submitted by: Kenneth Jessop on Jul 16, 2017
I am pleased to pass on some good news . If you recall out 8 year old Pacer, from (removed) Was suffering from intestinal issues. We then purchased from you, a splendid male, now 3 years old, that we named Leon De Acres Venteuses :-). I have decided that that puppy had healing powers. LOL. They became such great friends and now, do everything together. The vet says he had no real idea just how Pacer healed up, but gave him a clean bill of health just last week. That's why I am writing you. Fran and I feel it was using the food you recommended for Leo as a puppy. We have a elevator near that now carries Country Vet and the sales are great!
Phil, These two dogs are amazing together!. It seems one can cover areas that the other can't. Just wonderful in my thinking. We are so very pleased we came 600 plus miles to pick a pup from your kennel! When the time comes for another you will be the first call we make.
With our Gratitude :-).
Kenneth, Francis, Pacer and Leo Jessop
Submitted by: Paul Fredrick on Jun 29, 2017
Phil, a long overdue note to you my friend. Ginger is 10 this year and it does not seem possible. She hunted eagerly last year, but I slowed more than she! We are moving to Arizona this winter . Purchased a small home there several years ago but I was stubborn and did not want to leave MN. I have plans to minimally hunt Ginger and slow my normal grouse pace to about a third for some quail. Marge will not let me get another pup and I have to agree. My expectations are this little girl will outlast me. We both wanted you to know we could not have purchased a finer family or hunting dog. With hundreds of grouse and timber doodles she has been a fantastic hunting companion and an amazing member of your family. We often say the dog is so much smarter than we. Our very best wishes and hope your remission is permanent. Please keep in touch with the Christmas letter. We thoroughly enjoy them.
You have been a Super breeder, advisor and friend over the years. We wish you continued luck in that endeavor.
Good Health
Dr. Paul, The Boss Marge and Ginger
Submitted by: John Hiltunen on Jun 05, 2017
The family and I picked up our little guy Oscar from Phil in April of 2017.

Prior to picking our pup up the entire family and I visited the kennel to see the litter in person. Phil went above and beyond what we expected for that day. He even fed us all lunch and treated my two toddlers like his own grandchildren.

Although I myself am a man of few words while talking with Phil and meeting all of his breeding dogs I could tell he is very passionate about what he does and specifically the French Brittany breed. Phil was always available to promptly answer any questions throughout the process. The photos and videos he sends are especially helpful in getting to know the pups before making a selection. I highly encourage anyone looking to get a French Brittany pup to make a trip to Windy Acres Kennels. You will leave there confident knowing no matter what pup you get from the kennel, it will be a great dog.

I have always owned Labs prior to researching and deciding on a French Brittany for my next hunting, and also just as important, family dog. We have had Oscar in our home for 6 weeks now. By night two he slept through the night in his kennel and did so without whining. He will sit, down, and stay. When feeding I no longer have to give the stay command, he simply waits until he is told "ok" to begin eating. Other than the normal puppy stuff Oscar is very great with my two children who are 3 and 2. He follows them around the back yard as if he himself is a child.

Just last night while taking Oscar for a walk through the neighborhood I was complemented on what a good looking puppy Oscar is. Many ask about the breed.

Phil was very upfront and honest throughout the entire process which made getting a new family member that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend Windy Acres to anyone looking for a new hunting partner/companion.
Submitted by: Eric Hansen on May 22, 2017
To anyone interested in a pointing dog -

I had never had a bird dog before, so when I started researching breeds, I set my mind on certain criteria that I was unwilling to compromise on - family oriented, pointing breed, smaller to medium size, docked tail (so kids don't get whacked in the face!), and most of all, a solid natural hunter. The French Brittany fits ALL of the criteria, and they are beautiful to look at as well.

From there I started researching breeders. I called a few breeders, but most I spoke with seemed more interested in field trailing dogs than pure family oriented hunting dogs. I came across the Windy Acres website, and since I live in North Dakota, decided to give Phil a call. Best decision I could have made!

Phil met and exceeded all of my expectations for a dog breeder. He readily answered emails and phone calls, and answered all of my concerns or questions honestly.

I picked up Riggs, a Jipzee and JJ pup, 3 weeks ago. He is so wonderful with the kids, and every time someone new meets him, they comment on how handsome he is and about his calm and steady demeanor. That doesn't mean he won't play, but he is an absolute joy to be around! He points beautifully in the yard, and he takes very well to sit/stay and other basic commands. That was another great thing about Phil - he is just as helpful after you purchase the puppy as he is before, answering training or any other questions.

As you can probably tell if you read the testimonials, you will probably not be able to do any better than a Windy Acres pup! Don't hesitate to get one if you are thinking about it. I can't wait to get Riggs in the field this fall, I am sure he will do great!
Submitted by: Terry Winnop on May 19, 2017
I have now owned, and avidly hunted, 2 French Brittanies. I just purchased my third from Phil at Windy Acres Kennel in Napoleon, ND. Phil was great getting photos of the litter out to all of us, and when it came time for our 8 hour drive to ND Phil fed us, and put us up for the night. He is a wealth of dog knowledge and has led a very interesting and busy life; he loves his dogs and wants all of his clients and puppies to succeed. We have now been home in Wyoming for 3 weeks, and Ollie (kennel name: Nash), is all I could ask for: from night 4 he's slept through the night, he is 70% house trained, sits, tries to stay, has a phenomenal nose, retrieves better than either of my other FBs, plays ceaselessly with my other 6.5 yo FB, comes when called, knows he's not supposed to steal shoes from the closet( it doesn't stop him), is very inquisitive , smelled a Eurasian dove today and retrieved it 20 yds past me( he was in shoe mode and didn't think he was supposed to have it:), I am super pleased and know 3 other Windy Acres FB owners who are happy as well. Get on Phil's waiting list today, you will probably get your lifetime dog from him.
Submitted by: Jon Bradow on May 11, 2017
Puppy news again,
Gus is doing great. His nose is phenomenal. We are working on come, sit, stay, and heel. He does well with all of them in short sessions. I work on these commands for 5 minutes each throughout the day. Any longer and he wants to start playing. Which is fine, he is a puppy.

Last night I put a pheasant wing in the yard and walked him by it. At twenty yards away he got the scent. He pointed for a couple seconds when he was a few feet away then went in. His excitement level was off the charts for a puppy that has never had a snoot full of feathers. I'm sure you've seen it many times, but I thought it was amazing.

I want to thank you again. The experience from start to finish was awesome. Hope your doing well and and getting some fishing time in.

Thanks again

Submitted by: Jon Bradow on Apr 23, 2017
Hi Phil,
I am so glad I found Windy Acres. You have been a joy to work with from day one. You have always been honest with me through the whole process. The weekly videos you do of all the pups were priceless to me. I know of no other breeders that do this!
From the minute I picked Gus from the whelping pen till now (1 night)he only whimpers if he needs to go potty. And no messes in the house yet. He never even soiled the newspaper in his kennel overnight. At 2 in the morning he started to cry and we went outside and went one and two. We came back in and he went right back to sleep.

He is always smelling and very inquisitive. I can tell he is highly intelligent. My family has fallen in love with him immediately. I am very excited to have him. Can't thank you enough for your hard work. I will keep you informed on how he is doing from time to time.

Submitted by: Lynn Van Vleet on Jan 24, 2017
A note with Pictures ABOVE, That was sent to Windy Acres. Great News and Thank You Lynn and Jada!
I hope you are staying warm and doing well. I'm so glad you and the dogs enjoyed your gifts.
I did get the Epagneul Breton magazine. I was very exciting to see her. She has become such a great agility partner.
With that being said, I would like to tell you that Jada is now a Master Agility Champion (MACH) I am so proud of this sassy yet oh so sweet girl. I have attached a couple of pictures and will try and send you a video.
She has also qualified for AKC Agility Nationals which is in Perry GA. in March. Some friends and I have decided to drive down, I can't wait.

Thank you so much for trusting me with one of your pups!

Take Care and Stay Warm!
MACH Galejade De Acres Venteuses CD UCD MX MXB MXJ MJB
Submitted by: Brian Vrablick on Jan 20, 2017
Our lab was getting too old to hunt and we started researching different dog breeds. My wife wanted a smaller dog and I was thinking of switching to a pointing breed since I mostly hunt upland birds and not much waterfowl anymore. We stumbled onto the French Brittany and also Windy Acres Kennel.

Phil knows the French Brittany and he is more than willing to talk to you about his dogs, the breed, and he makes sure you understand what these dogs do.

We put ourselves on the list and Phil kept us informed when the female was bred and also throughout the pregnancy. When the puppies were born is when Phil really goes all out for his clients. We were sent videos of the birth of almost every puppy! It was like we were there to share in the joy and surprise. Is it a boy or girl, what color is it, etc. Then every week Phil would send pictures of each puppy. He would also do short videos once the pups started getting some personality to help us make our decision as to which puppy we would choose.

We decided to make the drive to ND and turn it into a family adventure. Our lives have not been the same since we made the trip. Of course, the puppy stage was challenging especially with young children at home. Potty training happened fairly quickly. Our dog loves to chew so we have plenty of toys around. Mylo is very sweet and loving, but he is also very persistent about getting what he wants. He definitely does better in the house if he gets exercise. He does even better if it is a lot of exercise. I would not get a French Brittany if you are not going to get the dog outside.

Fast forward to the fall and hunting season. I hunted him over planted birds three times before I took him out for wild birds. Mylo has an incredible nose. He will pick up scent from a long ways away. He will point, creep up, point, creep up, point. He just does it on his own. Of course with the planted birds I knew approximately where they were and he never bumped them. His second time out on wild birds we had a running pheasant go about 500 yards. He pointed about 8 different times and he ended up pointing the bird near a field edge and I was 10 yards from the flush. Unfortunately it was a hen, but I never would have been within shooting range of that bird with my lab unless I was an Olympic sprinter. He was about 7 months old when that happened and I am really excited for the future.

If you want a French Brittany you will not be disappointed with Phil, his dogs, or the experience of buying from Windy Acres. Phil is always there to answer questions and give you training advice if you ask for help.
and chews
Jill and Brian Vrablick WA
Submitted by: Cheri Meidinger on Dec 21, 2016
We are blessed to have 2 of Windy Acres beautiful French Brittanys. Loki is almost 10 years old and has a passion for hunting. Although Faith who is almost 8, was purchased as a family pet due to a slight heart murmur at birth, she has proven to be an excellent hunter as well. Her heart murmur corrected itself and she hunts every chance she can get. My favorite thing about these dogs is their excited nature in the field and calm nature in the house.
Our dogs are not only hunters, but part of our family. They know when one of us is feeling sad or ill and come to cheer us up or lie next to us so that we are never alone. My daughter looks for Faith first thing when she returns home from school. These two have the child/pet connection you see in the movies and it's great to see. They are our constant companions and make our lives complete.
Submitted by: Pat Chapin on Dec 21, 2016
Coral, From Phil's super dogs at Windy Acres is my five year-old tri-color, she had a great season in Montana this year. Pheasants were down somewhat but we still managed to get lots over five months of almost daily hunting in unusually spectacular weather. It was downright hot most days but thanks to extraordinary rainfall during early October before we arrived, the coulees and creeks all had water running in them till Thanksgiving weekend. Cover was incredibly dense. But Coral rose to the occasion. Every day saw her pointing upwards of dozens of birds. Because of the wet early season, most pheasants had seen little hunting activity by the end of October when we got to Montana. They held nicely but the problem was often simply seeing her in high grass when she was on point. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Coral is her level of expertise in spite of essentially no competent training. I have always been a flushing Lab man and basic obedience is about all that's needed to make them work. Coral started out being merely "something to keep me busy" after the tragic losses of my wife and son. No barrels, tables, long leashes, or e-collars. If she turned into another flushing dog, that would be fine with me. In spite of my lack of training expertise and equipment, Coral has developed into an extremely "sleuthy" pointer, and when she goes on point, she stays rock solid till either I or the Labs get to her. No need to command whoa. Never knew it was supposed to be in my vocabulary. I'm sure I can count on both hands the number of false points over five weeks of hunting this fall. It's so rare that I'll usually come back and work the same spot after a half hour or so. As often as not the bird turns up. Blame those near misses on heavy cover and lots of standing water this year. About the only distraction I have to worry about is cottontails. Coral is quite interested in them, though she hardly blinks at jackrabbits or deer. Porcupines are briefly noted before proceeding on to work. Coral is easy to work with. She's sensitive and worships me. Keeping her under control is generally not difficult. She is not a running dog and stays home even if the gate gets left open which is very unusual for a pointing breed. We are very close - she sleeps against my heart most nights. Thanks for the great dog!

Pat Chapin
Submitted by: Delane Dollinger on Dec 17, 2016
Max, Hank and Gypsy's son. He is almost 10 years old and is still in top condition as a pet and foremost as a bird hunter. These dogs are mostly known as upland pointing hunters, I would like to add that they also love to hunt waterfowl. He is fearless and will run down a wounded 15 pound Canada or run into the water to get a downed Snow goose. Max loves to be in the layout blind with me and will lay, watching quietly, even when there are 100s of birds overhead. I have lost count of all the pheasants he has pointed and run down when the shooting was not quite up to par. I have had people hunt with me that had not seen a French Brittany before and had hunted with many different breeds of dogs. They have been amazed at his all around performance, his nose for birds, his solid lockup points, and his ability to run down any wounded bird. Phil has a wonderful set of dogs for hunting. They are also great house dogs. Hunting Pheasants in the snow.
Submitted by: Jim Tormey on Dec 13, 2016

My Doolin is ready to celebrate his fifth year on God's green earth shortly. He is still full of life, and ready to run and/or swim all day. My Grandson (2 1/2 years old) loves to give him the signal to jump into and out of the deck of our truck, his record is 11 without a miss. I still struggle with Doolin always taking the best chair when we are at the fire pit or on the patio, but in spite of that bad habit, he is still my constant companion, my shadow and my best friend.

God bless your dog-making formulas (Gypsy and Finn), and your ability to match the pups with the best suited human.

Hope all is well.

Jim Tormey
Syracuse, NY
Submitted by: on Dec 05, 2016
This is a Gypsy and Finn male pup:2012
With another season almost finished here I wanted to give you an update on Hap. With 12 dogs under my belt so far, in my life, I can confidently tell you Hap is the smartest and by far the most birdie dog Jessie and I have had. We hunted from Maine to Georgia and have enjoyed great hunts in every state. No matter the species Hap has pointed and retrieved them all. We decided to send this in because, I see as usual, you are sold out already for next seasons litters . We wanted those of you that are willing to wait , to know, it is well worth the time for a dog from Phil. We waited an extra year and would and will, if necessary, do it again. The payback for the wait is huge! My grandson is going to hunt next fall and he is already talking about getting a dog like Hap! All my friends are convinced as well. I think you have 2 of them on your list. Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and continued good health for many years to come.
From Pete and Jessie, the O'Conner's of Wisconsin.
Submitted by: Barry B. on Nov 28, 2016
Foxy got a Thanksgiving rooster!. We approached a slough and foxy was immediately birdie. She knew there was a bird in there and went into overdrive trying to find it. I thought I covered the slough well and was on the way back to the truck, down wind, when Foxy went on point facing me about 20 yards in front of me. As I approached her eyes would look at me then to where the bird was and back at me and where the bird was. It was so neat. When I got to her I moved the grass with my foot in front of her and the rooster flushed. I shot the rooster and foxy retrieved it. What a way to spend Thanksgiving morning. Thanks again Phil, for the great friend, companion and gun dog! Tomorrow is another hunting day for us. Fun!
Submitted by: Cody Kottre on Sep 11, 2016
We would like to send a huge thank you to Phil. We spent some time at Windy Acres a few weeks ago with our pup Finnley (Hank and jipzee litter). We were having a few issues with him and needed that boost to not feel like we were doing everything wrong. In Over 3 hrs. Phil walked us threw a few training tips. He set 2 birds for Finnley,which He pointed like a champ!! He pointed till he was told okay. We went there thinking we were doing everything wrong and our little 13 week old pup proved us beyond wrong! Phil has amazing genetics in his dogs, we are thankful for all he has done for us!
The Kottre family
Submitted by: Toby Bradshaw on Aug 21, 2016
Theo (Hank x Jipzee) is just under 16 weeks old, and has really gotten fired up over the valley quail that we come across in our daily walks through the high desert. This evening Theo got into a big covey, chasing them on the ground until they flushed, then following them for awhile as they flew. He came back to check in with me, then went off after the singles, quartering (which he does naturally) with his head high into the evening breeze. It wasn't long before he started getting birdy, then catwalking, and finally pointing. He rolled his eyes back at me, probably thinking, "Are you smelling what I'm smelling?"

Pretty impressive for a pup that's never seen a wing on a string, or anything other than a wild bird, since I picked him up from Phil at 7 weeks. I never say a word to Theo in the field -- he just seems to know what to do. I couldn't be happier with him.
Submitted by: Toby Bradshaw on Aug 13, 2016
(In all these years, This is the first Pup Iv sold to a Falconer/Hawker, Seems to work for him. :-)I'm told he is one of the best.
Theo is 13.5 weeks now Spring 2016 Hank and Jipzee pairing.
On yesterday evening's walk he came across his first quail up close -- a pair of valley quail with chicks just a few days old. The hen led Theo on a chase through the sagebrush, away from her chicks, before flushing. He kept chasing the hen as she was flying. Now that he knows what quail really are, he may show more interest in the coveys that come into the yard every day to feed.
Theo has a terrific nose, and every jackrabbit foot, dried-up chipmunk, and duck wing lying out in the desert is his chew toy. It's very funny to have him come galloping past me, then spin around when he catches the scent of an old rabbit skull half-buried under some greasewood bush. He loves to carry his treasures all over the place, so I'm expecting him to be a natural retriever. He quarters in front of me without ever having been taught. In fact, in an hour's walk in the field I generally don't say anything at all to him -- he just seems to understand what I want without being told. He checks in periodically, get a drink of water from the bottle, and then he's off in search of smells again.
Theo has a wonderful personality. I'm really impressed with how he can go from super-active to resting calmly when the situation calls for it. He's been completely housebroken for several weeks now, and had very few "accidents" even when he was much younger. Just as advertised, he's great in the field and equally great in the house. I'm really looking forward to his developing more and more bird drive as he gets more exposure. It's an outstanding year for quail here in central Oregon -- I see several hundred every day when I'm out with my hawks. I haven't done the wing-on-a-string thing at all. Theo already flash-points jackrabbits in their forms, so Hank and Jipzee gave him the right stuff. :)
I don't mind if he chases quail for a few months. He'll figure out that he can't catch them, eventually, I'm sure. I have all the time in the world, and I'm enjoying watching him be a puppy. It's such a pleasure not to have to handle him, call him, whistle for him, etc. He explores his big, new world without forgetting that he's with me. I can see why you're so keen on EBs.
Unlike most guys, I don't mind Theo pointing rabbits. My hawks will appreciate the advance notice of a flush!
Theo has learned that the pellet rifle discharge might mean a collared dove or house sparrow for him to find. I imagine that the transition to a shotgun will be very easy when the time comes.
Moira is just as attached to Theo as I am. He's quite the charmer! He makes new human and canine friends wherever
I'm probably too old to have many more dogs, but if I get another one it will be an Epagneul Breton.
Hope all's well with you!

Toby Bradshaw
Submitted by: Jordan and David Becker on Aug 09, 2016
David has been itching to have a pup from Phil for years, and we were lucky enough to get one this year. We've had Maverick for almost 2 months now (son of JJ and Gracie), and we are so impressed.

I should first start off by saying that Phil was amazing to work with from beginning to end. We were included on updates the entire time via email, phone conversations, and videos, which is not something that most breeders do. From Gracie being pregnant to the litter turning 6 weeks, we knew every detail. We only live about 5 miles away from Phil, and he was gracious enough to let us come to visit our pup any time we wanted, which was about once a week. It sounds like a lot, but he was always happy to see us which made us want to get out there more! Throughout that time, he gave us some great tips on bringing a puppy home as well as a history into his kennel and our pup's lineage.

Maverick is by far one of the smartest dogs we've ever had. He's the first Brittany we've owned, and we can confidently say that he won't be the last. He can be a feisty little guy sometimes (as most puppies are), but he's also very sweet. He's retrieving very well for his age, and that makes us excited to get him out in the field.

We enjoy hunting immensely, but we also wanted to find a family dog that would be content just hanging out at home with us. We've already seen that Maverick is going to be an excellent mix of both. He doesn't shy away from guns (his ears actually perk up when he hears anything that remotely sounds like a gun), and he's got a nose that I swear could find a bird a mile away. But he's also happy to be in the house retrieving a toy, or sitting in the kitchen while we make supper. He does have a little fear of water right now, but we expect that will get less and less with age.

We are extremely happy with the entire experience that we've had with Phil and with Maverick. You'll be hard pressed to find someone as great to work with as Phil with as much knowledge and appreciation for the Brittany breed. We can't wait to watch Maverick grow and develop over time! Thank you for everything Phil!
Jordan, David, and Maverick, Napoleon, ND
Submitted by: Cody Kottre on Aug 09, 2016
We have a pup (Finnley) from Hank and jipzee litter, spring 2016, we couldnt be more thrilled with him. Phil has been a tremendous amount of help as neither my husband or I have had a dog. He kept in contact since we called to reserve a spot for Finnley, answering all of our questions, and allowing us to spend time at the farm with him as we went threw picking him out.
Finnley has been a very good pup, comes on command and points like a champ. He is also good with our children who are 2 and 4. They both enough going to Grandpa Phil's. We have put our names down for another pup in 2018.
Looking for a good dog and helpful breeder Phil is the person to go to!
Thanks for being great help
Cody, Lydia, Harper, Laila and Finnley Kottre
Submitted by: Shilo Mathill on Aug 02, 2016
I've recently had the opportunity and pleasure to meet Phil Rogers. I've owned French Brittany gun dogs for the past 15 years and after losing a number of dogs the past few years (old age mostly) I was in the market for a few more pups.

Wanting to acquire some new lines, I started reaching out to the few "core" breeders here in the States; those that have been around and know the breed and have proven lines. I wasn't interested in those breeders that buy a French Britt; take it hunting; and decide to breed it because it points and retrieves birds; a quick Google search proves there's too many of those folks out there. When I first talked to Phil I knew immediately he was not one of those and he was truly dedicated to the improvement of the breed.

I'm a hunter and prefer to spend time in the field with the dogs and my closest friends/family. Phil shares that sentiment and breeds dogs for the hunter; he doesn't race around like some breeders trying to put titles on his dogs to sell more pups for more money. I appreciated that, and after talking to Phil about my goals and wishes I ordered a few pups.

This process started over a year ago and I visited Phil shortly after July 4 to pick up 3 beautiful pups from two separate litters. Phil was willing to keep the pups longer due to my work schedule and family commitments over the Fourth; when we arrived at his place he invited us into his home, feed us, talked dogs, and put a roof over our heads for the night!

Phil's commitment to the dogs and the future owners is off the chart! He calls, sends emails, videos, etc...keeping the buyers very informed and builds a community around his kennel.

Now lets talk pups! In the short month I've had the pups they have exceeded all expectations. They are very sociable, spunky, intelligent, and have tons of drive. They are easy to handle and are put together the right way. I've had the good fortune to own and train many French Britt's and I'm very excited about these pups.

The trick to getting the dog of a lifetime starts with finding the right breeder and the right dogs. All hunters, as well as the entire French Brittany community, would benefit from having a whole lot more Phil Roger's around. Sadly, there's not too many folks willing to do what Phil does to ensure great dogs are placed with great people/families. Luckily, I met Phil and I'm proud to now be part of his extended Windy Acre Family!

Thank you Phil for all you do! I'm looking forward to many great adventures with your pups.

Shilo Mathill
Submitted by: Paul and Laura McClusky on Jul 21, 2016
Phil, I want to give you an update on Jake. Its been 5 years and I just cant believe he is that old. Our lives have been so enriched with him here. Laura seems to think he is all hers, but I get him during the hunting season. When we first decided to get a "retirement" hunting puppy the testimonials in GDB brought us to you. I have not once, regretted that decision. Your assistance in selection and fitting us with the "right" pup was spot on!
His hunt training which you provided was amazing! To this day I never even talk to him in the field. The silent training and his natural ability to please and hunt as he has is wonderful. We have taken many birds with him and this year are planning a quail hunt to Kansas. I wish it was closer to you Id love to chat and have some of that good Blanton's you shared, some day I pray we can chat once again.
We want to insure you we are praying for your health issues to heal and Love the Christmas newsletters and pictures.
Again our Sincere Thanks, Know we are thinking about you often.
Paul and Laura McClusky Blue Creek OH
Submitted by: G Davis on Jul 17, 2016
It's been two weeks since Mudders came to the house.
Phil "grandpa" Rogers must be doing something right as this is the third pup we have gotten from Windy Acres.
Over the next few weeks I would suspect you will see the brothers in action as Cody teaches Mudders and shares his birds with him.
Cody is six and Mudders is now nine weeks old. They both are an off spring of Hank and both share the square facial features and coloring. Gypsie is the off spring of Phils Gypsie, one of the original matriarchs from Windy Acres.
Yesterday Audrey and I took Cody to our local gun dog club for training on Quail and Chucker's. Cody did well locating, pointing and retreaving several of the planted birds.
Mudders got the opportunity to play with a couple of the birds and it wasn't long before he had the idea that when the bird is tossed he was to get it and bring it back for another toss.
Phil strives to keep the quality of his kennel offspring to be the best hunting and family dogs available to his clients.
If you are interested in seeing his dogs and how they work, call and set up a time to go out and visit his kennels.
Your friends in MT, Glenn, Audrey, Cody, Gypsie, Mudders and Teddy the malamute (bird dog in training) Davis
Submitted by: G Grafton on Jun 25, 2016
WAK Email 24 June 2016 (Luke is a pup from 2014)
Hi Phil, Wanted to bring you up to date on Luke. He is doing much better than last summer here at the camp. Water is no longer a fear and I walked him like you suggested along the shore until he ran and played. Bird wings are also going smartly with nice points and holds on whoa command. I have joined a club near by and will take him, starting in Aug, on weekly placed hunts chukar and quail early, then, pheasants after those are mastered. I am very excited to hunt him this fall. We all want to send you a great big thanks for such a wonderful dog and your constant advice!
Thank You!
From the Grafton Family Greg, Sandra, Kyle and Kate Oh Yea Luke as well
Submitted by: Michael Grosz on Jun 05, 2016
Zeus turned one this past week. He is our first dog, so we have often reached out to Phil at Windy Acres for tips and tricks on training and general dog stuff. Phil was more than happy to assist. Since we are lucky enough to be within driving distance, Phil was able to show us exactly what we needed to do. He was very supportive and willing to answer any follow up questions. We are very pleased with Zeus. He is a great family dog with lots of energy. He also has super hunting instincts. If I were to purchase another pup, I would definitely choose Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Judi Osteen on Jun 04, 2016
My husband and I own 2 Brittany's, so when we decided to add a third dog, there wasn't any question what breed we wanted. We stumbled across Windy Acres in this publication and when we read the testimonials we thought that this is too good to be true. When I contacted Phil I was disappointed that he had sold all of his 2015 pups and it would be mid year 2016 before he would have a dog to sell to us-----what a bummer! But Phil said something to me that I still remember: "Some things good are worth waiting for." So that's what we did and he was absolutely right!

I cannot say enough good things about what it is like to work with Phil. He starts you off by providing you with a lengthy Information Package for New Clients. It's packed with everything you need to know to train your puppy to be a great field dog and to be well mannered in your home. When we visited Phil last year we were extremely impressed with his dogs and breeding philosophy. When your litter arrives you get weekly updates with pictures and videos of all the puppies. It has been pure delight to go through this process and to become great friends with this man of integrity, compassion, and honesty. Phil is completely dedicated to genetically responsible breeding of first class gun dogs. So, if that's what you're looking for, you owe it to yourself to call Phil at Windy Acres. We love you, Phil and see you in a few weeks.

John & Judi O'Steen
Submitted by: Randy Sadler on Jun 01, 2016
For all those interested in Windy Acres Dogs: I have a great male B/W from Phil now for 8 years. During that time Phil and I have become good friends. A few years ago he gave me a call and I drive over from my place in Wisconsin to help him with his training class. He had trained Doodle, my dog, perfectly and I wanted to thank him for that and help him out. It seems his life had gone south. He was told weeks earlier he had cancer, doing chemo and other meds. His help left after a day leaving him hurt and desperate for help!! that's why he called me he said! I have kept this under my hat but feel now is the time to say. He is so dedicated, he was so sick and worked so hard to do as he promised for those 7 dogs and owners he finished in time and all the dogs were excellent. Most people would have quit. He is one hell of a guy and I'm proud to call him a good friend. I highly recommend him, his dogs and His Integrity.
R.J. Sadler
Submitted by: J and B Albertson on May 20, 2016
Just a note to mention how much we appreciate Phil ( Windy Acres) and all he does for the client and the wonderful French Brittany. Our Male, Borax is now 3 years old. We waited a year for him and the entire time we were sent emails and videos of the parents and the hunting activity about them. When they whelped we were treated to many pictures and videos of the litter until our pick time came. With his expert knowledge of past pups and lines, we were able to select a pup that fit us perfectly. We carry him in our motorhome all over and Just Love him.!
We Highly recommend Phil, Windy Acres and all of his great dogs.
Joseph and Barbara Albertson
Springfield Mo.
Submitted by: tyler ott on May 04, 2016
Hey Phil, I just wanted to touch base with you and talk dog. Molly is doing very well! She is by far the smartest pup that I have ever had. She has her basic commands down, and is rounding third on the bell training. She goes for walks daily, with and without a leash. I think we are progressing very well. She shows interest and drive on almost everything we do. I wanted to thank you for the quality dog, and all the expert advice! I will keep giving you progress reports and health updates as we go along.

Submitted by: J. Donnellson on May 03, 2016
(letter to WAK) Phil,
We wanted to give you an update on Isaac, Litter name (Ink) 2014, Amy and I and all 5 Kids LOVE this dog! I took him south, to a preserve on first hunt, like you suggested, and he pointed like an old pro at 8 months. My friend Jim ,hunting with me that day, had his 4 year old setter with and was so impressed.
By the way I followed exactly your training tips and documents and in one week he was house broke to the bell and sitting and HOLDING for his food each morning waiting to be released. I did no field training but the wing on a string, because we live in a larger city. Teaching him in short order ( 2 weeks tops) sit, stay, come, no, heel and lead training with heal. Just as you said he trusted me and I him! The field work as simply easy. Thanks for all the assistance over the phone and your, New Client Package. Yes we both read it many times.
I could write volumes about Isaac and the kids but I will tell you he is in a swap mode for bed time with each and EVERY one. Cathy, the 2 year old, has the most pull and gets him first every night. We all of the Donnellson family, simply Love this dog. In time there will be another one, From You! in our lives. ( My 11 year old son Andrew, wants another now!)
Thank You Again,
Jeff / Amy Donnellson
Submitted by: kevin christ on Apr 27, 2016
Our Female of 11 weeks from Tori and Gar is a Smart pup. Good on sit, stay, come commands already!. Trying to start on a leas‎h but not a fan of that. Really plays well and rough houses with our Cairn terrier. Stays fairly close on walks. Not bothered by loud noises. Will try to keep you informed on progress.
Thanks Kevin
Submitted by: Nora and Stanley Grant on Apr 23, 2016
Phil, I was reading some of your testimonials and realized we had not written you in several years. At first we were unsure weather driving from Texas to North Dakota, driving by many other breeders was a smart idea? Now after 5 years we know it was a great idea!. After much deliberation, we named the little girl (litter name ) Heidi, Heidi Seemed to fit her. She is a joy! Stan and our son hunt her all the time in the hill country for quail and some pheasant hunting on a ranch that place them. Also went to Kansas last fall planning another trip this fall. I'm told a fine pointer and a great little retriever, that took 3 years, she would not pick up a bird and we called and asked about force fetch training her, you said "don't they are too soft wait a year till you do". Good advice. She started bringing birds back 4 months later and now is superb. I adore her as she is my house buddy all summer. Could not be happier or more proud of her.
Our son is getting married this summer, so I expect he will want a dog from you soon as well.
Hope your health is better ,as I read it is. and we wish you continued health and success. We Love your Dogs!.
Regards, Nora and Stan Grant & Heidi
Submitted by: The Otts on Apr 11, 2016
From the very beginning it was evident that Phil Rogers cares deeply for his dogs and his reputation as a top breeder of French Brittanys. Phil is friendly, knowledgeable, and maintained outstanding communication with us throughout the whole process. We were able to watch our little pup grow through his email updates. The day we picked up "Mia" at Windy Acres we knew that she was going to be a great dog. She was calm and unafraid when we handled her. She was alert and inquisitive to her surroundings. The 2.5 hour ride home was a breeze- very different from our other dog (not one of Phil's). No crying, no squirming, and NO accidents. She slept in my lap the whole way, completely at ease with us and all of the new noises and smells around her. She is currently 9 weeks old, and already learning "come" "sit" "kennel" "stay" and "no". I try to take her with me everywhere to introduce her to new places, pets, and people. Everyone comments on how "chill" and pretty she is. We take long walks on our farm and she wants to keep up with my older dog. She shows a lot of interest in what our other dog does. She is learning quickly and I believe this will carry over to hunting season. I'll be sure to post more updates. Her sweet disposition, calmness, and sense of adventure are just what we were looking for in a dog.
Submitted by: Robert Samuels on Mar 17, 2016
(letter to WAK) 15/3/16
Phil, I wanted to re-touch base with you after 6 years with Badger, AKA Badge. He is out of Nell and Gar 2010. Here in New Jersey we have little public hunting and it is guarded at that. I retired in 2014 and sent Badge to a trainer in Pa. Already a super house dog, I had not trained him to hunt at all. The trainer stated that for an older dog "he did amazing". I was so pleased and proud. I took 2 months off with 3 buddies of mine, to hunt this past fall in 4 states. Shooting and hunting many types of birds. In Georgia I got into Woodcock and some planted quail. Much the same, all the way back north into Va. with grouse and farm pheasants. I was so pleased with him and remembered your words when we picked him up ."" These dogs are a great Gentleman and Lady's hunting companion"". So true. He is amazing. I request you place me on the 2018 listing for another male pup. I want to hunt a pair as I get better and wiser in this sport. Ill call you soon.
I pray your health is better and you find peace in Life .
Sorry for the delay but words are not my thing.
God Bless
Submitted by: Dick and Jeane H on Mar 02, 2016
Izzy is doing great We got many birds this past fall with him. Blues are almost as big as he is . Thanks again
Dick and Jean
Submitted by: Cindy Dixon on Mar 02, 2016
Hi Phil, Dropping you a line to let you know Jack has hunted almost every day with Jessie this past fall. We are both pleased, Me in the house behaviour and Jack in the great field dog. Your training has been amazing!!! Could not have asked for a better little girl. We are looking for another for next year if you would add us to your list? Please LOL. If I need to fill out another form let me know . This time we want a male but not to breed just to have a pair in the field. We hope you are feeling better and all is well.
God Bless
Cindy and Jack D.
Submitted by: Roger Coffin on Feb 15, 2016
We have two Indy Acres French Brittanys and they are great dogs, super pets and demons in the field. We have had hunting dogs for over 40 years, I've hunted over most breeds, and I've never enjoyed a breed as much.

Four years ago, we were looking for a new dog and reading these testimonials. This is where I found Windy Acres and Phil. The testimonials seemed too good to be true, so I contacted Phil and we started to get to know one another. Because of distance (East Coast of Canada for me), I asked Phil to pick our dog and train him for the year. Phil was in constant contact with us with pictures and videos and we felt as though we were there from Gillie's (Cody & Gracie) birth to graduation.

In October 2014, I few to ND and spent a week with Phil, working Gillie and receiving training on how to get the best out of him. This past September, I drove from Prince Edward Island (4,400 miles round trip) to spend more time with Phil and to give him a hand with the last week of hunting classes. While there, I hunted Gillie and Nell as a brace. Phil is amazing and knows dogs. I learned so much and he is always willing to share his knowledge. Nell is now retired from breeding and has made her home with us (Thank you Phil!) on PEI. After returning from ND, I hunted Nell and Gillie at least twice a week and I regularly reached my pheasant limit. Nell is an example of an amazing pointing dog with boundless energy and great instincts.

Phil knows genetics. His dogs all hunt before they are bred and the first litter is assessed closely to be sure they throw all the right characteristics. He has an ability to match dogs with people so that all are happy. He has lots of time for your questions and his suggestions are always on the money. His dogs are smart, easy to train, affectionate and have natural hunting abilities. When it is not hunting season, we walk them on local trails and receive great compliments about their good behaviour.

Obviously, we are fans and highly recommend Phil, Windy Acres and his French Brittanys. Talk to Phil about your next dog. You will not be disappointed. With all the pheasants these dogs found, I had to get more recipes from Phil!
Submitted by: Jeremy Halla on Feb 13, 2016
I grew up hunting with Springer Spaniels for 30+ years and wanted to make a switch to a French Brittany. I contacted Phil regarding puppies and questions/concerns about the French Brittany Breed and he is a wealth of knowledge about the breed. Over a two week period, we had over 3 hours of phone conversations about the breed and hunting, even though he didn't have a puppy for me to purchase at the time. Phil helped me get in contact with two other reputable breeders that had puppies in the time frame we were looking. I purchased one. He shared an ebook with me regarding training, again, even though we were not purchasing a puppy from him. This ebook contained many wonderful tips to use with training a new puppy. I don't know many people who would spend so much time without getting anything in return. It really just shows how much he cares about the breed and the dogs. I appreciate it all! Thank you Phil and Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Tim Purdon on Dec 15, 2015
Have been meaning to drop you a note with an update on Frenchie. You Christmas letter inspired me to do so.
First the bad news. We had to put our older dog, Louis, down in early September. At 13, old age just got to him. We miss him every day, but he had a great run.
Luckily for us Frenchie was already in the house when this happened and that has eased our transition a great deal. We are lucky to have her. As a pet, she has come a long way in the year she has been with us. Mischievous (in a good way) and hungry for love an attention. My wife an daughter have really taken to her. She know sleeps in the bed with us every night.
In the field, she had a great first full season. The best compliment I can give to you as her trainer is that I never once all fall even thought about the need to use the electronic collar on her because she was ranging too far away form me in the field. There was never a need. Not once. She works close and very steady. Because of this she EXCELS hunting tree rows. My hunting party (we have 20 years together and some have been hunting for 50) say she is the best tree row dog we have ever had. She never gets too excited and so she does not spook/run the birds. She also has great potential with grouse. She had several really nice points early in grouse season that were wasted (by me) as I was still learning how to read her. I am very confident that I am going to shoot a ton of grouse over her.
Things we need to work on? Well, she has not discovered yet that retrieving is part of her portfolio. She will run to a downed bird and pin it. But she won't pick it up. Any suggestions on how I can work on that with her through spring and summer?
We are incredibly happy with Frenchie. She is a great pet and has the potential to be a truly special hunting dog. Simply put, she has made me a better dog handler and better hunter. We could not be more satisfied with her or with our experience with Windy Acres.
Thanks Phil!
Merry Christmas!
Submitted by: Patkrick Chapin on Dec 15, 2015
(Coral) is a Windy Acres Pup 4 years Old
Just got home from Montana yesterday afternoon. Been there hunting birds since 24 Oct. I shot quite a few pheasants this year in spite of poor numbers fascia somehow Coral was absolutely fantastic again this year, especially earlier in the season when the birds weren't so spooky. I was getting a few more false points than usual (though still very rare) but I think many of those were simply spooky birds that gave her the slip. She actually made a couple of retrieves but only when the Labs were not around or she gave up waiting for them to find her in the thick stuff. We only lost two birds the entire time but Coral found three other cripples. In all I took thirteen daily limits of three roosters each and many days of one or two. And more than a few days I got skunked. Coral does work a bit far in the open and I do have to police that more closely late in the season when the birds are more jumpy. Generally, Coral's nose can't be beat. Even the two cripples we lost I'm 100% certain she had found them but we simply could not find her in that thick $#@#. When she doesn't return for ten minutes or more, then I know she has a bird. At one point I had to leave Coral to go downstream a quarter mile and cross a bridge so we could find her. The Labs went with me. When we got to the other side I saw Coral come into view at the other end of the field ... and she had my rooster! But as soon as she saw the Labs coming, she dropped it. Oh no! Of course it made a bee-line for the brush. Not to worry. Coral dashed after it and held it down.
I have learned Coral will not hunt for anyone else but me, not even for my daughter Jessie. I tried that this fall. Sent Coral and Opal off with Jessie and her boyfriend while I took grandson Parker and Ellie back to town for something to eat. Was only a short distance down the highway when I got an urgent cell call from Jessie. Coral returned to the drop zone and took off down the road looking for me. She is very much attached to me at the heartstrings. Thanks for Coral I have always been a Lab guy but sure Love Her as well.
Keep In Touch!
Pat Chapin
Thunder Bay Ontario Ca.
Submitted by: Dan Jones on Nov 22, 2015
What can you say about a French Brit from Windy Acres that is slightly bigger than breed standards? ... More of a great thing!

At 22 inches high and 43 lbs, Jasper, at 16 months,runs like the wind (out ran English and GS pointers on recent hunt ). Finds and points birds (and honors) like a maniac. Earlie in the year, excelled in basic obedience classes- AKC class instructor and judge said he was one of the most intelligent dogs she had ever seen. Awesome!

Just back from a month hunting with Jasper in Lewistown, MT. It was a great learning experience. Jasper would normally range 50 -100 yards in fairly open cover - (more than Phil recommends) Became a great bird finder. Pointed 100s of birds. Not steady yet..would hold points thru the flush and then would bust the rest of any flock as he gave chase.

He is a good natural retriever. Once proudly brought back a sharptail I didn't even know I hit...needs work on holding though.. Another time retrieved but dropped a lively rooster three times, chasing it down each time before finally holding it down with his paw!

Best temperament of any dog I've owned. Very eager to please and a quick learner. Real sweetheart in the home. And quite handsome. He was out of litter of Gar and Gracie. Look forward to his advanced training,

Highly recommend Windy Acres. Phil has been a great pleasure to work with and if you happen to visit, he is also quite the chef.
Submitted by: Michael & Karen Grosz on Nov 04, 2015
Update on Zeus. He was born on June 3, 2015. Since our last update earlier in the year he has grown considerably as now he has reached 25 pounds. He is extremely intelligent, tenacious and very receptive to training. On the many walks we've taken he has shown his fearlessness and assertiveness, not being afraid of going into tall grass or sniffing out a scent he wasn't familiar with. Since the start of hunting season, I've taken him in the field a few times (he is just barely 5 months old) and I am amazed at his hunting skills. He knew exactly what to do in the field without much training and has already pointed several birds. You can tell that he is bred to hunt. We absolutely adore Zeus as a member of our family.
Submitted by: Rick Ferguson on Oct 20, 2015
We are thrilled with our French Brittany, Lana, born June 3, 2015. Lana is part of our family and surprises us daily with her agility and intelligence. Although she has not been professionally trained, it is exciting to watch her sniff animals and birds to include Grouse. This fearless dog also barks when something is not right to her to include strangers and deer.
We met Lana's parents and have nothing but praise for Phil whose professional breeding experience really shows in our great dog.
I would definitely recommend Windy Acres and hope to have Lana professionally trained there.

Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Oct 16, 2015
Phil it's the start of Foxys 3rd season and she is doing awesome. She is finding and retrieving almost every bird shot. She has had a real good mixed bag of birds. From morning doves, partridge, grouse to pheasants. With the beginning of pheasant season last weekend Foxy has been a real joy. She always ends up with a rock solid point on the birds. And they usually flush within a couple feet of her nose after I walk up to her. I don't lose any running roosters anymore either. Foxy also follows my hand signals very well and goes right where I want her to go. Thanks again Phil for such a top notch dog.
Submitted by: Ben Peterson on Oct 03, 2015
If you are looking for a French Brittany pup, choosing Windy Acres Kennel is the best decision you can make. By making this choice, as we were fortunate to do, the rest of your experience and future with your puppy will be easy and enjoyable! Most importantly, you will get an amazing dog as a member of your family. One year ago today we picked up Mikka, our first French Brittany from Phil. We drove 6 hrs. from Minneapolis in -20 degree weather to Napoleon, ND, Was it ever worth the drive! Phil had a warm meal ready for us and he took time to go over every little detail about what to expect with the puppy, training tips, how much to feed and when even how she will act in certain situations and much more. Everything was covered and what we find amazing, is he was 100% right about everything he told us. Mikka has been the best decision we have made. She is an extremely intelligent dog, curious about everything, happy in the house cuddling next to you on the couch or running outside all day. We like to brag that using Phil's tips we got Mikka to ring a bell to go outside and go potty the 3rd day we had her! She has done it ever since! At 7 months we sent her back to Phil's September hunt/obedience training class. WHAT A transformation! Both in the field and in the house! She is calmer, listens to anyone, many family and friends comment to us how well behaved she is. As Phil told us she has an amazing nose, and a natural huntress. Last fall we found that out very quickly! She pointed countless numbers of pheasants for us. Grouse hunted as well, in fact hunting better than older dogs who have been hunting many years! We highly recommend Phil's training class!! Mikka is by no means a perfect angel! she is still a puppy. She can be stubborn at times and defiantly gets in trouble some times
but! we cant imagine a better dog to have in our family! We give Phil and Windy Acres our highest recommendation. After you get a pup from him you are part of the Windy Acres Kennel Family, He is ALWAYS ready to answer questions about any aspect of your dog over the phone or in person. Also, Cooking a gourmet meal for you if you are lucky enough to stop by the kennel! He makes amazing walleye!!
You will not, I promise you, find a more knowledgeable, kinder, more generous and caring Breeder of this great breed than Phil. It was the best decision we made and we hope you make the same decision!
Submitted by: Joel and Christina Finn on Sep 14, 2015
So we're halfway through Lindy's (Gracie/Gar) hunting training and we're so impressed! We have received consistent updates, emails, pictures and videos on her progress and have even had some phone conversations with Phil. He is always more than happy to answer our questions and goes above and beyond. Lindy seems to be really enjoying her training and as nervous as I was to send her for 4 weeks, I am very happy we decided to do it! Only 2 more weeks to go and we can't wait to pick her up and get in the field to see everything she has learned!
Submitted by: Joel and Christina Finn on Aug 29, 2015
So we just dropped off our 14 month old girl Lindy (from Gracie/Gar). I've been nervous about sending her to hunting training for 4 weeks. We'll miss her a lot and my 2 year old is already asking where she is and says puppy is getting birdies! ;) But as usual Phil goes above and beyond to keep us updated and educated. Phil spent quite a bit of time going over everything today with Joel and answering all our questions. I know she is in great hands! The boys are so excited to pick her up at the end of the month and see her progress! Thanks Phil! We appreciate all you do for Lindy!
Submitted by: Michael & Karen Grosz on Jul 26, 2015
We brought home Zeus about a week ago. He is our first pup and an awesome dog. Zeus is loyal and loving as he immediately bonded with us. We are very pleased with his puppy training progress as well. You can tell that Phil loves the breed and his dogs as this pup responds well. After the first night, Phil checked in with us on the first weekend and a week later. He is so knowledgeable and is patient and responsive to our questions. We are very pleased with Windy Acres Kennel and Phil. We can't wait until Zeus gets older and trained in the field. In you are interested in a French Brittany, we highly recommend Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Tim Purdon on Jun 02, 2015
We brought or pup home in October 2014. Phil had trained her for a little under a year and he delivered a "well started" pup as promised. In fall 2014, on her second "real" hunt (less than a year old) she solid pointed two rooster pheasant in a tree row. VERY impressive for a pup so young. In our winter and spring 2015 walks, it appears that she will work very close to the hunter in the field. This will be a relief to my hunting partners who have grown tired of my constant yelling to control my other Brit. (He is not one of Phil's!) She was well trained for the field by Phil - no doubt about that. I am very optimistic about how she will preform this fall. I plan to update after her first full hunting season!

-Tim Purdon
Submitted by: joe hysten on Apr 25, 2015
I just want to send out a quick comment regarding the puppy I just got at 7 weeks of age, on April 13th from Phil. I was just astonished at the natural ability this puppy was showing at such an early age. The puppy became very loyal and attached to me from day one, she would go and meet the various family members, but would return to my feet after smelling and licking their hands; I began first throwing a glove for her to fetch, which she would do almost without much prompting, so I progressed to hiding the glove in weeds and telling her dead, she would use her nose, find the glove and bring it back to me. Just to sum up, her ability and willingness to learn, loyalty, and use of her nose are in the superior range. Note, she is my third French Brittany and I have had several German Wire haired Pointers, she is second to none.
Submitted by: M and K Freer on Jan 24, 2015
Just wanted to share with you want a wonderful companion Josie has become. I picked her up from you almost three years ago. She is out of the Gypsy/Fin litter and her kennel name was Kami. She looks very much like Gypsy and has the same loving personality that we saw in Gypsy when we picked out our breeding. She turned out exactly as you said she would. Calm in the house and a fun loving dog outside. Her hunting ability's are far better than mine, which makes taking her out so much more fun. she loves retrieving, swimming and following scent. Her natural instinct's to hunt and how easy she was to train, still amaze me. Thank you for all your help and for adding such a perfect companion to our lives.

Mark and Karen
Submitted by: Audrey Todd-Davis on Dec 21, 2014
On December 13, 2014, I married my best friend Glenn Davis. I have dated Glenn for about 4 years. When I met him, he had one of Phil's male dogs named Cody. I fell in Love with Cody!. What an amazing little man he is.It wasn't too long after meeting Glenn, that he realized how much I loved little Cody and he bought me my own little girl from Phil.Her name is Litl Gypie Helen Davis.I am not much of a hunter, as I have to tender of a heart for all animals, but I do enjoy spending time with Glenn and our fur-kids, weather it is hunting or just relaxing at home.Phil states on his web site that he raises dogs for lady and gentlemen hunters and their families too.YES HE DOES and I have to say, he is an expert at it as well.Both of our Britts are very accomplished hunters!.even though I ask Glenn to please miss once in a while when we are hunting. And yes my litl Gypsie looks at me as if to say MOM!!!!.In closing.Phil is known around our house as "Grandpa".we love him dearly! So if you are ever looking for a champion of a hunting dog and a fur-ever companion get it from Grandpa Phil.You won't be sorry.we sure Love our two!and we love you too Grandpa Phil.Cody and Litl Gypsie Davis's mom.Audrey Todd-Davis.
Submitted by: P Chapin on Nov 13, 2014
Phil another great trip with Coral, Just returned from Montana with the dogs. Birds were quite thin this year but we still managed to get 25 in a couple of weeks. Pearl, my 10 year-old lab is now supposed to be dying of kidney disease but I think she has other ideas. She hunted great and had no problems keeping up. Lots of bounce in her step for a dog her age.An amazing dog. And speaking of amazing .Windy Acres Coral was absolutely astounding this fall! She is nuts for upland hunting. I don't think she gave up three false points in three weeks! She even passed on a porcupine in a thicket. Too bad the other guy's dog didn't! Cost him a nasty vet bill. I have no trouble calling her off jackrabbits or deer. Coral has turned into a stunning pointing dog. A natural. No need for check cords or whoa barrels. She will pin them down until either myself or the flushers arrive. She will retrieve cripples if I'm hunting her alone. A dead bird she'll usually just stand over it but cripples she'll catch and bring to me. If I hunt her more alone I think I'll have better luck with retrieving. With the Lab along I'm not really worried about it in any event. Thanks again for your great dog.

Submitted by: Royce L Heffelfinger on Oct 30, 2014
We had an unbelievable experience with Phil Rogers on December 22, 2014. It was 35 below and Phil asked us out to his home for dinner. He prepared a feast for us and showed us our new puppy and her mother as well. The next morning we were to pick up our puppy at Phil's. It was still 35 below and the power had gone out in town and Phil had our puppy ready for us as soon as I could get my car started. The beauty of his area is the winter is breathtaking. Our young female Brittany, Gracy, is the love of our life. Recently left her at a kennel for two weeks and the lady, who has run the kennel for 8 years, stated she has never had a more intelligent dog. Phil is just the best person in the world to get a puppy from.
Submitted by: Joel Finn on Oct 08, 2014
This week I drove down to Napoleon to do some training with Phil and Lindy (my 15 week old pup). We spent 4 hours with Phil going over everything from very early field training with Lindy to training for me. We also got to introduce Lindy to some live birds which was great! Even though Lindy is still so young, we wanted to make sure we were getting her started in the right direction.

Phil is so patient and answered all of my questions. I feel great knowing that I have a superb breed of dog and a great breeder that will answer any of my questions even after taking my pup home.
Submitted by: Kelly & DeAnna Dewey on Oct 06, 2014
Last year we started getting into upland bird hunting a lot more. We found out the hard way that a dog can increase your productivity enormously. That's when I started looking for a hunting dog. That's when a person finds out how many dogs there are to choose from. When all the dust settled Windy Acres was the last dog standing( In our case that is ). We took a trip down to the farm to check out this wonderful French Brittany breed. Upon arrival we where greeted by Phil and five beautiful well behaved Britt's. We where invited in to learn more about this wonderful breed. We are still trying to remember everything that was discussed, Phil's knowledge was endless. We then went outside to watch the parents of our soon to be puppy in the field. We watched three different dogs work the fields, they never got to far out. The dogs always knew where we were and hunted in front of us. If we stopped they came to us, as soon as we moved they were right back out on the hunt. Every dog hunted the same way. It was wonderful to see them excited to find the birds. Phil is an amazing, caring, breeder and trainer. We are sold on the French Brittany so much so, we are on the list for two pups. The Britt's are not just a hunting companion, they are definitely affectionate and well behaved indoor family dogs as well. If you hunt you owe it to yourself to look further into Phil and his wonderful French Brittany Spaniels. Thank you Phil for your knowledge and hospitality, looking forward to seeing you and all your Britt's soon!
Submitted by: Christina Finn on Sep 22, 2014
We have been working with Phil for almost a year, from the time we decided we wanted one of his pups, waiting for our litter to be born, watching them grow, choosing the right pup for our family, and now bringing her home. We have emailed countless times with questions throughout the process, called several times as well as driving to the kennel to visit. We took our pup, Lindy J, home just over 6 weeks ago... she is a liver tri female from Gracie and Gar. We absolutely love her and she is very good with our 3 kids already... even our 15 month old. She is incredibly smart, and learned several commands as well as ringing her bell to go outside in such a short time. She is absolutely beautiful... we get comments and questions all the time as to her breed and breeder because her color is so unique... she even won our local cutest puppy contest a couple weeks after we brought her home, which was probably the highlight of our kids year so far! Phil is great to work with. Has answered our never ending questions and been such a huge support for us beginning our training. My husband is heading up with Lindy in a couple weeks to have Phil help us get moving in the right direction with field training. We are so pleased with our decision to get Lindy from Windy Acres. Having a great family dog was just as important to me as having a great hunting dog was to my husband... definitely made the right decision!
Submitted by: Randy & Michele McGovern on Sep 21, 2014
First of all, we want to let you know how much we enjoyed the week by week videos you sent us highlighting each puppy in the liter. We always looked forward to Sunday mornings.

We also wanted to drop you a note regarding Tori. As you told us, she's got a little spunk in her, which we absolutely love. At nine weeks she was retrieving a ball. At 11 weeks she was pointing a pheasant wing. She comes to a whistle, sits, stays, releases at okay.

She always has her nose to the ground ready to jump into the next bush to find the birds. She also loves, loves the water, already venturing in the lake following our other dog.

Submitted by: Erik Jolliffe on Jul 14, 2014
Wanted to give an update on "Briggs" after a full season and now almost a full offseason prior to him turning two in December. Phil's training is still in my dogs brain. A simple look or a 'tisk' sound is all that is needed. I walk him daily on anything wild and even though the birds, rabbits, etc. don't hold tight, he still points. He may be a great waterfowl dog if I ever got into that. Hard to keep him out of the lake! Thanks again to Phil and his training. A boot camp refresher may be in store just to take my dog to the upper levels!!!
Submitted by: Peter La Haye on Apr 03, 2014
Just a note to let your readers know that Luc has turned a year old and has become quite the bird dog.
Worked all summer with him in the field which has paid off. Got his first pheasant at 9 months. Our last trip was to Peck Idaho for pheasant. It was his first real test. With six of my best pheasant hunting buddies, I was a little skeptical on his abilities at this young age. All I can say is he made me real proud! In the two days of hunting he pointed and retrieved over 50 Pheasant and Chucker.
His instincts are amazing! Wish I was able to post a few pics here. I will be talking to you about dog #2 for the Spring of 2015.

Thank you Sir!

Seattle, WA.
Submitted by: Bill Teten on Feb 06, 2014
Phil, I thought I would give you an update on Grady. He is three now and really hitting his stride. I have hunted him since he was 7 months old and he continues to improve each and every season. He has a great nose and has retrieved to hand since he started to hunt. He works close and responds to commands in the field without using the collar. Solid on point and does a great job locating the birds. He is a great companion in the house and loves everyone and all other dogs. When I put him in the field he is a completely different dog with no desire to be petted just wants to hunt. He has been a great experience and all my friends cant wait to hunt with Grady.
Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Jan 30, 2014
I have a 11 1/2 month old French Brittany I bought from Phil named Foxy. She was already beginning to point at 7 weeks old due to her natural abilities. She was finding and retieving pheasant wings at a very early age as well. So I had a feeling she would be a pretty good pup. Little did I know how good. At 5 months old Foxy was retrieving fom water. In September she went to Phils boot camp and came back an eager hunting machine. Foxy was a lot better around the house also after boot camp. This years pheasant season was my best ever. Foxy did some pretty amazing points where the birds held very tight. She pointed 39 birds and retrieved 15 of the 17 birds shot. Pretty awesome for a young pup lees than a year old. If your interested in a good French Britt go see Phil. You can't go wrong. Thankyou Phil!!!
Submitted by: Jens Stokke on Jan 09, 2014
We received our French Brittany Spaniel from Windy Acres Kennel in 2012 Phil was great to work with and our Hattie has been a great member of our family since day one. She has been out in the field two years and has pheasant hunting running through her blood. Thank you Phil and Windy Acres for the pleasure of working with you and offering us our pup.
Submitted by: Victor Mayer on Jan 07, 2014
I have a 2 and a half year old French Brittany from Windy Acres Kennels (Tucker) that is absolutely outstanding both in the field and in the home. His natural instincts in the field are unbelievable and made training quite easy. In the home, my wife calls him the 'love puppy' because he loves everyone and is a great companion.. Phil Rogers, owner of Windy Acres, is very knowledgeable of the breed and maintains only the best breeding lines for his kennel. We are so taken with Tucker that my wife and I just welcomed our second pup from Windy Acres this past weekend. There is no better testimony than someone going back for more. I think that says it all.
Submitted by: The DeVries on Dec 10, 2013
We just want to let you know Bailey is still doing a great job of hunting pheasants and grouse. He is a great companion to both of us and our grandchildren. He still trys to be the head dog and sometimes Pierre lets him but they love to play together. Bailey is a very loveable dog and wants to please us at all times. Thank you again for the wonderful training you did with him for his first 8 months. We'll send you a picture of him soon. He doesn't really like the camera to well. Bill said he just gets better every season. Thanks again for a great dog. Bill and Mary DeVries
Submitted by: Kevin Nelson on Dec 03, 2013
I purchased a French Britt from Phil over two years ago. A fiery little male named Rooty ( Short for Rooty Bird). At 8 months old he was pointing solid, retrieving, and backing. He is now 2 1/2 years old and continues to impress me ever time we are hunting. He can be on a dead run and see another dog on point and slam the brakes on big time. I have never seen a dog stop and back so solidly before. It is all natural, I have not done any training other than obedience. We were hunting released birds the other day. These birds have no scent for the first few hours after being released. I was hunting with a buddie who has a 4 year old britt and my 11 year old french. Rooty found and pointed 8 birds and the other dogs had no clue there were birds around. He has an amazing nose. When he retrieves he takes off on a dead run and scoops the bird up and retrieves to hand and looks up at me and says " Lets go get another one boss" I think the most impressive part of this whole deal is Phil Rogers. From day one he was just a joy and pleasure to deal with. Here is man that loves his dogs and wants only the best for them. I have contacted him several times for training advise and he always returns my calls promptly. We have great visits and he always gives me great advise. The more I talk to him the more you can hear him get excited about his dogs. Like I said here is a man that truly loves and knows his dogs. If anyone is thinking about one of Phils dogs, you cannot go wrong.
K. Nelson
Submitted by: Andy Elser on Nov 30, 2013
I am Sorry it took so long for me to do this. I wanted to share with everyone my story about my all star Reno from Windy Acres in ND. much earlier however time is always short.
I am a fly fishing, upland, and waterfowl guide in eastern Montana. Over the last few years I have unfortunately had to decrease the numbers, in fact most of my kennel do to old age and cancer. With all this on my plate, I was at the point in life to take a break from dogs. I think that most dog lovers can appreciate that. That was until my mother bought a dog from Phil. Reno came into my life because she had to take a job working 12 hour shifts. I as a dog fan, told her I would help with some training and exercise. The more I got to know my new little buddy, I , against my own good judgment fell in love with him! Over the last year and a half I have came not only to appreciate the breed even more, but have grown to truly love Phil's (Windy Acres) lines. Reno is one of the most easily trained dogs I have ever worked with. At seven months old he was constantly finding and pointing birds for my clients. This year he has exceeded all my expectations in the field as a well rounded , mature beyond his age, versatile hunting dog. He is an amazing boat dog with a gentle and calm demeanor, that is of coarse, until we pull up to an island to hunt, or until a duck goes down in front of him then look out he is all business. He will find any dead bird and point anything you tell him it's ok to find. Of coarse there are things we still need to work on, but he is without a doubt an all star. Have I have failed to mention? that above all he does with helping me earn a living as well as helping me with my obsession of hunting, the rest of the time he is our house dog. He is gentle with my son, wife and all other dogs and pups. He is very calm and caring in the house but watch out in the field!
My great thanks for Phil's knowledge and thoughtful care to his lines and pairings, can only be out done my the dogs themselves, which in my experience, are simply amazing!.
If you want to talk dogs and need truth give him a call.
Andy Elser
Submitted by: Patrick Chapin on Nov 10, 2013
Bought my first Brittany from Phil in the summer of 2011. I have been a Labrador man my whole life so this was quite a change. Coral was intended to "give me something to do" within months after losing my wife and son to two separate tragedies. She did her darndest to fill the void. We are soul mates. I started her hunting behind my two labs and really didn't care if she turned out to be a flushing dog like them. But she has had other ideas! I knew nothing about training a pointing dog and as it turns out I didn't need to know anything! Coral is absolutely fantastic! We are in Montana hunting right now and she is really nailing the pheasants down. Her points are beautiful! She's only 28 lbs and the birds usually let her get within inches. She is also easy to keep in range. And I have never used an e-collar in my life! Or a check cord. Or trained with pigeons. Coral is made of the right stuff that's for sure. Thanks, Phil!
Submitted by: Erik Jolliffe on Oct 14, 2013
UPDATE: With upland season now fully open, Phil's 30 day training program my 10 month puppy went to is paying huge dividends. My pup works at a great range, is enthusiastic and knows what to do by Phil's expectation setting sessions that have become second nature. I hardly have to use the e-collar or even say a word to him except in praise!

Phil's training is second to none and it makes for a great hunting experience for both dog and owner.

Best decision so far as a dog owner for me! Thanks Phil.
Submitted by: Mike and Jill Ford on Oct 05, 2013
We purchased our French Brittany about a year and a half ago from Phil at Windy Acres. We wanted a female dog that would be great in the field and even better in the home and Zoey fits the bill! We sent Zoey to Phil's for the month of September for his field training course and we are so happy with the results!! We loved her before but love her even more because there is nothing better than a well trained dog! Zoey is a smart and at times a little "strong" willed pup. Due to Phil's help in "tweeking" some of our everyday commands, he has taken out our frustrations with training. When Phil told me he could take care of some lead issues we were having in two minutes...he wasn't kidding! The boys are excited to get her out in the field this pheasant season! We have gotten dogs from other breeders but never again. If you are looking for a dog or a training facility, we highly recommend Windy Acres. Phil's compassion for his work shines through in our dog and it will in yours too. Thanks Phil!
Submitted by: Steve Hoerner on Oct 03, 2013
We bought our puppy "Gunner" from Phil 2 1/2 years ago. What a wonderful dog. Not only is he an excellent hunter, he is a blessing to have in our home. He is great in the field and will nestle up to the kids at night by the couch. Gunner went through Phil's training course (which I recommend)and was great at 7 months. What impressed me the most was Phil's willingness to answer questions and help whenever needed after we brought him home. Even after several years, he has been there whenever I called. Thanks Phil!
Submitted by: Glenn Pladsen on Sep 30, 2013
Our 19 month old dog Deke had an awesome day duck hunting. He had four water retrieves. A couple were long swims after birds he didn't even see drop. We pointed him to the birds and he swam out to get them.

We worked on retrieving quite a bit this summer but didn't know if he would take to waterfowl or not. Can't wait for pheasant opener in a couple of weeks.
Submitted by: Erik Jolliffe on Sep 28, 2013
We got our dog from another breeder however the training our dog received prior to delivery was sub par. I contacted Phil whom was happy to place our dog in his last spot for his training class. I just picked up my dog and am amazed at the results. Phil's professional approach and proven training regiment got my dog back on track. Even though I did not buy a dog from Phil, his effort and approach to my dogs weaknesses has me convinced that my dog will be a great hunter. Many thanks and I will go to Phil for all my dog needs...!
Submitted by: Glenn & Audrey on Sep 02, 2013
Well its, another training opportunity at Windy Acres Kennels. I can tell you that I have used Phil's experience in creating the best litter of hunting dogs I have seen in my travels.
I am so confident in his ability to train French Brittany's, he has two of our dogs for the next month. Cody is once again with Phil to receive advanced training and (little Gypsie named after her mother) is there for her initial month long education.
I would encourage anyone interested in obtaining a dog that you will be proud to own to give Phil a call or visit his web page.
Glenn and Audrey
Submitted by: Sid Boshers on Aug 30, 2013
Taz is six months old ,he is finding , and pointing birds like a 2nd season dog . Taz is great in and out of the kennel , hunts close and is always checking to see where I am . Please visit Taz's page @ ,> to see him in action . Thanks again Phil .
Submitted by: Dick and Jean Hadlock on Aug 24, 2013
We met Phil over the phone and Internet while searching for a FB puppy. Was very impressed with his knowledge and how he conducts business. Drove out to ND at spring break to meet him and pick up Izzie. He was even better in person than over the phone- very hospitable. We were very impressed with his line of FB- Izzie is by far the smartest puppy I've ever had.
Submitted by: Ed Davies on Aug 20, 2013
Phil Rogers' dogs are simply wonderful. My dog Scout and I have been hunting grouse and woodcock in NW Wisconsin woods for 4 years now, and he has been a joy not only when hot on the scent but around the house as well. He is sweet tempered, great with kids, and just loves people and other dogs - his tail wags a mile a second whenever someone comes to the door.

Phil did all of the initial training, which I highly recommend. As a result of Phil's training (both me and the dog), Scout now knows over 40 words, of which more than half are commands.

Scout has tremendous endurance and is great in cold weather. He points beautifully, and his scenting is first rate. There is no doubt the bloodlines Phil has put together are as good as they get.
Submitted by: Jeff Snyder on Jul 29, 2013
We chose Sue(Fiona & Gar). Couldn't be happier !!! This is our 1st FBS. She's almost 6 mos. old and I can't wait for fall. Wonderful pup!!! I wish she could live forever; although if not, it'll be another FBS w/o question. 3 young kids 6 and under, outside all day long and she never leaves their side. Absolutely & unconditionally, love this dog !!!
Thanks again Phil !!!
~The Snyders
Submitted by: Stuart on Jul 08, 2013
Phil took great care in making sure that I received information on the pups even when I was on my deployment in Afghanistan. He made sure I knew everything I wanted to know about the pups right up to selection. I made my pick and could not be happier. I got exactly what I wanted. I have a pup that is easy to train, eager to learn and please. I am sure that she will be ready for the field come fall and am looking forward to working more and more with the pup and watching her develop in to a full fledged hunting companion.
Submitted by: Brent and Tiffany Bradley on Jul 01, 2013
Thanks Phil for giving us a wonderful addition to our family. Ruby potty trained quickly and has an incredible nose in the field. She is a great size for us (30-35 lbs) as the kids love to play with her and Ruby doesn't overwhelm them with her size. She does have a lot of energy and needs to spend time outside running or playing. She loves to jump in the water and fetch as well. Looking forward to many more great years with Ruby. Thanks again Phil for all the love and effort you put into these puppies!!
Submitted by: Glenn Pladsen on Jun 26, 2013
Our dog Deke was born in January 2012 to Fiona and Gar. He became a family pet when we brought him home and then a great pheasant hunting companion for me and my two teenage sons in the fall after spending four weeks with Phil in what we called “hunting boot camp”. He has great hunting instincts and will run all day long. In his first season, we shot about 40 birds over him. He pointed many of them and retrieved a few. The best part is that we did not lose a singled downed bird during the season, regardless of the terrain and cover, thanks to Deke’s nose. We’ve been focused on water and land retrieval training this summer and are looking forward to both upland game and water fowl season this year. Deke has also become a good fishing companion when we get out on the river.

We are very happy with our decision to get our dog from Phil. He made the selection process very enjoyable with daily videos of the new born pups, he answered all of our questions (regardless of how silly) as we got used to Deke at home the first summer, and he did a great job in field training last fall. I will continue to recommend Windy Acres Kennels to others who are interested in pointers.
Submitted by: Peter L on Jun 23, 2013
Luc is doing great. We're taking the training one day at a time. Since arriving in Seattle he goes everywhere with me and has become extremely attached. His attention span is increasing and he listens very well. Pictured here in attachment we finished a couple hour session in one of the pheasant sites here in the Snoqualmie Valley. He was also posted on Filson's FB page a couple weeks back as the favorite competitor at the Filson -Truck Vault NW Challenge. This is one beautiful pup that has stolen the hearts of many here in the Seattle area. I will write a testimonial on his hunting in time. I need a couple months more to see how far I can bring him in the field at 6 months. He's a true athlete with a good head.

What a dog!! I will stay in touch.

Submitted by: pat holland on Jun 22, 2013
Gypsy is everything my husband and I had hoped for in a puppy and much more. The smartest puppy we have ever had the pleasure to train and a great companion. Thank you Phil for a great puppy that will soon be a great hunting companion and partner.
Submitted by: Randy Dunlap on Jun 18, 2013
Hi Phil, Wanted to say that the 2 females I got from you are the best. One is called Pam, she has more energy than I can keep up with. She loves to run and play with my son, she is house broke and is working well. She is pointing great and she is learning to hold until I tell her to flush. Cherie was the runt, but no longer she likes one once being as big as Pam. She has a great personality, she is laid back and easy going until you show her a Quail wing, boy does she get fired up. She points and knows most of her commands. She is so sweet and loveable so needless to say she gets to stay in side more than Pam. I couldn't have picked a better pair of pups. Thanks for being a great breeder.
Submitted by: Jeremy Salveson on Jun 18, 2013
We got Gar and Fiona's Liz from Phil. I can't say enough about the great operation that Phil runs over there. All of his dogs and the people that adopt the puppies are considered family to him and he treats everybody as such. Liz, now Jolie has been a great pup from the start. Extremely smart and eager to learn and she has excellent natural instincts. She learns commands very quickly and is always eager to please. If you are even thinking about a French Brittany you need to talk to Phil! Or better yet, stop out at his place and meet his dogs. He'll probably even have a good home cooked meal for you.
Submitted by: Sherry Ebert on May 12, 2013
Ms. Sherry Ebert is one of the best Gundog trainers in the US. She purchased From a 2012 litter from Gar and Fiona a male pup Now Named Cooper. She sent the following. Again We are extremely Proud of this.
Hi Phil, sorry so long getting to this but, you know how my winters go with going back and forth from the south. Anyway we all love Cooper he is great. A really good friend of ours wife passed away and we let him have Cooper to keep him occupied and he is doing a great job. He will be coming back here the end of May for the summer. Our friend has already gotten all his info and forms for the trials in his area. He hopes to be able to Hunt test him and also AKC walking trial him. He lives in Mo. so there are not allot of Brittany trials that let french Britts in but there are some and the all breed he can run in. He is very excited. I worked him in Ga. and Tx. before we gave him up and I am sending photo of him in Ga. So far he is all we problems and we all love him very much, I know this summer's going to be really a good time with him.
Thanks again will talk to you soon Hope all is well with you and I am sorry have not gotten to do this sooner. Best of summers. Sherry
Submitted by: Fay and David Walker on May 07, 2013
Mr. Dave Walker and his Bride Fay Purchased a B/W Pup from a Gar and Fiona litter last spring.
Windy Acres is Honored by this.

Hey Phil.....was just thinking 'bout you, Icy is doing really good on her birds & is improving daily. We have had a bitter winter since Christmas & Dave has mostly been hybernating 'til now. So all the critters have been put on hold 'til this past week. Icy is a character! She has this bark at dinner time & won't shut up. She's very pretty & her coat shines chrome black. Her conformation is perfect & just wish she was showable. She is a people lover as well.

I Am glad to report that Dave likes her & hopefully will become his hunting partner in the fall. Yes, she is a "kick" but smart. Last May she got to go to the Ut. seminar w/ us. There was another blk/wh female there too. I was happy that Dave used Icy as a demo for a young age. We leave Thurs. for Ut., but different guy is putting it on & different area.
Have a good summer w/ the dogs.....

Sorry for the delay in checking in!

Fay & Dave....Icy too!
Walker Plantation Idaho
Submitted by: Jeff Snyder on Apr 27, 2013

Absolutely amazing Pup from Windy Acres!!!!

She's so incredibly intuitive with a wonderful flare for etiquette. Almost as if she has a decade of wisdom at only 7/8 weeks of age. Knows when it's play time, nap time, FOOD TIME(of course), mellow time, and night-night time. She's also learning behavior limits and household boundaries at breakneck speeds.

What a brilliantly astonishing temperament. She's already ingratiated herself with the entire family and has without question, become the most popular family member. Inconceivably impressive pooch !!!
Island Streek on Rainy of Windy Acres
AKA SUE A Spring 2013 Gar and Fiona Pup
The Snyder family couldn't possibly be more pleased !!!

Thank you Phil !!!!
Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Apr 26, 2013
April 26, 2013 I have an awesome little pup from Fin & Nell formerly Beth. Her new name is "Foxy" and she's 10 wks old and is doing unbelievably well. Foxy was pretty much house trained in under 2 wks and was ringing the potty bell consistantly in 5 days. She is aready a little retrieving machine with pheasant wings. She did some pointing already at a little over 7 wks old on some of last falls pheasant droppings. Pretty amazing. She knows a whole list of commands already. She is unbeleivably smart. Great with people and other dogs. Just a joy to be with. And if you have any training questions Phil is always there for you. He loves to here how his puppies are doing. He really knows his dogs. And is honest. If you're looking for an exeptional French Britt I highly recommend Phil. Take Care-Phil
Submitted by: Katrina Bruen on Apr 22, 2013
Everything is going great! Captain is quite the ball of energy these days, at least for about 45 minutes until he is ready for another nap! We are hoping to get him into a puppy kindergarten class starting next week.
I weighed him a few days ago and if I'm remembering correctly he was about 4.5 lbs. Second, he is very sweet, but he loves to play and sometimes play rough! and I realize part of it it from his puppy teething. crating him if necessary.

Anyway, we love him and he definitely has a spot in everyone's hearts. Have the other pups gone to their homes yet? Hope the moms are doing well, and you too!

Submitted by: Sid Boshers on Apr 07, 2013
Taz made it home yesterday and I could not be more pleased with him . Phil was a gem to work with . I made some changes along the way and Phil never seamed to mind .Went out of his way to make it a easy deal . If you are looking for a puppy I highly recomend .
Submitted by: Jim Tormey on Feb 22, 2013

Doolin is celebrating his one year old birthday today (Gypsy & Finn). He is everything you promised he would be and more, much more. You picked us a winner!!!
He knows about 30 commands, words, gestures and voice inflections. He is a ball of energy always looking for fun and adventure.

He is my constant and steady companion. We are well pleased and I am certain Doolin feels the same. HE IS A GOOD DOG!!!!

Hope all is well.


Jim and Sue Tormey
Syracuse, New York
Submitted by: Marc and Line Madore on Jan 08, 2013
Line and I purchased from Phil Rogers our first French Brittany named (Sam) on November born on October 6 2012
Line and I would like to thank you once again for taking in hand and training our dog Sam.
Thanks for all the still pictures and videos of Sam’s progress as he becomes older; it’s as close as we can be to have him in our home, you have showed such patience in his progress with your personal touch and professionalism.
Submitted by: Bill DeVries on Dec 06, 2012
Bailey is doing so good he hunted really well this fall with grouse and pheasant. He is just amazing! We are so happy with him and I must say Bailey and Pierre our other French Brittany get along quite well. Bailey likes to bug him at times as he still has the pup in him but overall he is a great dog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Bill and Mary DeVries, Walker, MN
Submitted by: Tim Brinkman on Dec 04, 2012
I’m a pheasant hunting outfitter in North Dakota. I’ve hunted over many different breeds in the last 20 years. I still believe you will not find a higher quality pointing dog than a French Brittany. The breed is close working in the field and a great family dog. My dogs are handled by many different hunters and they adapt quickly and do their job with very little input from the hunters.

I met Phil last year when we were looking for a new dog to join our pheasant hunting family. I described the traits I was looking for and opted to have Phil pick the dog and train it too. What Phil produced was a rooster pointing machine called Mac. The dog has a beautiful disposition and is a great pointer at 8 months old. I couldn’t be happier with the dog and the training. Great job Phil! We will be doing business again.

Tim Brinkman

Brinkman Hunting Getaways, LLP


Submitted by: Andy Centofanti on Dec 03, 2012
We've had "Ford" for about 2-1/2 years, and he's the best dog we could ever ask for--both in the field and in the house! Phil's dogs, and the way he does business, are unsurpassed!! Ford's first point was when he was 8 months old--a covey of Hungarian Partridges. Fast forward to December 2012--I just returned from a pheasant hunt east river SD. This was Ford's second experience with pheasants. He pointed a bird that had been previously wounded by another party. The bird was completely hidden in tall grass and thick brush, and I couldn't believe that a bird could be in there, until I started kicking the brush. Sure enough, Ford's pointing instincts were right on! In another instance, someone in my hunting group wounded a bird that went down in thick grass. Seven hunters and 2 other bird dogs looked for the pheasant without success. Guess who found it!!--yes, Ford!! My wife is not a hunter, but she absolutely is in love with Ford. They do long walks, and he is a great companion, as well as a phenomenal hunting dog. Feel free to contact me, if you'd like. I could offer even more praise!!
Submitted by: K. Nelson on Nov 04, 2012
You probably get tired of people bragging about your dogs, but here it goes again.

Rooty is 18 months old now. In the house and yard he is a playfull puppy yet, but in the field he is all business. His nose is pretty amazing. He is pointing backing and retrieving to hand now. He has found and retrieve some birds I never though we had a snowball chance in hell of finding. When he finds it you can tell he is pretty proud of himself. The thicker the cover the more he likes it. I have never had a dog that likes the thick cover so well, I thinks he thinks he is a springer sometimes. The only problem is that he likes to get out of range pretty easy and is pretty gung ho. A beep on the collar or small nick usually turns him right around though. He points well, but in the thick stuff he likes to flush them, which isnt all that bad, cause there is no way I can get into the stuff. Great dog and great buddie.

Best Regards
Kevin Nelson
Submitted by: Justin Vogel on Oct 18, 2012
I am a K9 handler for a department in MN. When I was looking for a hunting dog I called many kennels. I spoke with Phil twice on the phone before we decided to go with his Kennel. As a experienced hander you dont go with any kennel. We got "Charlie" from the litter of Hank and Nell. All I can say is unbelievable. Charlie has the drive I would look for when choosing a police dog. His drive in the field is incredible. He is gentle at home and listens very well. Charlie sleeps in my 4yr old sons room every night. Phils prices for the quality dogs he has our unbeatable. We sent Charlie for hunting training with Phil in September. He was 5 months old. Phil had over 80 birds over him in a month. I just came back from a three day pheasant hunt in ND. Charlie got us 18 roosters and he is only 7 months old =). All I can say is thank you Phil. If anyone is looking for a French Brittany give Phil from Windy Acres a call. My family loves Charlie and we have a new friend with Phil.
Submitted by: Glenn Davis on Oct 08, 2012
October 6/2012
Opening day in MT and I took Cody and Gypsie out for a morning hunt. They flushed two hens in a field that I thought was bare. Altough hens were not allowed the fact they flushed the birds was impressive. Phil, Cody stopped at the no bird statemet but Gypsie figured they were fair game for the first 25 yards. I can't wait to get Gypsie back to Phils next fall to get her reasdy for the season.
I am pleased with the training that Phil is capable of providing and I encourage others to give Phil a shout if you are in the market for a quality hunting companion.
Submitted by: Glenn Davis on Sep 30, 2012
October 1, 2012,
Well another 1500 mile trip has come to an end and Cody is back home and playing with his kennel mates.
Cody spent the last three weeks with Phil being trained as a bird hunting machine. What Phil was able to do to Cody is amazing. On the way back to our home I had Cody on his lunge line and we walked next to a corn field that was next to the rest stop. Cody flushed two hens and a rooster while taking care of his needs.
This afternoon I took Cody and our second pup we got earlier this year from Phil out in an area we had hunted before without any success.
I am pleased to tell you Cody went on point and flushed two hens around 4 pm MST. I cant wait till the season opens up in a few weeks.
Phil and his training style is amazing and I would highly recommend anyone interested in obtaining a dog or is interested in having your dog trained, give Phil a call.
Thanks Phil for your willingness to train, love the dogs and pass your knowledge off to your clients.
I look forward to seeing you again this summer.
Glenn, Audrey, Cody, Gypsie. in MT
Submitted by: Mike Hutson on Jun 12, 2012
I first became familiar with French Brittanys in 1999 and acquired my first such hunting buddy in the Spring of 2000; Gage was all that I had hoped for and heard about concerning the breed. Gage was an outstanding upland dog that easily transitioned to waterfowl hunting when I got bit by the waterfowl bug in 2002.

In the Summer of 2011 I was thinking about getting a second bird dog and found the Windy Acres website and called Phil Rogers on the telephone to discuss his dogs. I was impressed with Phil's knowledge, pride and love for his dogs and decided then that when I was ready for another bird dog, it would be from Windy Acres.

In January of 2012 our second French Brittany, Georgine, was born in Napoleon, ND at Windy Acres. It amazed my wife and I at how much time and effort Phil puts into keeping his clients (the proud parents) abreast of the weekly development of the pups. We received a video clip of her birth, followed by weekly video clips of her development. Amongst the email exchanges were sporadic telephone conversations where I was always impressed at Phil's willingness and eagerness to discuss the pups, training ideas and hunting in general. Phil's just the type of guy that you get a good feeling about as you talk to him over the phone!!!!

In March of 2012 my wife and I flew from Pennsylvania to North Dakota to bring Georgine home. We arrived in Bimarck, rented a car and drove to Napoleon. That evening Phil invited us into his home for dinner and we saw our little girl for the first time. I must mention that Phil is quite the chef and the company was genuine. The next morning we were invited back for breakfast before leaving on our trek home with Georgine.

Georgine is one of the most intelligent pups I've ever seen and/or trained. She's a quick learner with spunk, but not hyper-active as one might expect for a five month old; several people have commented on her disposition and rugged features. Needless to say, I'm very anxious for the coming hunting season.

Our experience with Phil Rogers was more than I ever expected and would recommended to anyone that is interested in one of his pups to give him a call, like I did, and see for yourself the genuine nature of this man.
Submitted by: James and Susan Tormey on Jun 06, 2012
We are happy and pleased to report that at 3 months, Doolin is a swimming demon. He retrieves in the water with great confidence, delight and pride, and jumps in from rock out-croppings, as well as docks that are 2' plus above the water. He is an outstanding specimen of dogdom and wins over the hearts of all that come in contact with him, both in the USA and Canada. We love him!!!


Susan and Jim Tormey
Syracuse, New York
Submitted by: Roger Savolainen on Apr 30, 2012
First full day at home in Mn. with our new pup "Buzzy"(Fin x Gypsy) who is helping me type this. He seems to be a remarkably well adjusted pup who really loves being with "his" people and is not intimidated by my two older brits at all.I have had bird dogs for over thirty years and I can tell this pup will be a good one - bold yet calm and loves people.Phil really knows his business, the entire experience has been great, and i know Phil will be there for any problems or to give advice for us when needed. We strongly recommend Windy Acres kennel for a great French Brit. pup and a honest breeder - thanks Phil
Submitted by: Glenn Davis on Apr 28, 2012
Hey Phil,
Well it’s back home and back to work but the new addition to the Glenn /Audrey hunting clan has fit right in.
Ltl Gypsie is the second dog I have been able to purchase from Phil. All I can say is thanks for running a successful operation as you do. Your pups are first class and I am once again pleased with Audrey’s new pup.
While training Cody (two year old from Phil) one of the wings became dislodged and to our surprise Gypsie (8 weeks old0 retrieved it and brought it back to Audrey.
Audrey just loves the fact Gypsie cuddles (ok after Gypsie plays with Cody) and falls asleep in her arms.
Thanks again Phil and yes we have placed two bells on the front door and the porch for training purposes.
Glenn Davis
Submitted by: James and Susan Tormey on Apr 16, 2012
We are the happy owners of an eight week old pup from the Windy Acres Kennel. He is healthy, intelligent, biddable, eager to learn, eager to please, loving and loveable. Mr. Phil Rogers was a pleasure to deal with. He sent us weekly videos to show us the progress the pups were making, and to better match our needs with the individual puppies. Overall, it was a most satisfying experience, and one we would repeat. We are well pleased with our future hunting companion and friend. Thanks Phil.
Jim and Sue Tormey, Syracuse, New York
Submitted by: Mandy on Mar 11, 2012
We just picked our pup up yesterday from Phil. Hasker is a beautiful tri pup who loves to snuggle and we couldn't be any more pleased. Phil has been so kind, helpful and informative through the whole process. He sent video and pictures of the pups every week which made it so easy to chose the right pup for us. We had the pleasure of going down to see Phil and the litter at 4 weeks. We were greeted as though we've known each other for years. We've only had Hasker for 2 days, but can tell that he is a very intelligent pup. We look forward to the many years ahead of hunting with him. Thanks Phil!
Submitted by: Bill and Mary DeVries on Mar 02, 2012
Phil, I have hunted dogs about 55 years and the birds were of varied species and also the dogs for that matter, but I must compliment you and your French Brittany, (now mine) by the name of Bailey(formerly Gary)at birth. He is the best dog I ever hunted with at 8-9 months old. His points are solid and his retrives are great with a soft mouth(no teeth marks). I like his ranging but the foo far command brings him back. It is a necessary command here as we live and hunt in wolf and trapping country,so you can understand he needs to mind well. I guess this all means you can't go wrong with a brittany from Windy Acres Kennel. A happy owner of a French Brittany. Bill DeVries
Submitted by: Jerry Foldenauer on Feb 17, 2012
Yearly Report:
Hey Phil;
Radar turned 4 yesterday (out of Gypsy and Gar) Feb. 17.
He continues to learn daily. I am at the point of not doubting his nose, abilities, and instincts when it comes to locating birds. To me, the cover or wind may seem "non-birdy" but he will prove me wrong time and again.
It was not our best year for numbers, but so far, his best for quality hunts. My lung problems kept me on short hunts. However, he shines in that he continually checks back. When he sees that I have stopped, he will begin a circular spiral pattern beginning about 30 yards out, and coming back to sit beside me. I am convinced that he knows that I am hurting. He may grumble a bit at having to wait for me, but wait he will. And, we have taken quite a few birds with him working a field that way.
Jan was in the hospital for 10 days with blood clots in her lungs. Radar missed her. When she got home he went nuts. He also (for 4 days or so) would find something of hers and drag it out to the living room floor. He didn't chew, he just piled her stuff up. Can't explain that move Phil!!
Radar is something special. Our best friend, and my constant shadow. Thanks Phil.
If you get some of the same crap you had last spring/summer and need help drop me a line or give a call. We'll help in any way you need..
Submitted by: Kevin Nelson on Jan 17, 2012
I have one on Gar and Gypsy's pups from last spring. Name is Rooty,(Short for Rooty Bird) Every time we go hunting he really impress's me. At ten months old he is pointing solid, retreiving to hand, and backing like he has done it all his life. Huns are his specialty, I sear he can smell them about 1/4 mile away and then locks down hard about 25 yards. Hunts like a machine during the day and is a lap dog in the evenings, what more can a guy want. Thanks Phil for a great dog.
Submitted by: Derrick Miller on Jan 13, 2012
Thought I would give you an update on Gert she is from the 2011 litter of Gar and Gypsy, you sure can see her daddy in her she is almost completely black now only has the markings on face/muzzel, legs, and the true Gar marking right under her tail. I had emailed you a couple months ago about her overall drive and picking up on potty training, you had said to just give her more time which proved to be 100% right, she is now barks when she needs to be let out to the relief of my wife and I. She also has a lot more drive and seemed to be catching on to the whole game of bird hunting on our last outing, still needs some work on holding points, but that is not her fault but her owners to spend more time on it with her. She has a supper friendly personality and has melded perfectly into our little family. Hope you have fun with the busy spring litters coming up.

The Millers.
Submitted by: Bill Lowrey on Jan 05, 2012
To Phil Rogers;

You may remember we picked up “Hank” Jr. early June, 2010. He was introduced to Pheasant wings at our house the very next day. He instinctively pointed the wings, and we have some entertaining video of his at work at just 7 weeks and 2 days old. My wife and I worked with him regularly through opening day of the 2010-2011 North Dakota, Grouse and Partridge season in early September. Weather permitting we ran him in light cover near our house in NW ND to get him comfortable with live birds. When it was too hot for field work we swam him in the local reservoir and practiced retrieving drills. After just 5 weeks of the 2010-2011 North Dakota Grouse and Partridge season “Hank” had already pointed 44 birds, most of them Partridge. His best single day tally for the 2010-2011 season came on opening day of Pheasant when he pointed 31 birds, all Pheasants, near Fortuna, ND. His season total was 209 points, all on wild birds, and not even a year old! He also had a handful of water retrieves, bringing back some Shovelers, Teal, and Gadwalls.

The 2011-2012 hunting season brought about more opportunities for “Hank” to work ducks and doves since locally our upland bird numbers were just a fraction of what they were in 2010-2011. The dove numbers near the house were very high and we had ducks on every slough and sheet water pond until late November. I usually hunt “Hank” together with an older female yellow lab so they split the retrieving work. “Hank” gets the shorter open water retrieves and the lab works the more demanding casts. I try to keep the dove work divided pretty evenly. I’m pretty pleased that my little Brittany has absolutely no objection to working downed birds in the water. He is a good swimmer and his manners in the boat are pretty good also. I don’t have to listen to whining or have to worry about him tipping my pirogue every time a Musk Rat or Grebe swims next to the boat. This past season I could see a decent progression in finding crippled birds both upland and waterfowl. I also noticed that larger ducks (Mallards and Pintails) and smaller geese (Light Geese and Lessers) didn’t seem to intimidate him.

It has been fun so far hunting over “Hank”. He has become a good pet for the family and he has a generally affectionate disposition. Even though he is a solid 54 pounds he is still a puppy and he can be quite creative and mischievous when left unattended. He needs to be worked often and this fact is reaffirmed by an inexhaustible drive to hunt. I haven’t seen him get tired yet. I let him be the gauge of how long we hunt for or how fast we cover ground. He quarters well and works the wind accordingly so I very rarely pull him out of cover or force him to work certain areas while he is on the ground. He and other Brittanys that I have owned in the past have repeatedly proven that their judgment is far better than mine! I don’t talk to him much at all when we hunt. He checks in often enough that I don’t worry about him ranging or pushing birds. For the most part he works close but he’s not afraid to stretch out in open cover. Overall he’s been a really good hunter and a great pet. Thanks Phil!
Sincerely, Bill Lowry
Submitted by: Mark and Amanda Dube on Jan 05, 2012
Sage (from, Hank and Gypsy) is almost two years old now and is a fabulous addition to our family. She is hunting well and enjoys it very much. She has been hunting pheasants, hungarian partridge and sage grouse here in Wyoming. Sage is going to be a great hunting dog. She is able to get into thick cover and find birds. She is also determined. After watching her for about five minutes pointing at a small piece of sagebrush, Mark walked over to her and kicked at the bush. Out flew a bird! She has a great spirit and really loves her kids! Thanks again Phil for an excellent hunting dog and companion.

Mark, Mandy, Claire and Matt Dube
Submitted by: Neal Lawson[ on Jan 05, 2012
Jax is a Gar Gypsy Pup from last spring
I just had to brag a bit to you about a hunt Jax and I had at the game farm yesterday. In one word "WOW"!! Jax was amazing, with finds, points and then retrieves. We put 10 pheasants out and brought back 9. Better shooting and we would have had 10. We hunted with my brother and his dog, an Italian spinone. Everything came together for Jax, he was awesome, not just as a 10 1/2 month old puppy but as a hunting dog.I think Jax retrieved 6 or 7 of the birds, sometimes he had to run the bird down to retrieve it. A couple were big roosters and he had no problem bringing them back to me. Can't tell you how happy I am with you, your puppies and obviously Jax. It looks like many years of good hunting with my hunting dog and friend Jax. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Neal Lawson on Dec 24, 2011
Jaxs is 10 months now and has hunted at least twice a week since he was about 7 months old,Son of Gar and Gypsy. So far he hunts mostly at Wild Wings game farm, but wild bird as well. He is doing exceptionally well, with lots of points and lots of birds shot over him. We are still working on retrieving, but, he is still a pup, all other parts of the hunt he is doing excellent. Thanks again Phil for an excellent hunting dog and companion.
Submitted by: Patrick Chapin on Dec 24, 2011
Coral, he pup is working out well. I have been letting her do her own thing pretty much as far as pointing and she came on wonderfully. By the end of the season I was getting some really beautiful "classic" points on a daily basis. When she has a bird hold in sight, Coral literally turns to ice, crouched, head forward, leg up, eyes just about bugged out. A marvelous thing to see for as pup her age or any age for that matter!!. Generally speaking, control has not been an issue with her. She behaves very well for a dog at that stage of her development. The older dogs really didn't give her much chance to retrieve although she tried a couple of times. Pearl dominates waterfowl retrieves and Opal takes over the uplands. Doesn't leave much territory for Coral, but we're getting things worked out. The three dogs get along famously together. Pearl was very tolerant but it has taken until this past week for her to truly bond with Coral. It was certainly a banner year for sharptails! I haven't seen flocks like that since I was a kid. Hardly any huns though. Personally, I felt the pheasant population was about where it was in 2010. Not great but not bad either.
Gees, as I write this Coral is on point in Cathy's dining room chair watching birds at the feeder out the back window. She watches them for hours on end. It's a riot! When I get the Montana photos developed I'll send some copies to you via email. Should be a better one of Coral in there. She has REALLY freckled out and also developed a nice "cape" of white fur hanging over her black saddle. A BEAUTIFUL dog.

Pat Chapin
Submitted by: Kenneth Pollack on Dec 07, 2011
(both dogs were from differant Windy Acres Kennels)
HI Phil:
I would love to tell you more about Juneau. First, she is without a doubt the happiest dog I have ever seen. Her tail wags constantly and she truly smiles. She seems to find joy in everything around her. By comparison, Bristol appears depressed. Juneau is very gentle, but not at all affectionate. She NEVER will jump up by one of us, whereas Bristol is ALWAYS on someone's lap. I took Juneau hunting several times last year. At the time she was just under one year old. The first few times I had her out she ran around, basically playing with Bristol but had no clue why she was there. There were several occasions when Bristol was on point and Juneau ran between Bristol and the bird without even slowing down. I thought she was hopeless. The fourth or fifth time I had her out, it was as though God flipped a switch inside her. All of a sudden she was hunting exactly like Bristol. And, I purposely did nothing to train her. She picked up scent and held perfect points. She even backed Bristol. On my final hunt in March Bristol and Juneau simultaneously went on point. They were about 10 yards from one another. Neither one crept an inch. They were pointing into thick cover, and I saw no bird. The grass wasn't moving at all. I walked toward the cover and both dogs stood there like statues. I walked in smaller and smaller circles, getting closer to the bird. Still nothing, but the dogs wouldn't move. I gently started kicking, again and again, but nothing. Both dogs continued to point. There was a very shallow hole under the thick grass where a bird was nestled. When my foot fell into that hole a bird flew straight up. Without exaggeration it was easily five minutes that both dogs held a perfect point. I was astounded! Over the summer I had the dogs up in Wisconsin quite a bit, but they just swam in the lake and played. Absolutely no training other than basic obedience commands. This fall I have been out with them four times. It is like they never missed a beat. The only flaws with them are they still break for the bird on the flush rather than on the shot. And when we start out they both range a little farther than I would prefer. These are minor points. Juneau responds to commands (like "TOO FAR") as well as does Bristol. One is almost indistinguishable from the other. I have to conclude that a good part of Juneau's talent is purely due to your phenomenal breeding. The rest is her immitating her very well trained sister. Bristol has turned into quite the retriever. A few weeks ago three of us were out hunting and Bristol retrieved 14 of 14 birds shot. A couple went down far enough away that I though they couldn't be recovered. The only problem is that Bristol is such a good retriever that Juneau doesn't get a chance. It is pure joy to go out with them. They are a real gift from God, better than anyone deserves. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to care for such wonderful pups.
God Bless you and Merry Christmas.
Ken and Janene Pollack
Submitted by: Victor and Laurel Mayer on Dec 03, 2011
In October, I was lucky enough to stay with Phil Rogers owner of the Windy Acres Kennel and hunt my 6 mos old dog, Tucker (from Phil’s last litter). It was a thrill to see Tucker on birds
for the first time, and then have him hunt alongside Phil’s championship dogs. It was amazing to see his dogs track a pheasant for over a quarter of a mile! Tucker improved each and every day and he even retrieved birds and brought them back to me. His own natural ability was nothing short of amazing and with Phil’s expert guidance he just excelled beyond anyone’s
expectation. Not many 6 mos old dogs have 25 pheasant under their belt, but, Tucker does! Phil and I even entered a Pheasant’s Forever longtail contest while I was there. With Tucker and Phil’s awesome dogs, we won second place! What a rush!. Phil shares his dog training knowledge freely and is the ultimate host. I had the best time ever. Next year Tucker goes back to Phil for training to finish him off. I can’t even imagine how good he’ll be after Phil does his magic. Windy Acres has the best dogs, period. You’ll never find a better kennel!
Submitted by: Kelly Mathais on Nov 22, 2011
I thought I would give you a quick update on Gabby. We were waiting for deer season to end, but couldn’t hold on any longer. She wanted to hunt.
On Saturday morning (a cold one) I took her out by herself since I was working tree rows. I am amazed every time I go out with her on the instinct and maturity she has for a puppy. Hard to believe she will be only seven months in a week. It took us the full two and half mile walk but we got our birds. If the roosters didn’t flush way ahead us Gabby found them, including one old bird that tried to give us the slip. She was trailing him in the tree row and got to a point where she lost scent. We overshot him. I gave her time to work it out. Instead of giving up and going on down the tree row she started working back until she caught scent again. We had to trail him almost all the way back to the beginning of the tree before she locked up on him. She held while I walked up and booted him out the grass. I put him down. Biggest bird of the season with exceptional tail feathers. This was Gabby’s first retrieve. She always went to the downed birds, but never tried to bring them back. She even ran down and held on to a couple of wounded birds. But on Saturday she wrestled with the fluttery rooster and I hollered fetch, she commenced to dragging it back. She grabbed him by the neck with wings fluttering and brought him to me. Good girl.
The last bird of the morning came out of a cattail slough that we worked into the wind. It appeared to be a pretty simple thing for her this time. Catch the scent, narrow it down and go on point. A rooster got up and I put it down on the other side of the slough. I am a born and raised ND pheasant hunter and know too well that when you put a bird down out of site you get there quick, so I ran around to the other side and the bird was down a few feet away. Gabby busted through the cattails, but apparently figured that I close enough the bird didn’t require retrieving. She smelled it, check it out, and waited for me to pick it up. Oh well, still a good girl.
With the pheasants shot on Saturday I check my numbers and believe that was numbers 29, 30, and 31 that I shot on solid points under her. Not bad for not ever 7 months old. We have had a couple of others that were flushers that never held for her, and few birds that were done with the Springer in tandem.
I am looking forward to the late season hunt with her. I have a feeling she will be one bored puppy when season ends. I normally hunt with one or two other people, but this year spent a lot time hunting alone with Gabby. I didn’t want other people or dogs around as distractions at what I thought was a young age. But I think now she is fully lost to hunting and nothing else matters in the field then to find birds. Prior to Saturday the last time out once she was in the field she paid no mind to the other dog or the other person except to stop and say hi on the way back and forth once in awhile.

Submitted by: Bill and Mary DeVries on Nov 18, 2011
We just wanted to let you know Bailey is doing great. He is a hunting machine and has done a great job on woodcock, grouse and pheasants. We are so impressed can't believe he is only 9 months old and doing as good or better than the older dogs he goes with. He loves his morning walks with us and loves to play with Pierre and he is super with our 2 grandsons. He is so good with children. He is also a little lover at nights. He loves to curl up in Mary's lap at night when she is watching tv or reading. He is a super dog and pet. We couldn't have gotten a better dog. Our friends are envious of us on our little Bailey we are so happy with him. Thanks Phil for picking him out for us. We are so happy. He got a two week rest due to deer hunting but he will be back out with me this weekend grouse hunting. He is just a great all around dog! Happy Thanksgiving! Bill and Mary
Submitted by: Bill DeVries on Oct 20, 2011
went with a friend to a pheasant farm to train Bailey on some roosters, and he got 4 birds!, he sure does know his stuff, what a good dog and my friend was very impressed. You did a good job training him and he sure does have the natural intinict too. Thanks Again Bill
Submitted by: Kelly Mathias on Oct 12, 2011
I thought you would appreciate an update on Gabby.
I had Gabby out a couple of times with my springer and my dad’s vizsla prior to pheasant season to get used to being out and get a little confidence, also to find some birds for her to work with. The first couple of times she spent most of her time following the vizsla, chasing butterflies and tweety birds. On Saturday I had her out with my springer just hoping to get a couple birds to give her an idea on what we are doing. My springer got up young rooster on the first fence row and I put it down. I brought the bird to Gabby and let smell and play with it little. When started walking again. This was all it took. Within a hundred yards Gabby took off like a shot down the fence row then out into the stubble completely ignoring me and flushing two hens about 300 yards away. I didn’t holler or give her bad time, just glad she found the right birds. Then again a couple hundred yards down the fence line she took off and would not come back. She up over the hill and disappeared. I have no idea what she found, but decided she needs to get under control. So switched the shock collar from Tylee to Gabby. The collar worked great. Had to go to only level two the first time then only on one after that. She learned quickly and didn’t have to use it after the first two/three runs.
We ended up getting our three birds on our first walk which was about four miles and took 3 hours. Gabby on birds a couple times but failed to point any of the birds. She had done so well in training, but she is just learning.
On Sunday we could only do a short walk on our way to Rugby. We found three birds in some cattails, all hens. Gabby could not figure them out and the birds were flushed by Tylee. Didn’t have to use the shock collar at all. She completely ignored Tylee and did her own thing, which I was glad to see.
Yesterday was a very good day. Talk about a dog putting it all together. I could not believe how well she worked and for not even being 6 months old. I again hunted her with Tylee seeing that both do their own thing. The first patch we walked into Gabby locked on point on the edge. I wasn’t sure I was going to believe her, but had to check it out. I walked to her talking to her calmly and came to the side kicking the grass and out flies a hen. Bingo first point. Was she ever excited, me too. That was all it took. She had 11 solid points including two roosters that I shot from under her. The last rooster I shot was one that Tylee was tracking for well over 400 yards along the slough. Gabby never really caught scent of this bird in the beginning. What she does do I noticed is that when catches scent she runs a big circle to narrow it down. This is what she did with this rooster. She caught scent an made large circle around me an Tylee and came in from the front. This was more than that old bird could take. He flushed and I put it down. Gabby was on it almost before it hit the ground. She didn’t fetch but held it down while it fluttered. She didn’t have a point on this bird, but I don’t think that bird would have held for a point.

The story ends with me removing three birds from my vest while Gabby is checking out a brush pile by the truck. She locks up. I think really, and walk over there. She stays locked. I walk into the brush and out bust two roosters. I turn around and say good girl with a third rooster busting out right behind me. Only had to use the shock collar once during the day. She did great for a pup or any dog.

I enclosed a couple of pictures.

Submitted by: Alisha Braatz on Aug 02, 2011
"Working with Phil was an absolute joy. He took our every phone call and answered every question we had! Our Brit is the best natured dog you could ever ask for and makes every day joyful with her sweet spirit. We would certainly work with this kennel again."
Submitted by: Dave & Marilyn DeBoer on Jul 08, 2011
We have been very happy with the pup we received from Phil and the process involved with getting the pup. I searched the internet last year and found the Windy Acres kennel. I could tell from the very first phone call to Phil that he was very knowledgeable about the French Brittany Breed. We made a trip up to the kennel from South Dakkota to view Phil's dogs and to get to know Phil better. We were very impressed with how well his dogs were trained. Within days of our visit, we decided to get a pup from Phil. Phil kept us informed throughout the pregnancy on when to expect the puppies birth. Once they were born, we were able to view all the pups weekly through the video that Phil sends. We feel very fortunate to get our little Gillian "Mya". She is doing very well and learning quickly. She is adapting to all our family and our other dogs. I would recommend Phil's kennel to anyone because our experience was very positive. I plan to do most of Mya's training myself but hope to utilize Phil's experience too. We love our little Mya!
Submitted by: Dr. Patrick Chapin on Jul 01, 2011
My daughter and I made the journey from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Windy Acres in June 2011 to pick up Coral. Phill not only fed us dinner but put us up for the night and fed us breakfast the next morning. What a great guy! We have two black labs, Pearl and Opal, who took to the pup fairly quickly. I hunt geese in Ontario and pheasants in Montana. Extensively! My labs are great on all accounts and will even point pheasants if they'll hold. But I needed something new to keep me busy: we lost my fourteen year-old son just before Christmas 2009 and my wife died in a car accident ten months later. I have been a lifetime lab owner and trainer and thought I'd make a change since I'm focusing more on upland hunting these days. What a difference! This pup is so sensitive, affectionate, and anxious to please! And tons of personality. We should have a wild time this fall. Windy Acres is quite a ways out of the way but I will make sure I get down to see Phill on my way west this fall.
Submitted by: Kelly Mathias on Jun 30, 2011
The first time you talk to Phil you know he loves his dogs. The first time you meet Phil in person you know the dogs are his life. I never felt more comfortable in dealing with an individual in selecting a puppy as I did with Phil. We purchased a French Brittany, little Gabby, from Phil a couple of weeks ago and we were very please with the whole process. We had the opportunity to visit with Phil prior to our puppy being born and a couple of visits prior to picking her up. We believe Phil deeply cares about his dogs and the pups he raises. Gabby is now 9 weeks old and is a beautiful, happy and healthy little pup. I highly recommend working with Phil if you are looking for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Victor and Laurel Mayer on Jun 22, 2011
In my 60 years of experience, one breeder stands shoulders above the rest-- Phil, Windy Acres French Brittanys. From the day you contact Phil, he treats you fabulously...sharing his vast knowledge not only of the breed but anything else you need to know about owning a French Brittany. He sends pictures right away of the whole litter --starting with the day they are born and then weekly thereafter. He tells you about each dog with each set of pictures and videos and you feel like you're right there with them. He even helps you pick which one is the best match for you and your family. Phil treats everyone as his best friend and makes the whole experience a total thrill. We were like kids running to the computer every week to see how the pups were coming along. I can't say enough about the whole experience. Phil is a treasure and the pup we got is outstanding, smart and a natural hunter even at 8 weeks of age-- Folks, it doesn't get better than this!
Submitted by: The Hergenraders on Jun 15, 2011
Wow….another phenomenal pup from Windy Acres and Phil! We are so impressed with our little Gus! We are just blown away with the natural instincts that these little dogs are born with. On our way home he was pointing and tracking scent in the South Dakota corn fields when we stopped to let him out. Our son wanted a dog that would be his buddy and Gus is proving to be just that, they work with the wing and go fishing quite often. He is incredibly intelligent he had his basic commands down that first week home. Phil advised that he would need a firm handle as he was a strong B dog and we were ready for the challenge as we knew he would need to have a little moxie to fit in with our 3 other French Brittany’s. This little boy has the BEST personality and really great drive, he is actually the class clown and we are loving every minute of it. We highly recommend you get your dog from Phil and the Windy Acres Kennel. His dogs are all phenomenal and his commitment to the breed and friendship after the sale is what has kept us coming back.

God Bless!
The Hergenraders
Submitted by: Bill and Mary DeVries on Apr 13, 2011
We found Windy Acres on the internet when looking for a French Brittany so we contacted Phil and got on his list for a puppy. We were really impressed on how he kept us up to date on the birthing and all the pictures and info he emailed us each week on the puppies so we could see how they progressed and grew. It helped us to decide which pup was for us and Phil is great at picking out the kind of dog that fits for you, too. We went to meet our pup and Phil just this week and we were very impressed with Windy Acres French Brittanys and also with Phil who gave us a lot of information and his friendship. He is going to train our pup for us as we don't have the time right now but will get him in Oct and we can't wait and Phil will keep us posted with emails and pictures so we will feel like we are with our new puppy. Phil goes all out to please his clients and we were impressed with his dogs.
Submitted by: Kevin Nelson on Apr 08, 2011
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a pup from Phil of Windy Acres,and I emphasize "Pleasure". From the first contact with Phil till the day we picked up the pup we were treated as a good friend. There was no pressure in any way, and Phil was more than willing to answer any questions. When the pups were born, he sent videos and pictures every week, and helped in picking the pup that would best suit our needs and personalities. It is definitely a first class operation. We are really excited to watch our pup grow and mature. Once again, thank you Phil for and amazing experience.
Submitted by: Andy Centofoni on Apr 07, 2011
Hi Phil! Just thought you might want to see some pictures of Ford. As Andy said last night, we think he is the "GREATEST" dog!!! We've had him exactly 1 year now this week, and we think of one of the things you said often--that he makes you smile and/or laugh every day!! That is so true!!! We're pics--(he's so handsome!!) The next one is of him just this morning pointing a Prairie Grouse. He had about a half dozen points in 1-1/2 hours this morning--4 Prairie Grouse, and two songbirds! :o)
We hope you're doing well, and we're so happy to have Ford with us. Andy will get in touch with you sometime this summer to talk more about a possible August training trip there! Take care!

Gloria & Andy (and Ford)
Submitted by: Bill Teten on Apr 01, 2011
Phil, I just wanted to drop a note to you and others about the experience we had selecting a puppy with Windy Acres French Brittanys. As you know, we live almost 9 hours from your facility so visiting you was not in the cards. From day one you kept us updated and informed with all the activities of the litter. You took countless pictures and videos of all the pups and of each one individually which were fun to watch and see what was happening with the pups. You described how they were behaving and some of the personality traits you were beginning to see. All this information made our selection much easier. We had the number 5 pick out of six males and we feel like Grady is a dandy. He has been all you described him to be and his color is really starting to come along. If anyone is reading this and has a long distance to travel to pick the puppy, do not let that stop you from considering these dogs. Phil did an outstanding job with information before and after the litter was born and made the buying decision much easier than if we had just shown up and decided to pick a puppy. Thanks for all you did to help us pick Grady, we will be sure to keep you updated as he progresses.
Submitted by: Kevin Yeatts on Jan 09, 2011
Hello from Balmy Colorado (slight exaggeration)!

Snickers is a Female from a 2009 Hank and Gypsy Pairing.

I finally found some time to download some Snickers pictures from the fall festivities which unfortunately have been fewer and farther apart than I would like! This darn house project is keeping me waaaaay to busy. We were able to make our annual SoDak Pheasant run however, and let me tell you...WOW! It is absolutely amazing the difference a year makes. I thought Snicks did great last year but this year was a whole new game. We always have to hunt a little hard, which I happen to like as opposed to BANG, BANG, BANG...DONE, because we tend to hit mostly walk in lands. Snickers however, this year tried to make it POINT!...walk in front...FLUSH...BANG!!! Repeat 2 more times DONE! She was truly amazing. I did not see her bust a single bird that she was working. She pointed, she relocated, she tracked and she pinned every bird she worked that did not flush 200 yards away on its own. I have never seen a dog that has such an uncanny ability to know how much pressure she can put on a bird to get it to be pinned without busting it! This next part is truly amazing to me... We came back with almost all the pheasant we could, twenty two, and I can't believe I am saying this but SHE POINTED AND HELD EVERY SINGLE ONE! for us to kick out. I've never seen anything like this before. Of course there were other points that were just as good where we weren't so good with the gun.

I think the best part of all is not the fact that she is a great gun dog, but that she is such a wonderful, loving, fun and great part of the family. We LOVE her so much! and are so lucky to have her. Toast to Phil!

P.S. hope to get a few more hunting days in here in CO before the season end at the end of January. Wish me luck
Submitted by: jerry foldenauer on Jan 08, 2011
Hey Phil:
Time for my yearly report on Radar. He will be 3 on the 17th. of Feb. He is hanging in at 40 lbs. of tough muscle. We have been going out 5 or more days a week since Oct. 21st., chasing Pheasants, and his physique shows well. He's tough!!
We just finished our Wyoming season, and our 2nd. trip of the year to Kansas. Since the Christmas letter, we have eclipsed the 200 bird mark (Pheasant) for the past 12 months. We got into Quail as well in Kansas and that was a "hoot". Many times he and the Quail were but inches from nose to nose before I flushed them.
We hunt quite a bit with our Game Warden (whom we also teach Hunter Ed. with) and his Lab Gus. Same ages, and what fun to watch them learn and work together. As you know I've never taught Radar any retrieving skills. So, he does retrieve Doves, and the only time he'll bring a Pheasant back to me is when Gus also wants the bird, and he does it with style, just like one would expect a well trained retriever to retrieve. As an aside, all of the birds he's sat on, stayed by, kept from running, I have yet to find a tooth mark. He does pluck some feathers off the back just like Pete our Boykin used to do. Odd, but I think in his mind it emphasizes that his job is complete.
I've read many of the other testimonials and can merely add "ditto". Wonderful in the house, a snuggler, a talker, a constant companion to us both. Without getting too "squishy" I would be totally lost without him. At my age, I know he will be my last bird dog. That's why I thank God daily that I still can go with him as often as I do. Phil, if we/I croak, we'd like you to place him with another crazy hunter who gets out way more than most other folks. You bred him to hunt, and he will do so day in and day out. For your info, we have a standing offer of $2,600 for him. Yea right, he's not for sale!!
Thanks Phil. Hope your health is continuing to be on the upswing, and your house and property are ready for this year's melt. What a trial last year! God Bless.
Submitted by: Dale Gerzetich on Dec 30, 2010
Merry Christmas Phil, hope everything is well your way.

I wanted to tell you how well Little Beau is doing. He was the smallest male of the litter, I picked him up up about May 1st, he was born Mar 1st.

Well, I am no dog trainer, but get this: took him up pheasant hunting, with a buddy of mine. He hunted like he was at least 2-3 years old, nose to the ground, back and forth between us.

There were very few pheasants, but he did get up two for us.!!,

Great considering he was only 10 months old.

He is tri-colored, and just beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased with him, he is a natural hunter.

I sure am glad I picked the runt" of the litter!

Phil, free to use any of my comments as a testimonial to the quality of your dogs.

Have a great New Year, and keep up the good work.


Submitted by: Rich Welsch on Dec 12, 2010
I want to commend Phil and his willingness to support me while training my American Brittany which I purchased from another breeder. Based upon a glowing recommendation from a respected gun dog owner, I originally intended to purchase a pup from Phil. This meant being on a waiting list for approximately one year. I was given an opportunity to pick a pup from a litter because of who I knew. With this said, Phil was always willing and able to answer my questions and went above and beyond my expectations given the fact that I am not a direct customer. I would strongly recommend Phil and his line of Brittany's to anyone in the market.

BTW: my Brittany, Echo, is 1.5yrs old now and has been responsible for 30+ pheasants and a dozen grouse being bagged by my son and I. The added bonus is that he is even retrieving ducks in the what.

Feel free to contact me with Brittany related questions.
Submitted by: Andrea and Bill Lowrey on Nov 05, 2010
Hank is still doing wonderfully. His natural instinct is amazing. I'm floored every time we go out. He has quartered and pointed since we first got him like a champ. He has pointed so many birds now I have lost count. Although, I'm sure Bill is still keeping count. Lady is even letting him retrieve some of the birds now. Of course, he brings the birds back to her. I think she is learning how to be lazy with Hank out there now. You have done a phenomenal job breeding your dogs. We are complemented on Hank constantly. I have run into several men driving by when I'm out with Hank asking me his age and how I keep him so calm. They seem to be having trouble with their French Brits. All of them are floored when I tell them he is only 6 months. I also tell them about you and your breeding line, and to work with their dog every day for 30 minutes if they want to see results.

Hope all is going well
Andrea and Bill
Submitted by: Mike Morey on Oct 23, 2010
Phil, Just thought I would send a note and photo of Abby from this last weekend. So far our hunting this fall has been in the general area around our farm where we live. There are enough birds and I enjoy going out hunting with Abby enough that I will usually just shoot one bird per outing. I am having a blast going out with her and she is learning on the go as to finding and locking in on birds. It is fun to watch her work and I find it very enjoyable to go out walking and hunting with her. The collar has worked very well and most of the time I just need to beep it to keep her in range. Am not sure if this is the correct use of the beep but it works for us. The only time I have used collar was to break her of running around moving vehicles.

Abby is also a very good house dog. Carolyn got a Morky pup this June and it has been fun to watch the two of them play. I hope all is well in your world Phil and I hope your health is OK.

Mike Morey
Submitted by: Kim Kamanski on Oct 23, 2010
Phil, We ran Ellie this weekend out west. She did beautifully. Very mindful of commands. She is a hard worker. The birds were elusive on Saturday but on Sunday we were on to them. I had her out with one of the boys and we were slogging through a swamp. She came to the base of a bush and locked up on point. I walked over and out came a big fat rooster. Tender vittles as my brother would say. It was so much fun watching her work the areas we were hunting. Thank you for all of your hard work training her this year! I am taking the boys out there Thursday and Friday and then we are off to our cabin this weekend to pick up one of the older boys to go grouse and duck hunting. It is such fun hunting with my Ellie. My husband was the one that knew all of the ins and outs of hunting but now I am going out with the boys and enjoying the hunt as well.

I took some pictures and will send them to you soon.

Be well, Kim
Submitted by: Mark Domek on Oct 23, 2010
Buster did great this past week pheasant hunting. We went to Barb's parents farm right after I picked him up from your kennel and went hunting for an hour with Tom. We were two for two. He did everything right except he would not fetch. He did however go over to the bird and stay by it. Like you trained him.

On Sunday and Monday he hunted with an English Pointer. He did really well despite having 7 hunters along. We limited out both days. The rest of the week Buster and I hunted alone. He did an excellent job pointing out the birds and holding steady.All in all I am very pleased with Buster and his training. Just need to get him to fetch and he will be a great hunting dog.Heck he is just a puppy!

I will let you know how he does in Iowa when the pheasant season opens up in a couple of weeks. We hunt a lot of switch grass down here so will try a bell on him and see how it goes.

Mark Domek
Submitted by: Rick Meyer on Oct 10, 2010
My name is Rick Meyer and I have a 14 month old german wirehair pointer named Sadie. I met Phil in June of 2010 . After meeting Sadie and I , Phil agreed to train Sadie and work with me. We went out last week and Phil graciously opened his day with his busy schedule to work with us. It was an amazing day and I am so grateful. He is one of the most intelligent trainers I"ve ever met. He knows his stuff. Anyone who has the luck to get one of his dogs or work with him should feel very lucky.
Thanks again Phil, it was a valuable day!

Rick Meyer
Submitted by: Keith T on Oct 02, 2010
Fargo (formally known as Frank)is now 8 months old. He is intelligent, has a good nose, a great disposition and is eager to learn. I started the process of finding a pup about a year before I was I ready for another dog. I didn't know anything about Windy Acres prior to finding their website. Phil promptly answered all inquires and questions whether by email or phone. Others I contacted didn't seem interested and some didn't even respond. Phil kept us well informed with emails, pictures and videos through the entire process. It was a nice touch to send the puppies to their new home with a toy and blanket in addition to food. Phil also does a good job in preparing a folder with infomation on everthing from how to register your dog, nutrition, health and training tips. This is our 5th dog since we have been married and my wife said it best, I finally got a dog that I even I can train.
Submitted by: DeLane & Sue Dollinger on Sep 11, 2010
This is an update on Max (Hank & Gypsy) who was 3 years old in July. He just keeps getting better and better in the field and in our lives. He contracted Valley Fever while we were in AZ last winter but is doing well on treatment. In fact you'd never know his lungs were affected with the stamina that he shows. People comment about what a beautiful dog he is and are amazed at how well he behaves. He went goose hunting with DeLane this morning and can't wait for pheasant season. His intelligence constantly amazes us.
Submitted by: Nicole Miller on Aug 06, 2010
We actually purchased our French Brittany from a local VA breeder. For the first week, she was great, then she started to exhibit dominant behavior. Unfortunately, our vet and even the dog trainer at Pet Smart could not adequately identify her behavior so we could correct it. After weeks of frustration that included urinating all over the house and nipping at us extensively, I contacted Phil over the internet and begged for help. He gave it, immediately, even though I did not purchase our dog from him. He sent us his reference document for raising a happy Brittany and told us specifically what part of the document to reference. We did and the information provided was spot on. The changes we implemented in our behavior gave us results that very day. The next day I sent Phil a pic of Gabby laying on my feet at the kitchen sink...a big change from jumping up to bite my butt. We have a long way to go, but we know how to raise a happy pup now and are forever indebted to Phil for showing us the way.
Submitted by: Travis Moszer on Aug 05, 2010
We started whoa barrel the other day as you told us, and I must say seeing Ed stand on that thing for the first time was one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen. I have never seen a drunk dog before but I imagine thats what it would look like. Phil I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all of the help that you have given me, I truly love that dog and working and training him. I have been told several times that he is remarkable and the best dogs that people have ever seen. He is going to absolutely rock everyones world this year in the field and I can hardly wait! The best part is he is still so young I cant even imagine what he is gonna be like in a couple of years he is so accomplished already! I have been offered the chance to hunt him for the owner of my work and all of his friends this pheasant season but have not decided if I am going to do it yet. I told them it depends on the number of dogs and people so we will see how that goes.

Thanks Again
Submitted by: Todd and Jennifer Hergenrader on Aug 05, 2010
We have been so richly blessed to have found Phil and the Windy Acres Kennel! Not only did we get one of the most fantastic little girls in the whole wide world, but we have gained a life long friend in Phil! He has been there to answer any question we have tossed at him, and the fact that he teaches you what to do and when to do it, without making you feel like a fool, should tell you that he is a phenomenal teacher as well. We were last pick of the females on the May 1st, 2009 litter which meant we didn’t have to choose a pup but rather have God choose one for us...our Zoe is the most amazing dog! She is the total package so to speak...great nose...great drive…outstanding temperament and the most loving little lady we could ever ask for! Phil is one of a kind! His commitment to his dogs...the breed and outstanding customer service should be applauded! If you are lucky enough to get one his dogs not only will you be blessed with a wonderful hunting and family companion but you will be blessed to know one of the most wonderful Gentlemen in the business!

God Bless!

The Hergenraders
Submitted by: William Lowlry on Aug 05, 2010
We picked up Hank, our first Windy Acres French Brittany when he was 7 weeks and 2 days old. He made his first point to a pheasant wing at 7 weeks and 3 days. He pointed his first wild Hungarian Partridge at 11 weeks and 2 days old, and since then he has quite a few points on wild Pheasants, Partridge, and flight-of-the-year Doves. He has been a sweet dog to my wife and 4 year old son. He also gets along with the neighbors and their pets. He is quick learner and he loves to be trained. We are fortunate to have lots of wild birds and lots of prairie around the house so we get daily training sessions on big tracts of land. It is surprising how much energy he has. He is still a puppy but his instincts to quarter, use the wind, check in with me, and hold his points are exceptional. He is my sixth pointer. I have had 1 English Pointer, 3 Brittany Spaniels, and a Vizla, but Hank's natural ability and progress put him ahead of all of them as puppies. He has no fear what-so-ever of the shotgun. I guess loud 4 year old kids and living 100 yards from busy railroad tracks would have washed any possibility of gunshyness away. l routinely work Hank with my 3 year old Labrador over water when it is too hot to work the prairie. He learned to retrieve in less than a week, and he is a fair swimmer. He brings back Dokken's Mallards with no problem and he just over 20 pounds. There are a few photos of him en route. I'm excited about this fall. I'll send you updates and more pics as the season progresses. Thanks for everything Phil.
Submitted by: Robert C. Brown on Aug 01, 2010
I drove from Me. to Mo. to pick up my new french brittany pup Flash born Apr.1st It was a long ride but now at 16 weeks I am glad I did it. Flash is proving herself every day as she already has scented, pointed, and retrieved more birds than any other dog I have owned. I got Flash from the Windy Acres Mo. so I worked with both Phil and Marylin, They were both great to work with and a world of knowledge. I E-mail them both to get knowledge when needed and occassionally brag a little. Thanks From Rob and Family
Submitted by: Kim Kaminski on Jul 28, 2010
Ellie is over a year old now a she has the best nose. She loves to find the birds and be out in the field. It had been a number of years since we had a dog but Ellie is absolutely perfect. She does not have mean bone in her body. Her temperament is wonderful and she is such a big part of our family. Thank you Phil for all of you wonderful guidance.
Submitted by: Wayne Johnson on Jul 27, 2010
We couldn't be happier with our new little girl. LadyJ is now just about nine months and has become a big part of our family. She is very intelligent and has made a great house pet for Holly and me. I can hardly wait to get Lady in the field. She has taken well to the obedience training we have provided and the process has been a lot of fun. We are thankful to Phil and Windy Acres for providing us with such a special pup. Phil has been great in providing support and sharing his knowledge. Holly and I highly recommend Phil and Windy Acres for anyone seeking the "perfect dog".
Submitted by: R Johnson on Jul 26, 2010
My sons and I are active hunters. My older son Michael, 10 at the time, wanted to buy a dog of his own. He decided to get a pointing breed. After research we became committed to the French Brittany. I contacted many French Brittany breeders looking for someone who was committed to the breed, knowledgeable, and understanding of the help that a young boy would need to train a dog himself. We were absolutely sure we needed to work with Phil.

Even before we committed to buy a pup from Phil he gave us tons of information about the breed. He answered every question that we had concerning the French Brittany and training. He also offered to help with training the new pup regardless of where we purchased.

Phil was very accommodating. We put off the purchase of the pup for a full year. He always understood that I wanted my son to be ready for the commitment. We received weekly pictures and videos of all litters until we decided on the pup this spring. The videos were a hit with the whole family. You can certainly see and hear the pure love that Phil has for all his puppies. We picked up Vapor a.k.a. Forrest (Hank/Gypsy) from Phil April 1, 2010.

Vapor is nearly 6 months old. He is intelligent, handsome, lovable, energetic, well behaved, and personable. He showed the tendency to point almost immediately. Loves the water (swimming @4 mo) and will retrieve! We take him everywhere and are frequently stopped by people who want to meet him.

We are looking forward to meet up with Phil early this fall to get some training help.

We can highly recommend Phil and Windy Acres.

R Johnson, TRF, MN
Submitted by: Dale L. Gerzetich on Jul 26, 2010
Hi Phil, I picked up Beau from the windy acres Utah kennel the 27th of Apr '10. He was born 3/1/10.

He was the smallest of the males and a tri-color, I saw something in that little guy, and picked him.

I sure am glad I did, he is turning out to be a pretty good little gentleman.

We go for walks on my property, and I tell him to "find the birds Beau", he does his best, searching back and forth, never getting too far out in front of me.

Sadly there are no birds on my property, but he has just turned 5 months old.

I have a retreiving dummy that I am going to start him on next month, it is still pretty big for him now.

I hope to get him ready to try some real hunting by Oct.

I have no doubt that he will be OK.

Thanks again Phil, you and Julie were very helpful.

Submitted by: Amanda Dube on Jul 25, 2010
Hi Phil,

We just wanted to update everyone about Sage (FiFi) our fabulous dog. She was hurt by another dog in our neighborhood when our daughter was walking her a few months back and Phil came straight to our aide. He enlisted a whole group of friends and clients to send thoughts and prayers our way. Sage is now doing great again and is up to about 18 pounds. She has her nose to the ground just about every step and has been pointing at birds already. She is doing great with her training and is a spunky, affectionate part of our family. Phil did a great job breeding these dogs and it is clear from the comments we have gotten already from people who see her. Phil invests himself fully into his dogs and their families and has helped us with any questions we have anytime. Thanks Phil! The Dube Family
Submitted by: Glenn Davis on Jul 18, 2010
July 18, 2010
I am providing you an update on Cody the 2010 spring pup I got on Memorial day weekend. I know it is the year for names to start with F and Cody does have a registered name that meets that criteria, but when you get a suggestion from a 9 year old young lady that lives nest door who thinks he looked like a Cody then Cody is his name.
He currently is 16 pounds of puppy energy and we are working on his sit-stay-heal commands. Loves the grasshoppers (thinks it is amazing they can jump when you small them) and has the time of his live teasing the older dog in the house as well as the ones living next door.
That's it for now and in a few weeks we will be going to a training class on how Cody is to be a better gentleman.

I strongly recommend if you are in the market for a pup you give Phil a call, it will be a dime well spent.

GD in MT
Submitted by: Gregg pike on Jun 02, 2010
From Gregg Pike (MN)
Remy, is a Male Tri From Nell and Gar litter 2009 Excerpt from a long letter thanks!

Dear Windy Acres Kennel
I hope this Long overdue letter finds you in good health. I am writing to give you an update on Remy at one year of age.
WHAT A DOG!! He is a never ending source of amusement and companionship for me! I consider myself truly fortunate to have a dog of his intelligence and to be as affectionate and he is. As you know I was concerned about having a dog replace my beloved Ginger. Remy exceeded ALL of my expectations. I am amazed how well he listens and obeys. I love his exuberance and yet, when I want some quiet he is content to lie at my side and be calm. Phil, you pegged his personality exactly right. He is a B dog all the way.
He has all commands down and with the major construction behind me I will hunt him much this fall. His nose and excitement for grouse is amazing. He loves the water and often swims after ducks this spring. Cold did not bother him last winter at all.
He shows great endurance hunting. I am constantly on the lookout for wolves as thee have been several dogs near here taken by them. I Don’t know what I would do if something befell My Remy!

Thanks for the best dog I could have ever asked for.

Best Regards,
Gregg Pike
Submitted by: G Davis on May 31, 2010
May 31.
What a 2 day weekend over 1800 miles, half with a new 8 week old pup. First I want to thank Phil for the opportunity to get a pup from his fine establishment. (gave all of his business cards away at rest stops to people interested in my pup)
His willingness to go out of his way to answer any and all questions that I had was deeply appreciated. The pup is great and we are using today to get the house and porch puppy proof.
Took about four attempts at astering the stairs (puppy prrof those two rooms) they the outside porch (puppy proof the open steps) then the water bowl (doggy paddle in the water, not good, puppy proof that. Well you get the idea. Got so wore out we both had to take a mid afternoon nap (did not remember puppies can snore, jeesh).
Lot of work ahead but I can say one thing for Phil, his family and friends run a top notch facility and it would be wise to at least give him a shout and speak with him about your next pup. Found out if you arrive at 0630 he will prepare fresh coffee and farm fresh eggs. Thanks Phil.
GD in MT
Submitted by: G Centofanti on May 25, 2010
Dear Grandpa Phil,

I'm sending you some new pictures of me (because Mom and Dad tell my I'm so handsome!! whatever that means!!) I now weigh more than 16 pounds. I love to play in my back yard, and go on long walks with my folks. Dad brings out a pheasant wing, and I reeeeeeellly love to play with that!!!!!! Here's a picture of me "sight pointing"--I held this position almost 3 minutes!! Not to bad for a 4 month old! When Dad's not looking, I go find where he keeps the wing in our garage. My mom loves to snuggle with me, and I love that too! I hope you are both good, and I hope my brothers and sisters are good too. Puppy hugs to you all!

Your friend, Ford
Submitted by: Colt Baum on May 02, 2010
How many guys do you know that will jump out of bed to pick up the phone to answer with a friendly voice then to talk to you for an hour giving you the best puppy advice you've ever recieved?? Well i know one guy.. his name is Phil Rogers! This is what took place just the other night when i was having a little puppy anxiety from my new French Brittany from Windy Acres. I knew Phil was the guy to calm my nerves and in just a day i could already see a big change in my new pups behavior. I realized it was what i wasnt doing and not the pups fault. Phil knows these dogs better than anyone else. What a treat to be able to contact a Proffesional Trainer and recieve this breed specific advice. Also Julie and Shayne from Utah are wonderful people that do a fantastic job raising these pups. A big thanks to Phil, Julie and Shayne
-Colt B.
Submitted by: Amanda Dube on Apr 29, 2010
We purchased Sage from Phil and Walda in april and have been so pleased with her. The process of waiting for the pups and picking the right pup for us was fun. Phil kept the pictures and video clips coming and my kids were so excited each week to get them. Sage has fit right into our home and we are excited by how quickly she is learning.
Submitted by: Mike Morey on Apr 28, 2010
A short note of thanks to Phil and Walda.

Our dog Abby was born May 1, 2009. She has filled our lives with enthusiasm and has been company to me since I work out of our home.

My wife Carolyn and I sat next to Phil and Walda at a Medora Musical 2 1/2 years ago and Phil and I struck up a conversation during the intermission. Our previous dog was a Brittany and I was thinking of getting one again so I started talking with Phil that fall. What has impressed me about Phil is the unending patience in answering questions through the whole process. From pre client, putting your name on the list, deciding on a dog (my wife thought the videos were pretty neat), to taking care of the dog, Phil always got back to me promptly with either a call or email.

Abby will be 1 year old in a few days. Thank you to Phil and Walda for the wonderful work you do.

Mike and Carolyn Morey
Velva, ND
Submitted by: Dan Watring Sr. on Apr 05, 2010
Phil - Yesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday morning and I decided to take Andy out for a little training and conditioning. (For both of us.) The location was a remote group of broam fields that ran parallel along the Des Plaines River Basin. The broam vegetation was quite short and I could see every move that Andy made. On the one side of the fields was the river, and on the other side about 300 yards away was a dense woods. Andy was doing an excellent job of hunting his heart out in the grass cover along the river banks as well as quartering the broam field 40 yards in front of me.

When we reached the end of the broam along the river we switched over 300 yards to the east side of the field and proceeded to worked the edge of the woods that ran parallel to the broam. Just then I saw that Andy was getting very birdie, and I move up on him thinking he had a nose full of pheasant or rough grouse. Andy locked into a beautiful classic high head, high tail point and I moved in on him quietly. The location of his point was quite dense with underbrush and woods and couldn’t see anything. All of a sudden, I was almost run over by two huge sand hill cranes chortling their crazy cries at the top of their lungs and beating their wings franticly in order to get airborne. Andy ran out in the direction that they flew and stopped and just stared after them in amazement.

I could have knocked them both down with a golf club as we were that close. Andy took it all in stride, and worked hard for me the rest of the morning. He also located and held two pheasants for me on the way back. I have to admit that it was definitely an unusual and exciting outing once again with Andy, and a great way for us both to celebrate Easter Sunday!!!
Submitted by: Scott Karsky on Feb 15, 2010

I spoke with you about 3 years ago and was actually on your waiting list for a pup. However, it was almost an 8 month waiting list at the time and I decided to go with another Kennel for a dog. She is a wonderful dog and I couldn’t be happier. However I still keep an eye on your website frequently and working with you at that time was amazing. I could feel your love for the dogs and your professionalism was unsurpassed. The owner of that kennel has retired after 30+ years and ownership has changed. Hopefully some day in the next few years my wife will let me add another French Brittany to my household and at that time you will be at the top of the list. Your dogs are beautiful and someday I would like to stop in and see your facilities. Thanks for doing a great job in breeding superb dogs and maintaining the highest ethical standards. You are truly an asset to the breed. Thank you!

Scott Karsky
Submitted by: Dan Watring Sr. on Jan 20, 2010
Andy Born 2/7/09
At eleven months old, Andy almost does it all.
I have had the opportunity to take him out in the field at least two to three times a week since I picked Andy up from Phil at Windy Acres.
Please let me preface the following by saying that in over 50 years I have had many bird dogs,28 at last count. Mostly (German Shorthairs)A few of them were excellent , but none came into hunting form as quickly as Andy.
I have shot over 40 birds over him since I brought him home, he holds to wing and shot, and had absolutely the best nose of any bird dog I have ever owned!
I have often, to remind myself he is just a puppy. He is even beginning to retrieve, Phil. He has learned to turn roosters over on their belly to pick them up. It only took o few experiences, with the spurs to give Andy the message!
He is truly a very joyful and hard working Hunting partner.

This French Brittany Breed that Phil has refined thru the years of experience and very hard work is remarkable! Phil's method of training bird dogs is unique, because the result is phenomenal! Each and every day dogs get his individual attention. Needless to say, with Phil it's a labor of love.
I Can and Do Strongly recommend Windy Acres French Brittany’s and Phil Rogers as one of the Best of the Best!!!
Another plus is Andy is now fully house trained, much to the delight of my wife.

Dan Watring Sr
Submitted by: Kevin Yeatts on Nov 24, 2009
Hello Phil and Walda,
I want to give an update on Snickers. She is turning into such a fantastic dog. At nine months old she is already doing things in the field I can't believe! During the spring and summer I worked with her with the retrieving dummy and wing on a string and I have to say it has really paid off. We went to South Dakota last month and boy did she learn alot. After that first bird went up she was hooked! She made a bunch of great points and even picked up some birds. She did not bring them into me but boy did it put the drive into her. Of course she did bust and chase some birds but I could not expect her not to she is just a little pup on her first outing! The highlight of the trip for me was on a bird my buddy shot that came down head up and feet kickin', Snickers and his 8 year old dog both bee lined it to the spot it went down and the search began... We and the dogs worked the area for about ten minutes, fruitless in our search at which point we decided to follow our respective dogs and hope for the best (my gut was telling me this bird was gone). We hunted on when all of a sudden Snickers got birdy. I was expecting a point at any time, what I got was the opposite! The CHASE WAS ON!!! After a 75 yerd zig zagging sprint she pinned something. It was the rooster! I could not have been any more proud! She had found this bird 30 minutes, 200 yards and over one hill away from where it had been shot! This put the fire under her and she busted some birds after that but it did not take her long to figure out that she could not catch the unharmed ones. These dogs are smart! Phil sure knows how to breed them! We thank the Rodgers every day for making it possible for this little girl to come into our lives. She is the sweetest little thing and we love her. I'll update again after some colorado Pheasant/Quail outings...

Until next time,
The Yeatts family
Submitted by: Ken and Janene Pollack on Nov 22, 2009
Dear Phil:
I wanted to give you a progress report on Bristol. This beautiful little pup is now nine months old. I will be forever grateful to you for taking her as a "student" in your training class at only 7 months old. She was quite a behavior problem for us and I found her very difficult to train in basic obedience, no less field work. She came back a different dog. As far as obedience goes, she is SO much better, obeying most basic commands immediately. It is such a pleasure to have her out and know that she will heal, come, stay, etc. But what truly amazes me is how she progressed with her field training. Over the past two weeks she pointed 17 birds. I shot eight, she pinned down two that were not clean kills. Her points are ROCK SOLID. She will not release from a point until the bird is up, so I have to kick up the birds myself--she will not flush them. She gets a little distracted if she hears other hunters shooting, but is learning to ignore the distant shots. Most of the time she works close enough; I only yell "too far" on occasion. She comes closer about half the time to a verbal command, and the other half I have to use the e-collar to which she responds immediately. Her stamina is amazing, as is her drive. If she sees any hunting gear she immediately starts whining and goes for the door. Overall I couldn't be happier with her performance and progress. You really did a spectacular job with her in a very short period of time, especially considering her behavior to start with. And best of all, I know that you treat all the dogs so well; I was not concerned for a second about harsh tactics. Bristol came back to us as sweet as she was when we dropped her off. I am so looking forward to sending her for more training next year and our family is thrilled at the thought of getting a second pup from your kennel. I'll try to get you some pictures from the field soon.
Ken and Janene Pollack
Submitted by: Dick Schultz on Nov 20, 2009
Roxie is a small female from Gupsy and Hank 08 litterFYI

Sorry it has been so long so I have communicated with you, but thought I
would provide a quick update on Roxie. She is doing awesome. I just got
back from hunting on the pheasant preserve I have access too, and your
advice came true again today. The dog is smarter than me. The owner of the
preserve allows me to hunt scratch birds and twice Roxie guided me towards
two roosters that I almost called her back from. That dog has a great nose.
I can not believe how she can lock in on the scent.

I have also had the opportunity to hunt wild birds twice this year. The
area I hunt is definitely down on birds this year and you have to work for
your birds. Roxie did lead me to an awesome rooster which I am going to
have mounted. Biggest bird I have ever shot.

I hope all is going well for you and hope your kennel is doing well.

I get many compliments on Roxie as a pet and hunter. You have a
great line of dogs.

Again, thanks,
Dick Schultz
Submitted by: Brian Gilstad on Nov 13, 2009
Phil, just thought I would finally get you some Lemmy photos. He is doing great. He didn't even need too much maintenance this fall. He still won't retrieve a dead partridge unless it falls in thick trees. He likes tough retrieves. If they are flopping or running I won't lose a bird with him. In fact, he even stole a retrieve from a lab. I have had so much fun watching him point birds for everyone this year. I haven't hardly shot a bird this year, so not too many got shot. Opening weekend we shot 34 birds. Lemmy had his hand in about a third of them. Great dog. Thank you so much for the help in getting him off on the right foot. Also, I'm glad to hear you got teamed up with another quality kennel. I'm sure they will almost take as good of care of the clients as you. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by: Steve and Barb High on Nov 13, 2009
Good morning Phil and Walda

Just wanted to tell you how thankful we are for our Reba. She is having a great hunting season with Steve...oh, how she loves to hunt! She is so much a part of our family. She is very intelligent, affectionate and most beautiful :) Hope your fall is going well, and that you have recovered from some of the challenges you faced this summer.

Warm wishes from , WI
Steve and Barb High
Submitted by: Janet and Jerry Foldenauer on Nov 08, 2009
Janet and Jerry are great People whom we are so pleased to have as friends and clients. Retired educators, they are also blessed to hunt all over and we are pleased they Chose Radar from our 08 spring litter out of Gar and Gypsy. Thank You
They Wrote:
We have a bird dog!! Jan and I just completed a 10 day trip to some private land near Woonsocket, SD. And thanks to RADAR, what a trip it was.
During the past year and a half I've spent countless hours in the field giving him as much varied "bird" experience as I could dream up. And, it is really paying rich dividends.
Our Dove season was long and fruitful, but the training in the field with Pheasants of varying ages sealed the deal. During our 10 days of hunting he averaged 23 solid, and I do mean solid, points per day, he ferreted out "runners' ever so successfully, and trailed wounded birds without fail. (His longest find was somewhere around 3/8 of a mile.) The hunting was tougher than usual because of the standing corn, and the "CRP" type of land was heavy and thick, but he plowed through without a misstep.
I can't take all of the credit for his successes. Windy Acres brought him up right. Good breeding, and a good introduction to birds, all in a very social setting conducive to a well rounded birddog/pet. He's all business in the field, and is so handsome while working. At home he's a "snuggler", and a talker. We've never had a dog that tallks to us so much. Have a good day.
Submitted by: Jim Slickers on Sep 28, 2009

You've done it again. I've always known you had an outstanding product, but after getting Spud back from your training, my already good dog is now my hunting machine. The day after I picked him up, we went out in the 40+ mph wind to look for some grouse. Although we only found two grouse, he found one of them hunting downwind, something I thought would be particularly difficult. He's certainly in his element when romping through the grass trying to roust a bird. I will forever be grateful for you introducing Spud into our lives and for the wonderful training you provided him. Whoever is reading this, if you are looking for a quality Brittany, or need to get your Brittany trained, I would certainly recommend the Rogers family and Windy Acres Kennels. I honestly don't think you can find better dogs, better training, or nicer people. Please continue doing what you do so well.
Submitted by: Patrick Joyce on Sep 24, 2009
Just got Bandit back from Windy Acres again. She's about 1.5 years old, wanted to see how she/I have done. Took the week training course. Phil worked on her commands, the bird stuff was hard wired at the factory, controlling it is all that was needed [and she was easily controlled prior to heading to Napoleon but everyone can use a tune-up]

My wife and I noticed that Bandit had some dominance issues after reading an email Phil sent to his clients. After a week in North Dakota, we got a different dog back. We loved her before but this week produced fantastic results. She's much calmer and happier with her place in the pack and my wife and I marvel over the changes. Can't spend training money any better than that. Can't wait for pheasant opener!
Submitted by: Todd and Jennifer Hergenrader on Sep 09, 2009
We just want to update you on the progress of our little female French Brittany who is now 4 ½ months old. We couldn’t be happier! She is the most intelligent and beautiful little girl we could have ever hoped for. When Phil told us that she would crawl all over Grandma Walda to get hugs and kisses and was fearless with her brothers and sisters in the kennel he wasn’t joking. She is an absolute delight in every way; she is confident and strong spirited and very eager to learn something new everyday. Phil had us feed Zoe’s mom a treat when we were at the Kennel to show us what a soft mouth she had and we must say Zoe has defiantly inherited that trait from Nell, she found an old turkey nest from the spring that something had gotten to and she picked up one of the hollow eggs and carried it right to us and never made a mark on it. She had her first live wild bird action the other night and she knows exactly what she is doing at the very young age of 4 ½ months. If you are in the market for a wonderful hunting companion and wonderful everyday family companion you can not go wrong with these wonderful little dogs or with the Windy Acres Kennel. Phil and Walda have wonderful dogs they LOVE them and what they do and it truly shows. Phil has gone above and beyond from the very first email to the amazing service after the sale; we have never had an email or phone call that wasn’t answered, he has even answered questions on our other dog which most breeders would never do. Not many people will go out of their way to help you the way that Phil does, when we say they treat you as if you have known them your entire life we mean it. We can guarantee you will find no one else who could or would ever give you any more effort than these wonderful people. In fact we are so impressed by them and their dogs that our son will get his own pup from Phil and Walda in 2011. Thank you Phil and Walda for this wonderful little girl and for just being the great folks that you are!

God Bless
The Hergenraders
Submitted by: Mary Haddeun (RN) For Mr George Patterson on Sep 07, 2009
To whom it may concern,
My name is George Patterson Im 83 and a retired teacher from Iowa. In 2007 I was on a pheasant hunting trip with some friends in North Dakota. On a rainy windy cold day we had decided to stay in and relax. I took a ride with our lab Sally and ran across Windy Acres Kennel outside Napoleon ND. Curious about the breed, I pulled in and saw Phil feeding and playing with his dogs. We hit it off and soon were in his kitchen chatting and drinking coffee like we had known each other for years. Dogs, women and good whiskey were the topic of the day and I left there feeling liked and knowing there was a person that loved his dogs, made friends easily and was honest. He invited me back any time to hunt with his great dogs but sadly I will not be able to do that.
I gain nothing from this note except, hope that when reading it you will realize this is a good man with great dogs in a world today that has few like him left.
God Bless You and Yours Phil
George Patterson
Submitted by: nikki on Sep 06, 2009
I am not a hunter, but very active with an adventurous lifestyle. After exhaustive research I became interested in the French Brittany breed due to its wonderful characteristics and awesome size. I contacted a TON of FB breeders, and my interaction with Phil was unlike anything else. I knew he was special from our first conversation. He is warm, understanding, informative and fun! His waiting list is long, which is a testament to his dogs, no doubt.

We chatted for a bit and I decided that I wanted to obtain a puppy from Phil, but I was torn because his list was so long! I mentioned this and he understood and willingly referred me to one of his breeder friends! I contacted Phil's friend and am now due to receive a puppy from a beautiful litter in October.

Phil is responsive, warm, caring and very knowledgeable. He's been great about answering my questions even though I'm not purchasing one of his dogs! He clearly cares about the breed and the breeder he referred us to has been equally responsive and wonderful, regularly sending us pictures of the pups and raising the dogs with a ton of kids, human interaction and love.

My whole experience has been greatly enhanced by Phil, and I consider him a friend and kindred spirit in all things canine. I know he will be a willing resource for the life of my pup even though I'm not a direct customer. I will update again when I've had my pup for awhile, but I'm confident that he will be everything we're hoping for.

I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Windy Acres and am super grateful for Phil's help and assistance with such an important decision. Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Submitted by: Brian Jussila on Sep 01, 2009
Chloe is a 07 Hank and Gypsy Dog she is a stunning b/w roan color and a pleasure to have as one of our Kennels representatives.

This maybe is not a hunting dog brag. But Chloe passed her AKC canine good citizen test and her Therapy Dog International test last nite. She is AKC registered so now she has a title. The evaluator told the crowd she loves to test well trained dogs in the middle of Chloe and I taking the test.
During the year there is a program at the local library where kids can practice reading to dogs to help develop their reading skills. Also through out the year the dog club visits nursing homes and I can take Chloe with her TDI cert. She loves people so much she is a natural for this.
The dog club noticed I wasnt signed up for anything in the fall. Told them I was Chloe and I are going hunting!!. We will see them in January.

Submitted by: Todd, Kim, Hailey,Hopeand Hanna on Aug 20, 2009
Phil and Walda,
We wanted to thank you for taking the time, two times this weekend! to show us your dogs and kennels. We all had a blast!
The girls fell in love with your new puppy Emma and would have taken her if they could have!
The adult dogs were so well behaved its hard to understand how you control them with such ease. It was a super fun part of our trip.
The next time we come down to Todd’s house for a visit, we hope we can come back to your house again.
Again Thank You So Much for being so nice! Hugs to Walda

Todd, Kim, Hope, Hailey and Hanna
Submitted by: Travis Moszer on Aug 19, 2009
I was lucky enough to get the first ever Liver Tri from this kennel and I couldnt be happier! Phil and Walda are truly amazing people. From day one their doors are open to you not only as a client but more importantly as a friend. I talked to several other breeders before choosing them and it was evident right away that none of them loved what they do or care about the dogs nearly as much as Wind Acres! I cant even count the number of times that I have either called or emailed Phil with questions or comments(he has to be sick of me by now) and he is always willing to help! Just a testimate to the breeding quality that they have, I took Little Ed out to a WMA yesterday at the very experienced age of 15 weeks. Granted I work with him every day but he had never been in that tall of grass before or even seen a pheasant, he could not have impressed me any more. He ranged perfectly, he quartered perfectly and even more impressive he even found three pheasants all on his own! These were wild birds not planted ones, not bad for a rookie! I have hunted beside alot of dogs from Labs to Cockers and other Britts and I have never seen a puppy this talented or any dog with this good of a nose, I may have just got lucky but something tells me I doubt it. I guess what I have been trying to say is that if you choose Windy Acres you will not be dissapointed in the slightest way that I can guarantee you. Thanks Phil and Walda for all your help and hospitality see you soon.

Submitted by: Marti and Jack Holt on Aug 13, 2009
Email to WAK 13 Aug 09
Mr. Rogers (Phil), Jack and I want to take a minuet and thank you for referring us to your friend. I don’t know of any breeders that would have done that. We love the little tri-color girl baby Blue now Elizabeth (Liz) :-). I can’t get over how calm and biddable she is. We hope when we want another pup to hunt with her you have room on your listing. Again our thanks for all your help! Best of luck and God bless you and Walda.
Marti and Jack Holt
Submitted by: Kim Kaminski on Aug 02, 2009
Phil and Walda were absolutely fantastic in helping us through the process of buying one of their beautiful puppies. The details explaining what to expect with a puppy to the information packet they provided when we picked up our little Ellie. Our family excitedly waited for the weekly videos showing what each of the puppies looked like and their temperament. When Phil said Ellie was sassy we new that she was the one. We have so many people coming up to us asking the breed of our tri-color beauty. We highly recommend Windy Acres for your next French Brittany.
Submitted by: Ed Davies on Jul 30, 2009
Although I am a fairly experienced grouse and woodcock hunter, I have never owned a hunting dog before. I did a lot of research and settled on the French Brittany as "the" breed to have because of their size, temperament, and dual ability to both point and retrieve.

I looked at pretty much every French Brittany breeder in the country and it was clear to me that Windy Acres was the breeder of choice for a great many satisfied dog owners. I am glad to say this holds true in my case as well.

Our dog Scout is intelligent, lively, and, most importantly, biddable. At under six months he already knows over a dozen commands. I'm particularly pleased by the fact that when I ask him to fetch that from day one he brings the "bird" to me (but know this - Phil recommends that in the first 12 months you never, ever force train the fetch command by moving the dog from where it is to where you are - if the pup doesn't bring the bird to you, then don't sweat it).

The best part of working with Phil is that he is incredibly patient answering my many phone calls and questions about how to properly raise Scout. His insight is excellent, and his tolerance of my undoubted ignorance is, well, let's just say I'm grateful.

Is it worth the drive to the middle of North Dakota to pick up a puppy from Phil. As a Minnesotan I can only say "you betcha"!
Submitted by: Ken Pollack on Jun 23, 2009
Now that we have had our beautiful puppy for a couple of months I wanted to let you know how grateful our family is to you and Walda. The process of getting our pup, from our first e-mail to you till beyond picking her up has been outstanding. Once the littler was born we had the pleasure of seeing each of the pups via your videos. This made us feel as though we knew them. We called them by name, speculated on the order of selection and bet on which we would end up with. This was great fun for the whole family. You really hit the nail on the head when describing the nature and traits of our pup. She turned out to be exactly as described (an explorer with an excellent nose). Seeing the videos and hearing your descriptions of behavior made the selection process so easy and fun. Bristol has been a real joy for our family. She can be a bit challenging at times (as can all pups) but her intelligence, sweetness and beauty are incredible. Our family could not imagine having any other dog now. We are also grateful for your training advice--always answering phone calls and e-mails immediately. This has really helped us get over a couple of training bumps quickly. Though we will miss Bristol terribly when we bring her back to you for fall training, I know she will be with loving and caring people the whole time. Thanks again for everything!
The Pollack family
Submitted by: Todd & Jennifer Hergenrader on Jun 21, 2009
Hi all ~ we are just 24 hours into having our 7 week old little female French Brittany home, and we are totally in LOVE with her!! We are 7 1/2 hours away from the Windy Acres kennel and she never made a peep the whole way home. She slept through the night and has been a complete little doll. Phil and Walda socialize them from the minute they are born and it really shows she has gone from their loving home right into our loving home without any problems. We were 4th pick of the females and we couldn't be happier with who we ended up with, she is a beautiful little girl and she can hold her own with our 2 1/2 year old male. Phil and Walda make you feel as if you have known them your entire life. They send you pictures and videos of the puppies every week so you feel as if you are right there through the whole experience. We were welcomed into their home and enjoyed a wonderful coffee cake(Phil is a wonderful cook!) and cup of coffee while we went over the details of receiving our new puppy. Phil was also nice enough to answer any question we had throughout the whole process and believe me we had a few,he answered them all without hesitation. He has been doing this for sometime so he is full of information and we took advantage of that. He was also nice enough to show us all of his dogs and what wonderful dogs he has, they were all very well behaved. We can't say enough about Phil and Walda they are number one in our book and we would recommend them to anyone, you can't go wrong with these people they are just down to earth great people and they have wonderful dogs!! We are blessed to have this beautiful little girl & to have Phil and Walda be a part of our lives.
Submitted by: Gracie Pollack on May 21, 2009
(this is one example of why we are in the business we are. The Kids are our future and we Love their comments, Thanks Gracie!)

Hi! It's Gracie, my dad doesn't know I'm e-mailing you. Anyway I just wanted to say Bristol is the best dog in the world! She is so much fun! She knows how to ring the bell, and when we bring her food she runs in front of me then sits and waits for her food until we say it's okay. So practically she knows sit and stay. She likes the water a little, because my mom and dad went up to our lake home in Wisconsin, and Mom said Bristol was walking around in the water. Unfortunately Mom said the water was really cold and it also snowed there yesterday. She said that she would at least get her stomach wet in the summer. Bristol won't bite us anymore either. Oh and one more thing I just wanted to say that there is a birds nest outside our house and when Bristol is right by me I scare the bird so that it fly out for Bristol. She tries to go after the bird, but can never catch up. Bristol is the best dog ever! Thank you so much!
P.S. When we wake up or come back from a trip she will lick my face to death! :-)
Submitted by: Patrick Kumagai on Apr 13, 2009
I am from Washington state, an upland bird hunter, have owned three different breeds of pointing dogs, and want to make some comments about Windy Acres Kennels and the owners, Phil and Walda Rogers. I have been extremely satisfied with this breeder from my first contact with this wonderful couple. It is immediately obvious that Phil and Walda love what they do and care deeply about each of their dogs.What attracted me about Phil and Walda is that they were very attentive to any questions that I had about their breeding program and were responsive to each and every inquiry. Not many breeders can honestly state that they are as accessible as Windy Acres.I also admire their old world work ethic and feel that they will be good friends for life. Two weeks ago, I traveled 2800 total miles to pick up one of their pups. I have been totally satisfied with my selection and I got exactly the pup that was shown on weekly pics and video. Walda nailed down Milky's personality perfectly! Without reservation I recommend this breeder to anyone searching for that beautiful French Brittany you will be proud to own.
Submitted by: Kevin & Jennifer Yeatts on Apr 06, 2009
We have just recently returned home with our new Pup Snickers. Although, we had a little bit of drama getting her, due to a famous N.D. blizzard, we could not be happier! She is an absolutly wonderful pup who has truly captured our hearts. She is a very smart Dog who at 8 weeks is almost completely potty trained. I can't imagine our lives without her.

Now, none of this would be possible if it were not for Phil and Walda. Their devotion to their Dogs, Pups and clients is unheard of. When perchaseing a dog here you will probably gain new friends in the process. They love what they do and only breed with the highest regard for the French Brittany. likewise, they only allow their dogs to go to homes where they will get the love, life and respect they deserve. With the amount of love they give each of their Pups it is amazeing that they are willing to give them up. This is probably why the Pups bond so well to their new familys. The other aspect of getting a dog from here, which is great, is that they update family with weekly pictures and videos where Phil shows and explains both physical and personality characteristics of each dog. This helps at decision time and gives an overall expirance I do not think many kennels can match. Likewise, Phil will always talk dogs (which I did numerous times) with a call on the phone. Phil and Walda are truly GREAT people who breed FANTASTIC dogs. Can't go wrong choosing a French Brittany from Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Tyler Keenan and Lyndsey Chapman on Mar 24, 2009
Windy Acres Kennel did a great job preparing not only our puppy for us, but preparing us for the puppy. Phil and Walda did an amazing job sending us pictures and videos of our new family member, a 7 week old French Britany puppy. The selection process was fair and extremely exciting. We were fourth male pick but it didn't matter, we still got an outstanding puppy. We will stand by this, any dog that comes from Windy Acres will not only be a great hunter, but a great companion and pet. Phil and Walda give you a top notch dog at a more than reasonable price. We have never seen anyone care more about who and where their dogs go than Phil and Walda. And if you're lucky enough to get one of their dogs, you will NEVER regret it!

~Thanks Phil and Walda!!!
Submitted by: DeLane and Sue Dollinger on Mar 19, 2009
Just a update on our 19 month old male Max, he has only gotten better with age. We just came back from a 2 month vacation in Arizona. We spent time at one of the many parks for campers in Meza. Max was with us and he made friends with many of the other campers there. He was considered the best behaved dog in the park, (there were many other dogs) The most frequent comment was what a beautiful dog he is, we had many offers to dog sit if we needed to do something where dogs were not allowed. The French Brittany is a very good rider, so he will travel with you very well, Max sleeps a lot while we ride. He has done very well hunting, at 15 months he has pointed many pheasants and has had 70+ roosters taken over him. If you are looking for a top bird dog you cannot go wrong by getting one of Phil and Waldas Brittanys, their breeding line is great and is getting better every year. Phil and Walda take special care of each litter, their pride shows in all their pups. All their dogs are very well taken care of nothing is to good for the dogs. If you have any questions about training a dog, Phil will help with it all. Phil is also a top trainer and did a great job with our Max in a very short time. Thanks again for all the help, keep up the great work. DeLane and Sue
Submitted by: Brian Gilstad on Mar 18, 2009
I have had my pup, Lemmy, for 1 1/2 years and he never ceases to amaze me. If he tells you there is a bird there you better believe him. He even knows if it is a rooster or a hen!! He locks up still on a rooster and his tail wags on a hen. I have stories for days of how he never stopped surprising me on his first season hunting. He also hunts for everyone in the party. If you get all of your birds he will hunt for the next guy to get his too. And retrieve! PHIL, THIS IS A DOG THAT YOU HAVE THE BRAGGING RIGHTS TO!!!!! Thanks again for the help in getting him started, it was well worth it.
Submitted by: jim slickers on Mar 18, 2009
Hi Phil,
I know bird season is over, but I just wanted to brag about Spud for a bit. This year I had the opportunity to hunt with friends that had both Vizsula's and Yellow Labs. Every dog was considerably older than Spud's 8 months, and far better trained (my fault). Anyway, Spud's natural hunting instincts did nothing but impress owners of both dogs. Although not as good on the retireve, he pointed birds the others had missed. He so impressed the owner of the yellow lab, that they will be getting a French Brittany to be a companion for their current one, and you know I gave them your name. Now with Spud scheduled to come to Napolean for your training session really has me excited and looking forward to next year's hunting. With your outstanding training and his natural hunting ability, I know that I will have an outstanding hunting companion and friend. Thanks for what you do.
Submitted by: Jerry and Janet Foldenauer on Mar 18, 2009
Hey Guys:
I'm still enjoying the frequent pictures of the "big 10". Beautiful looking pups. If we weren't already 3 dogs deep, we'd be in the market for another.
Radar is doing just fine. He is tall, muscular, and lanky. (40 pounds, and 22 inches at the shoulder at one year of age.) We had a great season. Wyoming is not the Pheasant capital of the earth, but we did end up with 37 roosters in the freezer.
I can honestly say that we would have zippo without Radar. A very dedicated hunter is he. Any time we're in a vehicle, he is constantly following the flight of anything in the air. On the ground however, he is not interested in tweeties, deer, or bunnies, just game birds-- period.
He is very biddable, and we have started his retriever training. He is at the age where he has a mind of his own, so this will be a slow, gentle learning process. I want him to retrieve but if he doesn't have the inclination to do so happily, so be it. I will not risk his intense, now getting to be expert, bird finding, pointing abilities. I will pick up the birds myself if need be.
If you're looking for a great hunting dog and home companion, Windy Acres is the place to stop looking. Phil and Walda are not throwing any bull when they talk about their pups. They are the real deal. Good breeding, excellent puppy care, and great socialization skills are their hallmark. Our tri-color Radar is living proof.
Submitted by: Janene Pollack on Feb 25, 2009
Phil and Walda, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for taking the
>> time to send photos of the puppies. You have no idea how excited our household becomes when Ken mentions you sent some pictures. We
>> really appreciate it. We
>> have so much fun discussing which little lady we might get. (I think we have it narrowed down to three! (Like we have any clue!)
>> The kids and I can hardly wait! (Ken too.) So again, thank you,
>> thank you! Fondly, Janene Pollack (Ken's wife!)
>> On Feb 23, 2009, at 5:36 PM
Submitted by: Bandit on Dec 11, 2008
Dear Phil and Walda,

Thought it was time to give you a progress report. You and Walda did O.K. by me. Food ain't bad, these people keep me dry and fed.

The old man takes me pheasant hunting at least five times a week. Too bad he
doesn't know where the hell the birds live.

Yesterday, he took me out in the snow with my little orange neoprene vest [I hate that thing]. I got him three late season roosters. Wish
he culd hit a barn with a scoop shovel. I had to work to find them all. Then I was running through open cover/scattered grass and
immediately stopped, turned my head and pointed. What more can I do for this guy? He won't let me shoot! I knew there was a pheasant in that
patch of grass 12" by 36". He kicks the grass, taking half of the strip out with his clod hoppers. I went back on point immediately. He kicks again. Now there is only a patch of grass 12" by 12". The pheasant finally had enough and that hen took off like a 747. I knew better than
to chase it far, he ain't going to shoot anyway and besides, he probably wouldn't have hit it. Oh well, it beats having to go to the gym.

Phil/Walda, I'm going to sign off now. Don't want to get carpel tunnel with my paws. Just thought I'd let youse know that things are O.K.
here, I just about got these people trained. Bandit.
Submitted by: Barb HIgh on Dec 03, 2008
About a Gypsy and Gar Pup Female Tri 9 months old

Hi Phil and Walda,
Just a note to let you know that I am learning along with Reba how to hunt for grouse (without the gun). This past Tuesday I took her for a training walk in our woods....and she pointed and flushed 7 grouse in an hour ! I was a proud mom :)

We love our REBA
Submitted by: Dick Schultz on Oct 31, 2008
If you are considering a new family pet and hunting dog, Windy Acres has your dog. I will try and keep this to the point so you may find it helpful in your decision. DOG: I have a female (Roxie) which is 15 months old and has topped out at 30 pounds. Great pet and loves people. Absolute beatiful dog. Not too small for hunting. She goes under/through most cover vs smashing though it. Her nose is awesome. Has found every bird (32 so far) even in heavy cover. Loves the water. Her picture was featured on this site from some time spend on a hunting preserve.
KENNEL: Phil and Walda are awesome. I took full advantage of everything they offered including the training. Phil will tell you like it is as the dogs are very important to him and he wants to insure their success. He is in the business for the love of the dogs.
Overall: Windy Acres provides great dogs and training. Took me from zero experience to someone who feels confident going into the field.
Most of all they are great people who care. You can select Windy Acres with confidence.
Submitted by: Don Karevolt on Oct 31, 2008
In the 62 years that I have hunted behind bird dogs, rangeing from setters, pointers, and retrievers. I donot believe that I have seen young dogs on their first hunt to be as accomplished as the French Brittany's that I had the pleasure of hunting over during my recent trip to North Dakota. I believe that three of the five French Brittnay dogs were first year hunters. They,however, hunted more like dogs with several years of experience. I believe this was probably due to the training that Phil had put in with them prior to the hunting season. The French Brittany appears to me to be an excellent choice for an all around dog. Phil's handling of his dogs showed a high degree of excellence in his traing methods and pride and love for his dogs. I enjoyed his company and would highly recommend the French Brittany and his kennels to anyone who is interested in a well trained, well bred hunting dog.
Phil if you and Walda are ever in any of the locations where I spent time,at the same time that I am, I would like to offer my hospitallity to you, Alaska, Washington, Idaho or Hawaii. I do have some pretty good fishing in each of these areas.
Submitted by: Louis Quigley on Oct 29, 2008
Hello, my name is Lou from Ontario, Canada. About 12 months ago my wife and I agreed to pursue another hunting companion to accompany and eventually take the hunting role of my friend, an extraordinary aging yellow lab by the name of Comet. We were fortunate enough to discover Phil and Wanda Rogers of Windy Acres Kennel. Unfortunately due to circumstances and timeline we were not able to complete our purchase of a French Brittany Spaniel from Phil and Walda, but I believe I did meet an honest dedicated breeder whom cares as much about their clients as they do about their pups. Although, as mentioned, we could not complete the purchase, Phil has provided very valuable guidance and information. This is a rare breeder that that could be considered more of a mentor and friend.
Submitted by: DeLane and Sue Dollinger on Oct 26, 2008
Max is our 15 month old male and he is doing just great out hunting. He has no fear, by that I mean he will hunt anything. This week he has pointed well over 25 pheasants. I also went Canada goose hunting one morning. While waiting for the geese to decoy, he laid along side of me in the layout blind and when they were overhead, he stayed down until the shot. I got one bird down with a broken wing and Max was on him right away and held the 15 lb bird until I caught up with him. This morning we went after some snow geese and had to crawl to get within range. While I was crawling he walked at my shoulder until the shot. He had to catch one of them and again had no fear at all. I think this is just great when some of these Canada's are almost half his weight and size. These dogs are not only great pointers but do very well as waterfowl dogs as well. Phil and Walda do very good work with their dogs. The dogs have so much natural ability, they just need a little fine tuning. Max is always ready to go hunting and when I pick up his collar, he jumps up on the boot bench and holds his head up for me to put it on him. I think if you are looking for a great hunter as well as a great house dog, the French Brittany is a great way to go. Max is always in the house and is very calm. He is great with kids and wants to play with them all. Thank you to Phil and Walda for your help when I have a question about training or anything else about Max. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by: Brian Gilstad on Sep 30, 2008
(Lemmy is from Gypsy and Hank 07)
Hi Phil. I just thought I would let you know that Lemmy took his first limit of huns this weekend. He doesn’t really like to retrieve birds that aren’t flopping though unless they are in the trees. But He sure found them all. He did a perfect retrieve on a grouse. That was pretty cool. It was a little warm out. I needed water for him. He was pooped after 4 walks. You did a great job training him. He listened, stayed close. It really was a gentleman’s hunt. Just like you said it would be.


Brian Gilstad
Submitted by: Patrick Joyce on Sep 28, 2008
We are 7 months into our French Brittany, Bandit. She is everything we hoped for,birdy, affectionate, easy to train, intelligent, wonderful house companion. Phil and Walda have been extremely helpful with training tips and general information.

We just returned from staying with Phil and Walda Rogers while conducting Bandit's 6 month evaluation [how have I done as a trainer]. The dog shows far more talent than the trainer but both of us are very satisfied. Have got my evaluation of items to work on. Was an extremely useful and enjoyable experience.
Submitted by: Brian Jussila on Sep 28, 2008
I am pleased to recommend Phil's training programs. Phil is an amazing trainer who will treat your dog right. If your dog knows the commends, Phil will put the commands together for your dog with actual bird work. After a week of Fall Tune Up training with Phil, we saw a huge difference in Chloe, our French Brittany.

Phil also offers a course for you, the hunter, on handling your dog in the field. This course reinforced the things I already knew, as well as teaching me things I hadn't thought of or experienced. I would highly recommend taking any of Phil's courses. Phil is an excellent trainer, with practical advice and information on how to hunt birds more effectively with your dog.
Submitted by: Jerry and Janet Foldenauer on Sep 27, 2008
Good day to you both:
We're still in the field (at least5 days a week) with Radar. He's at 7 mo. now, and thinks he's a bird dog.
We've got an area that will produce for 5 to 17 Pheasants of all ages each time we go afield.
Radar is doing great. He will whoa, change direction,and come on hand signals alone----no verbal or whistle necessary. I do whistle him in when he is somewhere in the deep brush, and if I say "too far" he will immediatly, without fail, change direction and head back towards me.
He's at the stage where he will want to chase a running bird --- we're working on that very difficult stage. He will most of the time (90%) "whoa" when I say "no bird". I then catch up to him, and we continue the pursuit. (
Any help or suggestions in this area will be greatly appreciated.) His role model (Pete) is super at this, and I think Radar is getting the idea.
His greatest fault is his drive and exuberance. When he gets "birdy" he goes into supersonic mode, meaning that he begins to search so intently and with such speed that he will bump a bird before he realizes he is that close to the critter. There is no such thing as being too tired to slow down a bit. A 30 foot drag line is of no assistance---he is too much of a whirly-gig for that to work. I do not discourage him on his "bird" search. Rather, I let him go, and it appears that the wheels may be spinning in his head telling him to ease up a bit.
Three times this week he came to a screching, weed burning halt, and got on point. In all three instances the bird held while I came to Radar from the side, had him whoa with the verbal command "easy" and then flushed the bird. In all three instances he picked up the scent, and held while the bird was a good 25 yards distance from us. He will not break when the bird flushes, nor will he chase. I have yet to shoot a "point" over him, but that will be coming soon enough.
We did have a good, but short Dove season. No problems of any type with Radar. On one occasion when I sent Pete off "purposely" in the wrong direction for a down bird, Radar found the bird, and when I commanded "bring it in" he did so, with style, like he had done it a million times before. He delivered to hand a bird with no teeth marks. I was enthralled, since real retrieving is the last item on my neophyte trainers menu.
So, I hook an electronic collar on him for each outing, and I may have to "zap" him once in a dozen or so outings. He wants to please, and does not require a tough approach. Most of the time, just "the look" is all the correction needed. He is not soft, he is an absolute hard driving, into the heaviest brush, wettest swamp,toughest tangle dog I've ever owned. He is an athlete supreme. I worry that he'll crash into something that may hurt him--and pray that it doesn't happen.
If you're looking for a loving, birdy, easily trainable F.B. look to Phil and Walda. They know how to get the pup off to the best possible start, and I thank them for that.
We love Radar, and if the truth be known, I drag myself out of bed earlier that I want, because I know that Radar can hardly wait to get into the field and find birds. And, I love watching him go about his trade.
Submitted by: Jim Slickers on Sep 26, 2008

Again, I would like to thank you and Walda for taking us into your house, feeding us lunch and then taking Spud and I out for some field training. You are truely amazing. It seems like everything I ever wanted to teach Spud took a minimum of a week, yet you showed me how to do "To Far" and make it work in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. I don't know how you do it, but you get it done better than anyone. I can't wait for the upcoming bird season to see how well I've done. But whether I've gotten him trained or need to take him back for you to train, you will see us again. You and Walda are genuinely nice people that take a great amount of pride in what you do, and you do it so well. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Brian Gilstad on Jul 22, 2008
Lemmy is an outstanding dog, thanks to the help of Phil and Walda. I can walk a field and almost not even need to say a word to him or use "the collar". I never thought I would have a dog this far along in so little time. He will hold a point all day long. For a dog that is barely a year old he really is unbelievable. Thanks again for all of the help and follow-up. Phil and Walda, you two are really one of a kind and it's just too bad that all breeders aren't like you.
Submitted by: Jerry and Janet Foldenauer on Jul 16, 2008
(A note from Janet and Jerry Foldenauer in Wy) purchased a pup from Gypsy and Gar litter this spring)

Hey Phil & Walda:
Radar will be 5 mo. tomorrow..
We too go out very early in the A.m. It's been pushing 100 for the past couple of weeks. But, he has a kiddie pool in the back yard, and spends a great deal of afternoon time back-stroking around and sipping lemonade?.
I generally go out with both dogs (Radar & Pete). It's working very well since Pete is a good role model. He will windshield-wiper @ 30 yds., and on a hand signal change direction. And, I'm proud to say Radar will do the same without Pete being in the field. He is very birdie, and buteterflyie, and grasshopperie, and anything else. He actually is coming along better than I had anticipated. Very obedient to whistle or verbal commands regardless of where he is. I'm starting to "wean" him of whistle commands. I hope to get to the point where he'll be 100% reliable with hand signals and verbal commands.
He will reliably point a tethered bird, but we are patiently working through the breaking point stage. He'll come around though, no doubt.
He weighs a very svelte 26.5 muscular pounds. He and Pete fight and wrestle throughout the morning, daytime and night. It's doing them both a world of good. His teeth are excellent. He can chew through just about anything laying around the house.
His shots are current Whew
Finally, thanks for Radar. He is one handsome pup that impresses everyone. I think I sent you stuff on his first unassisted, unthreatening water retrieve. That was so cool. I think he might be a retrieving maniac both on water and land. But that training is quite a ways down the road.
Janet and Jerry
Submitted by: Sue & Jim on Jul 08, 2008
Hi Phil & Walda.
Just want to update you on our buddy Doc. He is the greatest pup. So smart and lovable. At 5 months old he is healing, whistle trained and doing well on the whoa table. He can find a hidden wing with very little help. His demeanor is impecable. He also loves to retrieve a frisbee. Looking forward to our next stage in training. Will keep you posted.
Sue and Jim
Swan Creek Kennels
Submitted by: Jim Slickers on Jun 09, 2008
Thanks for inviting Spud and I down for a little remedial training. I don't know how many people would have taken the time to show this old guy what he was doing wrong, and how I could better train the dog. My hat is off to both you and Walda, not only for the quality dogs you produce, but how you continue to treat your customers long after the deal has been sealed. The lunch was great as well.

Submitted by: Patrick Joyce on May 04, 2008
My wife and I were looking for a dog I could hunt with and she could enjoy in the house as a companion. We have had Labradors, Short Hairs, and other house dogs. We settled on the French Brittany after watching the Outdoor channel. Our search brought us to Windy Acre Kennels. For all the dogs the two of us have had in the past, we have never encountered conscientious breeders than Phil and Walda Rogers. We were informed from the time we made our deposit until well after the sale of our puppy with emails, pictures and phone calls. Not only are they concerned for you, they are concerned for the puppies they have sold. The dog itself is very intelligent and shows all the abilities a good hunter should have. Now it is up to me. We highly recommend Windy Acre Kennels.
Submitted by: Jerry and Janet Foldenauer on May 04, 2008
Phil & Walda:
Thanks for the visit and friendship. Radar is doing fine.
As we said when we were with you, Radar's confirmation is exceptional. He is a well built dog that was socialized properly---before we recieved him. We've had him a full week now, and he is a firm family member.
We're working on sit, stay, come, and leash training. He is fighting the leash, but I'm sure he will come around. He is a smart pup.
Thanks again, and we'll keep in touch.
Submitted by: Sue Pakkala on May 04, 2008
Hi Phil and Walda.
Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new puppy Doc. He has been a great addition to our family. At 11 weeks he has mastered the word NO, comes with the whistle and sits by the door to have his feet wiped. He is a very smart, alert and attentive pup. He is having a great time with our other three EB's.
Thank you for your hospitality when we came to pick him up. Wish we could have stayed another day but mother nature had other ideas. Looking forward to visiting you both again soon.
Sue and Jim
Submitted by: The Sechrist Family on May 04, 2008
When Phil & Walda say they take "extreme pride" in their dogs and pups, they've said it all! Our experience, from our initial contact with Phil & Walda until we picked up our "new girl", was the most satisfying and enjoyable ever!! We knew Phil & Walda genuinely cared about their pups, as evidenced by the "initial interview". Their care and dedication to producing a quality, socialized, FAMILY dogs was reinforced by their weekly pictures, videos and written updates. Our kids (and even Dad) probably drove Phil and Walda nuts by our weekly inquiry for "MORE PICTUES AND VIDEOS", which were always responded to with kind words and thoughts. We've had our "new girl" home for three weeks now (11 weeks old)and she's house-broken, and responding very well to come, stay, sit and "OK". She's holding points for 15 - 20 seconds and most of all has a great disposition!! WHAT A GREAT PUP! We're confident this is a result of Phil & Walda's superb breeding and puppy socialization skills.

CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS!!! Please email for further comments.
Submitted by: Jim Slickers on Apr 11, 2008
If you want an outstadning French Brittany, you cannot go wrong if you get one from the Windy Acres Kennel. The love and care Phil and Walda give to their dogs is absolutely without equal. When the puppies were first born, Phil made it a point to send pictures and updates weekly. He was more than willing to answer any question that arose, and still today, he or Walda will to call and see how Spud is doing and if we have any questions. If you are thinking about a French Brittany, I don't see how you can go wrong if you get one of Phil and Walda's pups. You just won't anyone more caring about their dogs. Thanks Phil and Walda.
Submitted by: Steve and Barb High on Apr 08, 2008
When we decided that we would pursue the purchase of a French Brittany in early 2007,we began our search for a breeder. When we found Windy Acres and contacted Phil & Walda, our search ended. From our first inquiry in the spring of 2007, to celebrating two litters with the Rogers via their pictures and videos, to picking up our puppy - Reba - on April 5, 2008 we couldn't have had a more satisfying experience. Phil and Walda care deeply about their dogs and that care is extended to their clients. You will not go wrong should you choose Phil & Walda Rogers at Windy Acres.

Steve & Barb High
Submitted by: Cheri & Darryl Meidinger on Nov 02, 2007
Phil and Walda are Great! They are always available if we have a concern or question. Before we picked up the pup, they sent explicit information and pictures on a weekly basis about him. We looked forward to those Monday emails very much since we were anxious for our pup to come home. Although my dog will probably not get much hunting time, he already had instincts and training when we picked him up at 7 weeks. He is drawn to brush areas on our walks and near our home and immediately starts sniffing. He has also pointed on walks, although we're not sure what he's tracking.(squirrels, birds, etc.) He is also the ultimate family dog. My 2 young children love him and want to know where he is at every minute. His instincts go beyond hunting. He knows when a family member is ill and spends most of his time with them. He is great with children and our neighbors have had wonderful compliments on how he handles and interacts with children, other dogs and adults. The French Brittany breed is a wonderful family dog as well as a great hunter. He came to our home almost potty trained and knew basic commands. I can't tell you how helpful that is when you are bringing a new puppy into your home. Phil and Walda take great care in raising their dogs and puppies and it shows. We had recently lost our dog of 14 years and I thank them for bringing happiness back into our lives. I would recommend Phil and Walda's dogs to anyone!
Submitted by: craig ross on Oct 25, 2007
Submitted by: Dick Schultz on Oct 17, 2007
Windy Acres cares about their dogs and the dogs future owners. When I was looking to purchase a pup, Phil was the only Kennel to take the time to return my emails and phone calls. From the time I placed my deposit, Phil and Walda kept our family updated on the litter and provided us with pictures and movies. Phil also takes the time to answer my questions in a timely manner. Roxie has been a beautiful addition to our family. Suggest you visit them and you will understand what wonderful people they are and what wonderful dogs they have.
Submitted by: Brian and Shannon on Oct 09, 2007
We're happy to recommend Windy Acres Kennels. Words can't express how grateful we are for the kindness of Phil and Walda as we went from exploring the idea of a new dog to actually bringing home our Chloe. Their patience with our questions, hospitality when we visited their home and dogs, and their generosity in keeping us up to date during the whole process from
before, to during, to after by email, pictures and videos have all been very much appreciated. Chloe is a great little dog, beautifully marked, wonderful personality and strong instincts with a nice solid point the first time we introduced her to a bird wing. She is a joy in every way and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have worked with Phil and Walda at Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Brian on Sep 13, 2007
On a scale of 1-10, Phil and Walda, you get 11. I can't believe this pup! The extra effort you go through to make sure these pups are on the right track does not go unnoticed. I take Lemmy to work and everywhere else I go and his temperment is great. He is growing and learning everyday. I know he will be a dynamo in the field. Thanks again you guys. I would refer anyone who is looking for a great dog to you.
Submitted by: DeLane & Sue Dollinger on Sep 11, 2007
We are very pleased with our pup, Max. He's a great little guy, smart and eager to learn. We really enjoyed meeting Phil and Walda and seeing how they care for their pups and adult dogs. You can tell that they definitely love their dogs. They run a well kept kennel. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a great pup to add to your family.
Submitted by: Paul Jimenez on Sep 01, 2007

We are so excited to see these photos. Thanks so much for keeping us so well informed of Rainger's growth and progress. We also appreciate your socializing all the dogs with the kids. You and Walda have really made this a wonderful experience for us.

As you know, I was concerned about the process of selecting the right pup. I am very pleased with Rainger's inquizative response to the world as a whole and specifically to your training. I am tickled pink to see him take to the wing so quickly. I put my faith in your experience with dogs and I am very happy with the outcome.

I think the Lord was shining on us when he guided us to you and Walda.

Thanks again,
Submitted by: Mike Petersen on Jul 21, 2007
Phil & Walda,
Thank you for giving us the pleasure of viewing your operation and inviting us into your home. We were all impressed with your facility and can tell great pride is taken. Spotless kennels! Hank, Gypsy, Gar & Kali are fantastic-looking Britts. Well-behaved and trained superbly! You should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Would be great to get a pup out of Hank/Gypsy if possible. Would REALLY be great if I could hire you to train dog for me when time comes. I am sending questionnaire and deposit back. Again, thanks Phil & Walda.

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